Is their a cure?

Is their a cure?

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You are not a native English speaker are you. Either that or you must have received very low grades in school.

Yeah, me reporting you degenerates.

9 millimeters of lead is the only cure.

the is no cure for ove

Legalize it

No, just embrace it

Bullet to the head
Drinking bleach
Having your lungs riped out of your back, so you cant breathe and die a slow and painfull death

shock therapy


It's always funny when someone attempts to act superior only to make the same basic mistakes.

Basic self control

More sweet cunny

uh huh. pot - kettle - black

There is no cure for sexy children

nothing to cure


I wokeup out of my sleep earlier this morning, refreshed Cred Forums and there was someone who made a thread talking about some bing search? I didnt look because i'm not stupid, does anyone know what they were talking about... or were up for that thread?

What search terms did they use? Asking for a friend

i had to reformat my post because i said what the search was about initially in my post but "the system thought it was spam"

>nigger glowing intensifies

I'm really not being a niglet, i just wish someone else who saw the thread would back me up right now lmao

Have fun getting v& moron. I’ll stick to the 2d stuff thank you very much.

what dont you like real kids?

yes it's here

I dont wanna know what it is numb nuts, I'm just saying there's fucking weirdos out here.. even your loli and shota shit is fucking weird.. all that talent and you guys draw that shit? and animal shit? come on...

Stay in school, kids.

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>I don’t wanna know what it is
Nigga you literally asked what it was don’t act stupid now user.

He’s just setting up his defense for his trial

Ahem, I don't think you wanted to have that comma in your sentence user. You would love to stay in a schoolkid as long as you possibly could.

I already know what the thread was you fucking moron, i was there for it. I wanna know if anyone else was there for it.. they were saying it was just basically like a nudist colony or some shit.. i just wanted to see if it was some dumb b8 troll shit or something.


And you’re asking for a friend right?

Just don't do it, seriously. Its fucking sick.

god, i wish i could penetrate a child, that would be heaven

I'm inquiring for an acquaintance

What am I sick just because I crave prepubescent pussy?

Have you ever gotten any pussy, period?


yeah your daughters Pictures.html



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Nice try FBI

Why is it so illegal to have sex with children even if they consent?

Cred Forums pranks in 2020: child rape legalized

You tried your best, and failed. But at least you tried.

I'll consider the question I've asked answer is a "Negative"

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It’s not rape if they consent

Would it be morally ok for a 20 year old man to do sex stuff with a 10 year old girl? I mean it’s only a 10 year age difference

I love old abandoned websites like these
You have to wonder why they bother to keep it up when the last update was on 2023 and that was after 4 years of nothing

Whats a good way to turn sex into a game? (other than doctor)

Sorry officer I can’t help

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actually, there is!

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Just to let yall know, they cant get you for possession if you dont save it...

OP and this glownigger, fuck off

Save it anyway so they can put you in jail where you fucking belong.

Looking at a picture should put you in jail?

Why are you so full of hate?

idk is there a cure for homofags and trannies?

there is no cure so long as they continue to look like this. pretending children aren't attractive is as stupid as pretending child models don't exist

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Join the lgbtq, let that disease implode

how old is she ?


U think children are attractive? You'd fuck a 12 yr old over an 18 yr old?
When I see a child my first thoughts are Definetly not their attractiveness

all that matters is she isn't an old hag

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Good for you dipshit. I don't care. You think 500 years ago people were marrying in their 20's and 30's? Men in their 20's were marrying 12-16 year olds. Who the fuck wants washed up pussy?


Yeah it only weighs 230 grains too

ask your mommie

Drawing furry shit is where the money is.

12 is on the older side but absolutely. 8 is my favorite though


*there, you illiterate paedo faggot

And yes, a high caliber bullet right between the eyes will cure your degenerate predatory disorder.

What is predatory about appreciating the beauty of gorgeous little girls?

already got a fat little ass on her


Come on dude.


No I think he likes cuming on girls not boys

Because apparantly they don't have brains so if u fuck them they'll all get traumatized or something like that. Oh and 2 children sexually explore themselves they also commit rape

Disgusting rejects who have no game and can only lure children because of their low iq and high chance of being persuaded

Can you fucking don’t

6 7 8 have obviously not been tested so either don't include them or show the real results lmao

Do you even know in the least bit how vaginas work


They age

How else can I get you to stop liking things I don't like, if I can't shout rape at everything and cherry pick the most extremely abusive cases of child rape.

It’s not enough to say you should kill yourself. You people truly, definitely need to die. I’ll send you some stuff to kill yourself with if you would like. You seriously need to not exist.

>stop liking things I don't like
Honestly I think that’s where 99% of hostility to pedophilia and pedophiles comes from and this dogma about children not being able to consent that everyone is brainwashed into was just made up to justify it

Do you really think we care what you think?

Ok boomer

Right now you’re just trying to rationalize having sexual with children, who lied to you to help you cope with your sickness, consent from a child means nothing

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Sex between adults and children used to be normal

It’s 2020 stop trying to rationalize that it’s okay to have sex with minors, did you know the life expectancy 500 years ago isn’t the same it is now you fucking idiot


That's definitely part of it. Another is that non-pedos tend to not view children as human beings, as this user explicitly states
>consent from a child means nothing
he literally does not care what a child wants, thinks or feels.

We used the think cigarettes weren’t detrimental to your health and that it was actually good for you, it means nothing that it “used to be normal” guess it fucking sucks for you it’s not normal, just stop trying to rationalize it and live with your problem in silence

>I have no arguments so pls just stop
>Consent means nothing
That's not an argument either. There ks nothing to measure "consent" so fuck off