Have you ever babysit a loli?

Have you ever babysit a loli?

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Are male babysitters even a thing?
never seen one.

They are now.

You know why

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ofc. maybe not the hire someone you barely know kind. but i can imagine a couple asking a male relative to babysit

No because parents don't want to have a babysitter like OP near their children.

I'm obviously talking about the "career" kind.

I am a very sexy man with lots of money.

yea prolly rare to non existent then.

Yes, everyday. My little sister.

then why would they believe you need to be a babysitter?

No, but I have had a loli hit on me. It was incredibly awkward.

Not for money. For the trust.

I did in my late teens and those little girls had a tendency to grind against me but other then some light touching never had the balls to do more as I like not going to jail when the parents found out as little kids do not keep secrets.

i believe the word you are looking for is child

lmao, no. They'd hire a 16yo girl over you any day

One time my niece got out of a bath qnd didn't have any clothes she wore my old shirt and fell asleep on the couch. Way she was laying and moving around i could see her panties, it was so hot. I wanted to sex touch her so bad but was too scared

Yes, and nothing happen like in the stories.

But I am a sexy man.

Yes, I've got like 9 lolis I chill with. You fags only want them so bad because your sitting in a basement all day. If you actually knew real live lolis you wouldn't want to hurt them

one year when i was 13 my mom had to watch my 3rd grade niece for a few months due to her parents going through a divorce, I got to be alone with her plenty of times when my parents were not home, i would pic her up from the bus stop since i got out of school earlier then her.
She basically became my very one secret little GF, I never got to give her a proper fuck though cuz she always complained it hurt., but i did get constant blowjobs for a good few months.

good user keep it up

never touch children for yoour own sexual pleasure

it will scar them and cause mental issues

kek, sure you are user.

lolis aren't real user and don't even pretend children are even close to my 2d fap fuel you degenerate fuck

My mom told me.

I should've went for it. She was already getting fingered by a fat spic in Sunday school
Its time to throw off the feminist programming


>lolis aren't real

>don't even pretend
Don't tell me what to do.

>to my 2d fap fuel
Not yours.

>degenerate fuck

lolis aren't real though

Lolis are from the word lolita, which is literally a codename for a little girl.

I was 21. My girlfriend and I would watch her cousin's 8 year old daughter. She like me and would sit on my lap or wanted to me to lay of the floor next to her. Once, she came out of her bedroom without a shirt on and hugged me. My girlfriend yelled at her to go to her room.


Pic related

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Retard exposed. Future replies will be ignored.

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Real quick, what do you think "Lolita complex" means?

loli =! lolita

I'm 36 and for some reason all my friends are little girls. My 6 year old niece is my best buddy.

I've showered with my 9yo niece a few times

No, they exist. I deleted my discord account because all of the servers are either pure autism, void of people, or a bunch of kids seemingly mostly female based and the little girls are all hyper sexualized. I actually made friends with a few and asked them why they do "do the loli voice" and the answer was always the same... And it was the most depressing thing. "Honestly it's the only that I can do to get attention."

And some of them of seemingly have a ton of older men getting very sexual with them. Like it's sad to really acknowledge that a 14 year old girl I let show me some roblox rip off via screen share actually ended up breaking down because "It's just really nice to have a friend that doesn't try to make everything sexual with me."

Yeah, lolis exist. It's disgusting... I feel bad for bailing on the few I was talking to but i know an older guy with a deeper voice talking with teenage girls wouldn't go well with the feds considering I've had legal trouble before and all it takes is me saying one thing that gets taken out of context and I'm fucked.

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>being this dumb

But it does. "Loli" coming from "lolicon" which is a shortening of "Lolita complex". Learn what words mean, dipshit
Does she sit in your lap? Have you seen her cunny?

What do you do with your best buddy and what do you talk about?

you do realize that even the original loli/lolicon was a character in a book wrote by Vladimir Nabokov so again not real people fictional. The idea that being attracted to IRL little girls has anything to do with Loli is false the term your looking for is Ephebophilia faggot.


ITT Trolls Trolling Trolls Trolling Trolls

We play Minecraft on my realm a lot and Roblox because she likes it, we got 2 kittens together for Christmas so we play with them, pretty much whatever she wants to do.

It’s not that I think it’s all trolling, it’s that I cannot tell if it’s bait or retardation anymore

I'm a Guild Leader in Guild Wars 2, and we had a 14 year old girl join. I had no idea. And she hung out with us adults, mixed bag of male/female peeps and when she turned 18? I poured a stiff drink and did some soul searching. XD
I had no idea the last 4 years of me talking about stuff, pondering, and what not had been around a minor. :3

Yeah a few times a month

It is the same. If people post Loli, and people post negative posts, and then anyone answers it? It's retarded to rise to the bait.
The loli is posted.
The fapping is already done.
Which means it's either false engagement, or hit dog is going to cry, which is a lack of stoicism in men, which is also retarded.

You're a bad faith retard.


I havent seen any babysitting eroge, maybe doujins but i cant remember

Kill yourself glownigger

bless you user

Reported. Enjoy your ban, sweetie.

What server? NA Dragonbrand here.

Huh, there was a little girl who wanted a sunflower from my garden for her grandma's birthday, lifted her skirt at me for some reason, I don't understand if it's just wired into the female brain to try and bribe people with sex or if she was already molested, but I don't want to rape kids so I just gave her the sunflower for free. Will occasionally masturbate to drawn loli.

"Sex touch"

Ehmry Bay.
But yeah .. I drank, ate "legal until further notice" mints, ran missions and cussed, hell she even bought a copy of my book I wrote.
I met her and signed it.
But knowing that she was so young - I'm almost 40 now.
I'm good now. It's just that user with the Discord server story got me talking. I need to finish my failies.

Meh dailies are ehh.

I want a loli on discord.

14 isn't really a Loli user. I've smoked meth with a ton of girls that young.

I remember meeting a similar loli off of a forest clearing, and similar things happened. She was lost and low on HP so I gave her a potion. We then quickly become best friends afterwards, and started doing quests together. She was cold towards me at first but then slowly warmed up to me as we defeat monsters together.

Daily for 2g
Mission night 8/10
WvW Run from 0 to Wood 3
And now Drakar


This is why I love Skyrim.


In the USA anything

yeah, two of them. they were obsessed with trying to tie me up and take off my pants. I let them.



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>a legal line
Daily reminder any "legal lines" are artificial out of blue decided limits which do not exist anywhere in nature and shall be all ignored and pissed at.

Yea take my word for it. Ppl will construe shit just to make life hard. Had a 17 yo who literally just txt me a few times. Never even chilled. Ended up getting questioned by the cops. Tried making it about sex and I'm like, theres not even a reference to anything in there. Not worth the risk.

I was yelling at the Glow Wurm. ;)

HeRe'S M1n3: CollegeIntellectualAlfred6969

I guess he went to go do Drakkar