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Appreciate it

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i hope a chink coughs on me and I die

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Bro me too

I'll let you know if I catch it

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Lucky for you tickets to china have dropped in price

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Nah fuck gooks

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Thought you said you wanted to die by chink coughs

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Yeah but no one wants to go to chinkland

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What is a waifu?

More smug

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A miserable little pile of secrets, but enough talk. Have at you!

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Everywhere else is quarantined though
Evening. No. Morning. Huh.

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is it like someone you want to be your wife? If so then this is mine.

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so this is my life now?
on a Saturday night talking to duds online who are pretending to be anime girls. because i have nothing better to do

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No ones talking to you

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you are?

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Yeah so make yourself comfy and enjoy your stay.

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tell me somthing about yourself or your waifo

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This is like my only other smug
I am not Kumiko Oumae, I am

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and? tell me more

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There was supposed to be some 13 black rectangles there

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I'm waiting for M&B Bannerlord to come out.
She looks very proud

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it harts me to say this.
but everytime i am in theas threads.
i never need the shows your waifo is from .
and that is not just you that is most of the posters

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She probably is
>i never need the shows your waifo is from .

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had no internet all weekend and still don't
Life is pain

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seen not need

Find more

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that's fine I don't know most of them from anything other than r34

Oh. Same, in most cases

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it isn't early enough to call it morning, is it...? ain't even 4AM.

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>Life is pain
how can we change / help with that?

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I'm mostly memeing
I'm sure it'll be fixed Ina day or two

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03/01/20(Sun)00:41:40 No.821798307

damn, timezones are a thing aren't they

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03/01/20(Sun)00:45:31 No.821798469

Post more borgr
Anything past midnight

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And its 7pm in the best part of the world
Rory can't cook a borgor

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I guess that's one way to go about it, sure. morning, then.
I'm just used to morning being "after you did a sleep"

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my that logic. it is only morning ones every 3 to 4 days

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you should try sleeping more than that.

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tryed can't
the i do not have the only thing that works

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what about it isn't working? have you habitually had issues sleeping?

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Birds of a feather flock together I suppose. Accelerator, Jill and Kokichi. Surprisingly good taste everyone, good job.

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Kokichi is easily the best though

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ever scene i was a toddler.
yes it is/ has effected my health.
i am ether never tiered or my thouths will not stop

i have tried everything.
and only one thing has worked.
but she took it away from me

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what did they mean by this
shit sucks dude, hope it gets better someday

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if i can get that one "thing" back in my life or a new one then everything will fall into place.

and everything will be perfect

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I need borgr imag not reel borgr
In which case you could call 4PM morning if your sleep schedule is bad

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No borgr zone

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this sounds like you're trying really hard to not say drugs
I guess? I don't know my dude, I've had some crazy hours before. maybe "morning" is "normie breakfast time"? like 7-11AM?

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DVD rekt.

Attached: 4.png (128x128, 24K)

Whats wrong, buddy?

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that "drug"
is a person

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that's even more disgusting
people are gross

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Sad your favorite desk slammer and mic farter got banned?

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today be the day I devour mx second gyros! :3

happy day
healthy life people.

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Too far man
(So close)
Scientifically: Post 12:00 AM
Practically: Whenever one wakes up
Traditionally: 6-11 AM

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I don't know what half of these words mean, supreme
then by two metrics it isn't morning, I'm still good

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it's oki italy fren :) no problem.
How is you?
I heard it's pretty bad, the spreading fo the curse I mean.
Do you have like a face mask on 24/7 or do you people just not take it that serious?

also, was gud weekend so far?
was oki for me I guess... tho today marks the end of my holiday which is poop =_=

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I'm not the italian.

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That's the other Jill.

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Also morning /waifu/ mb.

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oh so you both here!
this is for you then

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Practically, the traditional morning is going to be my practical night if things keep going the way they are now

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I just got here, was hunting guiding lands on MHW.
And it's going on I guess, government for some reason reopened theaters and such but decided to keep schools closed for one more week. 90% of the population panicked already when the first cases were found, markets assaulted with any kind of goods being bought, I'm more or less 20km away from one of the curse bubbles but I have yet to take any real countermeasure, aside from keeping clean often.
Face masks are useless especially the normal ones, you use those if you're the infected to avoid it spreading further, in case if you're healthy and really want to "be safe" you have to buy the ones with the active carbon filters, but that too is kinda wasted, in reality the best thing healthy people can do is drink their orange juice in the morning and focus on helping the immune system.

I had a dinner with current and old work colleagues yesterday, was okay, wouldn't do again for the next 6 months though.

Attached: Printed_Jules.jpg (1200x778, 126K)

>active carbon filters
that is what i use at work to stop myseft from getting co2 posing when i am melting paint with a heat gun


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Attached: 4afa0e4fc77dcd715b1463f58eda000b4091c212.jpg (1325x1766, 600K)

oh! you write a lot, I need coffee for such long posts...

I hear that game is fun... but every time I wanna check it out it just seems like something you can not solo... and I wanna slolo I'm not gud with people ;-;

oh... ya that's gud, cleaning your hands often and not touching your face is way more important than just wearing a mask. I hope it goes away quick when it starts to get hotter again!

I don't like orange juice though... I'm more for lemon or grapefruit oh oh! or pomegranate juice~

Attached: mafu3wzs3.png (1075x1518, 1.11M)

coffee + orange juice

you like that? :)

Attached: mai2rs9wg.png (754x754, 328K)

Virus and bacteria doesn't really fly around, it usually sticks to dust and other small particles, or humidity/water.
Also dust filters for face masks aren't really produced anymore cause everyone uses the carbon filters anyway.
I think anyone that has to work with chemicals and volatiles has to wear one, my own brother produces solvents and liquids for treating pelts and leather, probably would've burned his lungs after a few days without a mask.

Depends on what I'm talking about and how "^^
You can solo everything if you want, but funnier with multi-player.
Mhm, and I have no idea on when it'll go away, could be 1 month or half a year to me.

Whatever has antioxidants or vitamin C, or E works. Or you can fill yourself with raw garlic so no one comes near you :P

I don't go out as often anymore, now that I stopped blazing and keeping beers and general drinks to a minimum, I prefer spending my time staying home.
And whatever floats your boat, if you wanted to make a long reply then good.

Coffee + red wine

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Attached: n36cvqaipyj41.png (512x768, 288K)

I sleep

Attached: IMG_20200226_002934.jpg (587x469, 83K)

Nini sweet dreams.

Attached: Taking_Care_of_the_Dead.jpg (859x1200, 173K)

nini kumicute

Attached: god i wish that were me.jpg (1280x720, 40K)


alma too tbh

Attached: 1571912885428.jpg (768x768, 71K)


Attached: Smug.jpg (1920x1080, 149K)

it makes it sweeter and i am lactose internet
orange juice and coffee is fan fucking tastick

Anna probably most based though.


Attached: Kirby_Jules.jpg (871x1200, 125K)

Jill! cute sphere.

Attached: Tomoko slut tshirt.jpg (792x1002, 142K)

Someone for some reason made TF2 x Va-11 Hall-A crossover pics.

Attached: Friends_of_Jules (68).jpg (2492x3008, 644K)

I really liked that :) write looong I want to read more of what you write!

no... I have talked to frens and soloing that would be hard and after a while probably no fun since always lose or something :(

oh!! I have this one grape juice where it says on the box it has like iron and lots of vitamin stuff inside :)
I just had this gyros thing, it had Tzatziki on it... though is a gud smell smell yum

I was on holiday until today and all I did was do stuff at home, was pretty comfy :3
It is really nice to just like spend at least one day in bed watching stuff playing games... I kinda miss it, sad no time machine ;-;

you are awesome! look at me go again biggg ^w^

it just seems so weird... but I suppose I can't be sure of that without having tried it myself

Attached: mar8dhd.png (927x903, 1.05M)

maybe they just really liked both of the games and went for it??

Attached: 1476202833469.jpg (708x1000, 644K)

Anyone else loves to get drunk off their ass ^.^

Attached: Screenshot_20200301-015304_Crunchyroll.jpg (2280x1080, 862K)

Most likely, they're great still kek

Oh my that's flattering.
You definetly can, like any game play and learn how to be better at it~
I'd rather go for fresh fruit, juices are always filled with sugars and preservatives.
Good to hear, my first vacation leave period starts round Easter, as I have the option to choose I spread the days over the year to get at least 1 week off every other month, first one though it's 2 weeks.
Nah I'm good, awesome maybe only one day every few months.

Occasionally why not, yes.

Attached: Friends_of_Jules (62).jpg (2048x1448, 361K)

hell yeah
lol iwant pizza now

Attached: 1506838324076.jpg (901x1200, 320K)

no why would i want to feel like garbage.
oh what never mind

Attached: near14.jpg (177x284, 8K)

mhmmm... I'm not gud tho!! with anything! ;-;

oh.. I get what you mean ye, have coffee beans at home and grind them up myself for that reason, just tastes better somehow.

oh! ya I'm also looking forward to easter! ya I have 32 days per year I can distribute... often I forget and last year towards the end I took 4 weeks off, was too much though but nice at the same time :)

you are so nice! I hope you have gud weather down there and like lots of sun and soft breeze :3
the wind here has been really strong lately and lots of rain only poop weather past days ,_,

Attached: nepe4tb.png (850x1430, 1.3M)

My internet is back

Attached: EQlBDfbUEAEVdND.png (889x1034, 374K)

coffee is fruit juice, orange juice is fruit juice.
they belong together

>only poop weather past days
is that s shit storm xD

I may try this someday, thanks anone :)

hah! >w

Attached: tp6u68_a.gif (614x768, 1.89M)

Attached: 1 - 1girl 2019 arm strap bangs black bow black scrunchie black skirt bow character name curly hair d (1066x1500, 1.45M)

Attached: 1577393625346.jpg (720x1260, 294K)

I wish I were a bird.
caw caw

Attached: 1582252708742.png (1280x720, 501K)

Sounds good

Don't be a downer that's not the hunter spirit!

That's because it is better.
22 days for me of vacation leave, I have 10 more but those are called DOR(Day of rest) and you put them down the month you have them.

I like rain it's not a problem c:
Rainy today in fact, not too windy thankfully, we had some strong wind only around Monday and Tuesday.

Attached: Thriller_Jules.jpg (1920x1080, 1.76M)

Attached: 1580016121995.png (317x390, 256K)

why a bird?
lol no place will sell me a pizza at 3 am tho.

Attached: 1478352301205.jpg (1024x768, 318K)

I know... sorry I just default to being depressed way too often ;-;

oh! sounds interesting those resting days :3

it's nice in the evening listening to it while in bed =w=
ya I'm pretty sure the biggg winds moved up here now but it's starting to calm down

I wish I had a jules on hand whenever I'm bored :(
maybe I'll check out the game

Attached: wait2rfhs.png (650x750, 854K)

Just imagine...

Attached: 1582250032939.jpg (745x838, 240K)

i can and it sounds sucky.

Attached: 1494549797190.jpg (1260x1080, 294K)


Attached: MlNsY0M2VTkxU1Zxb29hNjJDaGUuanBn[1].jpg (681x577, 48K)

That's why I always keep at least 1 frozen stored.

Sad, a lot do and I did too, so I know how it is.
In total I have 32 myself as well~
Even during the day it's fine, I used to dislike it when I went out almost 5/7 days per week, but now I prefer it rains so no one asks me to go out kek

Maybe when cloning will be possible.

The only upside is that you can fly and shit on people's heads.

Attached: Yooo_Jules.jpg (1024x1024, 89K)

i dont really want to fly around and do nothing
cute pic. plz let me borrow the stored one. ehh not really an upside to me.

Attached: 1504322919334.png (810x466, 200K)

what is the meaning of this thread


you should visit krautland once in a while, few fun things to see here :) like castles and things

heh! nice, not a problem for me tho since I live alone so can do whatever :3

no... it wouldn't feel right there's only one ;-;

Attached: aoi34wgs.png (1000x715, 747K)

Attached: Do It For Her.jpg (1400x1000, 169K)

Nobody makes you fly around. You can be a kiwi.

that reminds me... I need to bake a frozen one. and make coffee again.

Attached: 1582252937431.jpg (1680x946, 364K)

Yus. You can have it, I had pizza yesterday so I'm good.
Well, in any case trading a human life for a birds isn't really a good deal, at all.


I would mostly travel for food, see local ingredients and recipes, just gotta find a good tavern to spend the night in.

Good for you, still better to live with parents for me, have to take care of some more things first and then maybe I can start thinking of living alone somewhere.

Oh well, I guess you're right on that one.

Attached: VaporJules.jpg (2048x1894, 385K)

please i wanna know help

Attached: 1408916851963.jpg (296x170, 14K)


Attached: 1582597328344.jpg (223x373, 41K)

an even lamer bird
hell yeahhhh and yeah being a bird suckks. you cant even go inside unless its a birdhouse or something

Attached: 1499995830794.png (404x463, 104K)

A lamer sad depressed one. But a bird nevertheless.

Attached: 1582249462134.jpg (900x1397, 564K)

oh! food is always gud ye sounds fun :)

sure is gud ye... only part that sucks is having to do all the work like garde, clean windows, vacuum whole house and shit I gotta do it all myself ;-;
but have been fine for a long while honestly and quite like the silence and the liberties that come with it.

thinking about playing game... not sure if rimworld or just more beat saber.. still undecided

Attached: tp2adgf.png (868x946, 734K)

id rather be a dude.

Attached: 1519189560217.jpg (680x676, 49K)

Have a good one then, what on top?

The only way would be sneaking in someone's house and hope they don't find you.

Pretty much what I'd enjoy the most.
I don't mind doing housechores, it's comfy with some music on and time ofc.
I can imagine how comfy it'd get~

No idea, I never played either.

Attached: Feels_Right_Jules.jpg (500x416, 35K)

you flap and make a lot of noise. youll get caught qq

Attached: 1507759621550.jpg (2048x2048, 740K)

A kiwi without the fur.

just cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. I may add some bacon also. I buy my frozen ones as simple as possible and I add toppings with what I feel like when I want to eat them.

Attached: 1582248886926.jpg (1002x1002, 237K)

a dude. with dude parts.

Attached: 1500698527154.jpg (516x600, 119K)

same here, not much though, maybe like six bites and take the rest with me, can't eat much ;-;

true that! I did this friday, had to fold like a shit ton of laundry and reorganize my cabinets and afterwards jsut felt like going on a cleaning spree where I did like the whole house and even the stairs.... I hate doing the stairs it's kinda pain to clean but they have these rugs on every step so you kinda have to after a while =_=

it really is comfy! man... during times like holidays I barely wear anything since I don't have to go out really.... it feels so nice
I mean not having someone else around you and you just doing whatever you want that's such an amazing experience! I could never ever go back to living with someone else!

oh, well I don't have any rimworld stuff but I do have beat saber stuff on my yt youtu.be/uPRharpdAhs
maybe you'd enjoy playing it :) I really like the rhythm aspect of it you just kidna get into a flow after a while it's like dancing (almost, 360° one is more like it)

Attached: tp9vs3_e.png (519x627, 185K)

I wanna be a cowboy, baby

Attached: 78371377_p129_master1200.jpg (1200x1140, 269K)

no you wouldn't

Attached: mg2tgh.png (1511x1246, 1.84M)

Heck yeah I would.

Attached: 78371377_p89_master1200.jpg (603x1200, 306K)

Have you read of Mice and Men?

Attached: 1424938341796.jpg (1013x2008, 479K)

d you enjoy the painstaking reloading of a revolver or something?!

Attached: nre5h.png (640x360, 316K)

Have you not heard of a speed loader, my friend?
They are quite useful.

Attached: think.jpg (214x249, 51K)

Give it a read and reconsider.

Attached: 1471853779742.jpg (687x871, 198K)

Well I'm not talking about running off to live a life of castrating steers and herding cattle.
I'm just gonna watch a bunch of westerns and then run off to a shithole somewhere to become an outlaw.
Just gotta iron out that cool cowboy name.

Attached: EQuyNLfUUAEbcnC.jpg (1900x1803, 355K)

>confusing cowboys with outlaws
Son. Are you playing them vidja gaymes again?

Attached: 1475022411758.jpg (800x1000, 121K)

always here killin the good ol fun.

Attached: tph433.png (523x650, 252K)

Well come on, who doesn't think about the Western movie Clint Eastwood types when someone says "Cowboy"?
It's all about the idealism, dawg.

Attached: EQkflN0UEAEwCdi.jpg (1148x1107, 177K)

Cowboys were honest hard working men. Outlaws were your common thug on the lam. If you want to just be a liquored up gunslinger, well, pick your gravestone and epitaph early.

Attached: 1505235445078.png (500x500, 58K)

Killin' the fun?
You just make sure to dance at my funeral, baby.
Scatter my ashes at the Alamo.

Attached: 1521219774059.jpg (600x575, 187K)

Sure. It's downtown so I think I can do that. Just make sure to get your affairs in order first. I don't want to make a pit stop at HEB for a mason jar.

Attached: 1528599357962.png (674x675, 436K)

don't you like yurself a good reloading?
though I have to admit this one youtu.be/TI6CW3jE6xM
is a bit too tedious like every fucking shot >~

Attached: tpvwv.png (850x1060, 657K)

What do you think some cool last words would be before I die in a shootout with the feds?
I'm thinking about "bang" while I shoot a finger gun at an unseen camera.
Feels kinda cheap to ripoff Cowboy Bebop, though.
That is the price of using bolt action, yeah.
On the bright side, it probably feels cool to do after every shot.

Attached: 6d66afeb6e9f37cd670f1d8757a07649.jpg (906x1280, 153K)

I loved you monica.
and end credits roll with this tune

Attached: 1582151705637.png (400x600, 179K)

Can't just come up with something like that on the spot. Things like that are forged throughout the life of the person who will say them. Truth be told, a lot of people never get to choose their last words. Should it be profound? Proverbial? How about a grim insult? A lone swear? Should you be given the mercy then maybe you should think of it yourself.

Attached: 1478329777920.jpg (693x769, 142K)

hell yeah it do! I have a Barrett M99 one where you have to load the bigass bullet after every shot fucking hits like a truck and loud af
didn't upload that yet tho

Attached: yag4.png (1500x659, 1.83M)

I wonder if Heaven got a ghetto..
Knowing me, i'd probably panic in the moment and stammer out some shit like "Turtle dicks".
They'd probably put it on my tombstone, too.
"Turtle dicks".

Attached: 77980593_p0_master1200.jpg (750x1200, 687K)

Welp, it's 7AM. I'm turning in.

That would be embarrassing to say the least.

Attached: 1582391963911.jpg (768x1024, 73K)

sleep well!

Attached: 1507441529739.jpg (451x600, 57K)

On the bright side, I wouldn't be around for long to realize I fucked up.
Unless there's a cowboy hell or something.
Then i'd get bullied for all of eternity.

Attached: 6000a325621ed52b160bd2636ac80fca.jpg (731x684, 76K)

if 2pac's there there is one
peace bro

Attached: 1582156417776.jpg (629x1200, 118K)


Attached: 1514416792415.jpg (551x849, 74K)

>peace bro
You headed out too? Have a good one.
Based choice.

Attached: 77574805_p3_master1200.jpg (791x1200, 245K)

Head out. Nah. I'm a little too low on energy for that. I can't even make a god damn coffee. 2pac needs peace over there.

Attached: 1581077118154.png (800x1149, 1.76M)

Ah, I misunderstood.
Probably because I'm really tired myself. Stayed up all night watching anime and listening to music again. I'd say it was worth it.
Indeed he does.
As for Biggie..
>When I die, fuck it, I wanna go to hell
>'Cause I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to fuckin' tell
>It don't make sense, goin' to heaven with the goodie-goodies
>Dressed in white, I like black Timbs and black hoodies

Attached: ECn5ZkQU4AE_zki.jpg (873x804, 114K)

same here. except shit people woke me up way early... on a fuckin' sunday. i still can't understand why people care if i'm alive or not on my free days.


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I came to drunkenly shitpost but it's at the image limit big gay

>image limit
Shit, I still can't understand why people care if i'm alive in general.