Does anyone know how to report illegal stuff on bing

does anyone know how to report illegal stuff on bing

was on ifunny and they mentioned to search a certain phrase(not letting anyone know but bing themselves if possible), when searched tons of bad images came up. illegal ones. But I am unsure on how to report it. It was definitely illegal images.

When I try to look around, bing just mentions to avoid that stuff by turning safe search on, but stuff like that shouldn't be view able at all.

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Go ahead and tell me, I’ll get that sorted out for you

What phrase? It needs to be reported by lots of people to get attention.

Im sorry I cannot tell you, I think that would technically count as distribution and I am not risking it

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We can't help if we don't know the details. Let us help do the right thing here user.

I've seen that meme saying to search that phrase
What comes up? I'm too pussy to do it

its not of age stuff
really sickening. It looks like a lot of people tipped it off to the fbi already so maybe I dont need to do anything. how the fuck does bing just have this stuff pop up though? What kinda search algorithm brings up THAT kinda illegal shit?




alright someone else just went out and said it, but please report it here

I searched it on DuckDuckGo thinking this was some kinda troll shit but nope it's real and I feel fucking sick dude

What is it op is a fag

Search Funy Culture on Bing Images and then Turn off the safeGuard

Not illegal actually, iirc that's because of a legal loophole involving nudism

Cred Forums was a pretty cool place today, nice work lads


i'm afraid to look, is it some tribal national geographic shit or some straight up perv shit

that's not even illegal shit OP you basic bitch puritan.

It's child models doing somewhat erotic poses, that's legal on most countries but a bit uncanny to see

that shit was vile

the thing I reported was overtly illegal porn.
Not getting descriptive, but it was more than just posing like says

loop holes should be illegal too, if those images actually are saved from persecution because of some shitty internet laws.

>making loopholes illegal
OP is a genius

It's not illegal, surely it's uncanny but you are making a storm in the teacup
Forbidding that would prohibit people of having innocent photos of their children on beach

im a dummy who is bad with words but there shouldn't be loopholes. It should just be a flat "if they are under 18, cant be nude"

obviously needs some more work but fuck, sickos still get their kicks from this and it still leads to child harm

I remember one time finding a web page like this, i surfed a bit and found the real deal
It was a long time ago, i only remember like two or three sites, and they are obviously inexistent now

No, like it was bad
stuff was being inserted, it was something that needs to be removed

Call the cyber police. And state police.

You can look up their numbers with Bing.

It's hard to forbid every kind of child nudity, you end up forbidding innocent things as well
Naturism/nudism is actually a real movement, forcing clothing on private spaces would be like imposing an ideology

Surely these sites probably hidden true child pornography, these images are on somewhat like a gray area

i looked. one of those is Monroe, an adult porn star. i'm thinking you're being thrown for a loop because they have legitimate porn mixed in with stills from those creep ass child models and shots from nudist communities.

i know the monroe one, it was not that one, I am not looking up the stuff again, but I am pretty sure it might have gotten removed already maybe.

.img is one as well, heard yahoo search is infamous for this shit too.

Why not? All of them are 18 +