Loli bread

Loli bread
Bonus points for pjs

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requesting dance/gymnasts lolis

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Hey I decensored that awhile ago

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>ywn have a loli take off her used panties and shove them in your face

Why even live

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the scent of a dried loli's pee staining her panties and cunny is very pleasant

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>being this desperate for child porn

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i love you corona-chan

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child pornography is defined as a visual depiction of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct. This is, however, is limited to depictions produced using actual, real minors. Pornographic depictions made using youthful-looking adults, drawings, cartoons, or other means where an actual minor isn't used are categorically excluded from the child pornography definition due to the First Amendment. This places lolicon/shotacon in the same category as normal adult pornography, making it legal.

Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition (2002)

US v. Williams (2008)

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I love you Corona-chan

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link? or sauce?

i love you corona-chan

Bat soup wasn't the source of the outbreak.

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>it was totally a bioweapon bro the chinks have to deal with mass overpopulation control somehow

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Please educate yourself then kill yourself.

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>what is a sarcastic post on a Korean basket weaving forum

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no disrespecting basket weavers!

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>I was pretending to be retarded b-bro
You are legitimately brain dead, and outed yourself being an election tourist with that shitty Cred Forums basket weaving bullshit meme.

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more toddlercon please.

what was the name of that manga about the guy who was depressed and his best friend who played online video games with him and called him "bro" turned out to be a loli?

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>Laotian gardening enthusiasts forum

Are you autistic? Like do you actually suffer from some sort of neurological deficiency that leaves you incapable of catching onto an obvious joke made even more obvious the second go around in the middle of a porn dump thread?

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please don't ruin this thread with that shit. make your own pls

>Are you autistic?
No, I'm Jewish.

[Ootsuka Reika] Somersault!

It’s not very good.

that sounds kinda wholesome. is she a "legal loli" and is there any rape?

yes! thank you! i knew it was something vaguely gymnastic.

> trampoline
> no, god damn it
> saskatchewan
> saddlesoap
> ... sesame?


gotta up your search game. Sadpanda has 11 pages with "english loli tomboy" once you deselect every catagory it obviously isn't, plus it's an older comic. didn't take 2 seconds to find going old to new.

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Reply to this post with your AOA.

what is AOA?
American Osteopathic Association I assume..

I’ve not seen those illustrations in a long time.

Kill all Jews and we'll all fuck lolis freely.

more loli cammy

I have a pretty large strike zone, 3-15! what's yours?

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damn that peedofile must have been killed by the pleasure

9-12 with 10 being my top-tier

hebe is my fave as well... have a hebe loli!

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my daughter, Arisu, is a 12 year old idol and she is very cute and sexy.

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very hot, I would allay my incel urges in your pre-teen daughter's virgin cunt

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8-12. Roughly the age of a playmate I once had. I also saw a granny porn vid where a girl in her 20s said her first BJ was at 5 and I thought"Hmm that doesn't sound so bad"

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I didn't say she's a virgin

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same, reasons being pic related

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Wickr: executivehause

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I like 3rd graders

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same, but 10-11 is prime

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All about that peach fuzz pussy.

10-12 is literally hebe. I think 9 is close enough as well.

pubescent girl pubic hair is underrated and I really, really wish more loli artists would draw it in.

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You have to admire that guys honesty

This would be a dream come true

It’s not normal for 10 year olds to be pubescent

Reminder that tod isn't loli

hmm... never really thought to put a number to it. Lets say that LEE's younger content it my absolute lower limit, but not optimal.

is a pretty good sweet spot.
Tsukasa here is probably the upper limit in what I usually look for

it's not uncommon though.

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Tell us more


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I could probably drop the story a little later since theres a lot of thread left until image limit

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I want to fiddle a loli's cute little bean and make her cum from sexual pleasure!

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It is my honest hope that everyone in this thread gets lynched like niggers.

ok pedo


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does that mean you want to get lynched?

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could stand to be flatter

Do little girls moan when they cum?

we must go F L A T T E R

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mostly not they usually just stay silent and you can tell because their assholes twitch and contract rhythmically when they cum

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just breathe heavily, maybe a little grunt

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Sauce, bis.
Saucenao gave nothing

That sounds highly erotic


I want to have sex with Mari.

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>That sounds highly erotic
little gir-- I mean, lolis, generally are.

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Seconded. They usually don't even get what just happened


But they like it though right?

that sucks, good thing anime has nymphomaniac lolis

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gg C8wvvHN

I’ve heard that when irl lolis get played with and like it that they can be very slutty

i would imagine that if you search for "english loli" you'd get ten thousand pages of Harry Potter porn.

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I assume so. She was usually really bad at lying

it's a weird hurdle to get over. sometimes approaching it freaks them out too much, but if they trust you enough, they'll just crawl towards i no problem.

Get your feet off that table you stupid bitch people eat off of there!

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pizza should be legal and frankly it is a first amendment violation that it is not

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gagger fagger dagger

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this. the only reason it isn't legal is because big government like to keep the good things to themselves while imprisoning the rest of us for made up crimes

Hello pedofriends

Loli threads are so much better when Americans are not around

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neck yourself eurocunt

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>rent free

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lolis are cute

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love lg

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go welcome refugees

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Any other libertarians lurking this thread?

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ah, a fellow libertarian I see. welcome friend.

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That child porn specifically is illegal is unconstitutional discrimination.


I would go further: it is, simply, bigotry. also age of consent laws are bullshit.

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Is that the new word for pedophile?


Children can consent as early as they understand the word

Got mine to cum frotting her since we knew it wouldn't fit without hurting her. She was already a little hotter than usual that day and apparently it was the feeling of my body pressing down on her that did it.

gotta avoid that stigma of being a disgusting pedophile somehow

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nothing wrong with being a pedophile.

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i'll make the sarcasm more obvious next time...

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is he FBI?

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Actually the reverse of a libertarian, very much on the left economically at least, but also a pedo so yeah

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How old was she?

Where did he get your contact information? What is the context of this email? This will answer your question.


its on gelbooru, so he must have searched for other users

She was Ten but I had been playing with her for a year before that. I've told the story before in other threads


Did you ever lick her pussy?

universal basic loli distribution then?

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As it should

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Now and then yeah. I owed her after she went down on me. She kinda liked it but liked kissing and being touched more. She found it a bit weird I wanted to lick her there at all

thought so

I love you corona-chan

Just a little tidbit of information, something you may have forgotten. Many pizza websites were shut down because of 4 chan's "Anonymous" Guy Faux mask post you're lol icon carefully. It no longer has it's own board for a reason.

are you actually retarded
nobody shares their wickr to get more loli, it's always for child porn, so was commenting on the fact that the dude is so desperate for child porn that he shares his wickr on a Cred Forums loli thread

he isnt calling loli child porn you absolute retard

Kill yourself

Ah? Then the websites killed by user that contained only lolicon were merely oversites?

that's why I always report them for US law violation. I report discord links for raids since people do that.

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Did user get anything in return?
I can't find much Info about what went down afterwards.

>chatting in a loli thread

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Chatting is fine as long as you post pictures while you do it

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I strongly disagree and there's ample reason for that. Part of it has to do with the typical psychology of children and where they stand on the legal totem pole. They're very easy to manipulate and exploit, both because their lack of mental and emotional maturity prevents them from identifying threats to their person or their rights as an adult would. The fact that they're wards or dependents also makes it extremely difficult to independently seek help from authorities, should they be found in a less than fortunate predicament.

There are literally thousands of cases and instances in which this rationale can be explained and justified, with roots going back to child labor and general abuse laws. So while the flat exclusion of "child pornography" from the First Amendment might seem too heavy-handed in some isolated contexts or instances, please consider that these when weighed against the greater rationale for exclusion aren't satisfactory.

in other words.. keep it 2D you sick fuck.

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kill yourself

I'm a 2D only guy and I wouldn't hesitate to kill the people who abuse children, if I'm given the chance

I'm also a gamer and psychopathic serial killers / mass murderers deserve to be killed.

Covid-19 poppin' my cherry on (you)ing this meme.
Protect your elders and poor+diabetic friends.

That dad is an asshole, you don't let some stranger break your daughter in. You do it yourself BEFORE you sell her as a whore.

>>I'm also a gamer and psychopathic serial killers / mass murderers deserve to be killed

Yeah you are a mass murderer looking for a socially acceptable target

I love you corona-chan

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I hope catbro commit suicide

You mean the one that constantly NSFW shit cat threads?

Understandable, his threads are fucking shite

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>forgets about cats having 9 lives

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I hope catbro commit suicide times 10 and stays dead

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What's this for?

That's what I'm trying to find out.


i'm sure it's discord spam because someone got caught up in an invite pyramid scheme

I see tons of fanart of this girl. I thought she was just from that one flash game. Is she from an anime?

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You didn’t say a damn thing that has anything to do with cp consumption, retard

Any good porn besides oni chi chi

Depends on your taste.
Shoujo Ramune (If you want loli)

Otherwise I also adore Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke

I love you corona-chan

>gamers rise up


Lil sleep juice never hurts

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If that isn't cursed, I don't know what the fuck is. Thanks.

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God damn its been 4 years since Shadman did Hiloli Cliton and hes still alive

ok pedo

Yeah, but he stopped making Loli content permanently

W shiashia

You can not have sex with Mari

Sauce がありますか?

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Yes, it was.

Hello onichan whats this UWU

soiling the anal innocence of user's little sister

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Attached: kotobuki tsumugi whore.jpg (3040x2614, 774K)

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Attached: 1357368564167.jpg (1001x1450, 117K)

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Attached: 51.gif (300x300, 1.35M)

Attached: 50.gif (600x600, 1.87M)

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More :P

someones going to jail

Just because they can say it, that doesn't mean they understand. To the gallows with you.

discord dot gg /


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zankuro is the artist but I dunno what anime if their is one



Yeah I thought so... well thanks anyway. That flash animation is one of my all time favorites. I especially love the scene where she mounts on top
Of you and leans inward ~

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Hello fellow loli lovers, Count here.
Taking prompts if anyone wants something drawn.
(no toddlers and no violence, plize)

Attached: 193 - Butt grab.png (1000x1382, 397K)

Hey king, draw Tanya from youjo senki pls.

Attached: 7ed6c51cf5bced682dbeb02759633295.jpg (1850x2590, 1.33M)


Good morning Count!
Howzit goin’?

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Fucking saved. Have my favorite butt as thanks

Attached: 1561271519602.jpg (640x860, 111K)

pretty nice, thank you, except it's the middle of the afternoon for European me.
I just had some pancakes as a snack and I'm working on Hope your day is going well too

The sexiest. And never undecent.

exhentai dot org/g/1577963/f8b06f8522/?p=13

www dot pixiv dot net/en/users/37966

The artist is "mochi" but that usually brings up a bunch of unrelated shit if you search.

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Jajaj the bitch enjoyed it

source or more of that set?

This manga was really good specially the end

You know the sauce?


Why you wanna be lynched?

Their face turns red
Their hearths bump like crazy

Of course they like it

Anyone got lewds of the honey badger Loli

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Guess we should shoot for image limit

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Attached: bc9c88d6c77cceed31515f3240ff14f0.png (657x985, 348K)

Attached: 1563339262330m.jpg (655x1024, 91K)

Attached: 1561430799348.jpg (500x600, 49K)

Attached: 1562558563105.jpg (707x1000, 119K)

Attached: 1381441242564.jpg (1000x1347, 683K)

Attached: 1563582008441.png (371x361, 110K)

Attached: 1376753038148.jpg (1252x966, 151K)

Attached: 1233519127000.jpg (1054x1500, 250K)

Attached: 1233517463339.jpg (1054x1500, 300K)

This actually happened

Attached: 1563581916339.png (436x427, 193K)

Attached: 1563174197107m.jpg (724x1024, 76K)

Attached: 196 - Tanya.png (1000x1356, 375K)

Attached: 1564940043304.jpg (640x907, 487K)

Alright, I somehow managed to post it befor we reached image limit. Hope you like it, user

I love to imagine opening that little butt flap and fucking that cute framed hiney on the best Christmas ever

Attached: 1565754255233.jpg (724x1024, 71K)

If i knew it was coming I would have slowed down

>doesn't even realize he's on a Zimbabwean spear crafting newsgroup

What a newfag

>thats what she said


If I had missed the end of the thread, I would simply have posted in the next one


lol my bad I posted shuten but asked for tanya so I can see where the confusion came from. Thanks regardless.

I'm not familiar with the characters, so... -post the character you request next time (even next thread)