I have no idea who to tell this but i am so insanely happy

i have no idea who to tell this but i am so insanely happy

>be doomer ass girl in 2018
>meet this doomer ass dude he helps me get through depression and shit
>i thought we were just friends but everything is amazing
>i think i love him all he ever tells me is how happy i make him and how flawless i am
>says that i probably saved him from suicide
>he is the most perfect person i’ve ever met, he actually said i love you to me today

i’ve never had a boyfriend in my entire life. i think i’m fucking doing it guys

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tits or gtfo

Tits or gtfo

why every girl in the internet has depression

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Please die in a fire

Shut the fuck up

Wtf lol where’s tits and timestamp? I read the crap about being a doomed girl but there’s no tits in the pic? I’m confused af

You fucking stupid whores know nothing about the real problems and the real depression. It's all just a game to you, you fucking posers. You pretend to be depressed and shit and in the next day you wear some slutty make up and a whore uniform and go to the bar with your friends.
I don't have friends, don't have a job, don't have a money, I have nothing actually, my life is full of pain. I have several serious health issues and diseases too. That's the real fucking problems and I don't even depressed much. So fuck you, you stupid little bitch.

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Lmao this is absolutely some guy fantasizing about his crush or something fuck off

I got this great solution to all your problems and your unwanted opinions. It's very simple. Kill yourself

get a job

I can't because I have a health issues, I can't work. I sleep like 15 hours a day.

Then kill yourself

Lazy piece of shit

Why? Because some motherfucking stupid zoomer said so online?
Go pretend to be depressed one more time, faggot.

still a useless neet though aren't you

You are retarded, I sleep because of disease. I barely can walk actually.

I don't see a reason for you to live, you don't see a reason for you to live, just do it, you would do the planet and society a favor by getting rid of a waste of oxygen

You know these words are retarded right

and some dude is obsessed with you? Either this is the ugliest and most desperate guys in the world or you’re making it up

Alright this could be a larp but the rest of you all are being faggots so i'll bite.

Assuming this is real congrats user. I hope you guys get married and have a very happy life together.

Depression can often be the result of being spoiled.Let OP believe there's no starving children out there, and the only problem she should be concerned with is her online relationship.
In 50 years she'll have to see the world from your eyes, and suffer as you have suffered.
I only hope that in the moments of reflection in those dusky years she realizes that you'd tipped her off to the nature of this world, but she couldn't see through the fog of her ooh la la land.