This is not ok. She deserves respect

This is not ok. She deserves respect.

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sauce on pic?

>She deserves respect

Insanity. Why should I respect the opinions of a child?

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This is what they’re talking. A fucking sticker.

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That could be literally anyone even me

where's the "likeness"?

Yeah, just a sticker. Not a dog whistle, not depicting a Greta the activist teen.

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Libtards are offended by anything...


No one deserves shit.

Lmaooo “even me”

So she owns pigtails now?

kek it says her name

Did you just assume her gender??

I'm fapping with respect to her user, what else am I supposed to do?

Honestly? No. She deserves to be raped by a gang of niggers. Get the fuck out of here with your SJW bs, nigga.

A sticker possibly made and released by her handlers to bring more attention and sympathy to greta while also portraying an energy company as evil
Really makes you think

bro that's not even that bad why are they so triggered

The little hobgoblin will be doing porn within two years, take my word on it.

She’s literally an IRL Wonder Woman, I feel she is our only hope....I wanna cry

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Greta's upset because it portrays her as liking having her pigtails pulled while being fucked from behind. She doesn't. At least she didn't two nights ago.

How much do you think one of those stickers are worth now?

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Sticker? Hardly even know her!

So when is somebody gonna get her noods?

Ain't nuthin' betta then a gal like Greta!

Worthless? Because they can be easily replicated by anyone with sticker making thingies

We could send the design to a company and have 1000's whipped up for cheap

That’s like something out of a Netflix series

She still looks like a potato after

Yet here we are
The company has been destroyed online, investors have pulled out, advertising companies have dropped their contracts, and everyone's talking about poor innocent greta

lmaoo get off her dick. why should anyone "respect" her? what has she done for me to warrant my respect? that is honestly such a first world problem lool "oH nO sOmEoNe DrEw A lOoKaLiKe Of Me GeTtInG hIt FrOm ThE bAcK!!!!!1111" wow that is such a tragedy!! how will she ever recover from this?!??!

No, she does not, and yes, it is ok. Fuck off back to whatever communist circle jerk you oozed out of.

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no you earn respect no one deserves it.

oof apply yourself