Fucked my late 40's neighbor and her 18 year old high school daughter this week

Fucked my late 40's neighbor and her 18 year old high school daughter this week

I'm in my late 20s

> to my knowledge, the husband doesn't know about either


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Pictures 1st

OP is a degenerate

He will face the sword for his mortal sin

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They're cool people (great family friends)... don't want too much trouble

Which did you prefer?

Who is "God"?

The one that will smite OP for his sin if he doesn’t repent that’s who.

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Daughter was obvs tighter but she's the school whore. She'd only been with other hs guys apparently and I'm not saying I'm some stallion (6'5" and take a while to cum) but I was able to get her to cum a few times.

Mother took care of me though. She has a few extra pounds but is still sexy. Literally pushed on my back, blew me, rode me, til she wanted me to fuck her hard. We cuddled after.


Post pics dumbass

Post pics of the milf


they're good people and work in healthcare... it'd fuck their career up if one of you fucks reverse image searched (they're google-able... just checked)

We live in a trailer park, so they aren't super hot or anything. I traded the daughter weed and I gave her mom some Oxy. I'm a little worried because the mom has some red bumps around her ass.

not OP lol

actually live in a bougie af gated community. i'm just in town visiting the parentals

Pics or it didn't happen

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

yeah its true but you're free to leave

told you

I wish. We live in a trailer park near Orlando.

Those fucking slut whores are the ones who should be condemned, not OP. I guarantee they are the ones who seduces and instigated him . Blame the damn whores

Lake Mary isn't a trailer park fuckface

not OP

we live in Beverly Hill and the family is both rich and pretty well known, so I'll keep it on the low-down here.

>yeah its true but you're free to leave
I left a few minutes ago, can't read your replies.


What is the point of this thread. Fuck off Op, people fuck all the time and dont feel the need to make a thread about it everytime.

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So they don’t exist.

actually sort of...

without being a downer, i've had a LOT of family stuff going on (illness... dad is already dead)

Friday they had a bbq and I stayed late as I live next door as was too many drinks in

don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya

oh... i'd fucked the 18yo a few times... but never the mom (and never both in one week)

she had a crush on me since she was like 12 years old

get the fuck out of the thread faggot

Pics or didn't happen, you know the rules.

But since you claim you fucked two hot and wealthy chicks, you should've at least posted a gt with the story dumbass

>is seriously trying to masturbate on Cred Forums

You’re a walking irony user