I think Mike Bloomberg is our only hope for this nation

I think Mike Bloomberg is our only hope for this nation.

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I know! It's doing so badly right now.

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I think mike should go fuck himself.

>stop and frisk laws
The fact that this even happened in NYC and people think it's ok is the scariest thought I could have about this upcoming election.

He's already improved my life by ten thousand dollars. I killed four Bernie supporters for him @ $2,500 each. CHA-CHING!

Worst drops in the history of Wall Street.

Who is behind this post?

>shilling for this ridiculous kike


Third Reich Mike

Hilarious. False equivalency.

"our only hope for this nation" and its not Trump, sorry op you're wrong, orange man not bad, orange man chad

celebs who arent voting for bernie are scared of getting taxed to shit.

If Burnme gets elected it will be the white Middle Class that gets destroyed by tax increases. The super rich have lobbyists who pay off congress to keep them protected from tax hikes, so it's always the middle class that gets fucked.

>I think Mike Bloomberg is our only hope for this nation.
Agreed, but the Ds are too far left, and can't some to terms with his realistic stop and search, which WAS effective in lowering the crime rate.Targeted? Profiling? Yep, and with good reason. It worked. Anyway, ... too insensitive for the porcelain pussies, so no... Bernie will be the nominee.
Only a third of the nation is ready for the extent of socialism Bernie wants. So Bernie will lose. Bigly.


Ha-ha! All gains since 2016 have been wiped out.
Meanwhile, the normal people are poorer than ever.

OP here! Bloomberg paid me to say that. I'm actually voting for Bernie.

Then make that illegal and put them into fucking jail. Interfering with government business for personal gain and not the country's should be fucking illegal. If only you half wit sissy fucks over there would fucking take charge for once. Fucking pathetic incels

I think mike better fukn pay 20k for my vote.

As a Republican, middle class white married male, he's the only candidate with a chance of wooing my vote from Trump.
He's really more of a Republican in disguise anyway, and I trust his experience with the economy.

And he's not insane.

I agree, if he becomes president it may set the boogaloo in motion, which will be what actually saves this country

I hope there's not a civil war.

No one is this stupid.

I think that you are a fucking idiot.

Well even if there is, we're fucked either way. I'm hoping the coronavirus really fucks us up. We totally deserve it. 5% will put some humility back in man.

what normal people are u referring to? stop having 3 kids before 21 and look for something that pays more than minimum wage

He's a billionaire, he has 64 billion, he doesn't give a fuck about you or me

Why do people think this? Bill Gates is one of the greatest people that ever lived and he's still being awesome today. People with money are still people.