Which one would you rather watch?

Which one would you rather watch?

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scarlett.because blonde

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katy perry or olivia munn are obsolete.

You getting gang raped by niggers

Taylor Swift is the only correct answer.

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Scarlett, I'd cum soooo fast and probably never to anything else


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Scarlett is perfect. Pale body, pink nipples, fat ass, dignified. Perfect for being degradated.

Katy second for same reason, but nowadays, she looks like your drunken aunt who.parties on the weekends and looks like a Karen SJW while preying on 16 year old boys.

Munn is the worst of all. She's not that attractive, a real two-faced cunt, and is an easier fuck than your hand. most likely has herpes and worse

Scarlett duh

Katy is a ugly dumb basic bimbo

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Yeah, but at least when she was younger, she was hot. Now, not so much

She's only 35 and still hot. Way out of your league, zoomer.

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i feel like katy perry's one music video where she's in those blonde braids was the intro to a blacked video

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if that doesn't look like it should be on blackedraw idk what is then. annoying af how suggestive and hot that is lol

Bitch is gonna take more and more effort to remain youthful, even if it means wearing a wig. She's gonna be the next madonna

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Do you watch blackedraw vids often?

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more often than i'd like to admit

How do you deal with the post cum shame?

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by switching to a pic like related right before i nut

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Thats a good idea. I find blacked/blackedraw vids hot, but I get that post cum shame afterwards since I just watched a white girl and a black guy fuck.

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Scarjew for blacked kino


pretty much, i'll nut and the rare time i'll just have the video on i'll be left looking at one of those gorgeous cuties with a massive cock in her hands licking it lol

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Katy P

Yeah, I go from "fuck this is fantastic." to "Fuck did I really just cum to that? I'm never watching that again." Real quick

But then the next time I'm fapping I'm back to watching those vids lol

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i've had that mental switch like, one hour after i came one time, bad night lol

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fake blonde = shit tier

>implying you wouldn’t still fuck Madonna

Heh, no judgments here. They have some really hot content. Probably one of the best porn sites around but I'm not gonna admit that to anyone lol.

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definitely the most beautiuful looking girls, and they managed to make hooking up with massive black cock look so classy and sexy somehow

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Lol is it your favorite porn? Do you have a go to scene?

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it's getting close tbh, apart from tamer pics. there's a lot, but i love the one blackedraw video with elena koshka, that might be my all time fav

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Katy warped me. I went from wanting to fuck her to wanting to be her

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I know that scene it was fantastic. Probably her best scene she's ever done.

How do you think of Mia Melano's Vixen scene vs her Blacked scene?

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Elena Koshka is a fucking Goddess

damn even elena's preview pics get me going bad, especially her in that bodycon dress. i loved mia's last blacked scene, but i can't decide if her vixen scene's outfit was hotter than her blacked debut's out, those boots and jeans were sexy af

Indeed she is.

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blacked vs vixen dont even compete. same girl but somehow the blacked one is always better. wonder why?

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Her outfit here was really sexy.
>wonder why?
Maybe because of the color contrast that goes with interracial porn makes it sexier than same race porn. IMO anyways.

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You sound fun

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forgot pic, god damn she is fucking sexy

it has the benefit of all that contrast for sure, both physical and colour wise. though i love blackedraw mia's red outfit too, fuck the thing i love about blacked and blackedraw is that they have incredible outfits for these gorgeous girls to wear

fuck me i keep forgetting it

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Her and Jason Luv were great in that scene.

I recently asked him on twitter if he would ever do a scene with Olivia Munn. He actually responded saying he would lol.

Would be an amazing scene especially if she had these blacked braids.

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Why are you cucks so obsessed with black guys fucking white girls? Serious question

>blacked braids
is it bad that i automatically associate those braids as blacked braids lol? like literally everytime i see it on a white girl i assume she fucks black guys.

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iskra lawrence is my dream girl behind hilary duff to get on blacked

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I worship her, she's absolutely perfect

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HA nah, it just means you watch vids from those sites a lot and those braids make you WANT to see that girl get blacked.
Hilary Duff would be hot as fuck on there. I'm the OP so obviously the 3 in my OP pic would be my top choices.

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>you watch vids from those sites a lot and those braids make you WANT to see that girl get blacked
i'm concerned that i get that feeling for all beautiful girls tho lol

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I mean, it just means you're a straight guy who wants to see a hot girl on what might be the best porn site around lol

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good lord especially if it's duff like that

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This is my single most cummed to picture, literally hundreds of loads

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The new Lizzie McGuire movie looks fun.

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that clip is mesmerizing. i guess i'm horny for blacked again

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Same. Bring on the post cum shame lol

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Blacked is like a black hole of perversion

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but until that point lol, time to get blacked

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there's something about white feet and cheeks on either side of a cock that big and black

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Its fun to watch

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i'm not even in to feet but i could watch that all day

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Its that skin color contrast

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i don't think white pussy gets pinker or paler than the one riding that black cock in that one

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Gonna spend all day jerking to BBC when my gf goes to work.

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HA, yeah looks like bubble gum ;)

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she creamed all over that thing

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>all these homemade vids
Sigh.. why do white girls like black guys so much..

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i don't want to seem rude, but i think you're posting why tbh

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Heh, guess its kinda obvious. I don't agree with it.. but I do like watching it..

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i'm not really one to talk if i enjoy the videos they make public more than they do themselves. it's just really hot

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Well said. Its definitely hot to watch and I'm pretty hypocritical to say what I did lol

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Whoops, meant to reply to


It wouldn't make you mad?

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god she must feel so filled from that fucking. hal my shit is too big for Cred Forums anyways, no pun intended here

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It would be heaven

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Sheesh, thats like 2 of my dicks lol

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I'd watch it for sure

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hence why there's an alarming number of white girls that are at the very least curious

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>that vid
Oh just fuck already lol

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Why is it alarming?

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the romance is just as hot as the assumed reaming of her pawg booty by his bbc
i see a fucking crazy amount of white girls that are black culture influenced, which usually results in at least a slight curiosity in thinking "are those rumours true? what would it even be like"

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Ah we have a different outlook on this. I want every white girl I know to get blacked

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>I want every white girl I know to get blacked
i worry how much i think of this and how it turns me on. so maybe a bit more similar than you think lol

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>which usually results in at least a slight curiosity in thinking "are those rumours true? what would it even be like"

And thus, we get more sex vids to watch

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Munn has a nasty attitude and purple cunt flaps. Does anal because she likes it.

Does she?

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She's stupid. I'd rather watch her fall down an escalator that was going UP, for an hour.

She smells like coconut.

Sounds nice

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Got to agree with you. Blonde, country, leggy. Dare I say, she's made for it.

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and thank fucking god i get to see that

wish i knew

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I've noticed this is happening to me a lot. I can't look at most of my female friends the same now. Any girl with anything more than an average ass? I wonder what a black cock would look like in her.

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Encourage them to try it. The BNWO is worth fighting for

Sounds like you like watching black guy/ white girl more than white guy/ white girl

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>Any girl with anything more than an average ass? I wonder what a black cock would look like in her
i feel horrible when i do it out in public but it feels so good to think back on late at night. i've seen some fucking gorgeous asses that are just perfect for black cock stretching it

i would pay money to see olivia munn make that thing sloppy with her tongue

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Her sense of humor is "bawdy", like a man. She is for sure the best of OPs three choices, in terms of being filthy. Plus, I like her beauty, but thats just an opinion. Desire is a mental thing.

As much as I'd enjoy doing that, I don't think torpedoing some friendships is worth it. I mean unless it works, then I don't know what I'd do.
It's almost exclusively what I watch, I like the BLACKED stuff a lot, but I really enjoy the amateur videos more.
Yeah I always feel pretty guilty in the moment. But it feels too right not to.

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Same. Too bad her and Jamie Foxx didn't make a tape when they were dating.

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I stopped worrying and embraced it. No guilt, no shame.

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Fuck yes. Look at her eyes. She's a sexual predator.

whoever does the filthiest gangbang.

Jason Luv said he would do a scene with her. Would you watch?

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oh i didn't even know she had gone black before. she seems hotter to me now.

you make it sound so good to give in. every clip i have of a thick or beautiful white girl instantly tells me to picture her riding a big black cock

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Munn would be like Adriana Chechik.

Fuck yea.

Same for me

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I would also like to see Jenn Anniston and Sophia Bush in a FFM scene. MILF/GILF on the black pool boy when the GILF gets stood up.

She was riding Django's cock for awhile

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There you go. Already used to gargling nuts while the cock is draped over her face.

Which one will she choose?

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it's getting easier to enjoy the sight of all types of white girls giving their dues.

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I live in Europe so I’m loving how society is being changed by massive black and Moslem migration. White pride is heading for total humiliation

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>above dick is not only small but curved
Why would he even post it on the internet lol

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it must be a sight to see all the beautifiul european girls falling for the sexual allure

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Thanks to you lads, this might be the first time I cum to interracial porn without having post cum shame.

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it's been an honour. my discord is in my name in case anyone wants to discuss further

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Oh it’s everywhere and it’s so fucking good

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Pleased for you, congratulations

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whhops, meant to put my name in. nograsp#2525 is it

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To answer Kaley's question.. yes.

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Those eyes. She's going to war against the BBC.

Is this the "15 years ago" challenge?

TayTay after the black dicks leave the house.

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Ok zoomer

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To be fair, Zoomies don't like pussy older, smarter and more sexually aggressive then them. Their only sexual experience was seven minutes in heaven with some frog-faced nerd girl who groped their confused little boners outside of their skinny jeans.


ScarJo + huge BBC would be the hardest orgasm of my life

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Oh, she’s probably doing the same when you’re gone too.

You are doing gods work, user.


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I hope she is. I had an earlier ex who cheated on me with a black guy, it’s how all this started

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He has cameras in the house. Not to catch them, but to watch and fap from his cubicle.

She watches and knows about the blacked braids

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You like the idea of Olivia Munn being sexually satisfied by a muscular black guy with a large cock?

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Dude, me too. At least two other friends of mine have had that happen as well.

Lol don’t give me ideas. I’d love her to get properly fucked by a black guy

Fug, which of the 3 in OP's pic should I cum to?

Why did your ex cheat on you?

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Katy Perry just to watch that bitch get the sjw banged outta her

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Attached: IMG_1936.jpg (2816x1880, 744K)

Attached: r6vaj7qbeze41.jpg (2591x3858, 825K)

Would you fap to that tho?

Attached: l5svzjt23bc41.jpg (2403x3000, 591K)

None. This instead.

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I'm sure ScarJo has taken plenty of BBC already.

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I wouldn’t mind that...

Hey um, maybe you should go outside. You may feel better.

In a positive or negative way?

Can you not read?

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She does pretty much only date black...

Attached: 1573595233837.jpg (1530x1830, 369K)

Katy Perry

That’s a hot edit.

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