Need some advice. I can't get over my girlfriend's past...

Need some advice. I can't get over my girlfriend's past. She was a teenage runaway and was completely wild from ages 14-18. She is 21 now. She has sex with 20+ guys including two guys that she fucked for heroin. She even had with a middle aged married couple, which really grosses me out. She claims that I am the only guy that she has ever enjoyed having sex with and that she feels deeply ashamed about her sexual history. She has even cried to me about it and begged for forgiveness. She is totally clean and normal now and loves me more than any girl has ever before. She would literally die for me, but I am not sure I can get over the things she has done.

TLDR: I feel in love with a whore.

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Tigers don't change their stripes homie

Does her vagina look worn out?

kinda. it's decently tight, but the lips are a little fucked up.

It's not your job to forgive her or to deal with the tremendous amount of baggage she's carrying around and will likely never get rid of. Move on.

>the lips are a little fucked up.
dump her

She was sexually abused as a child and u prolly were too. Like minded ppl attract

Just get over it and like your girlfriend, pussy

just having sex is not nearly as bad as having made pornography
I'd much rather date a girl with that history than one with all sorts of naked pics and videos floating around out there

If that's what she's telling you. Then imagine all the fucked up shit she's not telling you about.

i feel like i am shouldering a tremendous weight that she carries everyday. makes me feel like an idiot. but she is so nice to me.

i think about this all the time bro. that really gets to me

Not easy to find a best friend. People can change if they really want to, but she is young and will probably relapse. How strong is your love? Crack heroine and meth are obvious no no's, but not as bad as processed refined sugar. Love her well, let go of the past brother. Much love

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were any of them black

yes two other ones but so am i. i am not a niggerish one though and they black guys she fucked were disgusting hood rats. that grosses me out too.


she was legit raped by her uncle for several years as a kid. so like I know why she acted like a whore, which makes me feel a weird way. atleast i understand why she was such a slut

They all have a similar history, you aint gonna find one that wasnt a whore at some point. If this one will die for you keep her.

Im going through something similar I'm in love with a girl who don't love me and we going through it because she didn't want to stop going to male strip clubs I try everyday to rekindle but ik that ain't go happen and I gotta move on but at least you got her be happy enjoy life with her I lost everything my house my job my kids it could be worst

Kill yourself.

post a pic of your girlfriend for verification of authenticity to this story. bonus points if she’s naked

Meh. All girls go through that whore phase. Just be glad you're fucking her now. Be young and have some fun and be good to each other.

But don't you marry that bitch.
Don't you dare marry that bitch or get her pregnant.
I promise you it will be the greatest mistake of your life.

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i just might

Read Notes from the Underground by Dosto. It's short. Then read it again.

that's kinda what my plan is. we have great sex and alot of fun together. until i like get my life together, im just gonna enjoy myself. then probably move out of my town and never see her again. marry a church girl. it hurts to think about that, but I can't marry her even though that is what she wants.

Do it then pussy video record it.