This little cocktease is going to be an official adult in 13 days

this little cocktease is going to be an official adult in 13 days

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I want to lick Jordyn's feet.

lick it 20 times to celebrate her 20th birthday

Shes 17?

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shes 19

i dont get why people consider you an official adult when your 18.there's a reason the word TEEN is still at the end of it

I thought she turned 18 a long time ago

In english

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Fuck stick she is 19


maybe its just a stupid american thing,since im sure educated countrys still consider people teenagers until they turn 20


We should have a jerking party to celebrate her birthday every year

im gonna jerk to her feet 20 times

You want people to be taken care all the way till their 20? Lol

Dump pics you've fapped to

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Damn im about to be a fan of her

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We could do it on discord. She owns me

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She also has some cute feet, cute petite body Mmmm

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She knows what shes doing and I like it

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