Did I miss something? I thought he was going to prison

Did I miss something? I thought he was going to prison

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Not until he leaves office.

For what?

sorry Pelosi, he's still your president

He is after he pardons El Chapo, then they dig a network of escape tunnels.

We know what promises from liberals mean

any day now


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All in good time. Moscow Mitch won't be licking his ass much longer.

then when is he going to do something useful?

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what a total, monumental asshole and if you think he is a great president, so are you.

Keep crying cracker

I know! He only outperforms the entire democratic establishment singlehandedly, not a big complement though since a six-year-old in a coma could do that.

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we don't have to "think" it do we? Like you "think' up" Collusion and your Ukraine bullshit.

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>all in good time
How long do you clueless morons need to keep embarrassing yourselves?

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sure kid


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love this shit.

Meanwhile the Russians are trying to help Bernie.

Moscow Sanders

The republitards in congress prevented their crony from going to prison. His ass is going straight to jail once he's out of office though (New York has a stack of charges to bring).

They're also trying to help Trump, retard. The point is to cause chaos.

He'll go to prison as soon as he's out of office--that's why he's so desperate to get reelected.