Ever liked a picture and wished it was bigger?

Ever liked a picture and wished it was bigger?

I'll upsize your most loved pictures 4x using some AI resizing software.
Since there are limitations to the processing time and upload size here, limit your original images to max around 1000x1000.

If I don't do your picture, it's probably because the original quality is too low (bad lighting, too damaged by jpg compression, already resampled) and resizing isn't going to make it any better.
Works best on pictures that are already good, but smallish.

No gore, no rekt.

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dis one

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oldie but goodie

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originals are shit quality, blurry...

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This one's pretty decent

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works also well on anime

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damn, impressive. Thanks user.

anime/cartoon requires a different model for upscaling, they're not interchangeable, though it will produce some result.

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this is already high res


Try it and see

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How about this?

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Is there a website that does this?

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result too big. Crappy to start with

There is no magic in it.
Soft is not a up-sampler though and it manages to add detail where there is none.

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Good result on this one

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you're doing god's work, user.

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Do this one please

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Needs some additional sharpening, blurry to start with.

Attached: 1583043208515-gigapixel.jpg (2400x3188, 352K)

Decent result

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fuckin sweet

Why would anyone want to see this in highres...

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pretty good thanks

whats the software you use user? also can u do this one?

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you're a legend OP

Gigapixel AI

That image is too crappy.

original is already upsampled and crappy

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is this one possible? thanks.

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thanks anyways man :)

thanks OP.. really appreciate it.

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Do you have a Kik?

I hope you can still help...thanks..

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Could you do this pic?

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nasty, baby dick pic

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Had top lower resolution to fit image within the allowed 2MB upload

Attached: 1583043840269-gigapixel.jpg (3503x3500, 1.92M)

what for?

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damn user good work, thanks

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maybe he wants some private ones ;)

Name of the software?

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still doing them OP?

This one would be nice

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i dunno if you can actually do it but i want this xbox hueg to put on my wall

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Thanks OP... really good job...may I continue?

Hell me out bro?

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I don't use kik sorry

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Please Op

Attached: Screenshot_20200301-003439(1).png (675x1185, 1.57M)

just try it, I'm curious

Attached: chrome_2020-03-01_01-36-28.png (123x159, 43K)

Ah ok. Yes I wanted some private ones for a couple dozen pics of my wife from college but no prob

Had to lower size to fit upload limit

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Attached: 1583044481040-gigapixel.jpg (1504x2680, 245K)

Wow, that worked surprisingly well.

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Attached: 1583044325501-gigapixel.jpg (2112x3068, 338K)

Thanks bro

please tell me this one is possible....thanks OP..

Attached: jennifer-lawrence-hd-sexy-pics-2.jpg (765x1024, 160K)

I know its shit quality, but worth a try?

Attached: B80CBDF.jpg (320x240, 16K)

That's pushing it

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Attached: link.png (682x928, 428K)

Attached: 1299837257_preview_1516085923311.jpg (985x768, 125K)

Ultimate challenge

Attached: 1582514927589.jpg (1440x1440, 113K)

DAMN!! what a great job there OP..

not much detail in the original

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Here we are my leprechaun friend.

Attached: 1583044882430-gigapixel.jpg (3940x3072, 621K)

Thanks OP for your time..

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WOW...really good

You get funny stuff when the AI starts to fill-in too many of the details...

Attached: 1583044870082-gigapixel.jpg (1280x960, 98K)

This one is bad. Any improvement appreciated

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Attached: 1550773496572.jpg (285x315, 13K)

me and the boys

Attached: 1574701109298.jpg (2059x1697, 523K)


Attached: this.jpg (600x754, 68K)

>the latino milf starter pack
I swear they all have that same stripped dress

Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=JSA_293YSUATE4uf)original_420172991.jpg (575x378, 40K)

The look of disgust is even better in high res!


Attached: 1573504084568.jpg (499x330, 140K)

ty op for your work

Please =)

Attached: hellacool2.jpg (536x802, 51K)

Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=9I_Pdr8XWrPA0Q8b)original_448340171.jpg (575x575, 57K)

Attached: 080425b.jpg (480x640, 81K)

Attached: 1573848399821.jpg (1024x693, 837K)

Attached: 1583044939321-gigapixel.jpg (4320x4320, 908K)

The impossible made real. A true wizard, you are

Resize my picture user

Attached: Screenshot_2016-06-08-10-08-30.png (1080x1920, 1.32M)

really good one.

that program is actually awesome

Shitty filter quality and jpg compression ruined the original

It would need a miracle I cannot provide unfortunately

Attached: 1583045120257-gigapixel.jpg (1140x1260, 96K)

Are you using remini

Focking amazing, user! That's my new wallpaper!

Attached: porphyria suicide girls.jpg (739x800, 102K)

AI resizing won't make your dick any bigger

Nice bunch of friends

Attached: 1583045123738-gigapixel.jpg (6000x4945, 2M)

Now we're talking

Attached: 1583045128843-gigapixel.jpg (2400x3016, 430K)


decent results here

Attached: 1583045135011-gigapixel.jpg (2300x1512, 171K)

Attached: 1583045142798-gigapixel.jpg (1996x1320, 553K)

no luck? well :( thanks

Attached: 1583045158790-gigapixel.jpg (2144x3208, 605K)

Attached: 1583045182768-gigapixel.jpg (2300x2300, 286K)


Attached: l.jpg (575x575, 55K)

ah very nice user, thank you


Attached: FzC2bf6D_400x400.jpg (400x400, 22K)

Missed that one.

Attached: 1583045010500-gigapixel.jpg (3200x2400, 564K)

Attached: sy2.jpg (1080x1080, 142K)


Attached: 1583045263807-gigapixel.jpg (1920x2560, 768K)

would is work on a deepnude?

Attached: emma4.png (512x512, 312K)

What if I send 180MP or so from camera, could you make that bigger?
Actual question, not being a smart ass.

Attached: 1583045316480-gigapixel.jpg (4096x2772, 939K)

Is this just realizing or can you in blue too

Attached: 1582944667440.jpg (1249x703, 237K)

not a problem...thanks for your time...i really appreciate it.

It's ok, it's still nice

Attached: 1583045371754-gigapixel.jpg (4320x7680, 933K)

would this work OP?

Attached: 2626.png (426x549, 265K)


No details in the original, so clean upsize but no improvement to be made unfortunaltly. Shame, I liked the position

Attached: 1583045523877-gigapixel.jpg (2956x3200, 1.83M)


Attached: CQZS9Rbw_400x400.jpg (240x240, 11K)

Just one of those random super great images you come across every now and then.

Bless your dubs of sorrow

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Attached: 1583045897998-gigapixel.jpg (1600x1600, 127K)

Attached: 1583045921590-gigapixel.jpg (4320x4320, 1.4M)

Attached: D6E9C729-52FD-4B1F-BB76-EC745ECEB9E9.jpg (470x813, 45K)

nice ty


Not very good quality original

Attached: 1583045940501-gigapixel.jpg (2048x2048, 236K)

What is up with her hand and eye brows, why is it also like that in the original?

now trying a close up..thanks.

Attached: download (41).jpg (640x480, 83K)

Welcome back man, is this one doable or is it too fucked?

Attached: 1582923849746.jpg (150x163, 5K)

thanks man

It might but I think it works best on images that are of moderate size that you would want to upscale for printing for instance.
It excels at adding "fake" details that give the illusion of resolution. So if you start with something really high res, you won't get much out, unless you are only resizing a crop of a larger image.
Check out the software, I think they have a trial (Gigapixel AI).

Attached: z9.jpg (1080x1142, 139K)

Would appreciate it

Attached: 67A1926B-574D-4DEE-934A-0EA507C464C8.jpg (576x1024, 100K)

Attached: ci.jpg (575x592, 31K)

worth a shot

Attached: 8d5d8b24-3b0f-4f11-a184-2c5f494104f5.jpg (263x375, 12K)

Attached: 1583045990358-gigapixel.jpg (4996x2812, 1.36M)

Attached: 1583046031176-gigapixel.jpg (1704x2196, 235K)

Appreciated dude, you really are a talented man.

old potato cam 640x480 needs help

Attached: UlAWTsE.jpg (480x640, 28K)

Attached: Screenshot_2015-03-09-02-22-41~01.png (1920x1080, 1.01M)

Cursed I fear but worth a wtf

Attached: 1583046416081-gigapixel.jpg (600x652, 31K)

You made my night, Op! My last request.

Attached: 1501358950359.jpg (597x742, 108K)

terrible quality

Attached: 1583046437870-gigapixel.jpg (4320x4568, 972K)

Upsized tits for you

Attached: 1583046455585-gigapixel.jpg (2304x4096, 710K)

Please and thank you

Attached: 1578763471302.jpg (500x467, 162K)

original too soft

Attached: 1583046459114-gigapixel.jpg (2300x2368, 274K)

Result is pretty "good" considering the original

Attached: 1583046462033-gigapixel.jpg (1052x1500, 128K)

was done yesterday

Attached: 1582958018415-gigapixel.jpg (1920x2560, 214K)

Attached: image5.jpg (640x481, 57K)

already highdef, I probably won't be able to upload the result

Attached: 23.jpg (707x1000, 158K)

wow, that really did come out good! Thank you. I have more but thread is about to hit limit. Hope to catch you around sometime

I'm sure you won't catch anything with that user.
Certainly not a std

Attached: 1583046256262-gigapixel.jpg (1880x3252, 418K)

image limit?? a new thread OP?? say yes :)

Have you used remini?

>nice feet

Attached: 1583046332561-gigapixel.jpg (2560x1920, 409K)

good results on that one

Attached: 1583046118439-gigapixel.jpg (960x960, 66K)

Attached: 1583046702352-gigapixel.jpg (2000x1868, 333K)


Lovely. I will hurry this creating off to my brethren in /heem/

Attached: red.jpg (575x832, 130K)

Thumbnail looks like she's pulling out a titty. Needs to be smaller, not larger, dumbass.

Sorry, reached limit replying to that one!

deleted a req, room now

new thread?

thanks I chan thread watch saved the whole thread didn't check back

many thanks

Hmmm you got good taste user

Attached: 1583046618419-gigapixel.jpg (2388x2968, 637K)


which software do you use?

Will do one later.
Got shit do to now.

it's like mentioned 3 times at least in the thread

I need this

i cant read

BASED! Thank you.

all this does is make shit look like more shit

garbage in, garbage out

image limit reached. start again op! new thread

God bless you

not perfect but pretty good, imagine 5 or 10 years from now

tried scaling my req to compare, looked way worse