There is nothing wrong about being attracted to children

There is nothing wrong about being attracted to children.

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There is nothing inherently harmful about merely being attracted to children.

There is absolutely something wrong with it.

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And that is...?

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>nothing wrong with having an attraction towards children

it's a biological fact that children aren't physically/mentally/emotionally ready for sexual activity

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>taking credit for someone else's work
I don't know who jellyotter is but he can go fuck himself.
The actual artist is Murai-Renji.

Exactly, there is nothing wrong with being a pedophile. Hurting children (physically, emotionally and psychologically) is wrong.

There is absolutely something wrong with it

You're sexualizing a child. You want to have sex with a child even though a child is not physically or mentally prepared to deal with that kind of interaction.
It's inherently predatory and harmful and if that gets you off then there's something wrong with you.
End of story.

I appreciate you

how is just the attraction inherently harmful? if you're attracted to women that doesnt mean you're going to go around raping

You've misunderstood.
Having sex with a child is inherently harmful and therefor if having sex with a child is something that excites you then there's something wrong with you.

You are fuckin peace of shit!

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murder is wrong and therefore enjoying movies with murder means there's something wrong with you

no shit lol, not like anyone is getting hurt just because you are "attracted" to them. it is fucking weird though. what is so attractive about literal children? they dont have big booty or tits or anything

>implying enjoying something harmful means there's something wrong with you

>end of story

Afraid of rebuttal.

Such as?

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Define child

>it's stare rape!
Found the landwhale.

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Weak analogy is weak.
You can enjoy a film with murder in it. If you enjoy the movie BECAUSE it has murder in it, if you get sexual gratification from it then yes, there's something wrong with you.

I don't find children attractive. go away.

>afraid of rebuttal
butts are very sexy. especially around 8-11

I enjoy battle scenes and gore. I like slasher flicks. So do loads of people, it's an entire genre. It's not sexual gratification, but it's still gratification. It's a sound analogy and you have no argument.

Rind et al.

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Little girls are the greatest sexual objects on Earth and it is universally accepted.

>it's a fact
It's presented as such by the feminist dominated mainstream media but in fact it's really just an opinion.

This is true.

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Even a fetus masturbates in a womb, retard. Sexuality begins at day 0.

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this is what peak fertility looks like

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It's natural to be attracted to adults of the opposite sex, so it's wrong to be attracted to anything else.
See also gays and waifus

Sure. Source?

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Google "fetus masturbate" and read more than 17700 articles.

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Hurting children is the best bit

>Baby has hands between its legs
You're joking, right? You realize if I held my thumb in front of a baby, it'll hold onto it. It won't start stroking. How stupid can you get

You'd know what he was talking about if you read the literature. Babies masturbate in the womb, and then kind of forget about it at birth for a while until age 9 or so, but it's also common for it to happen much earlier.

>being this triggered by facts
Future replies will be ignored.

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Glad you got the baby's perspective in the womb. They just forget, hey? Convenient :^)

>I have nothing left to say so I'm going to leave

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Jewish thread

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Why are you acting like this is just an opinion? I'm just quoting what the studies say. If you have a beef, take it up with them.

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There is nothing wrong with killing people the likes of you neither

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What even is the appeal? Id prefer to love, nuture and raise a harem. Why hurt the thing you love?

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why have the jews been demonizing pedophilia in the media for the last 40 years?

so realistic loli is bad but this is ok. does not make sense.

ephebophilia == ok
paedophila == fuckedthefuckup

at least be attracted to biologically attractive figures

being attracted to a child is like being attracted to a goddamn pine tree you stupid degenerate fuck

Jews dont want competition with human trafficking

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