What's good

What's good

>posting pic of waifu will result in a read on your personality
>you take what you get
>dubs gets told to fuck off
>fortunes can range from decent to shit
>fortunes might take some time to be made
>discussion is accepted
>one fortune per faggot
>I have the right to refuse service
>any bad fortune will happen to you
>side effects include hopelessness, possibility of being eaten, evisceration, incarceration, addiction to drugs, extreme diarrhea, suicidal thoughts or death

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Yes. I’m expecting a lot of shit for my preference in waifu.

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I'm expecting my fortune even if i get dubs, i'll beat the shit out of you otherwise. Interlinked

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trip of truth

>you come from great heights but doubt manifested from the malice of others brings you down with them. To find acceptance one must plan out to seek a placement that suits your best interest not fit only the requirement for survival.
You won't
>your fortune says extending the finger will prompt double the intended effect back

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Your fortune reading is really spooky and accurate but I already knew all that.

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you fortune suck more than you do, which as you know is a lot. Want to catch these hand sissy boi

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My nigga your going to have to drink all that for you have to fuck off
Fortunes are a magical way of telling you things you already know
Fuck off faggot your lucky you bump or else I wouldn't be talking to your gay ass

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Please don’t distract the seer with this petty nonesense.

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I don’t feel any better understood nor do I have any better depth of understanding of my predicament. What do I do about my reticent crush?

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Heyy heyy what is my fortune Rumia

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I honestly suck at relationships so I shouldn't be one to offer advice really. But since you asked I would admit my own feelings for a relationship is formed on a connection and that includes both parties doing their best to be understanding

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With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with

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>your fortune says to make accommodations one should allocate space.

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So if the other person has no interest I’m supposed to move on. But I want to do something to help them and make them happy. Even if it was anonymously.
You ever hear of lolicatgirls.sfw?

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lolicatgirls.sfw??? sound like an old meme

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Do you mean I should have more space? baka in the head sorry

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Not everyone wants help all the time. Well if you want to keep some form of connection then you shouldn't move on completely you would have to stop trying so hard. It's always good to help yourself before you help others, try not to worry so much for others all the time you only live once.

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There are those who Wish,
They play the game, the one that will take them to their end,
They wait for the rain to wash who they are.
In your eyes, indisposed, in disguises no one knows.
Call my name through the cream.
I am the one who washes away the rain.
I am the BlackHoleSun.

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In what way? So I can be naughty on the mic?

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are you the schizo poster

look who's talking petty nonsense now
i'll call you scribble

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The fuck your talking about?

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No, I'm not. I know who he is, a cool dude. Wish he was more active.

I don't know what kind of space you mean; And for what. I'm dum dum like that, a baka in the head as I mentioned.

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hope he posts again soon, kinda miss 'm

Like a potato chip, I’ll take it, and eat it.
It’s time for bed. See ya around sometime in the future maybe. Been here since the old days, will still be here for years to come.

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Same. So do I.

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So what your thinking about space with blackholes that pull you in not suck?

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your Soltrypa#0108 doesn't work btw

inb4 bait

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Hit me

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