Hunger Games Thread

Hunger Games Thread
Time Travel Edition
First 24

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yay time travel

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Richard Rawlings


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Time Travel plz

Foamy master of the Life Reboot button!

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Nutella Girl

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Sadly I remember this game on SNES


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Big Tits Kylie

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Divine Cat

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Spades Slick

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Detective Lindy

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Good luck my future owner, get us bagels and coffee!!! COFFEE!!!

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Veruca Salt

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unwilling tribute

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The Arbiter

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Joe Swanson

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A quick rundown

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Kizuna AI

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Katniss Everdeen

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One to go...(come on WetFat)

Dlanor A. Knox

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filler, delete for new IP’s if you need to

damn 20 ips

can get rid of this one, if needed

I guess we were hungry...

Looks good?

And gay

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Ready. Time is an illusion.

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ready as ever

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why did i have to read it in his voice

܂Goodluck Megumi!
District 4 got this

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Then it's "time" to begin!

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how could you not

i come for the game
i stay for the world class word play

Good luck
I don't know what you're talking about but good luck either way

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let's do this thing!

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it involves a feminine penis strap on

Where are we?
>Where are we?

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Guess he's in a wheelchair from breaking his hips after 10000 years of snu snu
In what time period were magic katanas a thing?
Does this put the Bogdanoffs in HG Overlord status, or higher?

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Good. Garnish her wages, and find a new target.
>Good. Garnish her wages, and find a new target.

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i didn't choose to rule the world, the world chose me!

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>Telling the two that they will die the death.

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Shall I give thee a quick rundown, Monsieur Bogdanoff?

You'll find when i get riled up I'm awfully hot like a coffee pot

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Nani the fuck?

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are ya winnin' dad?

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wrong pic lol

>*laughs and drinks beer*

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There are a lot of dicks with time machines around here today, y'know?
Who knew waifus made such hardy warriors?
Bogged again
Looks like the Arbiter's laws weren't welcome in this timeline

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paamp it, and get Vitalik on ze line.
>paamp it, and get Vitalik on ze line.

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I'm still in it son, so we'll see.

As long as Drills is here and Chet Arthur is not, its a win all day long

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Foolish Dlanor, that was only 5% of his power!

It shall be done, Monsieur Bogdanoff

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dubs gets double hunger games

post em

Is Drills gonna be my new mommy one day?

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Also, nice event.

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Aight bet

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I kinda doubt it son. But its okay, you have Uncle Dennis Collins (who is here to watch me die)

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Of all the ways to murder furfags, I have to give S+ for creativity to you guys

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A minor setback. Activate quantum immortality. We will meet again.
>A minor setback. Activate quantum immortality. We will meet again.

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I don't like uncle dennis, he smells like cigarettes and makes me dance

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And if you though the neighbor's dog pissing on your lawn was bad, come check out what Liz got done in with
As long as they're still gametes, that's a pretty good invitation, foamy

We shall see, Bogdanoff Overlords

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In Soviet Hunger Games, time kills you!

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Well, I'm out.

Lets have some pizza!

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now how will i ever post on Cred Forums again?

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Wait what?

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can we do the space code after this one, i like that one a lot

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Oh hey the present

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That would entail I host a game after this one, user

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Got some pizza for you too Drills

sorry rigger

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so it's just normal me

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>pic not pizza, whatever
Thank you.

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Spare me the apologies, it's time for bets!

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Kinda wish I hadn't seen that particular pic of you...

Reminded me of something else you probably don't wanna know about

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can we do space if i win

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Betting on Foamy

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i dont know if its a good idea to bet on myself again so ill go with foamy

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Of course!

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So uhh, orgy code next?

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Stats n stuff

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thanks for hosting

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Hell yeah, and thanks for Hosting

Gratz Liz, I'm sure Chet Arthur is happy

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Thanks for hosting

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Congrats Liz
Thanks for hosting, Rigs.

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damn! thanks for hosting

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thanks for game

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Thanks for hosting

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thanks for hosting

Thanks for playing

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You're a whore

np bby

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