Do you guys never get worried posting the faces of girls you know?

do you guys never get worried posting the faces of girls you know?
What if you got caught?

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Oh well

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I hope she does. Someone gets pissed when she gets posted we ought to spam this slut

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shes cute wtf

Eh, worst case scenario, it's only a problem for her.

Straight Porn discord

2nd or 3rd time you posted this thread today. K'mon, bro.

Wanna see her pussy?


Only if it's real.

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I jerk to my cousin and her DDD tits. Anyone know her?

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doesn't she have like 1m tik tok followers?

Nope cause i never post faces

I would actually love for somebody to try and get nudes from my ex. She claimed not to send nudes

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But I know she lied to me because I found this on here a couple years ago. I know this is her because of her tats and tits

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I was memeing this bitch on here for a while if you remember the Hatred copypasta....

“My name is not important. What is what I’m going to do. I just fucking this world and human worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is just cold bitter hatred and I’ve always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving. And I will put in the grave as many as I can, it’s time for me to kill and it’s time for me to die. My genocide crusade begins here.”

And she looks edgy enough that any ignorant newfag could see it being an actual manifesto and leave me a paragraph telling me not to do it...

Yeah idgaf if it or any of any girls nudes I posted come back to bite me in the ass.

Her name’s Anna Curry, tell her user sends his regards, maybe you’ll get me in some trouble

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Now she has a kid and has her nipples pierced.

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An ex. Someone sent her pics saying they found em on here and she asked me about it. Nothing happened cuz I didnt do it...

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Big mole on forehead, ugly tats, shitty tanline, fuck this bitch is ugly

Hey she might not be the prettiest but she could suck some dick. Only girl I came from just head with.

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nah, never post face on Cred Forums...i aint stupid

some guy my gf knows found her pics. now she knows i posted and she said she sends him snaps sometimes now when shes drunk

Not really, but once a random user posted my nude (I'm a black guy) on here and the thread was completely unrelated. I still wonder who did it/where he or she is now

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Nope. Especially because I only really post in social media threads. Could be anyone on their friends list

Write Moar, Wwyd?

Left one

Looks as flat as an ironing board, I'd bring her to a party, cut a hole in a portapotty, stuff the front half of her in there that nobody wants to see unless taking a shit, flex seal that bitch up, with her face up and hands tied behind her, mouth open with a speculum, then on the outside tie her legs spread open to tent stakes, put a "free use sign" next to her, and have people take turns turning that pussy into a cumdump.
After everyone is done using her, we drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of taco bell, prop open her asshole and play miniput-put golf and see how many golf balls we can put up her asshole before we drown her in shit and piss

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Anyone recognize?

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I have posted my sister naked but never with face and dont think i ever do, doesnt worth the risk

nope, why?

I'm always super curious to see if anyone recognizes her

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Initials JY or MG?

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What's her username?


If someone recognizes then, so what? What can they do? Nothing. It's anonymous, you can just say it wasn't you. It's fun to share shit like this.

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I snagged this around 2015 always waiting for someone to know

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Is that you on the background

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No one will know her. Ill be surprised if so.

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My wife was recognized once on here and it was scary and really hot

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I like finding other people who know her and we share stories about her.

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Full size?

First name Clara?

i would only post nudes that include face if they were send to others besides me, or were posted online.

I fucking know her. Holy fuck

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Does it look like I’m worried?

Im sure she sent pics to a bunch of guys

/8Na8Q5 maybe some of these were worried?

Know her?

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I would love to post faces but I am the only one having and be able to produce the material I have, if I would be able to find nudes of them i would post them without hesitation

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I would love to find out or hear about someone knowing who she is and exposing her as a huge slut

Your wife is hot. I'd fuck the shit out of her.


Oh well

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Someone recognize her ?

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part of the fun is hoping someone will recognize them.

More often than not, if someone comes across someone they know on /b, they are gonna appreciate the shit out of it, they are on /b for fucks sake

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Looks like my coworker Amy, down to the fake freckles ha

Why two so diff guesses?




does she looks familiar

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imig es/c/NmnAwhz

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Amy F?

she got recognised once, been afraid to post her ever since


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Shes hot post more




Her name is Brittany, she lives in Canada and uses filters to hide moustache from hrt. She posts here all the pretending someone leaked her nudes. I live like six houses away from her.

Dreaming of not getting caught rn lol, been wanting to delete what's exposed now actually.

Yeah, that dick looks very familiar

Extremely wrong lol


> Just suppose you're a bit drunk, you post a pic of your hot young coworker and of course ask Cred Forumsro's to help finding anything of her (sober, you would have known this ain't 2008 anymore; no oldfags left to help).
> Next day furious young hot coworker storms into your office, some shitty little brother (see? No oldfags left) saw my post here, told her and from bits of info I gave later in that thread (got more drunk, I realized) she was sure I posted it.
> Told the whole company I was a freak and stalker, boss found out, I got an official warning, every female in the company avoids me.
> Waiting for the moment my wife hears about it to.

> If quads I post her again, proving I'm an oldfag...

Thats why i stick to unsee so that the chances of them getting spread without me knowing are reduced.

I mean, she’s right... you are a creepy stalker.

Well, I am of course, but beside that; just answered OP's question.





Quads is a bit optimistic. Settle for trips?

quad get, home address

please god more



know her?

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what are the odds of getting caught tho

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looks familiar

Damn, looks like there’s someone behind her too?

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fuck what a body


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im pretty sure i’ve seen that face before

More of this scene

that body used to be in my class man

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There’s 7 billion people on earth and somehow I’ve had 2 girls I’ve posted recognised
Just try to avoid their countries time zone I guess

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I posted my daughter's nudes and now i worry daily that someone will post them to her now she has a huge account on instagram

these pics are hot as fuck thanks for sharing

post them

still can't place her?

if i did see this person it was brief
something about those eyes

where are you from?


ah probably someone else in that case

i travel a lot but anyways these pics are bringing back the memories of someone who looks just like that

if you have more pics please share

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> Okay, for trips I'll give you this, :
> Natascha H.
> I gave more info once, got a 2 month ban.
Use the archive and the rest is easy...

Nice; moar?

Share thread


I remember her

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that bra is 8 cups too big for her

you're not wrong

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this pic got my 4 day built up nut
it was a big one

I would never disrespect any of my friends by posting them here male or female.

more plz

moreeeeee!! what's her name ?

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I'll leave it to op to provide name

forgot image

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Anyone recognize?

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Is that your wife?

FANTASTIC juggs! holy shit....

Yes but Idk who the girl is

Sounds like my slut of an ex. Said she wouldn't send me nudes cus she was afraid of sharing. Found some nudes on her phone


Name of pic is a bit suspicious

I mean
I could work it out
But I don't give a shit enough to do it, if you know what I mean.

Fair enough


Any chance she lives in Indiana?

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4 people have recognized my wife and said something about it either on here or otherwise.

One of them went and told her, another just threatened to tell her. The other two were bros about it

I did end up trading her pics with someone for other girls I knew later

if someone recognizes Skyler, its not my problem lol

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Looks almost like my buddy's ex wife Sara.

Is she an elf?

im always hoping someone does recognize her

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Let’s see her!

not to my knowledge...she looked better a few years ago before her kid admittedly

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Always hoping someone will recognize mine. Has net happened For sure here yet, but did at least once on another site.

Pierced nipples are hot though


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Most post girls in hopes they’re recognized. I’m sure even a few girls post themselves hoping they’ll get recognized for various reasons.

Jerking to her

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glad you like her! she always loved guys getting off to her

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When you know she’s sent pics to a lot guys. One you’re not getting “caught” and two you don’t care.

Especially once you’re in recognized and reposted territory.

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Have a good view of her her pussy? Id love to cum to it

Someone on Cred Forums did recognise and send this to her once.. just said my iCloud had been hacked etcetc

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if you're posting pictures you received personally from the girl you're posting you are certified retarded

best shes ever sent me

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Mmm i nutted to her

she good for that!

Considering she's a stripper here in Portland I don't think she would mind

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Everyone is a stripper in Portland


Why would girls do that?
Aren't we men supposed to be the weirdos?

I am? Didn't know that, honestly.

join quick

>be me chatting to a guy on Kik
>Recognise him from his pic. We went to college together five years ago
>Ask some questions. It's him
>Send him some random girls nudes
>He sends some random girls back
>Tell him I'm really hot for a girl that looks like his girl
>He sends pics of his girl claiming she is someone else
>Knew his girl in college. Only sends four pics. She is a disappointment.

user I've seen the nudes of one friend from college who I lived with. One friend's wife who he sent to me. One girl I went to school with, she did a naked bike ride. And one woman I worked with, found in a mega.

Of which precisely 1.5 were hot. I'd love to recognise more girls on here but being a bit older and in the UK makes me think I have no chance!

Want more of her stripping ? Just go to Union jacks tomorrow night

to promote their future onlyfans

i mean, it's not really worth the 7 hour drive.


anyone recognize? will post face

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hint...her name is Savannah

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She gives a good handjob

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Someone post link from archive to see the girl?


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And she did a porn so she's always down to fuck

True but she's a dirty one

I'm just waiting for the day when someone does recognize her and is exposed as a slut

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Looks like a fucking retard.

Savanah brown

unfortunately no

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I have the porn pics of Nicole



Wow. More

There's no link - her pics are around she's gone into hiding

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And there's more

>gone into hiding
>still a stripper


Well she doesn't exactly strip under "Nicole" no she's much more classy - it's "Candy"

You think her current one is her real name? Show's how much you no brain dead shit stabber.

She looks like the classy type.

If you know her name. I’ll post info

Very much so....she will even bring you a condom in the booth

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Post them

She’s been exposed

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my ex got posted - discovered, but she's such a slut - she didn't care.

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Nope not at all expose wifey

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I have more. Guess her name and i expose her.

always show everything

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for how much

Not scared, Im a LARP and I use fake images of bitches I dont know, but yall fags are too lazy to reverse the pics I post, and just keep yelling "MOAR!" and asking stupid questions like how I got the images. My favorite thing is seeing that one user that calls me out, but all the coomers attack them for me because they believe my images are real, nigga its sasha gray, haha.

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You can yandex 90% of the stuff on /b if you want to take the time and effort. I think most oldfags at least know this. He’ll most the MOAR is clearly samefagging some 5/10 girl they want to feel cool posting. /b is a lot of collective pretending.


it's really an effort thing. if some faggot is willing to larp and post all the shit here, why would i waste the time using yandex?

I personally hate LARPs and wish Cred Forums had id tags again so there cant be samefagging anymore, I just do it because I hope one day anons wake up and critically think before they believe every last "This is my sister" post. That aint my sister, thats a fucking thot i found on the 3rd page of bing which lead me to her gallery. What a sad fucking bunch.

She's got a nice pussy so it's worth it

>wish Cred Forums had id tags again
whoa there, turbo

Because you dont put effort into anything including critical thinking, and just believe the LARP, dont even act like you aee through their bs you're probably the first one to yell "M0AR!!!! I NEED TO COOM" Fuck off.

well it wasn't me but her bf/husband that leaked them, so I don't care really. just think it's hot showing her off nude to others because no one believes I really know her lol

Found the user that samefags his LARP posts.

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>well it wasn't me but her bf/husband that leaked them, so I don't care really. just think it's hot showing her off nude to others because no one believes I really know her lol

Holy shit dude. FOUND ANOTHER LARP.

This looks promising. I love tan lines... tell me she got a sunburn in that bikini... Lets see...


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Marissa is so hot

This got spergy really fast.

Always wonder if anyone that knows mine sees her fat ass being a whore on here and is either disgusted by her or getting off to her.

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I used to post my wife, then someone recognized her (I'm 99% sure I know who) and started to reply to my posts with her name.
This is why we can't have nice things.

Anyone knows her?

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No she didn't, that picture is nearly 15 years old dude

Always wanted to share my slut ex

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Found the COOMER.

Search her pic I want her exposed

Let them catch me

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there’s no harm in just looking

No, this is why this is/b/

We all do it coz of a need for selfdestruction

No, but if my cousin, i'd jerk to her too.

You spelt him wrong

This reminds me of a more disgusting sticky trap I found in my basement.

The trick is to do it indirectly.

Like nudes of someone you know which you got through the grapevine.

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You mean he, you fucking furry

i want to feed her 3 pounds of rice, make her go to sleep, make her run up and down stairs for an hour then sit on my face and take the fattest shit of her life

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Never had anyone recognize her yet

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i recognized the nudes of a girl i went to school with on her the other day.

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Really nice tits and face. You should encourage her into a spin class or better diet

This is a trap

Post her nose

The thicc is part of the appeal tho

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Attached: 10747711_318249495033973_394667109_n.jpg (640x640, 74K)

Thicc af. Moar!

The fuck they gonna do? Unblock me?

Because no one really notices 5/10 faces with 6/10 bodies.

Nope, I want the white humiliated

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I know this girl. A while back when OP was posting her a lot we talked and confirmed I knew her. Didnt remember her name until I looked at my high school yearbook. Said I wouldn't expose her tho

Ex got recognized and blackmailed into blowjobs at school

Not on /b and not even me posting

This broken me

ok don't be dicks about her

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L.L. previously L.S.?

How did you get them in the first place?

Attached: 62209264-2DDD-47C9-8321-6275B420ACE4.jpg (1650x1906, 520K)

Why wouldn't we be dicks...shes disgustingly gross. What is all over her legs? She has no tits! There's a 94.3% chance she is a meth head. I bet she trades alleyway blowjobs for ten bags of meth and does anal in abandoned houses for hits from the crack pipe... and they are both raw dogged, so she probably has AIDs or at least HEPATITIS

Nice piggy! Fucking more!

this woman is a total whore

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bring a lawsuit and have you put in jail for up to 15 years and register as a sex offender

it pains me that I can't share all the fire ass nudes I've gotten over the years =(

Attached: IMG_20200220_115811.jpg (656x684, 155K)

Hope my ex sees this!

Attached: 1582704308748.png (782x1391, 1.36M)

NN from France

Attached: 9FFF9C62F5B9490CA4D92E5250A0B2A9.jpg (539x960, 88K)

Always curious if someone recognizes her.

Attached: 543385549.jpg (800x1067, 160K)

want her so bad

This guy does posts pics of his women all the time. All the chicks hes been smashing. He just turned 56 today. Anyone recognize him or his little cock?

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She's a nice full woman

My gf loves when i post her, why would i care?

recognise her as a land whale

there was a bj video on ML but lost it :/

quite the opposite actually, i hope she sees it.
i love edging my cock to her cute face

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Lol but i really want to see if anyone knows her. And knows how much of a slut she is

Attached: received_10210852485699412.jpg (720x1280, 82K)

love her

Attached: 13116566_173984702880816_195574920_n.jpg (937x1171, 195K)

Amazing tits. Share more

anyone recognize?

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I wish

Last try