Pretty much got confirmation that my room mate and my brother have been stealing stuff from me while I'm at work...

Pretty much got confirmation that my room mate and my brother have been stealing stuff from me while I'm at work. Been noticing it for a few weeks but they went a bit too far and were a lot more brazen this time.
I want to start fucking with them, small things, and get the point across I'm tired of their BS.
Anyone got any ideas? I want simple things I can do quick, and I don't want to hurt them either, just get the point across they're terrible people.

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Take a shit in one of their beds.


How about you just tell them to stop, instead of playing little kiddy games?

Put kool aid in there shower head.


Put anthrax in their shower head

Because they've done this shit in the past, and they don't stop.
My brother for example stole a lot from my mom. They play innocent and say they're sorry and go right back to doing it.
I like the idea, but I use the shower too. But that's got potential. I could probably put it in their coffee maker

>Kool aid in the coffee maker
Dude step the fuck up they've been stealing from you and you're just going to do this mild ass shit
Take a shit in the shampoo they use

That's way too strong of a start, plus it'd be very easy to tie it back to me.
The main goal is to fuck with them, not have them steal even more of my stuff but this time with justification

Put cum in their coffee

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Put semen in their milkshakes.

Unplug the power supply from inside one of their computers

Hide a nanny-cam in your room. get images of them digging through your stuff. Get burner phone. Send them images with message that says 'nudes or I send pix to (yourself)'.
Post nudes of your bro and GF on Cred Forums.

Fucking buy a safe. Lock your door. Set up cams. Stand up to them once. After that, send vids to the cops.

That's a great idea.
But they don't have computers, ones a hipster who uses their phone and their Xbox One **It's lamer than you think** and the other doesn't bring their laptop around. But fucking with that Xbox will fuck with them both, so that's going on the drawing board.
I've revisited the koolaid idea, and now I'm going with salt. I'm going to disassemble their coffee maker and put koshur salt in (because it's not iodized), find out how to cause it to cake inside. That way if they want to find out why it's tasting salty, they'd have to disassemble it, which I know they're too lazy to do.
I'm also adding to the board that I'm going to steal two bottles of their expensive beer and just give them away. They know I don't drink at all so they won't expect me. The second week I'll ramp it up to 4 beers.
Delightfully devious, and I've already got my old burner phone, all I have to do is get a new SIM card for it.
I might save that for the coup de grace by sending the pics of them stealing my stuff to our land lord.

I've stood up to them in the past, but it's done nothing. And yeah, I'm going to have to get a new lock for my door too. Cams are also going to be a thing too

If you continue to live with people that steal from you, then you're a fucking retard and wouldn't take any advice given to you
The only advice is to not live with thieves

Alright gang, I think I may have a solid gameplan now.
Thanks for the ideas. If it comes to the point where pictures are involved, I'll post them here.

What have they taken?

At first it was food, but then I started to notice small things going missing.
So today before I left for work, I left 20 bucks in my room on my desk, weighted with a few coins. I came back and the cash was gone, except for the coins. Which is very weird because I made it very obvious that it was a trap.

he's family... beat his ass

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