Hunger Games Thread

Hunger Games Thread
NOT Space Code
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Richard Rawlings

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Dlanor A. Knox

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space invader

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Espeon in a Speedo

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Big Tits Kylie

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Nutella Girl

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Come on WetFat!

Clubs Deuce

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unwilling tribute

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Divine Cat

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The Arbiter

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Koiwai Yoshino

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Long Johnson

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The power of trips summoned you son!

Veruca Salt

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Allison Ruth

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Large and in charge

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Thank you father.

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hi smol :)

bye smol :(



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nice district partner, don't die my death and ready

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܂Goodluck Megumi

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Okie dokie

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no... ;_;

Spongebob has been sentenced to death!

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Thanks, RIP you though

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>Goro makes a friend
Wait a second, this game has some major bugs to fix

Talk about a monkey's paw.

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what is this

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Hi :)
Bye :(

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Fake news is why
Now die

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well i didn't last long.

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Don't worry, I'm sure it doesn't happen to you often

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Saved by Knox's Decalogue.
Knox's 4th
>It is forbidden for unknown drugs or hard to understand scientific devices to be used.

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goodbye life
goodbye dad

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Aw, Richard, don't you want to watch a heretic draw his last breath?

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Space invader is so attention starved he'll chill with the girl that tried to kill him to be with someone
What Decalogue says kill your local arbiter?
Can I have those, Megumi?

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Chet Arthur likes the 5th one

Don't worry son, I'll be up there soon enough

..and here I am!

Just a bit tender in the hips right now...

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I got nothing.

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Oh hey a station

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I'm sorry it had to be this way, Megumi.

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Dlanor, you devilish rascal!
Don't cry Charlotte, that's just Africa

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The thing where you bet
This time with 300% more monster tentacle rape
>Unwilling tribute

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can she get two in a row???

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Win or lose, I'm ready.

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unwilling tribute

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Going with Drills


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Chester A. Arthur says YES

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This slide has been sponsored by Hentai™

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So close...
Thanks for hosting again.

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Cthulhu says: get cuck't

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Shit, starting the game over to throw Dante in

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...oh my...

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Thanks for hosting

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and thanks for hosting, too!

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thanks for hosting
and also picking both codes i wanted

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Thanks for hosting man

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>the tribute i least wanted to win wins
fucking jinx'd myself.
thanks for hosting anyways

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i liked masamune-kun's revenge

it was okay.
gotta give it props for giving me the only kudere character i like.

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that's nice :)

Thanks for playing

Such is the way of HG

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let’s go!!!!