Secrets thread, weekend warrior edition

Secrets thread, weekend warrior edition.

My secret is I double teamed my sister on new years eve with my uncle. She was super drunk and I'm positive he doped us.

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Clemfag when?

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I signed a birth certificate of my closest female friend's daughter saying I was the father, I did it so the father would not be able to access to the child


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You cucked him in the worst way possible

any dp?

holy tits those are some nice bumps

trips of truth confirms dude got cucked

my secret is i shit when im in the shower
waffle stomper for life!!!

I love getting blowjobs....from women and faggots

who does it better

I’m a high school teacher (34F) married and I love to suck my students dick on their last day of senior year before they go to college. I aim for students who don’t seems to have a large group of friends so not many people know if they end up being a snitch to their friends about it.

Went to a wedding, fist fucked the bride the night before. True story.

Any good stories?

spit or swallow

Not the quoted, but faggots. Women are clueles. Faggots know how to do it right.

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My sister and I have fucked a handful of times since we were 14. We're 23 now and its almost her birthday so I'm gonna try and go for it again


Like he said spit or swallo

I am almost positive that I have a tinder hook-up baby, but after a few days of talking, the girl mentioned off-hand that she couldn't have kids. We likely matched because I was new in the area and right swiped everyone in a 75 mile radius just to see what type of girls were biting. All of her fb pictures were of random objects or the same ones from tinder. All of her pictures were the "myspace angle" with the same closed smile, or had been filtered into oblivion. By the time we met a few months later due to conflicting schedules, she had obtained my number, snapchat, insta, and fb. She was the eventual reason I developed a snapchat only policy until I meet the girl. She was constantly sexual in text, and had mentioned 100 times that I should cum inside her if I wanted, even though I told her my pull-out game was going to continue it's 100% success rate regardless. She was given some cash to house-sit for a well-off couple that had dogs and I met her at their house. This place was roughly an hour and a half from me, and in a pretty rural area. I knocked on the door of this beautiful ranch house and saw a vaguely similar, but nearly unrecognizable woman looking back at me. I figured she was a 6/10 from her tinder and facebook, but in real life she was a bit fatter (still not too big), frumpy, a huge triangular jaw, and her teeth were super fucked up. Those teeth looked like chiclets and had been subjected to a lifetime of Mt. Dew. In real life, she was no more than a 1.5 at best. Regret instantly set in, but it was too late. I was outside in the cold February Colorado winter, middle of nowhere, and sex from both parties had been discussed while on the way. There was no excuse in the book that I could think of. I was too nice to just bail, so into the frumpy fray I went. She took me by the hand, pulled me inside, and sat me in the living room. She literally pulled my dick out of my pants and went to town two or three minutes after sitting down.

>good enough to cont?

I mean those are really for me. I will say, however, that it’s far more common than you think. Make teachers get caught because that’s how our society is. But female teachers are definitely more under the radar. Very few get caught and the ones that do fuck freshman blabbermouths.

how it start... story?

Go for it.

Nahh you can cut it there

Femboy...but I jus love fuckin throats

Swallow wtf. Def swallow. Gets rid of evidence

when u say common.. r u saying that u know both m f teachers that fuck there students..

any good stories from them hen

I'm 39 years old and im fucking a 21 year old girl i work with

I’m straight and have never fucked a guy. But super casual sex with another guy turns me on. Like if a guy gave me his address instructions to go in his place and fuck him as he lies in his bed and leave without saying a word I would totally do it. Or if a guy came to my place and rode my dick til I nut

I'm 37 and I met a 22 year old girl who shares my same fetishes. We've been having playtime for over a year.

You’re a damn good man, user.

Nobody related to me knows this.
I met a girl from the internet. We fell in love and started dating. She had some surgeries due to some liver problems and the doctors said that she was going through a "sterility period" so we had unprotected sex. She is a proffessional photographer. I found out she has done "artistic" porn and sold it on internet. I couldn't stomach that and just broke up with her despite it was "part of her past and never happened again". Two months later she contacts with me saying she is pregnant. I laughed saying that it's impossible and that she is just desperated. And shit it was true, she was 3 months pregnant, the doctors gave her an erroneous diagnosis. I panicked and abandoned her. She doesn't know where I live and I changed every contact info, so I literally ghosted her. The baby should have been born at this point and the guilt kills me every night

I bought a gallon of draino today for the purpose of suicide. Just need to finish some final affairs, and I’m gone.

You're a shit.

when i was 13, i let a group of older teenagers take turns using my mouth in a a park. my friends had gone home and they were smoking and drinking in the park. i think they were 18 but there were four of them. they gave me a beer and let me have a puff of their cigarette. they were asking me about porn and i asked to see their cocks when they were asking me about sex. they all showed me at the same time for a few seconds, they were all uncut and mostly average, except one was much bigger than the rest. they asked to see my body so i took my shorts down and showed them my cock and also spread my ass cheeks for them and they spent a few minutes up close feeling my butt. i asked if i could try touching their cocks and one of them let me, he lay on the grass and i gave him a handjob until i tried sucking the precum from his head, his friends left us and eventually he cum inside my mouth and i swallowed his load. he went back to his friends and the one with the bigger cock came back over and asked me to blow him so i followed him behind a tree in the bushes and he stood holding my head with both hands and i gave him a blowjob on my knees. i was hard and once they had cum, their friend came in and used my mouth. they mostly whispered to me, telling me what to do and some of them talked dirty. one of them kept calling me Ben and the one with the bigger cock kept telling me that i was born to do this and that i told me to swallow daddy's cum when he was finishing in my mouth. i stayed with them for a little bit and the one who called me Ben took me aside and wanted to blow me. i let him and lay down on the grass and cum in his mouth really quickly before leaving

My father allowed his best friend to rape me whenever he wanted. Went it for three years.

Will me everything

My girlfriend thinks she took my virginity. She actually didn’t, I’m just too embarrassed to admit that before I met her I visited several prostitutes out of loneliness.

Oh fuck yes. You’d be fucking amazed. It’s how I got into it in the first place. Female coworker, 47, has been doing it since she was a TA. First you select from boys that are obviously into- and think back to when you were in HS, you fuckers make it SO obvious when you find a teacher hot. Then you start being friendly with them, flirt with them while alone like during grade meet ups. Ask for their socials. So they can see pics of you. Then privately ask them to stay after class. IT HAS to be at school for me. That’s part of the kink.

I knew one male coworker that did it. He got arrested. I suspect one of my male coworkers is but being a guy I imagine he has to keep it really quiet. The guy that got arrested has private dms of the 15 yo girl. Such a moron

A older female cousin molested me at a family reunion

literally satan

>I'm straight
>sex with a guy turns me on
Trolled softly.

Wow what a cunt
Good luck with that on your chest forever. Hopefully kid never needs a kidney or blood ya dick

We barely said more than a few sentences before her mouth was on my dick. I'll admit, she knew what she was doing, but it took a while to get hard with the gut-sick regret that had settled into the pit of my stomach. Eventually, I got an erection even though I was still thinking of ways to escape my prison. I stayed hard as a rock, but probably more because of the stimulation than anything. She would try to look up, but after the first time when I saw her tic-tac sized brown teeth surrounding my dick and her triangular tongue caked with enough plaque to turn it into a bright tanish color, I made sure to either avoid the attempt at being sexy by refusing to make eye contact, or push her head back onto my dick as fast as possible. She enjoyed the second option because it was aggressive/kinky so it was a win-win in my book. After the worlds longest 15 minute introductory blowjob, she took me by hand again and pulled me into the bedroom. She directed me to get naked and lie on the bed. She started fucking me hard and fast but she quickly flipped over onto her back and told me to fuck her twice as hard. She wouldn't let the pace slow down no matter what. If I started to slow down, she'd gyrate her hips like a literal fucking-machine and tell me to keep going harder. Although it took about 20 minutes of constant fast and hard thrusting, having to be face to face with a bridge troll was no match for the inevitable. The moment had arrived. I told her I was going to cum and asked her where she wanted it (implying it was going to be sprayed onto her body). She remained quietly looking at my face, and just as I was making the O face and beginning to pull put, she fucking leg locked me. I tried in vain to stop the cum from erupting like an automatic rifle, but with her legs holding onto my waist with a death grip, I unloaded what felt like gallons into her until I collapsed momentarily into her embrace.
Ha, too late!

holy shit user.. was this about u...

It’s going to my kid sister, sorry.

I fantasize constantly about crossdressing and letting a bunch of black guys fuck me till I pass out

u have pp or vagin?

story.. how did it happen...

I stole a pair of panties and a swimsuit from one of my closest friends in HS. I wear them around her all the time and she has no clue.

>be 14
>sister and I have always been close even as kids
>born a year apart me 97 her 98 so we grew up liking the same stuff super potter fans, lord of the rings, star wars and bunch of other nerd shit
>it's summer and around like 730-8ish so it's getting dark outside
>we've been binge watching nightmare on elm street and we're on the 2nd one, she's been pressed up against me since the first
>her body has never been fat but she's soft and curvy with a cute bubble butt and even before now I'd noticed but now she's pressed against me and its even more apparent
>she keeps pushing into my crotch and I keep backing my stiffy back trying not to be obvious
>she had other ideas though and once she put in the third climbed behind me and leaned into my back and skid her leg between mine
>then she said don't freak out and shoved her hand down my pants and I jerked and shook
>she pulled my shoulder after playing with me and started kissing me and asked if I'd take it further
>so I got behind her and hotdogged until we both came all over each other
Then we didn't talk about it for two more years when we actually fucked


Probably the dumbest form of suicide I can think of. Incredibly painful and your gag reflex probably won't let you drink more than a sip.

You a dude or girl? Has it affected you negatively?

did u fuck them later on

was it really rape if he had parent permission and how did it happen.. why did it happen.. why did it stop ... how do u feel now... did ur dad tried to fuck u

Didn't go where I thought it would. I thought she'd have pinned you down. Anyway, continue...

Any big dicks?

How old? Did you hate it? How has it changed you?

What'd they do?

I can’t get a gun, I want it to be quick and over with.

I workout at a community rec center and after my workouts I sometimes see kids in the locker room showering. Its an open shower room where its just a room with showerheads on the wall.

So while showering the kids are always staring at my junk. So what I do sometimes is get hard and shower with a boner just to mess with them. Not anything sexual but showering normally as if nothing is happening. The look on their faces is funny and just glaring at it shocked.

I live in Raleigh NC, and I post my GF online all the time.

just run a hose from your exhaust into your car

I'm addicted to cp and I can't stand myself for it. I just relapsed after being clean for nearly 3 months, maybe longer actually. Every waking moment that I'm not too distracted by something, I feel disgusting and cursed and loathsome and I want to move past it but I can't

I have sex in the missiiary possitio for the solepurpose of recreation

Girl. I hated myself a lot. Still do. It’s changed my attitude on sex.
Dad never did. Yes, it was rape. He would come over to the hour all the time, started checking me out as I hit puberty. Dad hated me, and told him he could have me if he wanted.
12. I hated every second.
Just sex, really.

did u lay low when the m teacher got busted.. where do u have sex at... how do u know about the dms from the 15 girl.. do u worry about being caught

For God sakes someone help me

Drinking a caustic liquid is the exact opposite of quick and over with. You'll take a sip, it'll burn the soft tissue of your mouth (and your esophagus if it gets that far before you start gagging - doubtful), your instinct will be to spit and you'll start throwing up which will just irritate the burned area more. You will absolutely not have a quick and easy death, in the VERY low chance that you actually manage to drink enough to kill you.

Don’t have a car.

i only fucked the one with the bigger cock when i was 16, he was 22 and i bumped in to him at a house party. i had gone pretty wild the year before and let a lot of guys use my mouth but at that point only let two guys fuck me. we left the party almost straight away and went to his house and straight upstairs. he used lube but was really excited so he started fucking me as soon as he could and was pretty rough. he spent the whole time dirty talking though, making me call him daddy and beg him. he actually made me cum and i gave him four blowjobs over the course of a few hours before leaving but i did let him fuck me regularly until i was 18.

I had a dream I was on a subway and Kiernan Shipka was sitting across from me. I have a pretty big crush on her so I was never going to say anything, but it turned out she was an evil monster who wanted to have sex with me in order to kill me. The other passengers were trying to hold me back, but I managed to escape and lose her at a nearby carnival

I think I'm scared of women and sex. Even looking at breasts and vaginas is enough to fill me with intense dread. I can't watch porn at all.

I was sexually abused by my dad until I was 16

I like the How to Train Your Dragon films because I'm almost exactly like Hiccup, except I have no courage, got uglier as I got older, never got a cute girlfriend, and my dad loathes me.

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boys or girls staring.. and would u if u could..

Go in to detail user

Okay so, what, switch to bleach instead? Sleeping Pills?

You probably just shouldn't kill yourself

Do you hate sex now?

What are your favorite videos?

Got the most amazing head from mk y cousin's slam pig wife pic related

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Well my first bit of advice would be to not actually attempt it. Can you elaborate on your circumstances? What is making you want to kill yourself?

did he ever try to record u or try to take pics of u.. same hour every day.. was he gentle or was he forceful.. anal? did he creampie u... how old was he

Kill yourself.

uhhh its a mens shower room so never girls.

and no I would not I just do it cause I hate it when some fucking kid just stands their in the shower and stares at me while showering.

As long as you don't touch kids yourself take it easy on yourself

Stfu with this bullshit.

was the dirty talk a turn on or turn off... how big was big.. positions u did.. ever been caught

My gilfriend has a higher sexdrive than me. I believe it comes from years of masturbating. I also think that if i dont step up my game it will ruin our relationship.

I found it on accident when I was in middle school. I've seen horrible abuse no one should ever have to see, let alone go through. I cry for those poor kids almost as much as I cry for myself. I've seen fucking toddlers, two and three year olds, getting raped. I know I'm not beyond saving, but I don't know how to fix myself. I'm desperately poor and otherwise not currently capable of therapy and I don't know what else to do

Kill yourself.

Anything with little girls, not like scat or pee or "normal" fetish stuff. I don't like hearing them cry either

Ya dude. A bull like me would def take advantage of that. Don’t you get worried when she’s out with her girls? When she’s in class/ work with attractive young dudes? Some guy who does mma and is nicely chiseled?

Lol, larper

Having just enough time to feel the sweat on my face dry, she hopped on top of me and began grinding my soft dick despite my repeated verbal protests. With the tank half empty and me being annoyed that she wrangled me into dropping a reverse-atomic bomb inside her pussy, it took her almost half an hour of grinding my almost comically lifeless body before my dick reloaded for round two. This time around, I didn't give a shit, and I fucked the girl version of Chunk from "The Goonies" how I wanted to. I figured "Fuck it, she can't have kids, and I already filled her with enough cum to fill the Ozarks. If Chunk wants round two before I ghost and forget she ever existed, I am going to do it my way." I had her all over that poor nice couple's bedroom. The poor gal was drenched in sweat, worn down to the core, and red/sore/welted skin from various slaps, smacks, chokes, and bites. By the time I gave up on the idea of getting another load shot out, she sat on my dick and refused to stop power fucking me until I shot off the rest of my ammo reserve for the next 3 months directly inside of her. No more than half an hour later, I left and never talked to her again, not that she tried to contact me either. About 10 months later, she posted a picture on her facebook of her blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby that looks JUST like me. Luckily by then, she was dating some gross looking redneck and he was claiming the kid that looked nothing like him. The most contact we had was her occasional 'likes' on my facebook uploads. I figured I was just a baby delivery vessel and that was the plan all along. That was roughly 4 years ago now. I have another number and deleted all social media for unrelated reasons. I don't even remember her name, but I remember how absolutely horrid she looked, how I somehow unloaded my life force twice up in 'dem gutz, and how much that woman changed my entire approach to online dating at the time as a result of her deception.

How? I've seen screaming babies get raped. I get fucking PTSD visions man.

Tits or GTFO cunt

I talked my younger best friend into coming with me to a convention after-partywhen we were in our teens, knowing full well what it would probably be like. She had her first threesome, and enjoyed it, but still thinks it was just by chance that it happened, and talks about it as if it was some rare thing she was lucky enough to have happen.

Meant to tag you

How's it feel to blast hot stinking loads of pedo cum

story how did u set it up.. how did u know it was going to happen.. was she dped.. what she look like.. what convention..

>I don't like hearing them cry
Be honest. Is there any video where they genuinely "enjoy" all that stuff?

you sound like an underaged faggot, if it's that upsetting to you then kys

Terrible. I'd be suicidal if I wasn't so diametrically opposed to suicide

All of them because all girls are sluts

You've seen the bad in the world just try and do good.

Go confess to a priest

Sometimes when they're little they don't know any better, it's presented as a game or something silly

I'm not talking to you, dumbass

I'm 22 and I've been dealing with this for a decade now. I'm not cynical enough to kms

Nice. Worth it? Still cool with the cousin?

I've done that. I've been catholic my whole life too, and I believe in absolution, and I know I have to forgive myself and I try to but I still can't

Fuck you

Did the priest start jacking off and telling some of his pedo experiences too?

maybe the kid likes ur penis.. kek

Yes i am worried. I mean i just drink so much and it depletes my testosterone levels. I love her but i also dont want seckz to become a chore. We fuck and she wants to go again and again and sometimes im even disgusted by it

I've showered with my 9yo niece quite a few times


cool, so stop being a fag, you haven't hurt anybody so it doesn't matter, or you could accept that you enjoy these sorts of things and become a wizard

What videos do you watch

You're 10x more likely to get molested by a close relative or a public school teacher than a catholic priest

Hello officer

Not before I see pictures of her feet

Did you do anything

Do you mean like "how old, what gender", or are you a fed

Nah, nothing physical

Thanks for the story, man...

>this entire thread

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Laughing at you user

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Might you?

Dope, I live in Raleigh too. Post her?

its caturday.. wtf did u want.. i am here for shitposting and good stories.. and im out of good stories.. kek

She's really cute and it's tempting but no

Describe them!

Okay? Where did I say the opposite of this?

I didn't really have to set it up. I'd been to that kind of after-party before with most of the same people. Yes she was dp'd. She was/is very petite, and it was Sakura-Con.

I get literal visions of screaming toddlers being raped, I literally see this when I close my eyes, not everytime I close them, infrequently enough to where I just start to get comfortable not seeing it then *BANG* child rape in my head again. How am I supposed to love someone or be loved with this shit in my head

OP here i am a huge faggot sorry guys the secret is out

When you invoked the pedophile priest cliche

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Cred Forumsro, unless you’re trolling, please don’t fucking do this.

That’s not opposing anything you said bro. It’s a cliche because it’s true. And although it is less likely that doesn’t automatically mean it’s impossible or anything for your comment to be merited.

how did u hear about the party.. how u get an invite to the after party.. did u fuck ur friend or just watch.. did u fuck anyone.. normal ages of the guys who fuck ur friend..

The stats are ridiculously low and are massively inflated by the Jew media because Jews hate Catholicism

Do you cum in her?

I fucked Katy Perry while she was doing Warped Tour. It was before "I Kissed a Girl" song came out and she was basically a nobody but with big tits. She was pretty damn good. Left her tour van afterwards and never told a soul.

seems like your problem is how traumatizing those things are for you, stop being traumatized by them, simple solution

Lmao. I lost it as Jew media LMFAO.

Sorry I shouldn’t laugh at someone’s misfortune. But I’m, yea man catholic priests rape kids man. Idk what to tell you.

did she picked u out of a crowd.. groupie like.. how big are her nipples.. positions.. did u do the walk of shame..


In the past I have had women sit on my face until I passed out.

Source on that?

a combination of she was coming off of a series of bad relationships with guys her age and her own daddy issues

Catholics also helped the Nazis, not that that's a bad thing

FBI crime statistics, arrest records, etc

We got invited as everyone else in our group was going back to that hotel room together. I didn't fuck her, but I got fucked side by side with her. Our group was aged between 14-19, if including her.


Okay? You got any other random facts you’d like to throw out for no reason?

Not yet. we have barebacked. but at the time she wasn't ready to do that just yet. Later its been an issue of reliable Birth control access for her.

Bloomberg is a jew

r u m or f... what did u cosplay as.. her... oldest guy who fucked ur friend.. how old were u when u did ur first after party fuck...

Is that why he raped hella actresses? Lmao

I've been dating a chick by 7 months now, she is the hottest woman i've ever been with and we really get along, i even got to think i wouldn't mind to marry her, this considering i've always been the "fuck marriage" kind of guy.
I found out 2 weeks ago that she is my 1st cousin.
Our families do not get along that's why i couldn't tell at first, but she does know my mother (or her name at least)
I haven't told her yet, but i know i must do it, i don't mind i've been fucking her even after i found out, im just so fucking sad things must eventually end due to this.
tl;dr: user gets cockblocked by genetics

I had a lot of incestuos interations with my brother and sisters

Yes I didnt mean to, she was drunk and pulled me into a stall and gave me head. She's still with my cousin and we never spoke of it again, I'm tempted though

You get on that and start cumming in that young thing, trust me it feels good knowing something that young has your cum inside her

And yeah me and my y cousin are cool

Tell me about your brothers

u dont need to get married to keep fucking.. fuck her user.. what she look like..

Did things to a passed out cousin and my sister, really vanilla for this place ik

I really get off on fucking married women and I hate myself for it. I’ve been cheated on before and I know that shit sucks. But something about a girl being tied down with a partner and her letting me fuck really makes my rocks go off. Especially when I meet them in public places like the gym or a bar. Bonus points if they have kids. Sorry guys... but someone has to fuck your wife

who fucks who and how did it start.. do u fuck the parents too.. any dp? orgies..

I've raped 20 male police officers,

Fyi im m it started inocently enough with exploring eachother but it got pretty hardcore through the years

quads speaks the truth but i need to know.. what things.. did u took pics.. who had the better body.. cousin or sister.. was that the only time.. how they pass out... details user.. details..

How hardcore user
You your brothers cocksleeve

Just my siblings. It started around 6 and went on until 22. We did have a couple orgies but it was mostly my brother and i no dp unfortunatley

keep going.. we didnt say stop..

it's gonna be super easy to find you considering how everyone and their fucking mother is uploading their DNA to family tree websites. this is how they've caught lots of murderers and it's how they will find you.

It was pretty even but ill never forget the first true fucking

from one teacher to another, it's a little pathetic that if you like young people you can't just go out and pick them up outside of a school setting. it's pretty pathetic you need to trade on power dynamics to get dick.

I've always had a passionate lust for my mother. She's slim and fit but has enormous breasts from when she used to be overweight. Her ass is super tight and perfect from all the squats she does. Hell, it got me going to the gym with her just to watch. She's caught me getting boners for her and grinned, even one time said "At least I know this is working" referring to her gym routine. Shortly before I went off to college she cooked dinner for me her and my dad, they let me drink wine and between the three of us we finished two bottles. They started to get really touchy and flirty, and my dad said he was gonna go to the bed, but made it clear he was waiting for her to come in so they could fuck.

I guess I was sitting there kinda jealous and ashamed because I was really fucking hard. She came over and sat next to me, put an arm around me and talked about how she was going to miss me. Her breasts were in my face for the entire conversation and I had blue balls. I winced at one point and she touched me through my gym shorts, like rubbing my dick from top to bottom. I moaned and obviously enjoyed it, so she took my hand and led me into the living room, which was really dark except for the TV on some random channel. She pulled my shorts down and started to jerk my cock, even spitting on it for lube. It felt so good, and I was so stiff at first it kinda hurt, but that passed and I was in heaven. I asked if I could touch her and she gave me a smile and nodded, so I pulled her breasts out of her top and started playing with them, kissing and eventually sucking on them. That was almost too much I think, because she said my name in a kind of worried voice so I stopped. I figured she was wet so I slid my hand into her nightgown right between her legs. She let me pet her pussy and feel it was wet, then pulled my hand out and said "No you can't touch that"

When I was about to cum I told her and she just asked was I sure, like teasing me, and stopped stroking until I begged.

This is my first time talking about it and even posting so youll have to forgive my ignorance. We played alot of "doctor" at firat but it quickly evolved to blowing air up eachothers ass to see who could fart the loudest and who could stretch their ass the furthest

go on.. how old were u how old was them.. positions.. creampie.. who fucked who.. deepthroat?

how old was your father's friend? how old were you at the time? how do you feel about it looking back? do you ever long for older cock?

Wow first time i get quads lol, well to cousin i played with her pussy and a bit with her tits.. came in her hair and bit of her face, i got her really drunk i have heard she was a heavy drinker so i exploited the glitch and kept on feeding her with alcohol until she was really out, only that time with her.

Sister 2 times actually once she got really drunk and I fingered her really good, the second time she mixed alcohol with pills so she got KO that time i pounded her. Best body? I would have to say my sis

lovely, please elaborate

Write more?

secretly turned on by user's degradation story

Left one

Looks as flat as an ironing board, I'd bring her to a party, cut a hole in a portapotty, stuff the front half of her in there that nobody wants to see unless taking a shit, flex seal that bitch up, with her face up and hands tied behind her, mouth open with a speculum, then on the outside tie her legs spread open to tent stakes, put a "free use sign" next to her, and have people take turns turning that pussy into a cumdump.
After everyone is done using her, we drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of taco bell, prop open her asshole and play miniput-put golf and see how many golf balls we can put up her asshole before we drown her in shit and piss

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F. We were both NGE characters. Oldest guy who fucked her would've been 18 I think. I started when I was about the same age she was, so like 14.

God damn dude you are so fucking creepy and in every thread. I guarantee you're gonna ask about how the boys smelled when they started fucking, and ask about piss play and group boy sex. That's all you do.

Well it’s part of a kink. I know I can go to a bar and fuck anyone I want. But I’m married.

why u pounded ur sis the 2nd time not the 1st time.. came inside?

This shit is as fake as a three dicked dog but it made me hard, thanks.

rent a car you fucking faggot, it's like $30...

I think we were around 12 or close to it. We started out by blowing eachother. I was much more adventurous so i was very enthusiastic. I was a bit bigger than he was so he couldnt take me entirely in his mouth. After that we decided to try and fuck for the first time. I was able to get some of my cock in him. He couldnt take it so we switched. It was painful at first because we only had spit as lube. We got in the missionary position. As he went on it started getting better and better. He came in me but since it actted as lube it felt amazing. I pretty much begged him to keep going but he couldnt keep it up for long.

Because first time i think I overdid with the fingering when i was about to pound her she started to move and I freaked out thats why 2nd chance i didnt waste time just pulled down her panties and did it, I used a condom cause she wasnt on the pill

It was a family reunion
I was watching tv and she walked in asked how I was doing and enjoying my time there. After a while she got closer and asked how life was back home and if I had a girlfriend.
I told her yes and then she started rubbing my dick and asked if my gf did that for me
I was to nervous or shocked to say anything so she just kept rubbing then to took me into the bathroom and took my shorts and underwear off and kissed it which caused me to cum


I had almost the exact same thing happen to me when I lived in Alaska. Except it was a dat native woman with a very cute face.

did u 2 ever go back to he afterparty or was it a one time thing for her.. is that afterparty always sex.. did u hook up with any va at the party ...

I woke up in the middle of the night at my best friends house to his stepdad fondling me. I was like 13 and had hit puberty. He had my shorts pulled down to me knees and my cock out. I didn't stop him I just kind of froze. He sucked me off while my friend slept right next to us on the other couch. After he sucked me he took his cock out and had me suck on it a little bit before he jacked off on my face. Gave me 100$ for that first time, but ended up doing a lot more for him, including stuff with my best friend.

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ur in Cred Forums ... creepy is normal here ... enjoy the thread or go fuck yourself

Not really. She wasn't on a big stage. She was on one of the smaller ones that they basically set up themselves and it looked like most of the people watching were passing by, looking at her huge tits the whole time, or a small group of actual fans. I had came with friends, but we were Warped commoners and could be away from each other all day and it not be a problem. I approached her after her set and after the usual "you were kick-ass" bullshit and we small talked while the next band was setting up. She was actually cool to talk to. When they started playing I asked if she wanted to walk around. It was hot as fuck, so after an hour or so, we made our way to her van that was sort of blocked off in 2 directions and out of the major foot traffic for a few water bottles. She asked if I wanted to chill inside with it running. Of course I did. It was pretty dark by then, neither of us had been drinking, and the music all around us was blaring outside. We were pretty close together in the back seat and were touching in some form just because of the junk inside not giving us much space and it not really being a big deal. One thing led to another and I am dickin' down a future pop star. Unfortunately, we both kept our shirts on, but I did feel her up off and on the whole time. If you felt one over the shirt DD tit, you kinda felt them all. We were cramped and it was uncomfortable car sex, but we made the best of it. I pulled out and came onto the floorboard (she laughed at that). Both of us got dressed, talked for a while, made out a bit, and said our goodbyes. Nothing particularly special or crazy (warped is known for this shit, but usually it's dudes being pedos and creeps). She just happened to become famous 2 or 3 years later and now it's way too late to tell the story.

when was this and would u do it again..

go on

Was some years ago like 4 or 5 and hell yeah but nowadays theres no chance, i regret not sticking her in the ass, didnt have the balls back then I just poked it a bit with my dick and was really tempted to go full in but didnt dare

It was a one-time thing for her. And yes, it's pretty much to get drunk/high and listen to music and hook up with people. No VA's though, it's just friends.

fuck ya. needs part 2 or lead up

u told the story so its never too late.. u fucked primed perry.. gj user.. craziest shit u saw at the warp tour

It's been nearly 8 months since myself and 5 friends gangraped our friends cousin. It was his idea to go for her, said he always wanted to bang her. We already knew the layout of her house and her basic routine, and she's deaf so we didn't have to worry about sneaking.
We were all away for the week it took place and our alibi is pretty solid. We aren't even suspected.

how long ago was this and how old r u both now.. did u 2 do anything with each other then.. what did u do ... dp?

well I like banging younger chicks too, but honestly sliding it to my students is beyond greasy

what's the story? how old was she? was this her first time? are you sure she didn't see any of you?

I’m really into a chick I’ve been dating for a while but I’m probably going to break it off with her because I found out she fucked a black dude 13 years ago and it makes me look at her with disgust.

I had already been experimenting with my best friend just about every day at that point. There was also a girl in our little neighborhood who was two years younger than us but had a 16 year old sister. We did stuff with both of them.

But one day we came back from 'playing' in the woods and were really dirty from laying on the dirt and grass, so his stepdad said we needed to get a shower and change into clean clothes. He ended up having us get into the shower together, at first only wearing underwear but when we got hard he had us take them off, and he got naked and stood beside the shower telling us what to do.

He eventually had my best friend bent over in front of me, hands bracing the shower wall, and ass sticking right up at me. Stepdad put some lube on his hand and jerked me off and fingered best friend until we were good and lubed, then told me to fuck him.

I know it was an absolutely fucked scenario but at the time it felt so good, even when I had to be a bottom.

Story? Pic related?

Yeah, it's way cooler now than it would have been when it happened. Warped sex would happen if you wanted it to and weren't too awkward(or were a piece of garbage and assaulted a girl - super common).
>craziest shit u saw at the warp tour
Bert McCracken from The Used clocked a fan at the merch booth for some reason and got him good. Knocked him to the ground. Funniest part was that Bert was super hammered, free ballin' in a black dress covered in white polka dots, and was caked with shitty make-up. The dude got up and pushed Bert to the ground in turn, and his dress flew up showing his dick and balls to the 75+ fans in line. The fight was over after that. Bert got up, was pulled away (not before spitting on the guy) and the fan was escorted out by security. The rest of the band stuck around, but the whole vibe was sour and awkward. Looking back, it's hilarious to think about.

I applaud you for being so based. Dump that coal burning slut.

Get her into fucking more black guys take lots of pic and vids then breakup with her then post on /b.

>assaulted a girl - super common).

how common and ever happen to anyone u know

Like 6 years ago. She's 20 now, I'm 22. We never did very much together beyond kissing unfortunately, she wasn't into that. I got dp'd and got to try a lot of other things.

I think I'm in love with a girl I met online. She lives on another continent and all I want is to meet her face to face. No matter what it takes, if I have to go there, or she comes here. I know she has problems but I feel like if I was there we could make it work. I feel so pathetic, I've never felt this way for a girl I met online.

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1. I've been married for 12 years. 15 yes ago I stripped and groped a drink bitch in college. It was my wife.

2. Relatedly I met a dude on Cred Forums and we are.going to slip my wife some Ambien. Then we will go to town on her.

Happy to talk more on Kik.

I'll pay for your trip. I have a billion miles .Kik?

>Born 97-98
And the boner is dead.

Several reported cases at every event. Dozens went unreported at every show until the last few years it went on. Many from the smaller bands, and apparently a few bigger band member names that helped kill Warped over all. I never knew anyone that got taken advantage of or assaulted, but I did see a lot of girls crying with EMTs and sevurity. Not that it meant they were raped per say, could have been a million reasons.

did u get off knowing u gave ur friend her 1st anal.. dp.. 3sum.. orgy.. gangbang..

what other things u tried... last time u went to the afterparty.. what do u girls look like.

I think she's like 25 or something. No I don't think she was a virgin, pretty positive she's had sex before. Might have been her first anal though, she hated that. She definitely didn't see us because we wore masks and we also put a sack over her head.
Basically, we slipped in through her basement door from the garage. It was always unlocked, then we made our way upstairs. We actually hung around in the dark for a bit for our eyes to adjust before we went into her room. We had her pinned down, sack over her head, and stripping her before she even knew what hit her. She realized what was hitting her fast enough though. She fought really hard but we overpowered that. We took turns holding her down and fucking her. After a while we hardly had to hold her down at all it was like she was in shock. I was third to fuck her pussy but I was the first to fuck her ass. That brought the fight back! She was screaming and wailing like a retarded mule and I could feel her ass trying to push my dick out. Immediately after I'm done her cousin wants her ass. She actually ended up shitting the bed so we hosed her off in the shower and kept fucking her on the floor. She got every dick in her pussy and ass, at least once, and ended up some dp from us as well.

I once fucked a trap fully knowing it was one, it was my loss of virginity as well, I feel really fucking guilty for loving it so much, I cummed in their ass though and haven't busted such a fat nut then (intel I fucked the same trap with bird saliva on my dick)

whats ur kik

I used to fuck a married woman who has two kids with a good man who takes care of them all and loves them. But she was fucking crazy about me and wanted to be submissive to me. He was weak in bed. I used to go to her house while he was at work and ram the shit out of her with her wedding photo and kids’ pics hanging on the wall. The longer it went on the more we both got off on the cheating. I’d make her tell me what a bitch he was while I fucked her. Sometimes I’d have her call him at work and talk to him while my cock was stuffed in her. She liked to tell me how he would cry if he saw what I was doing to her.

Post your face so I can recognize you in public and stomp a mudhole in your ass
I'll kick your teeth out and make you swallow my cock, whore. You lust for children bc you need a real man to beat your stupid ass back in line.

Wtf? Story?

dubs confirm ur an asshole.. nothing wrong with a teacher fucken there students.. they are teaching them a life lesson..

I didnt drink the minimum eight litteral containers of water today

Same with her,
You should start fucking the husband
I came here to jerk off not want to shoot you

Don't like to post it but if you drop your Kik I'll message you

I'll teach you what a throbbing cock impregnating your belly with cum feels like fagbag
That's a pretty important lesson


I don't wanna get caught. I'm not stupid.

I’m a semi-closeted bisexual dude who is pretty feminine and overweight. I love giving head and being submissive and slutty and my sex life with my girlfriend is pretty pathetic. I wish I had a DL Dom Daddy type that would use me whenever he felt like it.

Fuck of CIA

Getting over there isn't the problem, it's setting up a life either there or here. English isn't their first language. I think it's more likely she will come here when she graduates.

I don't know but it's all I think about.

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My ex wife and I used to fantasize together about fucking her younger sister.

Never told this one
When I was 14-16, I'd take a wooden baseball bat, wad up a sock and cover it with a magnum condom and trained myself to take it a solid foot up my ass

dubs confirm.. i fantasize hearing about u fucking her younger sister.. what she look like.. how did u two ended up talking about it.. since shes ur ex.. do u still talk to her about it.

dubs confirm.. that is some talent u got there...

Sorry. Hope it works out.

I got to where I could long stroke the whole foot quick
Kinda just stopped, I now do the occasional cucumber almost all the way but I'm just not super into gay other than the prostate stimulation.
Literally got a boner thinking about riding it tho, I'd wedge it between me and the wall with me on hands and knees and go to town.
The tip was about 3 1/2 inches, I used a crew sock and would lube it all up
If deepthroat keilbasa too, all the way lolol

I had to stop cause the anxiety of getting caught was driving me crazy

I DID fuck my ex's younger sister. It was fun! She was bigger than my ex (petite) but tighter. I think she might have married a fag because she loved the way I ate her out. So maybe he never ate her because he liked dick.

bump, can anybody add to story

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I initially thought it was a one time thing, but to stop my Dad getting bullied, I have to act as this gross old guy's 'little maid' on Saturdays.

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I used to have really rough abusive gay sex with a friend's roommate whenever he and I got even remotely drunk.

How old were they? What did you fantasize about?
And how did all this come up?

Where does she live and where do you live?

if this is true then you’re one of the best humans I’ve ever hear about. good man.

How am I supposed to return it if I'm dead, genius?


I'm in the US, she's in Germany.

dude you're a bitch-ass faggot. someone offers to cover your trip, and you back out like a pussy. you've NEVER MET THIS GIRL. you have no idea whether she's worth "setting up a life with." go meet her and find out- unless you're just a pathetic anxiety-ridden cuck machine who can't get his shit together enough to get on a plane and test drive some pussy.

please explain this in detail...

Those are pretty shifty considering there are probably 100 tea hers pedal catholic preist, fuckin faggots, pedos, protecting all the other faggots, pedos.

watch Louis CK standup, he explains what to do. Leave a vmail telling them where the car is. The end.

Sure, what would you like to know?

When I was 10 yo I caught my mom having sex with some guy late one night while Dad was out of town for work. I had to get up to take a piss but on the way to the toilet I saw them fucking on the lounge room floor I stood frozen watching not knowing what to do as I couldn't get to the bathroom or they would know, I stood there totally shocked for a couple of minutes then went back to my room. Thankfully there was an empty coke can in my room that I pissed in then went back to sleep.

>you're a bitch-ass faggot
As the guy who said I'd pay for the trip, I agree.

His first post said he wants to meet her here or there. When I said I'd fly him out there he pussied out. Oh well.

Okay let's think this through. Plane ticket is paid for. I get to germany where I don't speak the language, don't have a job lined up, have enough cash to live on for a short while, but can't stay with her because she lives with her parents. Ignoring the fact this is some user offering who I know nothing about, there's a fucking lot more than just getting a ticket. I can pay for a ticket myself.

It's like you guys can't think beyond the very first step.

>you're just a pathetic anxiety-ridden cuck machine who can't get his shit together enough to get on a plane and test drive some pussy.
Pretty sure theres more to it than just fucking her. Guy said he wants to start a life with her.

I once slipped on a banana peel and stumbled on the banana peel and was landed on my feet


Hmm threads on life support so ill bring up that I used to molest a cute preteen who really wanted me to make her a mommy. She moved away though and I still think about it especially since shes probably old enough to have that baby now

there you go

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So stop posting this shit in every secrets thread then you fucking faggot

Really want to kill myself right now

I've never been into furry or gay shit but seeing Sonic do the floss actually gave me a fucking boner and I don't know why.

>Dad hated me
Why did he hate you?

Was the pussy good?


I post nudes of my exgf Alex every day... She's the top image result on Google if you search "perky pink nipples"... her full exposure and name are at there. Should I feel bad?

How old was she?

My domme introduced me to crystal merrh. Im a total Tina whore now and cant wait for the next party

When I was 8 I used to coax girls that were younger than me to get naked so I could touch their pussies.

You both have problems.

i str8 up fonger 15 frat boys doo to nut

i have had a girlfriend for the last three years but have been sucking cocks the last two years

Wow that is a level of evil i hadnt thought about.