I've been really getting off on Spinel lately. What do, Anons?

I've been really getting off on Spinel lately. What do, Anons?

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post pics ofc


also bump

I haven't gotten into any rules 34 yet, but this desire has been so strong lately it's fucking killing me.

Am I fucked up anons? I want to cuddle with her and kiss her

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this is only natural, she is a tragic one.

She has abandonment issues, I have abandonment issues.

Shes bipolar, I'm bipolar.

I sympathize with her sad and angry side, and I think her happy side is adorable and cute and fun.

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For some reason, something about her sad face turns me on. Like it makes me want to do anything to cheer her up.

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Get better taste in cartoons.


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Now that's the right attitude for a male to have.

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I got so turned on at that part.
>Loving... Innocent... Stupid

Her facial expressions really do it for me as well.

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You're probably also a harely quinn fan, no?

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I'm out of spinel to dump help

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Actually, I've never cared for anime, cartoon, or fictional girls.

I haven't been attracted to a girl irl for a couple of years now, and now at 27 I'm attracted to Spinel. That's part of my confusion.

fap till ur nuts turn blue

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Did you watch Batman the animated series? If not I think you'd fall for harley

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fuck is this?

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Nope. In my childhood and early 20s I spent my time caught up in extreme sports, cars, the military and chasing girls, and thus am not very well versed in culture like TV series and movies.

I've slowed down though, and am continuing to slow down.

I will give it a try. Thanks user!

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Fuck you


My fantasy so far. Still sorting out how we meet. Will post greentext in a future thread once I get it all sorted out. Right now it's still just a fantasy in my head.

We are co-dependent. She uses me as a crutch for her abandonment issues, and I use her as a crutch for mine. But I really do adore her, and love her personality, and as we spend more time together it develops into true love - but our sick neediness for each other is still apparent.

She is standoffish about becoming more serious in a long term relationship though, because she will outlive me. She can't bear the thought of losing me, but she can't bear the thought of leaving me either.

When we cuddle and kiss, she wraps her stretchy arms and legs around me.

One day, out kissing and cuddling progress into more. I penetrate her. The facial expressions I mentioned get me off earlier are very expressive of her physical ecstacy as I loose control of myself making love to her. I feel her reaching orgasm, and we come at the same time. We fall asleep wrapped around each other

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In the following weeks, I feel... Different.

Now that's she's discovered physical love, we are begining to explore our physical attraction to one another more and more.

My own physical health though, something is... Off. I don't feel sick, but something is just different.

She takes me to the doctor. Here it is revealed that I am becoming part gem. The physical act of our love made her a part of me. We begin discussing what this will mean for our future. Will I live long enough for us to spend eternity together? It's a serious possibility now.

kill yourself

need more

After weeks of discussing it, but both nervously skirting around the real core issue, she comes to me one night in a new set of lingerie. She asks me if I like it, and I tell her shes always beautiful no matter what she wears, but tonight shes started my desire on fire. I ask her what the occasion is, and she replies with a cute smile, "nooooooooothing". She rests her head and hand on my chest, looking up at me. "Do you love me?" She asks.
"I love you so much Spinel"
"How much?"
"More than the entire world a thousand times over"
"Do you want to be with me forever?"
"Forever ever"
She smiles a somewhat sad, someone happy, relieved smile, and rests her head back on my chest. I know she still has insecurities. I push her off my chest and climb on top of her, gently kissing her cheek, then her neck, and then her collarbone. I progress to her small but perfect breasts, her stomach, and hips. Eventually my face is between her thighs, and at the edges of her thong. She runs her fingers through her hair as she tries to suppress moans.

I bite her thong and use my mouth to pull it to the side. My breath on her pussy causes her to gasp, and tug at my hair. I reach up to hold her hands as I bury my face between her legs, gently sucking and flicking her clitoris with my tounge, and burning my tounge as deep between her labia as I can for a few moments at a time in between.

Then she yells out, "I CANT TAKE IT ANY MORE". She has a crazed look in her eyes as she pulls me up towards her. Nevermind that my mouth and chin are covered in her own vaginal juices, she begins kissing me passionately and moving her tounge all around in my mouth. She hastily reaches down for my erect penis and tries to guide it into her. I pull back. "What do you want?" I ask
"I want it", she half mumbles, half whispers, trying to pull me into her again.
I resist again, "what do you want?"
Fully crazed now, she screams, "I WANT YOU INSIDE ME!"

at that precise moment I push myself inside her, and kiss her passionetly to suppress her gasping. We're both in sheer ecstacy.

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something has to be wrong with you, right?

I'm 27 and fantasizing about a fictional character. There has to be some things severely fucked in my head.

I come inside her, and we don't bother to clean it up. A little bit leaks out onto the sheets, but she falls asleep with my come still in her as we hold each other closely.

Our love and infatuation with each other grow day by day. Meanwhile, outside of our fantasy world, the other gems become more and more concerned that we are unhealthy for each other. We spend too much time together. I meet these concerns openly, I know my obsession with her is a bit excessive, and I know we spend way too much time together, and that we fell in love too fast, but at the same time I just can't bring myself to stay away from her. I want her every second of every minute of every hour.

Spinel, however, does not meet these concerns with as open of a mind. She nearly looses it when the other gems try to talk to her about it. She thinks they don't want her to be happy. I try to calm her, reason with her that it's only because they care, and take her mind off it by taking her out to dinner, but it's apparent that her mind is dwelling on it.

We go out to watch the sunset, and she immediately defaults to our usual method of forgetting all our worries and making each other happy - cuddling and kissing.

I can't help but to let her for a few seconds, but I stop her. "Spinel, I love you. I think it's important that we talk about our future together, and our relationship."

I don't have sexual fantasy's about spinel, but I will say that I find her design definitely tickles something inside of me.
I just happened to see her on the TV and watched the whole movie (I loathe children's television so I don't watch this stuff/animated stuff) simply because I felt entranced.
You aren't alone user. I'm pretty normie when it comes to sexuality and I'm a "manly" man, but I think might have found my first closet waifu

We spend hours lying in the grass as the sun sets, then watching the stars. We talk out our fears, our desires, our pasts. It begins to get chilly outside, and she pulls herself close to me again. This time I let her, since her warmth feels good, and I'm sure she's starting to get cold as well. We know we both have problems, and that we are co-dependent, but that we love each other.

"Now can you take me home a fuck me?" She asks. I can't help but smile as I pick her up giving her a kiss, and carrying her to the car. I barely close the car door as I am confronted with an assault of kisses. I put my hands around her waist and move them down to her hips, her clothes sliding out from underneath revealing soft bare skin under my hands. The windows begin to fog. I pause for a moment. "We'd better get home first", I tell her."
She pouts, "okay"

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you should

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For me it started by hearing a song off the movie that I was really moved by. Then I thought, that character has to have an interesting backstory, so I looked it up. Before I knew it, I had that feeling that "tickled something inside me" like you said.

This is also the first time I feel this for an animated character.

I'm 21
Kinda enjoy the idea that the character gives of being strong willed and but goofy as well.

See, when you make it like that it just feels weird to me. I want to hold/be held by her Forever not fuck the shit out of her all the time.

Same. My little sisters always talked about it/listened to yt clips of the songs so if hear it picking them up and I was just smitten at first glance.
I can't stress enough that it isn't a sexual feeling, but like I saw the ghost of what I've always wanted.

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She behaves on the drive home. I'm worried I've upset her. She's silent as we approach the front door. We barely make it through the front door, and she pounces on me. Before I know it, I'm on the floor with her on top of me, teeth in my neck, which turns me on immensely. I'm already loosing control, grabbing her by her small, tight ass. I push her off of me and onto the ground, pinning her down with her legs spread under my arms. This is becoming a full on sexual tussle - have physical fighting, half love making, all the intensity of both. I don't try to kiss her to suppress the moaning, I bit her neck in return as I pound her as hard as I can. The moaning quickly becomes screaming as she digs her nails into my back. This actually hurts quite a bit, but I just fuck her harder. "I LOVE YOU user, FUCK MEEEEEEEEE" she screams

She gets quiet when she comes. It's like she's trying to choke out screams but can't. I can feel her pussy contracting around my penis, then her eyes clench shut as she begins to tremble. She pushes me off of her - the physical stimulation has become overwhelming. I watch her tremble for a bit more, worrying I've gone to far until she pulls me back into cuddle a few seconds later. We're both drenched in sweat, but we don't care. She goes right to sleep curled up with me.

Can you help me figure out how to come to terms with the way I feel about an actual cartoon? I need to hear your story so I don't feel so embarrassed about mine

Dude fucking stop post this swill in a fucking notepad on your P. C
Nobody's into it like that, okay?

At least tell your story of how you came across her and not just borderline child rape fantasy's
We all know you're talking about the kid version and not the adult you fucking mong

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>A ghost of what I've always wanted

I feel that, user. And it started out for me as just cute, and wanting to cuddle, and progressed from there into more romantic, and lately it's been getting more sexual. Kind of like my natural progression of relationships irl before I stopped eating.

It's not really a childish feeling, like when I fantasize about it I just imagine being held and unconditional love, when I think of spinel I can't really put myself with her so much as the voice in my heart IS her.
I'm having a hard time coping with it too, this is the first time I've ever put this out there and it's been this way for months. It feels childish but I just want her to love me.
Incorruptible, unconditional love is what Spinel truly is.

Heard a song, really stood out to me.

Watched some clips and did some reading, really related to her

Bipolar/manic depression, abandonment issues.

Plus she is just really well written, drawn, and voiced

She looks, acts, and sounds simultaneously cute and sexy, wether she's being fun or crazy

It started with me just wanting to cuddle with her, and comfort her, but I wanted comfort too. So laying awake in bed at night it progressed from cuddling, to kissing, to advanced cuddling, and now this.

I just can't put myself sexually with her, it feels wrong to me.
I don't think she'd be into like you think she is, like she's more concerned with life and living it and not the sins of the flesh lol

What makes you want it to be sexual?

I think we've both been hurt, bad, and Spinel is the representation of what we've always truly adored in women, right down to the crazy.

That's what I thought at first, but I don't know, that's just kind of where it progressed. Maybe me getting off one of my anti depressants has something to do with it. But to me sex is a powerful expression of love. Not the only or most important one, but an important and powerful one nonetheless.

We wake up in the morning and just lay with each other. It's very cozy. After several hours, she breaks the silence. "I love you, user. I don't ever want you to leave me"
"I never will"
"I wanna spend fowever with you. Will you spend fowever with me?"
"Forever and ever"

Because of our pasts and abandonment issues, too often we seek little approvals from each other like this. But today I knew we were both becoming serious about forever. I could feel it in my heart that she was slowly turning to gem with her love.

I begin to get up to prepare some breakfast for her, but she pulls me back. I smile, content. We fall back asleep, cuddling.

I agree.

The part where she says "I used to not be good enough for pink diamond, now, now I'm not good at all" really describes how that that hurt impacted my self image. I'm really working hard on it with a therapist right now.

But yeah, she represents what I want, including the crazy which I seemed to be attracted to back when I was still dating.

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That's probably what's going on user and you even admitted it
Your psychosis is fucking with what Spinel truly is, you were in the right track at first and now you've strayed.

She would've disappeared into the ether by now, bored of your constant obsession with sex and not expressing your feelings for her/love in more creative ways than *grunt* *grunt**squirt*


I jump up from bed, a little more than slightly startled. My darling spinels beautiful eyes literally right in front of my face and her beaming smile calm me down. "I made breakfast!"
"I adore you my darling"
"I know", she says, planting a kiss on my cheek.

We eat breakfast together.
"So, whatcha wanna do today user?"
"I don't know, I figure we could go on a hike, or to the park by the lake you like"
Her eyes light up and she grins from ear to ear. "Can we feed the ducks?!"
"Anything to make you happy darling"

The breakfast she's prepared is delicious. I clean the kitchen as she gets dressed for the park.

It's a sunny day as we walk around the lake, sometimes bursting into random skipping. She attempts to capture a duck, but this only ends with the duck chasing her. She runs in terror, until the duck relents, and exhausted she falls, on the grass. I lay down with her, and we stare up at the clouds.

"Thank god I didn't get killed by that duck! What would you have done without me?"
"I would absolutely die without you my dear"
"Awww, you're so sweet"
"Only for you my love"

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How could you even hope to ever physically satisfy her?
She can do whatever you can do to herself and infinitely more, what makes you think she'd rather have you do it to her?
Not tryna ruin your fantasy so much as understand it and understand mine better.

I feel like she may be into kissing/cuddling and maybe some weird borderline hentai stuff to please you but she'd be like "nah, I got this handled" then proceed to jackhammer herself with her own fists, if she even chooses to have a sexual organ

Well, like I said earlier, sex is more of an emotional thing.

And my fantasy has to be grounded somewhat in reality. I kind of base some of it in relationships I've had irl that I was fond of. As far as her being stretch and all that in my fantasy that just plays in with her wrapping her arms around me. This really gets me going physically and emotionally because of the idea of closeness.

Besides, even though the physical aspect is important to the fantasy, it's not the most important. It's the emotional connection.

And now I feel even more fucked in the head. I have an imaginary girlfriend in my head.

>not making love to your 2d waifu
>am i fucked up?
so far you're one of the normal ones around here, to the point where you're the odd one out
trust me nobody gives a shit, go ahead, blow your load

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AI Dungeon
You can basically 'train' it to make interactive smut

I understand that, it's basically the same concept for me(I've never been in a relationship where I've had sex, it's always been flings and the women I'd date were prudish) I guess it's just shocking/uncomfortable to read about someone else wanting to blow loads in her when I've never even really thought of it that way insomuch as being emotionally supported by her, always, and always being loved by her.

I'm practically asexual at this point, ive blown my loads and just want to be loved now so ig I'm imprinting that onto her, but she truly does connect with me on such a deep level that it actually terrifies me that I'll never be emotionally satisfied by a real person ever again bc I'll always want them to be as dedicated as she is in my heart.

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that's a good image

Back at home, I take charge of dinner. As I'm cooking, I feel her chin rest on my shoulder. "Whatcha makin?"
"Issa secret" I am making lemmon braised chicken and pesto over ritoni
"I have ways of making you talk"
O shit. She begins tickling me
"Spinel, stop! I'm going to over cook the..."
She grabs my face "shut up" and kisses me.
I reach back and turn off the stove. I can start again later, or cook something else.

She grabs me by my cock and pulls me to the living room, where she pulls me down onto the couch with her and we continue to kiss, with her sneaking in the occasional tickle.
"How am I supposed to get anything done with you around here?"
"I can think of one think you can do"
She grabs my hand and guides it to between her legs. She's soaking wet. I look up and her eyes meet mine with a sly smile. Still dresses, she wraps her let's around me and pulls me in tight. We hold each other and kiss, as she brings to grind against me. She's so wet I can start to feel it soaking through my clothes.

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Go back to Cred Forums

Cmon bro nobody's replying to those let's talk about the inner machinations of what we're really feeling.

So she wants you to make love to her all the time? Or is it moreso you imprinting what you want onto her?
Do her "feelings" exist in your fantasy in a sense of they don't always fulfill what you want or is it always in line with what you desire?

Well based on the fact that she isn't real, I must just be imprinting what I want.

Her feelings in the fantasy fulfil my desires.

I want someone clingy. I want someone who is as afraid to loose me as I am to loose them.

Okay, so that's the fantasy then, not necessarily the sexual part but the fulfilment part.
What i mean by "imprint" is that the character wouldn't normally be a nymphomaniac but that's what you want her to be. So it's not so much that you love Spinel the character or what she represent ls as depicted but you love women that initiate sex and appreciate you doing things for them, and have reskinned that woman with Spinel.

Am I on the right track?


My brain hurts from all that big think
Your turn

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I want her and I to learn to love again, together

The show depicts her as sharing flaws with me: abandonment issues, bipolar.

I imprint on her the things I liked from previous relationships minus the things I didn't.

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She wants to love again, and be loved, but she's afraid she already "messed up" too bad. I feel the same way

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Same on the abandonment/bipolar user

And same on the wanting Spinel and I to teach each other to love again.

Have you ever considered trying to actively change your fantasy to help with putting you past behind you? Mayne give Spinel some traits you aren't a huge fan of, or make her take the lead on your life together, since that's kinda how she is in the adult form and in the "child" form she's a mindless wrecking ball of love.

"I wanna play a game user"
"Oh? And what game is that?"
"I want to see who can last longer!"
I try to think of something clever to say but before I can she reaches down into my pants, pulls by dick out, and places her mouth around it. I feel her making circles around the tip inside her mouth with her tongue while she sucked. If she wasn't already turning me to gem, she would have killed be from cardiac arrest long ago.

I manage to choke out two words, "no fair"

She rolls her eyes at me, pulls her shorts off, and in one swift motion swings her legs around and straddles my face while continuing to suck me. With my hands around her hips I breath gently on her pussy, and feel her struggle trying to gasp with my dick in her mouth. She forces it as far down as it will go into her throat as I begin kissing her labia. She is literally dripping on my face. I stick my going into her and begin to work my way towards her clitoris when she begins to grind herself into my face.

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I kind of like the mindless wrecking ball of love.

But maybe I should give that a try. Maybe she needs to have a breakdown and I have to actively help her through it instead of just mindlessly loving all the time.

Maybe YOU need to break down and have her help you through it.
Try it as a mental exercise user, she has the will to help those she loves as well. You need to take the cape off for a minute Superman and let her help you within the fantasy for it to be truly fulfilling.

I don't know. I go into fantasy to escape that sort of scenario.

I just want to have my happy ending even if it's only for a few hours at the end of the day before I go to sleep.

But maybe you're right. I'll have to reflect on it, and maybe talk to my therapist about it. That's gonna be an embarrassing conversation.

Breathing heavy she sakes a different approach, and mounts me. She begins gyrating on top of me, hands on my chest, skin glistening with sweat.

Fuck our game, I've lost control. All I want is her. I grab her hips and from underneath start fucking her as hard as I can. Her perfect small breasts bounce up and down as do her ponytails. She dogs her nails into my chest and screams when she comes, before collapsing on my chest. I whisper in her ear "I win"
She giggles.

I am ready to sleep. I am going to imagine I am cuddling with spinel.

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Sounds like we'll both be having sweet dreams user
Just don't forget, she exists so long as you want her to.

"I love you, user" she whispers in my ear
"I love you more", I whisper back, kissing her cheek.
She smiles as we fall asleep, bodies intertwined.

Thank you, user. Same for you.

I hope you can work through your mental and emotional health. I know it can be hard, and I wish the best outcome for you.

just go pony nigger, pinkamena awaits

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Same goes for you user

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Have you heard the pink news user?

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Oh, no, do explain.

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That Spinel is the Lord and savior of all those that have felt the ache of love lost?

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I admit that I have.

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Good. Now we pray.

Spinel's Prayer

Dear Lovingly Mother
Hallowed be thy soul
Thy love will grow, thy soul be strong
As much for me as for you
Give us this day our daily love
And forgive us our follies
Lead us not into lonesomeness
But into joy
For thine is my heart,
The power and glory of love for ever and ever

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quality thread right here

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unfortunately I don't have that much to add atm

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Anyone still lurking

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loving every bit.

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ok just checking

this is also all available on paheal just fyi

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almost want to watch the show again so I can understand why he's an indian god with four arms and two dicks

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If I recall it's from the movie when he fuses with his dad?

But the 2 dicks part is obviously not a part of the show canon

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this shit has a movie now? damn

as much as I am not an SJW at least rebecca sugar made her own thing

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yeah the movie came out first half of 2019 so almost a year now

this character is actually exclusive to the movie in fact

I actually highly recommend the movie and show, propaganda notwithstanding but yeah, the animation and voice acting/singing is quality

My only complaint is it really does have some filler where it's obviously not hiding that it's made for kids, which is annoying

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I'm gonna take a break from dumping for now, might come back later and see if the thread is still up

More is available on paheal and I think /aco/ or Cred Forums or /trash/ have these threads too

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very much appreciated user