Massachusetts wins

Massachusetts wins

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someday one of these threads will be good

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Literally never

we can hope, the Massachusetts thread always seems to be the most left alone while the other state threads get filled quick

amazing tits! name/town?

Probably because NH>MA.

Montanna l
not sure what city, sorry

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no worries, anymore pics?

NH is boringb as fuck

Any Jennise M.?

anyone have Victoria Miller from fairhaven?

yeah but u gotta post

fuck you're a bad singer.

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Got plenty of 508 Attleboro area if interested. mike.lit508 if you want to trade


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Anyone have any slutty WPI girls?

Any Northampton

better than this abortion of a thread

Try Rhode Island. We're dead here.

map is a little simplified, but close enough.

Are we going to teach the rebels how to pronounce the town names?

Cln'-tn (no vowels)

It’s honestly insulting that this map turns the entire south shore into like three towns but assumes anyone gives a fuck about a distinction between Newton, Brookline, and Waltham. This map was made by a kid with a trust fund for sure.

Grace (L)opalito
Live in Boston from Danvers class 13

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this is all I have of Victoria miller, anyone got any more?

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does she dance at a strip club?
I'd hand her an almost endless stream of twenties
fuck. nice piece of meat.

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Grace (L)opalito
Live in Boston from Danvers class 13

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Mariah from nb

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Jerrica S from Sturbridge?

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Grace (L)opalito
Live in Boston from Danvers class 13

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uh, more?

Grace (L)opalito
Live in Boston from Danvers class 13

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