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I wanna be an hero the next 3 days. What's the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of myself?

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>cheapest way
haha! poorfag

will live stream when it happens

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you're not wrong my guy

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You can reliably get a shotgun for under $200. Aim at brain and you're instantly an hero. Guaranteed and (relatively) painless, as you won't have time to process the thought of being in pain. If you can't come up with $200 by selling off random crap (that you won't need, hero) then IDK what to tell you

Darken your skin.
Find a US cop.
Wave your cell phone at him.

I used to have plenty of guns but had to sell them to get by, I live in a very expensive area. any OTC options? I do have a bridge about a mile away I'm thinking about jumping but I want something that I won't have second thoughts about. Once it's done, it's done.

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kek. made me laugh, thanks at least

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Jump in front of a big truck or a train

just wait for the china flu or hang around open air meat markets

oc of fat ex cheating slut I plan to expose before anheroing

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last resort honestly
oc fat tits

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How will you an hero on cam for us then

there's plenty of platforms to do so. I'll post a link within 3 days. look for the shitty oc tits posted ill have one posted with face and it'll happen within the hour of posting

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That's some serious boobage.

bump definitely some fat tits
will post more if you have a way

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Sit in car, funnel car exhaust into car, go to sleep an hero

find a secluded stretch of straight railroad track out in the woods somewhere. Bring a folding chair and some beers, weed, whatever, and wait for the train to come. All you need to do is put your neck on the track at the last moment. Leave your arms down by your sides so you don't derail the train. Quick and easy, peaceful and relaxing

we don't have many trains except amtrak, but will look up the schedule. definitely the response I'm looking for.
will post middle and last name along with full set when it happens.

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Anymore of the beauty

bump for more ideas
not oc this one but some cuck sent this to me and some more

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not unless you got ideas cuck

why do you want to an hero?

fuck off faggot

my family hates me, I'm being kicked out, I left my girlfriend due to being a slut, bills and debt piling up, I make $17/hr and I still can't seem to get myself out

I meant how would you if you jumped in front of a truck lol but I guess I’ll have to make a daily return to /b when I got other shit to do


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I live right off the interstate in ND, USA. Easy to set up cam and jump.

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I dunno, Bro. Can't your head survive eight seconds after decapitation? Bouncing around under a speeding train getting smashed repeatedly in the face and getting all dizzy doesn't sound very relaxing.

You leaving anything valuable behind?

I've read somewhere here that benadryl OD isn't that bad, painless and you get high out of your mind. Don't know how much is lethal tho
I've read elsewhere that heroin ODs are like falling to sleep, but it's hard to find that shit

Thanks for the knowledge. Still a consideration though. better than nothing.

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Do you know understand what death is?

Sauce of pic?

not gonna do heroin but I appreciate the knowledge on Benadryl, will look up more.
nothing that you can take possession of nigger

just from Cred Forums unfortunately don't have

Damn it I knew it was obvious asking that

I'd let you borrow my shotgun, just return it when you're done uwu

come by and you can just take it when you're done owo

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actually not sure about benadryl, quora says overdose is painful and you're likely to survive it
idk OP I'd like a cheap easy painless way I'm too pussy to use my gun

wish I had a gun nowadays. consider yourself lucky with an easier way out

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what kind of debt?
and maybe it was a good thing you left her. dont surround yourself with people who treat you like crap, it will make you feel worse

Sucks for us all

debt to my abusive brother who convinced me to move to his area under the expectation we'd split costs and stuff. now I'm being kicked out and have nobody.

addition: is around $3-5k USD

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I've been thinking about it a lot lately, I read that 4 bottles of Nyquil is a solid way to go but I drank 1 whole bottle to see what that would do and just threw it all up so I doubt I can hold in 4, maybe if you drank them all at once?

will look it up, thanks user

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could be worse, lots of 30 year old boomers have 50k in debt due to a decade of shitty life choices. that's not something you can't pay off if you work at it

do you have any skills/know any trades that can land you a better job doing something you like?

Charge a cop with a BB gun or even a fork or something, that is if you live in America. Do that and you'll get a bullet to the heart killing you almost instantly.

I'm a banker that makes $17/hr but going to be homeless here very soon so what's the point?

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Light yourself on fire and run into a pre school screaming "I want to cuuuum!"

go to a store on MLK Blvd that has a big EBT sign. Ask around if anybody has change for a $100 bill. Adios faggot


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also checked

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The problem with most poisons is that the body vomits them up as soon as they're detected.

Trumpster detected!
Such a nice cunt otherwise.

are you a faggot?

Railroader here. Don’t put your death on the engineers hands.

That's more of a Republican vice.

I'd hate to do it to them, and I appreciate your 2 cents. but really, I'm looking for anything right now.

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>so you don't derail the train
So thoughtful of you.

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It was good enough for Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf.


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Suicide is a sin. OP, you're worth more than that, never do this, just work on improving yourself, and do all the things you were too worried to do, to live the rest of your life without fearing the shadow of death is brave and empowering, also don't apply something so permanent to temporary problems.

God isn’t real therefore no sin

Why do you want to end your life ? You’ll be gone forever

More poison ideas
take like a hundred sleeping pills with your favorite strong alky
take a shitton of pain meds
grind up 200 appleseeds or so, swallow, cyanide poisoning. I haven't heard about anybody trying it but I keep reading it's possible so maybe you can prove it
what state you in OP? I'd buy the apples because I'm really curious and might do it myself

That’s kinda the fucking point of killing yourself


You’ll be gone forever. I will miss you and grieve you so much .


That wasn't OP but that does feel good to see. Thanks user from op

What am I supposed to do when you are dead and gone forever and ever?

how tall is she?

thank you for the tips. here's tits

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op here. continue your life successfully.

God you’re fucking retarded, a YouTube video just proved god is real everyone, no more atheists guys youre just flat out wrong cause he just gave us the youtube video that proves it all. Fucking idiot

Jumping in front of a train is a faggot move. You deserved to be cheated on for being bitch made. Killing yourself for a woman lol

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Quit trying to white knight I’m not OP fag

I’m crying right now I don’t want you to end your life

thanks for clarification, op here. will mostly post pics but not always. not wanting to kms for the girl she's a lying cheating slut for all I give a fuck selling her nudes on only fans. plenty of problems beyond that.

thanks, but why not? you don't know me.

bump for more ideas

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Op, don't kill yourself. You can come live with me in Texas and we can take turns dressing up like little girls and raping each other.

kill yourself with me faggot

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Find a nice apartment building with 10 floors or more. Do an leap headfirst. Splat.

The military, they will actually pay you to kill yourself.

aha ha no dont kill urself i wanna ...

C'mon brah.. take a month off and go do some fucked up shit and get over it. No need to fucking kill yourself. Shit.

Can confirm

Wow so convincing you really talked OP off the ledge

Top kek

You need your ass spanked

Me too

This. Not for cowards tho!

OP won't do anything. He's all talk

Bruh you’re gonna lull yourself over a fat cow. Lol dumbass