Corona virus thread

Corona virus thread.

As an American this seems very low on the totem pole to be something we should be concerned about......however...……

I live in Seattle the location of the first official death in the US. At what point will you truly be worried about this being something huge.

Are you prepared to wake up to a lock down today?

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Vaccine gonna be worst

how long until then?

You're fucked too asshole.
WA 1 and WA 2? WA 1 is the dead guy from today ... 6 Weeks of Cryptic Transmission. Dude was shedding for SIX WEEKS
I'm sitting here north of you burning up with fever and laughing because I probably have it too.
You have 6 weeks of transmissions worth of people who got touched.

ok anti vax tard

Have you seen the Panic setting in?
Much less the Kirkland old folks home?
I hope you have some spare food. I made sure to get my shelf stocked. I have a pile of useless medication because the fever is recommended to let this burn you up for awhile and I got the shit with the acetaminophen (Cause I'm a retard) but at least I have some food.

im glad the first death was from a shitty west coast liberal state

if only americans were smart and stayed the fuck out of countrys that are disease ridden


Also, this is going Endemic + Pandemic. And the ACE2 complicatons?
Hahahahaha. This fucker is going to burn long and hard and panic is your worst enemy.

Though OP, we should have been the ones to write the Corona Virus books on Amazon. Condense all the YouTube Vids, slap it on Kindle Unlimited, and make 99 cents a tard.

No panic yet, people still walking around doing the same stuff. In fact I see very very few people wearing masks. like 2 people in maybe 3 weeks.

Also let it be noted everyone in the city is sick with the "flu" sooooo this could potentially kick off overnight.

Republican here and yes I too blame it on the dems not getting the homeless outta of this city before chaos hit

there seems to be a LOT of people in your area testing positive, or potentially with COVID-19 who don't have access to the tests because they haven't gone abroad.
I don't know why Seattle in particular, that's kind of random. There will never be a "lock down", that's absolutely foolish. you'll either get the virus and live... or die.

Does it hurt being retarded? The main vector is probably Wal-Mart managers going back and forth from Arkansas to China.

A coworker and I talked about this today and guessed its maybe connected with the increased Chinese population as of late. A lot coming from British Colombia.

Wouldn't doubt if Vancouver BC has a similar problem in the near future.

ACE2 Damage.
Men will be infertile.
Children of Men Prequel.

its because trump is a complete failure and an idiot who doesnt ban travel in and out of china

or even better,americans can have some god damn common sense and not go there to begin with

I live less than 50 miles from the first few cases of unknown origin. It's a strange feeling knowing that I most likely am going to catch it and there is really nothing I can do about it.

6 weeks of Cryptic Transmission puts the WA 1 infected guy at infected before China admitted it.
Also Wuhan had cases in December.
China lied about the kickoff.
It came to fruition at the New Year as part of the timing.
Trump wouldn't have even known to close the border before the infected were already among us.
God damn you're retarded.

Spokane gang here, any reported cases?

You might get the light flu version.
Embrace the fever, feel her ignite your passion.
And hope she doesn't collapse your lungs in an immune system friendly fire meltdown and if you live through that crush your balls.

ummm I pretty sure that was the first thing he did when this started.

That doesn't stop people from china going to Canada and coming down 2hrs to Seattle.

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It's already pretty big. Blah blah blah muh flu. Percentage rates faggot. Besides flu kills old folks and babies. Corona has 18 to 35s convulsing and dying. That being said I still seriously doubt it's going to get severly out of hand. It'll kill a few hundred people, maybe a thousand, and then we'll be fine more likely than not.

>Are you prepared to wake up to a lock down today?

Yes I am.
I know at any moment they can close schools and businesses.
There could be a run on the groceries.
I'm stocked and ready

That's the 31st. We had problems by Jan 25th. With leaks from Wuhan before that.
Again, impossible for him to have been precognitive.

I currently have a cold but am on the back end of it. Im a fit healthy 30yrd male and joke with people that I have the corona but to be honest I wouldn't doubt if I really did.

Rent free.


It can take so much time for this to boil up and over. You could already be infected.
Mind yourself.

>I got the shit with the acetaminophen
I got both kinds
You don't want a high fever. That could damage organs.

>a shitty west coast liberal state

Do you really think the South isn't going to be affected?

you should be worried when it hits 100k+ infections..

jesus christ you people blame him for everything

At what point do you think it would be big enough to lock down a big metropolitan city like Seattle.

how many deaths? and how fast?

>I don't know why Seattle in particular

Seattle, and SF have the most contact with China.
Literally thousands of travelers per day going back and forth.
It's going to travel east if it hasn't already.

The genie is out of the bottle.



I was cautioned to let some fever roll. Don't go over 102 but 101 is okay

What are your thoughts on transmission? Like, nowhere on the internet have I seen ANYONE share transmission requirements. Only what not to do to fucking yeet COVID into yourself
For instance,
>is it true that while incubation, the virus can be spread?
>if someone doesn't know they have the virus, they can spread it to 5-8 people, also not knowing about it?
>Symptoms don't appear after a week or two?

Pro tip dont get virus

>Terrance Pop cautioned that 1 person could get up to 58 million if they roll a series of social butterflies. That the upper deck from 1 unaccounted is 58 million on the natural crit roll
>The incubation period is up to weeks
>The Seattle news said it can live outside the body for weeks (I had heard it was ~8-10 hours)

And the WA 1 dead guy is said to have been shedding for 6 weeks.

millions will die in the usa alone
there will be many reinfection cases in the coming weeks and many of those people will die. The mortality rate for the first infection may be 1 to 2% but the overall mortality rate after the second and third reinfection will be over 50%. You see COVID-19 is an ADE virus and it never leaves you. It comes back stronger than ever and your chances of dying from a cytokine storm the second time around is high.

if you dont have a happening bunker you're pretty much fucked martial law soon and theres been tons of black helicopter sightings recently

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never for a virus like this, with a 2% death rate. if it were the epicenter of a pandemic with a kill rate of 10%+, maybe they'd cordon off the city depending on how fast the virus spread. even then it may be a fruitless endeavor, here's why: you have SeaTac flights departing all the time, flights from KBFI Boeing field departing all the time, ships deploying out of the bay all the time, and flights out of Paine Field Everett all the time. By the time the National Guard set up a cordon, the disease would have spread too far already.


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I think this is such a new thing we are learning from it day by day.

I personally believe this is going to be something we find that can be spread throughout all mucus membranes.

IE eyes, mouth and even inside your ears.

The word as of now is that it can live on fabric up to 9days and if that's the case I think the spread in the US is inevitable.

i don't know about martial law but um, why did they suddenly start doing stories about how china's military is a joke compared to ours? there have been like three in two weeks. this could be preparation for the retarded masses to spread if we go to war. china's economy is fucked. if they ever WANTED world war III, they better do it before they run out of people and money. i bet japan and south korea would be allies and it's US vs asians.

according to what

you can never be "reinfected" by a virus. your body builds up antibodies, thus why vaccines are created. Naturally at your summer age my child, you know what a cytokine storm is. these viruses are more likely to kill your kind or the elderly.

Go watch an old documentary on the spanish flu.
Substitute troop movements with modern business air travel.
Now combine that with what is already known about coronaviruses and SARS.

The markets are tanking for a reason.
Statistically this shit isn't likely gonna kill you but the potential is right there for it to take a toll in a number of ways.

explain herpes, aids, shingles, and other viruses then that stay with you for life then retard

It can get in via your eyes was already confirmed.
And it comes out your ass in your poo gas. Range 200 Meters.

You don't get immunity to this.
Also no one has been out of the woods long enough to confirm that it's not a Bi-Phasic issue ala Anthrax.

Markets are tanking because the markets are made up bullshit and the production is stalling.
So the fucked up game is going drop, there will be a panic sell, and people will buy the dip.
The harder the drop? The more those in power can solidify their power base when people freak out.

>>As an American this seems very low on the totem pole to be something we should be concerned about..
>>Are you prepared to wake up to a lock down today?

the autism reigns here

it’s a hoax

I don't think you get reinfected. once you get those you have them forever

If you're not Asian you probably won't die from it because you have fewer ACE2 receptors which the coronavirus binds to. Whites and blacks will probably be just fine.

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shingles is literally getting reinfected
aids is getting a more advanced infection later on and thats what this virus is

>Whites and blacks
So the mexicans and indians will die off?

I'll just post the whole article because Cred Forums won't let me post the link


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Somebody better stop corona virus

Why u want smoke with wa


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7 and Final)

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no. shingles is reactivation of the same virus. you're woefully undereducated, thus my reply stops here and you're in the ignore bin. don't bother replying, I won't ever be able to see another post from you again. Thenksss


Spokane here too. None that I've heard, though we do have 5 COVID-19 patients who were transferred to Sacred Heart.


tl;dr watching your 401K evaporate

I think its safe to say if you live in Washington state there is a pretty high chance of coming in contact with this.

Oregon and California have also seen there fare share of cases.


If it kills one percent (Seems high, but there are a lot of variables so let's go with it) that's 3,300,00 dead. BUT almost all of those will be comorbidity (i.e., the already sick, those who would die in the next year or so anyway). Maybe 33,000 healthy people might die which is typical of a flu season. There are other concerns:

- A lot of people getting sick hurts the economy;

- The death rate depends on the infection rate; if ERs get overwhelmed the death rate could spike

- It could mutate into something worse;

- If it is a bi-phasic infection then thigs also get worse.

Still, overall it is not as big of a deal so far as the media and this cancer-hole make it out to be.

TBH, he's fucked a ton of shit ups so we have to.

never reproduce please

That's not how a virus works retard
You can't get reinfected, you can get infected by a different strain from somebody else if the virus mutates

das a guud movie mane


Feels like im in school. Throw coronavirus into the sun

>401K evaporate
It will bounce back

IDK, remember when Boston locked down over the Marathon Bombers? The U.S. is given to wild overreactions. Anyway, you get the best results from a full lockdown if you do it sooner than later. Doing it after the figurative cows have left the barn is not as effective as doing it before. If you think about it, there are two ideas with a lockdown: 1. stop the virus from hitting other locations; and 2. slowing the local infection rate so that ERs do not get flooded with too many patients in respiratory distress. Both have merit but number 1. is probably already no longer viable. Number 2. still is so if you put a ban on non-essential travel for a couple of weeks it might still make a dent in the final death toll but, again, only a small number of healthy people will actually be saved and is it worth it to demolish abig part of the economy for at most few hundred lives? Maybe, but someone who has some real chops in economics would have to crunch the numbers and report back to us.

I'd rather sit under the sun with a corona

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>As an American this seems very low on the totem pole to be something we should be concerned about......however...……
Americans dont say shit like this, fuck off foreigner. Corona is a big deal and ppl like you should go to wuhan.

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Coronavirus ever go away?

Honestly Seattle needs a purge as out of control as that city has been the last decade or so

But eventually this strain will pass. But its up in the air how it will end up

They say coronavirus may not be perminent

Reinfection by mutations seems to be happening, will it ever really go away?

Lemme see your sweety tits first


No, but this and the next strain will eventually pass...
Again, look I to the spanish flu from a century ago. That shit wrapped the globe in several distinct waves and didn't fully "go away" until the 50s or something. And or course another stain of H1N1 popped up a decade ago but didn't take off like it's predecessor

True. The lack of a winter this year kept too many homeless around.

You will not die from this virus unless you are elderly and/or have a defective immune system.
From the information we have right now we can tell that this virus is like any flu, only a bit worse... No one working in Swedish healthcare is worried for when we get it because let's face it, we all will get it eventually.
Best chances of survival is to be young, active and eat well... so hopefully some fatties will die off

too late

Coronavirus only goes after pregnent women

When the sun comes out in the spring you'll be fine.
>But the sun never comes out in Seattle
Then you're fucked.

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California should be scared with those tent cities...

They probably mean relapse or cyclical virus. Look up FIP coronavirus. Yeah it's cats but same kinda shit happens here. Leukocyteosis and decimation of T cells in waves.

They have them in Seattle and Portland, too.

I got a bottle of Simply Smoothie today at the grocery, Strawberry Banana. Shit is amazeballs. I feel so healthy, theres no way I could get the flew.

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Whoa there was a death here?

Donald Trump says all good for us, nothing to worry then, just go back to loli thread user