Ask a venezuelan anything

Ask a venezuelan anything

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What's it like to not have food?

I'm a capitalist pig dog so I've never gone hungry.

Are you okay?

Marica, mucha suerte hermanito. Saludos de Chile compa u_ U

Really fucking sucks, but as the years go by, you get used to fewer amounts of food

Why are you poor

Yeah, shit is rough here but you can still live on

Gracias mano
td:lr boomers voted for Chavez in 1999 and everything went downhill

Only number I can make out is "100" but I'm guessing that's maybe a few hundred dollars US in a country where a cup of coffee costs about 120 VEF (over $10).

Bad shit.

those bills dont exist anymore, btw 1 us dollar = 78.000 VEF, if you add to that number the shit ton of zeros Chavez and Maduro took off 1 us dollar = VEF

Are you a Guaidette or a Chavista?

How are the women there I’m sure they must be sexy

I know people from Venezela, i like you guys a lot. (Even if some of yall come here to steal shit) Hope that shitty situation ends one day.

Neither, both of them are soycialists and full of shit, this place can't take more of that crap

What percentage of your women have had plastic surgery to their butts or boobs?

where the fuck is venezuela?

Yeah thanks, plenty of the people migrating from this shithole its the kind of migrants that can turn people racist very quick, hell even i cant stand them, this sucks but we made this bed and it seems that it is not ending soon

Not many tbh, i would recomend you brazil if that's what you are looking for.

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On this. What is with it with these people who coming looking for work and wanting everything handed to them. I work with a lot of Venezuelans and ive noticed many similar behaviors in a lot of them

I thoght it was a lot more. And do you find Venezuelan women sexier than other latina women?

How long could I live on $1000.00 usd there?

Holy shit no wonder user, lots of Venezuelans migrated to where I am and honestly they’re the most annoying pieces of shit

How much usd would I have to pay a local to guide and translate for me?

Xenophobia is extremely high here due to those fuckos, at first we only had chill Venezuelans that just wanted to work and now they just go out and steal from people.

Call ICE

Man, did you wonder why this country is totally fuck yoo? the answer is the same for both, people here is diverse, so the people was easily manipulated by chavez, in 20 years the chavismo turned most of the venezuelan into state dependants and the crisis have gave them a very strong victim complex, basically, we wuz kangz n shiet because of the petrolleum, but now that it is over with, venezuelan people is trying to cope with the fact that once in their lifetime they have to work really fucking hard to overcome this crisis and to live on

Well, you can find very nice women here as you can find very ugly monsters too, but generally they at least have ass or tits, maybe both and even a cute face, the only thing with the women is that they are very fiery and is you give them the chance, every single one of the would try to put her fingers into your asshole and use you as her puppet, not a good country to be beta.

Oh he'll yea man a lot of them act entitled and go on and on and on about how they used to be this or that and how they deserve more and i get it. It sucks to have been in a good situation and be stuck in something they might nit have experienced but for fucks sake they have such a hard time getting over that. Where I work the women who know they're good looking always try to get you to do favors for them. And i know that is common with women who abuse their good genes but do you think it is more prevalent in Venezuelan women?

they haven't acknowleged the fact that they are not in venezuela anymore, they think they can do what they want as they used to do here, to give you an example of that mental state, here you can put very loud music in the midnight and no one will do shit about it, you can drive drunk, avoid paying services as water and electricity and get away with it, you can even pay some electrician to put a line directly from the voltage converter to your home and steal it, venezuelan in general are very bad mannered and doesn't now what it means to be responsible, if some venezuelan ever begs you for something just tell him to fuck off

Well if you know how to spend the money, you could live like 7 to 1 year with that amount, but you probably would get ripped of by the people because they'll notice you are not a native
i really dont recomend coming here, and i mean it, i would come here only if you know a family you can trust from here, with us dollars, shit would be very cheap, there is a very good reason why many of the neets here make a living with runescape alone kek

Same user that asked about the entitlement. And yes i know what you mean. I was fooling around for a while with this Venezuelan cougar milf. My god she gave me some of the best sex i ever had but she would constantly want me to do things for her. I had the feeling from the becoming that she was just using her body to get to me and it worked but i knew that she would start to want me to take her here and there. I'm 99% certain she does this with other guys based on how she is and from what ive heard from other zuelans and every time i tried to call her out on it she would can me crazy and that people always talk bad about people theyre jealous of. How do you confront this so she can admit to what im calling her out, not get arrecha and still give me that sweet toto?

I love telling them no after they give me a whole story on why i gotta go the extra mile for them. "Conchale! ayúdame necesito algo con mas pago!" Comes back a week later with new brand name clothes and airpods

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YES IT FUCKING IS, you have to be very self aware here, women will always do that if they see the chance to, every single one of them, even when they are ugly as fuck, it is mainly a mental thing, they know how to work you up to get you to do what they want, dont fall for this not even a bit, the man who gives them what they want are perceived as simps and betas, if you dont and intentionally ignore them, she will
slowly begin to hate you and will try to get your attention by any means, just there you know you got em, but you still cant treat them too nice, basically being the biggest douche will get you under their pants
Show no weakness, zulian girls are the worst tbh, those girls will do what ever she need to do to get money and a man under her terms, you have to give up on the pussy and take a strong stand, and if she doesn't cracks up, dump her, it literally is a mental battle, if you get lured by her pussy you lost. Btw, giving a strong stand will make her double down and try to crack you down as her leaving, just let it happen, she will comeback and i wouldn't go out with the cougars, those have the fucking expertise in these things

Based, that's how its done with these girls, the moment you show any weakness you fucked up

>I'm a capitalist pig dog so I've never gone hungry.

All South American and Catholic Asian countries look the same you moron...

...You are not as smart as you think. It's Catholic poverty. Their superstition produced the neantherthal living conditions that we rational individuals with Scientific avidity moron.

Government policy is as irrelevant to them as it is to pot smoking teenage Americans.

Quit using government nomenclature to lend yourself authority if you want to distance yourself from the rest of your retarded American race that gathers the obese, the sluts, and the mentally retarded to babble about Catholic immigrants wanting to do hard labor while your daughters peddle their pussy and throat on Pornhub.

"Capitalist pig"...ridiculous non-sense...You are another ignorant American babbling non-sense in a manner that is plausible, ostensibly believable but completely useless and stupid.

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Uhhh actually it was the fucking communism you retard

>td:lr boomers voted for Chavez in 1999 and everything went downhill
lol no... they got tired of the same two corrupt parties taking turns in powerfucking the country (AD/Copei) so they thought they were choosing the lesser evil by choosing a 'national hero' with a failed coup history. I guess they were not expecting the fucker to learn so much from cuban methods to keep the people down.

>And i know that is common with women who abuse their good genes but do you think it is more prevalent in Venezuelan women?
Yep, a lot of hispanic camgirls are venezuelan

Chavez was always a commie bro, and yes, it was the fucking boomers who thought exactly what you said, yes (ad/copei) were corrupt as fuck, but at least they didn't nor would have done anything chavez did, they took as much money as they could but also allow money to get in and make some things easier to some companies if you had the right mind set, basically, never expect anything right from a venezuelan, unless you are his friend, even Bolivar literally promoted the independence just to become the supreme dictator of La gran colombia, and any terrain abducted from spain control would become his and used those as payment to gain support from others.

Venezuela its exactly the final result of a non-enforced multiculturalism

If I were to go there how easy to get under 18 pussy?

Really fucking easy, that is not a taboo here, tbh you would be fucking a girl and only just after you fucked her realize that she's a minor, women here develop at a very early age, and the consent age it's 16 if im not wrong, you actually see even 12 yrs old girls pregnant because some 15 yrs old doofus forgot to wear a condom this place its surreal

about as easy as getting banned faggot

como esta el pais ahorita? recomiendas ir?
salu2 de mexico unu

hola desde Argentina

For what?


Not the OP but i usually do sex tourism to 3rd nigger countries, and what you're looking is really common
The last girl i went to in Venezuela would do it on her own (aka she didnt seem to have a pimp) and would be really fucking great (and cheap too)
Wont give out any more details because fucking whiteknights.

They sound worse than American girls. Last time I got some ass from that milf was in December after about almost a year of not doing anything with her. She would tell me she liked me and I was a good man and blah blah blah. She has a kid and i could see where it would lead to. I liked that she was pretty, had a sweet ass, and some thick ol thighs. I went along with it though and that's where i fucked up. She believed that I liked her and when she left she tried to keep up contact with me. did for a while but cut it off. She came back after a few months and the first day she was back she went to see me like it would trigger something in me. I didn't do anything though and nothing happened that summer. She went to Spain and coincidentally I had a planned vacation to Spain with some primos. I tried to meet up with her ans she was in Madrid but I was in Barcelona. She said yea and that she would try to bring friends. Got there and informed her how long I was gonna be there and she "was unable to find a train/plane out there". This bitch knew for months and it pissed me the fuck off cuz i wanted that even fatter ass(she got thicker). I still had her on what's and could see that she was going out every night and it pissed me off even more.

>Tldr: i recognized her game and got mad that I got mad at the stupid shit she did to get even with me

How's your runescape bot farm going?

Argentinian (white) here. Please take your venezuelan brothers back. They're shitting everything up here. We've enough problems with our own negros to deal with yours.

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JAJAJAJAJ que lacreo este beta, nada como el metro eso es la shit, ni lo creerian la tortura que es estar alli y viene el coronavirus, fucku and u moderfucking momma maduro.

ask a guy who lives in petare anything

Is that you in the picture?