Faces you blow loads to

Faces you blow loads to

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girl on the left looks almost like my wife. got any more?

anyone else want to unload on her face?

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shit user, keep it coming!

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daamn, yeah


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my dick is always out for rebekah

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Straight porn discord

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What a beautiful head of hair. Pretty girl, I'm quite impressed.
>Now the niceties are done, I'd love to blow thick ropes of splooge over her chest and face.

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mmh fuck yes

fucking beautiful

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Always busting loads to her face

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you want to nut all over her face user?

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as you should, that's the perfect face for a load

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more right?

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sure, wwyd to her?

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oh yeahhh!

so good

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fuck dude, those lips are making me leak


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friend of mine used to plaster her regularly freshman year of college. her face was like his personal cum canvas from what it sounded like

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fuck that's nice, what a good slut

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Seana.. All the time

Anyone want more?

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omgg, nice user

Known for sucking dick at my old job

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Got more? She's pretty

ahhh fuck, i'm so close to emptying my balls all over her

Got kik or disc? I have a lot of her

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don't have, sorry

that mouth needs a cock

Name? Looks like a girl named Trey

Yes it does

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Bust a lot of nuts to my boss

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what's your best pic of her? I don't think I can hold it in much longer

is she going to take these fat ropes all over her face?


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Love to see her facefucked

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this bitchs face drives me fucking insane!

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i think she is

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Discount Selena Gomez

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lol true

those glossy lips omfg

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nigga that's Jeff the killer tf

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think im gonna have to finish it here, thanks for the dump user

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no problem, heres one more

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thanks, thats a great ass too

hope you got to blow one off for her as well

I'd be convinced that these were the same person lol

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would you cake her head with cum?

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I would

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That's right keep going user.

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At least 4 times a week to her

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She's cute user, any tongue by chance?

I don’t blame you

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I think she's cuter with glasses on what do you think?

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Unload on her face

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Glasses are a win for me

Girlfriend caught me once, I kept going till I blasted my.load

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I shot ropes on her face a couple of times

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fuck no way. what happened afterwards?

she one of your friends?

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Agreed user. I'd unload all over her sexy face and frames.

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who should I finish to?

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Shit I'd let my wife watch ha.

Girl I know

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Yeah she's a friend of both of us. She asked me why I admitted I have a crush on her. One night after fucking around she told me to look at her while she blew me. So now she's even hotter to me

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My fav

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Fucking win!! I've tried to get my wife into the mood with that mindset but she's against it.


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Would you blow a load to her face?

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I wouldn’t mind nutting on her with those big blue eyes looking back at me

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Yup. Bet she'd love the load all over her face and chest. Anything revealing user

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I'd love to shoot a sticky load on her face

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Just imagine her kissing the tip of your cock I wish she would

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oh fuck im gonna cum to that

So perky..any cum?

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Stroking!!! Keep going

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Yes please

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Fuck yes

What’s her ig ?

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I've always wanted Mikayla's lips around my cock

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Would titfuck and cum on her face

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She reminds me of my mates wife , she is a Physio , trying to get an appointment with out seeing weird

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Doesn't have one

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Mmhmm. No shit I like

Hot as fuck , I’m gonna book an appointment with his mrs for sure

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Mmm. This girl initials are B.P

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Total resting bitch face. Needs more cum

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I know, I wanna face fuck her

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She would love it

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Any more ?

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Oh definetly

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Id plaster Kianas face

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Tight lil didigirl

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I polish my hard cock for hours here on chan but shes my charry on the top for the big finnish.

something in that pure and shy loog she gives me

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She loved to suck and get the cum all over her face and glasses

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... not trap? Or didn't check? lol

the fact that i'll never be able to clap those cheeks makes me want to top myself.
more plz

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My ex wished i had her nudes

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