Redpill me on this guy

Redpill me on this guy

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He’s just about the only politician who isn’t full of shit when he says he wants to help working class people out. Vote for him in the primaries.

He said red pill not blue shill. He's a career politician, so hes just another pawn in a broken game looking to fuck the common person under the guise of "doing good"

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Stop with the cynical edgelord act.
There are 535 members of Congress, and Bernie has something like 5 actual allies, all of them in the House, all people of color and most of them rode Bernie’s momentum to get there. Even nominally “Progressive” politicians like Elizabeth Warren are doing him dirty.
Sanders is really unique in American politics.

>Sanders is really unique in American politics

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Throwing around buzzwords isnt an argument. The problem is systemic and trying to act like some spineless dipshit screaming free shit is going go change anything is just blatantly ignorant. You have to play the broken game to be part of the system. Even if he didnt play their game all it would mean is he wont go anywhere. Your hope is pointless and you're bitching about symptoms instead of focusing on the source. Also what the fuck does having people of color riding your coattails have to do with anything? You're just vomiting the same stupid shit you read off twitter in hopes of sounding educated while doing no thinking yourself. You're just noise.

Added to the ban archive.

takes pills.
might be a red.
what more would you like to know?

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Feel the Bern

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Only real choice in the next election. It's that or 4 more years of incompetence

>Only real choice

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>or 4 more years of incompetence


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Look, right now we’re in uncharted territory. Ever since the inception of the British colonies in the New World, the United States has been growing in power and influence. But we have already peaked and because of the 2008 financial crisis and the catastrophic War on Terror and China capitalizing off of our mistakes, we’re in a downward spiral.
The hope of Bernie Sanders is that A) he can push back against the elites, who have decided to extract as much wealth out of the America people as possible because they can’t suck the blood of the rest of the world like they used to and B) try to negotiate a fair and stable multi-polar world order so that we don’t fall into the Thucydides Trap of a diminishing power declaring war on a rising power.
Finally, the global economy looks like it might go into a nasty recession as bad as 2008. Honestly, who do you trust more to protect the interests of working class Americans, Trump or Sanders?

>Trump or Sanders?

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He's the ghost of George McGovern.

Can you point to the 'communist' policy on his web page? You dolts keep throwing out the 'isms', communism, socialism, but the most radical idea he has so far is that the US should have health care like all the other first world countries.

Repeating a word like socialism or communism doesn't suddenly change the definition of the word. Hell, single payer isn't even setup as "socialism" since Hospitals wouldn't be owned by the state and doctors wouldn't be employed by the feds. It's just, as it says, a single payer.

He has about 20 years tops to live on this Earth. He is probably shitting in a diaper while babbling on a podium for all we know.

He is old as dirt. Weak as a millennial. And I don't need his permision to smoke pot, drink and drive or beat the shit out of you beta faggots for bring your retarded beta-submission political bullshit pestilence around me...


Yeah, but in the US, the healthcare industry is a cash cow for the pharmaceutical and medical device corporations, the health insurance industry, and the financial interests that fund and profit from them. And there is no way in hell they are giving up their revenue stream, not without a fight anyway.

Even if Sanders’ single payer plan isn’t socialism, strictly speaking, it would be a massive win for ordinary people if it were to pass. And it would give ordinary people enormous confidence going forward that they could win even bigger political fights.

Im voting for Bernie cause dont wanna file for bankruptcy if I ever need to go to the hospital

>Redpill me on this guy
-Never held a job until 40 years old
-Became a millionaire
-Says all millionaires should pay their fair share
-Still has his millions of dollars
-Know absolutely nothing about basic economics
-Had heart attack
-Will probably be dead before the election
-Pretty sure reatrded

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Everybody is born as a blank slate and the only reasons that there are different outcomes between individuals/groups is because of differences in socialization, environment and oppression. If the government controlled the conditions during every woman's pregnancy and raised every child in a factory, we'd all be equal and there would be a communist utopia.

>dont wanna file for bankruptcy if I ever need to go to the hospital
Get job with health insurance. The hardest part of that is not crying saying there are no jobs, but actually going out and knocking on doors and sending out resumes

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Only 2 million, and yes that tends to happen when you write a bestseller, run two fairly successful presidential campaigns, and are the most popular senator in the Senate
ik OP wants redpill but sorry, couldnt help myself

>The hardest part of that is not crying saying there are no jobs, but actually going out and knocking on doors and sending out resumes

cant tell if this is satire...

Sitll, I'm voting Bernie because this status quo we live in sucks ass.

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why didn't you post this on pol? you a newfag?

>Only 2 million, and yes that tends to happen when you write a bestseller, run two fairly successful presidential campaigns, and are the most popular senator in the Senate
No one should have 2 million dollars. Why hasn't he given his fair share to the government yet and lead by example?

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I see you still found a way to cry about how lazy you are.

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>Get job with health insurance.
This is a joke, right? The health insurance companies are infamous for denying people’s claims, even when it is obvious that they are entitled to them. That’s their entire business model.

>The health insurance companies are infamous for denying people’s claims
Says the unemployed faggot. Had awesome health insurance for the last 18 years and never had a problem. Again, stop crying about shit you haven't tried and go the fuck out and earn a living. Stop believing you deserve someone else's money.

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>The health insurance companies are infamous for denying people’s claims
yet you think government run healthcare would be better. there is no one more retarded than you

You’re obviously a shill.
The situation has become so obscene that even the corporate news has been shamed into reporting on the most egregious cases of insurance companies denying obviously legitimate claims.

>Stop believing you deserve someone else's money.
That’s hilarious, considering the business model of health care insurance companies is taking their customers’ money and refusing to pay out claims.

This is the most ridiculous excuse I've ever heard for someone to not get a job.
>WAAAAAAA I want free money and free healthcare but I want someone else to pay for it because if I get a job there's a 1% chance they might deny my claim after I already used my insurance hundreds of times so it's not worth it and anyone who says otherwise is a shill because no one is successful because of hard work an 80 year old communist told me so
Fucking lazy piece of shit

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Oh yeah, you're right. When was the last time the news ran a story about when an insurance company paid a claim? You only see when they don't. Buy again, you're right. Why get a job when there's a chance the insurance company won't pay your claim?

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Draft dodger


>cases of insurance companies denying obviously legitimate claims.

this is far from common

You’re not even trying, shill.
I hope your supervisor cares about his job less than you do, because otherwise you’re fucked for producing such slipshod work.
Everyone knows the real bloodsuckers are the healthcare insurance companies, who wouldn’t exist if Congress weren’t so fucking corrupt.


10/10 would support a Sanders/Bullock ticket.

But then, you'll have SJW's complaining about two "old white men". Never mind that Bullock is 54, barely a Boomer.

he's a fuckin heeb and that's all you need to know.

the whole concept of redpills is for faggots

Why should we live at the mercy of healthcare insurance bureaucrats whose entire business model rests on paying out as few claims as possible?

What's wrong with the status quo right now? The fact that any human living in the USA has a greater standard of living than any other human in history right now? The fact that even though you are an unemployed lard ass you will still be able to use the emergency room without insurance because doctors cannot refuse to render life saving aid? The fact that if you just go out and get a job, and spend less than you make, you WILL be rich by the time you are 50?

Nice try.
The entire business model of the healthcare insurance companies is to take in as much money as possible and weasel out of paying as many claims as possible. They’re not a charity.

Oh good thing that we don't, but if we elect Bernie we most certainly will live under your example because the health insurance would be run by the government and they cannot run a single thing without it being a huge catastrophe.

i hate this fucking jew, but all 90% of the post in these threads are boomerfags who i hate just as much.

>The fact that any human living in the USA has a greater standard of living than any other human in history right now?
You can’t be serious. Why would the American electorate vote for an aspirational fascist like Trump if everyone were happy?

Name one county that went from a private, for-profit health care system to a single payer system, and the people howled that they were better when they went broke paying for private health care.

>any human living in the USA has a greater standard of living than any other human in history

Except for the people living in countries like Denmark and Norway, which both have single payer healthcare. Scandinavians and Canadians are completely mindfucked on the ridiculous prices Americans pay for healthcare. Maybe there's a reason health insurance and pharmaceutical companies bribe politicians like a Vegas boxing ref?

And don't even start on muh wait times, the Versace store is nicer than the Wal-Mart but that doesn't mean we should just only have Versace stores

back to /pol you fruitcake

The only reason they can have socialized medicine is because the US subsidizes all military assets in NATO.

>The fact that if you just go out and get a job, and spend less than you make, you WILL be rich by the time you are 50?

This would be valid if our entire economy wasn't based on a shifting foundation of debt and credit. Try buying a house, car and groceries with less money than is currently in your savings account.

Groceries is super easy. You only need 150-200 per month, if you have a family it might be 500-600 a month. There is never one reason to eat out at a restaurant if you are so broke that you struggle to buy groceries without a credit card.

True buying a house without credit is impossible for 99% of humans. But why is that the only option? Why do you need a house before retirement age? Why not find alternative living methods? You can buy cheap land outside of any major city and build a small cabin, then just commute to work. You could save up enough money to build your own home in less than 5 years on minimum wage as long as you are saving most of your income.

I would rather buy my own insurance, and be able to choose the amount of coverage and thus the cost, than have the government increase taxes across the entire spectrum just to pay for stupid people to get non life threatening treatment.

Nice try, but the private healthcare industry—comprised of the healthcare insurance companies, pharmaceutical and medical device corporations, and the financial industry—is a separate issue from military spending. Cuba, for example, has to spend money defending itself from the United States but even embargoed Cuban can manage to have the best health care outcomes in all Latin America.

Nice bait mate.

Hooked two.

>saving most of your income
Yeah you need to move out of mommy's basement and see what the real world is like.

I moved out 8 years ago, but thanks for the concern. I have been able to save money while paying rent and bills. I live in a shitty apartment and I haven't bought anything for fun in over 2 years now. Haven't been to a coffee shop in years, haven't eaten at a restaurant in years, I go to the drive through maybe once a month at most. I cook most of my food from scratch and eat the leftovers for lunch at work. Saving money is the easiest thing in the world, going in to debt and spending is way harder.

Yes you are wage slave because at any moment the CEO decides that his profit is more Important than his workers jobs. People that helped build the company, people that are being paid the minimum amount of money that the market will bare. The CEO can decide he would make more money by shipping the jobs to Mexico and that is after paying you the minimum he can gef away with.

These assholes at the top sees its workers as disposable. They believe in capitalism where they are allowed to pursue their own individual desires without a care for anyone else. This is cruel, hypocritical, and destabilizing to the communities that are hurt by capitalism.

You do not "save most of your income" and nobody cares that you live in a trash can and live a pathetically empty life.

a euro-'jew', in fact a khazar, been leeching on governments since the middle ages. spare your vote.

The minimum wage has to be higher than welfare. The government gives welfare that is worth more than minimum wage because people can't live on minimum wage. Stop ignoring reality.

go burn a cross in someone's yard, cletus

Just because you are a slave to your debt, and want everything in life for free, doesn't mean that there aren't actual human beings on this earth who work for the things they want. If you want to be miserable and complain about how unfair life is then you can, it's your right to be retarded.

He doesn't take banker money, is atheist, and will not get the things that scare you passed.

You can live on minimum wage, just not in cities. If you want to live in a rich area then you need to be rich. You are also capable of getting more than one job, so even at minimum wage you could easily increase your income by 50-100% very easily.

Weird assumptions. Or I could just lie about "saving most of my income" when I definitely don't do that XD

Bigger con man than trump, which is saying a lot. He has no idea to follow through with what he’s promising, and it’s scarier because he’s talking about ~52 trillion dollars. Apparently cutting the military budget accounts for a large part of this.
>military budget is 750 billion. Do the math
He will bankrupt the US and create a decade of near apocalyptic conditions. If you don’t like trump that’s fine and understandable. If it comes down between the two, vote trump. Yang would’ve been ideal and Bloomberg wouldn’t be horrible but I question his ability to run a country effectively. Trump has been decent at best but not shit, despite what reddit and the media would have you believe, tho there are vastly better candidates out there.

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Well, he is a socialist. Socialism never worked, so people who still try that are either insane, if they actually believe in it or just lying.
That is all you need to know.

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No you are wrong. Minimum wage is not enough to SHARE/SPIT a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate.

Hes a nobody, Biden will get the nomination

When you say 52 trillion dollars... And 700 billion dollars... In each case do you think you're talking about per year or what exactly?

He wants to support the middle class instead of fucking them over like always. All there is to know. Anyone who can’t see that is a brainwashed slave.

Or European where social democracy under republican governments is working wonderfully.

>we're in a downward spiral and we need to stop it
>let's elect a literal supporter of 3rd world communism to turn things around

I'm voting Biden on tuesday, you're batshit crazy

Yep it is. The problem is that it’s so infeasible that it would kill any economic growth. If the US economy is a car, Bernie becoming president is the equivalent of a car running into a cliff side at 100mph

>Honestly, who do you trust more to protect the interests of working class Americans, Trump or Sanders?
Trump of course. Are you kidding?

I use my health insurance on the regular and the only time it was going to be denied I was notified up front that I'd have to pay $130 out of pocket.

It was an absolutely pointless test besides my curiosity so I'm not booty blasted that they wouldn't cover it

>supporter of 3rd world communism

That is a weird description of Norway, the EU, Australia and Canada.

52 trillion dollars per year? What are you smoking my dude?

Bernie took his honeymoon in the USSR and had praised Castro and other communists. Hes literally a communist.
nearly 1 in 4 chronically ill insured Americans are denied prescribed treatments.

>-Says all millionaires should pay their fair share
>-Still has his millions of dollars

what does that even mean? In your goblin brain fair share means that they take everything?

alright drop the tough boy act faggy

Oh no! Point to his communist policies?

you're trying to convince a magatard? Good luck bursting the bubble

and you call that a life? you're autistic aren't you?

Except your shit skin problem yeha

I think you are confused, that was Obama who praised Cuba, so he is a communist.

then don't be chronically ill!!! Would a magatard say

All the "my team vs your team" shit aside, he's the only candidate who has shown a genuine interest in providing adequate universal healthcare to the US and has goals to help reverse the massive wealth inequality that has been on the rise in America which is actually a huge deal, not just for minimum wage/sub poverty line folks, but basically everyone who isn't the top 1%. Everyone else in the race is taking massive amounts of corporate/lobbying money and that's who they're going to be doing work for as president, not for us. Bernie is working for the people of the US.

There are fewer minorities in Europe than there are in the US. What?

Ask Bernie

we should ask Bernie, what are you smoking? Well what's your name then?

you're so clueless dude just give up

the worker can invest in the company too

the worker gets paid to work, not for "building the company" - the worker doesn't build anything, they follow instructions by people who built the company

the people who actually built the company got paid way more than the low level worker, the low level work contributes nothing and in time the need for the low level worker will vanish as machines can do their jobs and more efficiently and for less cost

If you think he's proposing a 52 trillion dollar per year budget, you're so far gone lol.

Lmao this is a fantasy. Nice young adult novel you wrote there. You leftist fucks cant even fathom the idea that people voluntarily work for money and are ok with that.

He's so likely to win a billionaire bought his way into the primaries - spending dozens of millions - just to avoid his income tax hike.

he's a russo sino plant by saudi arabia and al qaeda isis rabbinist moloch worshipping jews from ethiopia
him taking the mantle of presidency is the seventh seal to break
as everyone knows that rabbi dying was the first of the 36 seals to break
the god send plagues are not seals, they just accompany the breaking
>I wish this was true
he's our savior against the reptiloids who are trying to replace us with jello beans

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Bernie can't math so his proposals will exceed 60T but he didn't bother to do the math to show what they'll cost.

You mean where the European governments are racking up debt faster than ever because their shitty leftist policies are unsustainable and are only running off of the former successes of capitalism.

Do millionaires have too much money?

You didn't read that article very carefully. If you have two incomes that are earning minimum wage, you can share a two bedroom apt. What the article was implying is that single moms earning minimum wage cannot afford a two bedroom apt. I couldn't care less if a person making minimum wage cannot afford a 2 bed apt.

Sorry I couldn't hear you over Germany's budget surplus

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no, they don't have enough money
you can't trust poor people with money and they should only be allowed to buy the necessities and be forced to at least invest a set amount of their money in possible spousal and child support, which could be used for education as well
we've seen long enough what happens if people have access to it and they just destroy themselves
instead we should extend blanket laws that allow to revoke driver's licenses and other privileges poor people take from society

dunno, perhaps if someone earns 300.000 or more we should allow them some modicum of control over their assets.
But time has shown over and over again how non affluent people will just ruin the economy with their basic behavior.
We should also not allow such people to have an effect on in foreign or domestic political affairs by tying the vote to proper estate tax paid.
America was great when it was like that, it could be greater if we return to it and keep poor, needy and lazy fucks from fucking it up.

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you mean fiscal year surplus? they're still in debt up to their eyeballs. not saying what we're doing in the USA is better but the answer is cutting spending not raising taxes.

Please stick to being a lurker. You are wrong, and you should feel bad.
"It's likely they have a partner or roommate living there as well, in which case they would split the rent. If both residents are minimum-wage workers, they would need to work 1.5 jobs each to afford rent."

Then show me your math proving this

should children of poor people really stay with the people that put them into this precarious position and can't even pay for their upkeep? I don't think so, with a proper government mandated education and orphanage system we could turn these children into good and successful workers that would be able to support themselves, while leaving them with half the necessary amount of paternal care just fucks most people up and creates a massive drain on public resources.

He is a filthy commie faggot who needs a nice helicopter ride.

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Reminder: no candidates are proposing budgets over 50 trillion a year and you would have to be entirely retarded to believe that. That is the equivalent of giving every american 100k per year. Think. Use brain.

>useful idiot/10

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minimum wage in my area is $12 an hour. If 30% of $3840 (two incomes working 40 hours a week) is $1152 a month, that's certainly possible to get a two bedroom apt. in the eastbay. Rule of thumb for rent is 30% of total income. Also if you're making minimum wage, you're at the poverty level already so you're already getting a shitton of subsidies by the state.

The US is deficit spending. Socialist Europe is posting yearly budget surpluses. Trump is spending like a chimp in a beat off contest. Socialist Europe is paying down their debt and not going bankrupt from healthcare costs. Great argument.

Mah nigga!
>also checking them dubbadubs

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yeah please compare us debt to anyone else on this planet, smaht fuck
fuck the jewish slave race and their bad education

The is about the federal minimum wage.

We can get out of debt by pulling out of the UN, ceasing foreign aid, and pulling troops out of foreign nations in which we have no interest. Stop feeding AIDS niggers in Africa, and let them breed themselves out. Lost continent.

I don't know the cost of rent in many areas of the country but the point still stands. Minimum wage in rural Alabama is a lot different from San Francisco for example and rightly so.

>minimum wage, you're already getting a shitton of subsidies
That's the problem, you shouldn't need a government hand out if you have a full time job. The minimum wage should be a living wage. Also again, it's about the federal minimum wage.

which country has a budget surplus?

Federal minimum wage is irrelevant because states have their own minimum wage.

Minimum wage shouldn't exist anyway.

Actually part of the reason why we're the world's reserve currency is because we have our tentacles of influence all around the world. All we need to do is start charging these countries for playing world cop.

Your point doesn't refute the fact that the federal Minimum wage is not enough to pay half the rent of a 2 bedroom apartment.

I can't refute it because I don't have all the data. I just know that in my area, the minimum wage does cover that.

Also minimum wage shouldn't be living wage anyway. Minimum wage should not exist.

The real redpill to be had here is that you can't get redpills on him in Cred Forums. You say the B word and all of a sudden every neck/b/eard and libertarian who can't comprehend the ideas of genuine human compassion and proper communication comes out of the woodworks to shamelessly vouch for their echo-chambered ideas and blatant racism. There are inherently only bluepilled trolls here.

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This sounds like something you would agree with.
pic related

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I'm a libertarian, Bernie is the only one that wants to reform the justice system and make weed legal. He also wants to make healthcare and education taxed while not making taxes any higher he's a win win in my book.

Minimum wage is a fucking joke and makes zero sense.

Why? Because economics say that if you can't live off of a wage, you will not live off that wage. That wage exists not for you but for someone else who can and is willing to do that work for that price. When you impose a minimum wage, you're saying to the person who is willing to work for that wage that they're not allowed to work for that wage. Raising the minimum wage removes jobs from the job market. If you're a person with a family of 3 people, raising the minimum wage should have zero effect on your life because there is no way you can support a family on minimum wage. Well the same can be said of wages that are below the minimum wage for a single person. That single person who is trying to live on their own cannot support themselves on a wage that is below their living expenses.

The market sorts the minimum wage problem itself. If the wage is too low, people who are supporting themselves or their families won't take those jobs because those jobs aren't for them. It's completely irrelevant whether or not a job is offered at or below minimum wage because obviously you're not going to take that job if you can't survive on that wage. If you set a minimum wage too high, all you're going to do is dry up the job market for people who could have had those jobs and survive. Not everybody working a low wage job needs to live independently and support themselves entirely.

Expecting a person to raise a family on minimum wage is literally as stupid as thinking a walmart greeter can raise a family with just his income alone.

>Doesn't know that cuba is kicking the US's ass in areas, even with the embargo.

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>He also wants to make healthcare and education taxed while not making taxes any higher he's a win win in my book.

What kind of incomprehensible garbage is this?

>kicking US's ass in areas

What areas do you speak of? If it's so awesome there, what stops you from moving there? Why the hell would anybody ever emigrate from there if it's so great there?

Off the top of my head, the health care is cheaper and they have a higher life expectancy. Impressive for a third world country.
Oh boy somethings there are fucked up though. Probably why you don't see much immigration there. I think like a quarter of the population can't read.

Main point is we can copy the good parts of other countries systems, and not copy the bad parts. I don't ever see an American socialist government. Independence is a point of national pride for us.
But taking social programs from socialist countries to keep the poor fed and housed, and a health care system that works for all is worth it.

you are apparently not mentally able to put those numbers into perspective with the actual debt
sad shit show of an education system

We already take care of the poor enough as it is, probably too much really. we're a beacon for welfare benefits which is why all the trash from south america keeps trying to migrate up here. Doesn't help that politicians are promising them free benefits.

I really hate the "illegals taking our welfare" meme. It takes one Google search to find out you need an ssn or proof of legal immigration to receive welfare.

Commie kike that wants to make the wageslave issue worse than ever

I live in california, they outright give benefits to illegals directly. The left politicians outright admit that they will provide universal healthcare to illegal aliens. Illegal aliens take about $130Bn in benefits each year. Get your head out of the sand, they're absolutely taking advantage of the system.

he's a terrible judge of character and surrounded by stalinists who openly call him a terrible judge of character even in reference to their own hiring

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I'm SoCal and your 100% full of shit. The only thing that changed this year is healthcare being mandatory for citizens and not undocumented people which was more to protect to take the burden off dreamers who almost get no benefits out of other programs they're paying taxes towards and get 0 benefits from. You're spouting memes.

I had a stroke reading this but this guy is right. Anyone with a job still has to pay the tax. That's how taxes work my dude. They just aren't obligated to go and get insured if they don't want to.

>when your brain is running on fumes
>time to be dramatic

Works in other countries. Whole bunch of them. Folks living in those countries are happier and safer.

You should try it.

its funny how many people think this, like congress and the House don't exist and he a supreme leader.... oh wait, fagtard trump is trying to do that. BERNIE 2020

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and that's from 2014.

this is fake cuck news,
- trump just signed a deal with the talaban and rebooted ISIS.
- it had a heart attack
- cant speak in full sentences
-pretty sure retarded
-went bankrupt running a casino
-is a faggot

Oh Thomas, so smart, but so dumb, all at once.

lol, what a fucking idiot that guy was

then why does any immigrate here? Why can't the losers of the world immigrate there? We don't want losers here.

>it had a heart attack
You talk about fake news yet you fucking idiots still believe Trump had a heart attack.

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Only because you don't like the truth he's saying.


fake fake news, senor faggot was rushed to the hospital in a ambulance 4 months ago with chest pains and they tried to cover it up.

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>senor faggot was rushed to the hospital in a ambulance 4 months ago with chest pains and they tried to cover it up.
Fucking kek. Which Trump hating "news" site did you see this on you fucking dumbass

>a heart attack
Is this a bad thing for a president?

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>Off the top of my head, the health care is cheaper and they have a higher life expectancy

this is total horseshit propaganda, they have a food shortage crisis every fucking year and 40% of their workforce is in farming, the cuban dream is to escape cuba and has been since the revolution


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He's lying, just like every other candidate trying to get to an elected position.

no u

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He just put pray the gay away pence in charge of a pandemic. This is in the country where people pay medical bills using gofundme, mind you. You think hes a smart person after doing that?

Actual economist and business experts from this countries top financial institutions say medicare for all will save money. You’re doing away with insurance, medical billing etc which are trillion dollar industry. Over the next ten years our as is medical industry will cost some 50 trillion without changing anything. Medicare for all might be a little more expensive or greatly cheaper...thing is we live in one of the worlds wealthiest countries, why are we letting random disease completely bankrupt peoples lives? Think of the societal benefit dropping everyones anxiety. Think of not being lower than African countries for infant mortality. Its time we catch up and stop using arguments that the elite, their children, and friends continue repeating as they revolve from industry to politics to media. I mean fuck the fact you all treat this like team sports even though the DNC/RNC work together and aren’t even officially part of our Government shows how much you all like it in the ass.

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yea and all we need to do is take more money from people who generate wealth which will result in the decrease of wealth generation which will force the new socialist government to blame the wealthy even more, resulting in a revolution where the entire economic sector will be taken over and made nationalized just with nationalized medicine, which will result in the collapse of the economy and a massive regression into subsistence farming, just like in cuba

your facts are bullshit, a real economist knows better, you need to stop taking the rhetoric of your current political ideology so seriously

That last paragraph is you friend. You take your reli...ideology so serious anything that benefits normal people (like in tons of other capitalist countries with higher taxes) is communism. You are daft. I pay nearly 20k a year in insurance for my family, if thats added into taxes and taken away privately, the benefit will already be better as Im not paying prescriptions, copay, part pay, etc. In your autistic analysis why do you fail to show example of capitalist countries that already offer this to their populace?

>pray the gay away pence
You misspelled future President Pence

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“Wealth generated” we’re at a peak for wealth generated in all of history. The dragons in our country with insurmountable mounds of gold...why arent things getting better? Wheres this magical hand that promises to jerk off your peasant dick if billionaires are doing well? Our infrastructure is in 1970’s level, our pregnant mothers are dying faster than mothers in Ghana. Our veterans are waiting months for standard care. Our educators and students are falling on a list of other countries...I could continue for hours. Stop fighting your own class. Its what the people that control everything want from a populace that outnumbers them

you aren't going to convince me with all the hyperbolic rhetoric, i've been around the world and I know you are flat out lying about the state of US vs other countries, your other so called socialist countries are not even remotely socialist and they benefit off of the research and development of USA, they benefit from not needed a military apparatus because of the protection provided by the USA and they benefit from the direct charity of the USA, this country is the central safety net of almost the entire planet but you don't know that, you only know what your current politician running for office tells you to believe

there's no point in trying to convince you anymore then you are trying to convince me, i know you are either lying, or you believe the lies fed to you

even in the face of overwhelming poverty you can still find communist leninist shop owners in cuba, despite only having a few tubes of toothpaste for sell in what is supposed to be a grocery store, because they believe the lies and cannot divest themselves from the ideology

>wall street bailouts
Obama and the democrats gave wall street the largest bailout in history.

>Wheres this magical hand that promises to jerk off your peasant dick if billionaires are doing well?


>they benefit from not needed a military apparatus because of the protection provided by the USA

Jesus fuck people actually believe this.

Lmfao forreal theres no arguing with people like this. I’m not even American and he assumes Im on the opposite team. Sad state of affairs for the American working class.

some companies take advantage of low wage workers in third world countries, makes billions in profit from selling the overpriced devices to americans, but somehow this is not fair for some americans because they can't afford healthcare because they buy overpriced devices helping companies make huge profits by exploiting low wage workers in third world countries?

is this the power of socialism?

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/Bern 2020

i almost with bernie wins and institutes his socialism

it will be hilarious to see all his billionaire cash cows he so desperately blames for everything just pack up and leave the country

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The thing is that doesn’t actually happen. Again these are naysayings that the elite come up with to derail any real progressive movement.

Here's a doompill for ya
Nothing will change. Regardless of who wins. It hasn't, for years. The left wing media will lie, the right wing media will lie. Congress will just stonewall everything as usual. Nothing will get done. And you'll be here, bitching about a twitter post, while they continue to strip away your rights, as an employee, as a citizen, as an individual. You'll get dumber. Your kids will get dumber. Their kids will be even dumber. And it'll all just fade away

No that’s capitalism. In a socialist society the workers would partially own the means of production. Capitalism requires low wage workers to capture wealth quick before opposing economies come to fruition. Its basically a very fast process since Capitalism either evolves into Capitalist/Socialist hybrid or pure Capitalism where firms have all consolidated destroying actual competition and society regresses into Serfdom

This doompill won’t be true If we choose candidates they all hate. Democrats are center right, Republicans are right. America has no real Leftist party. Even Bernie isn’t fully Leftist, but you daft people think anything slightly progressive is communism (its like that by design)

i think what you're trying to say is that you'll execute, imprison or send all the kulaks to re-education camps instead of allowing them to simply flee as has always happened in socialist revolutions?

Your assertions are not correct. The elites are governmemt officials who yeild power that doent belong to them.

damn you're naive

Well that nationalizing healthcare, energy production, and banking institutions thing sounds a lot like Marxism to me. But then again you likeley dont even know what that is huh?

Lol ok boomer. People don’t understand nuance or sarcasm

Mentally unstable leftist

We have a lot of things in our society that sound like Marxism to me does that mean they were Marxist it doesn’t stop using shitty stupid arguments. You know what does sound like Marxism a system that offers you free education free healthcare free housing pay based on rank do you know what I’m talking about it’s that thing the government wants to keep safe so it’s why I won’t offer free education and healthcare to its citizens, so it can keep enlisting rates up for the worlds most expensive military.

That was bush. He gave it away for free just before Barack Obama took office. The Obama bailout was to auto manufacturers and they had to pay it back. They did.

Don't you see it? At some level of wealth a rich person should have a lower tax rate as someone from the middle class. That's fair!

you're missing the point you fucking moron

americans with enough money to waste on shit they don't need are complaining that they don't have enough money for things that they do need and are willing to fuck up the perfect system they have that lets them choose to be fucking morons and buy shit they don't need by trading it all in for a socialist system that will result in them being actually poor, no helathcare, no smartphones, no internet, just bernie sander's bread lines and promises to make the wealthy pay their fair share, WHICH THEY WON'T because they don't actually have to

Oldfag here. I remember hearing this exact line back when Clinton was first running. "I'm voting for change." This line came from a born loser friend of mine who's still a born loser four presidents later

No you’re missing the point you fucking idiot just because Americans have expensive phones or modern gadgets does it mean they don’t deserve healthcare what kind of fucking Boomer brain do you have

Minimum wage always makes sense if the power dynamics is skewed in favor of the company in a way the workers can't leverage their own demands

Your kid's kids will be posting about how candidate x is going to turn the country socialist and candidate y is a fucking moron in 2080

Imagine being against an universal health care system which will actually improve the health care situation and saves money because you ate the lies and lobbying of large health care insurance companies

Good. The next step to a Capitalist system where trillionaires exist and firms are allowed to consolidate to own 75% of market, should be Socialism. A 3rd world country shouldn’t go Socialist, it requires Capitalism first to prop up a societies wealth, then once you hit peak that society moves to the next step for its people before oligarchy can take us to serfdom

All these fags regurgitating talking points bought by the medical billing and pharmaceutical industry. It doesn’t help they’re dense like an intellectual but stupid like a potato, Americans that oppose these simple arguments are caricatures of the patriots who drafted their constitution and way of life.

if you have the choice and you make a bad choice then you should have to accept the consequence of your choice

look i know you are used to being a pampered spoiled baby whos entire existence is possible because of some sweatshop workers in another country and you can easily loose the understanding of choices and consequences

but no one in the united states is a victim of economic circumstances, not a single person, people come here everyday to get free handouts in one form or another, people in this country who are able bodied and healthy live their whole lives on welfare

we don't need anymore socialism than we already have when a person with no job and no income can signup and get a free phone, a free place to live, free transportation and never give back

if it was up to me, people who don't pay taxes, who don't have job or who take benefits or welfare wouldn't be allowed to vote

bums should not be allowed to dictate the lives of the workers and over half of you socialists are just fucking bum looking to game the system

40 trillion dollars for all his free shit. That is the entire budget of US for ten years...

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is this the new marxist meta? instead of blaming capitalism for all the problems you instead require capitalism?

lol these mental gyymnastics

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Ok Greta

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Her name isn't Greta, its Derp Derp Derp Girl

Fuck off to pol

This is why lolbertarian retards should be turned into protein supplements for the thinking population.

>free shit

Literally just take the shit given to corporations and billionaires by the GOP enemy and give them to the people who actually need it.

He actually has a fairly strong voting record as far as never compromising on his ideals. It's not the biggest record for proposing or writing bills, but that's more than you can say for 100% of Republicans in the last 70 years.

>know absolutely nothing about basic economics

That's enough out of YOU, you Trickle Down-believing drooling RETARD.

This argument is utterly retarded. The service is paid for by subsidies from the government so it doesn't cause undue hardship to people to use it.

This is Utilitarianism 101. Non-elective healthcare shouldn't cost a fucking dime in any first world nation. PERIOD.

this is true.

At this point the enemy vulture capitalists and billionaire class has squeezed us so hard for so long and fucked so much up that I wouldn't actually care if it was (which it's not).

We need to rebalance the scales. This year and last year, the billionaire 0.01% paid less in taxes than the middle class did for the FIRST TIME in the history of this nation. That is the tipping point. From here we either fix it all and END the enemy Republicans and billionaires begin to pay their share again or we build Guillotines and France it up. Your pick, rich scum.

You aren't entitled to the labor of other people, fascist.

You are a fucking retard but the subhuman right's obsession with her IS pretty hilarious.

You are entitled to go to school and learn to not be a dumbshit. You should use that entitlement.

No, its part of being a market socialist you fucking twat. These economic/societal terms have differing branches, just like you aren’t a lazze faire capitalist.

Ok boomer

Over ten years, our current system will cost 50 within the same time frame. Only difference is the billionaires and petit boujwa suckling onto culture and broken dreams won’t be as rich

market socialist: let other people generate wealth and then steal it after claiming they stole it from people who don't even work

Amazon didn’t pay taxes, and was even offered the ability to keep employee income taxes by our Government. Essentially making its workers pay to work there, while we subsidize nearly 80% of his workforce with tax dollars. Your entire argument sounds like it comes out of a white guy with cuck fetishes and disposition for cognitive dissonance

yea yea inflation makes numbers bigger then they appear to be

but no continue to blame it on amazon

>everything just pack up and leave the country

To go where?

>expanding social security, ie taxing working class people more for the sake of the most retarded, bloated program ever created that just funds old people who should’ve died fifteen years ago to gamble and smoke cigarettes all day long
>helping working class people

He's complaining about everyone else is carbon footprint when he takes a private jet instead of just driving two hours

What about that same corporation not paying taxes and using our roads and Airways? Us having to subsidize their low paid workforce with benefits because they aren’t getting paid enough while their owners worth a trillion. How are you arguing against this? How do you not see the rich person as the parasite? You could take him at 80% and he’d still have too many assets and cashflow to spend it all. Why are you protecting them and not your fellow countrymen dying of stupid disease in the richest country on earth? Ive answered already why you have these opinions, keep licking those straps boy

everything you just said was untrue socialist rhetoric

amazon does pay taxes and it's employees can afford a living wage

but yea keep blaming amazon, i know you saw the grains of rice video and have a huge erection for wealth redistribution, by all means keep voting bernie i don't care

i want to see jeff uproot amazon from the US and plop it right down in china, i don't need amazon but all you bernie bros will die without 1 day shipping

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anyone who uses roads pay taxes for roads every time they fill up their tank with gas

people who work for amazon getting welfare are just leeching the system, they don't need welfare if they work for amazon, these people are making 30-40k a year

It’s actually whomst* sweetie

funny how you retards always defend Trump's lies by saying "all politicians lie" and then act like you hate career politicians.

by this logic we may as well just enslave everyone so that unemployment is zero

He has a very well archived history is trying to help the ones in need. Google it yourself and stop trying to get your info from fucking Cred Forums.


Yeah, where should they go? If all their assets is in the US and their money is in american bank accounts, where should they move to?

he's only a few years older than trump

bernie will say anything to get elected or to just spread socialism, he won't be happy until we are all subsistence farmers like cuba

these people are truly evil

trump literally claimed he would have Mexico pay for a huge useless wall he still has yet to build. Stop projecting.

they can go wherever they want, you think these people put their liquid assets in bank of america?

they put their money in the same place bernie sanders and every other politician puts their money, in offshore accounts

jeff could sell off amazon to china in a 1 day sale and open up shop if he wants to and all economy will suffer for it because jeff doesn't need america, america needs jeff

you people aided the politicians in trampling the constitution and the various protections against monopolies, so this is what you get a corporate monopoly with enough power and wealth to rival a national government

i for one hope bernie wins so we can see the collapse of a shit nation, you people deserve the hell you pretend to live in

keep sucking off jeff

this is a half truth, the wall is currently being built, portions of the wall being prioritized over others where illegal aliens move in higher volumes, and temporary fencing and vehicle barriers have been placed along most of the border until construction catches up

the funding does come from mexico in the form of not having to pay for the illegal aliens that have been stopped since trump took office, the mexican government has been forced to stop illegal from even approaching the border, this having to inter the cost of sending back illegals to the countries they came from by paying for the transportation, shelter food and healthcare costs that would have otherwise been paid for by the US

but keep lying, that way we know which side is being dishonest

Sanders was BTFO. Like 016.

Nobody deserves it more-

he's renovating existing fencing only. poorly, I might add. for all the billions we spent we can't seem to beat a 10 dollar ladder with this obese retard in charge

>they put their money in the same place bernie sanders and every other politician puts their money, in offshore accounts

But where is the problem for the US to pressure these offshore banks to obey the US? The US did so with swiss banks and they caved in in no time.

>jeff doesn't need america, america needs jeff
The US is the richest country of the world. Why do you think the US is not able to bend over his ass to make him do what the US wants?

the Mexican government has always tried to stop illegal immigration you retard.

>jeff could sell off amazon to china in a 1 day sale

And then what?
If the US says "no" to the sale and threatens all other countries who accept the sale to not trade with them anymore, China might be the owner of Amazon afterwards (if they dont drop out of the sale alltogether), but all they own is what Amazon owns within China. Everything else is outside Chinas influence.

A company is not like a physical thing. It has non-movable assets and is dependent on having access to markets - deny any of this and you have 100% leverage over these companies with literally zero issues.

the US economy is the richest in the world, the US government is over 23 trillion dollars in debt

the US government relies on these businesses to keep this country afloat, they are afraid of jeff bezos because if amazon fails as a company then that will take a HUGE shit on the economy the likes of which the great depression can't compare

your fundamental understanding of the balance of economic power in this discussion is so elementary

luckily jeff isn't a complete asshole and is playing this game for the benefit of everyone but if he feels threatened enough by some insane politician with delusions of wealth redistribution then he doesn't have to be a party to that and he can just bail

what is the united states government going to do? seize the means of production of amazon? even if it dared the result would be collapse, and most politicians understand this, i dare to guess even bernie understands this, but I believe he is just mental and would pull the lynch pin out of pure resentment

same goes for AOC and all these new "justice democrats", they have no conception of an economy and will ruin it if they get the power to do so, and they will do it in the name of "justice"

accelerate this shit for all I care, people seem to be on a linear path of destruction as it is

After super Tues., Sanders will be the top of the ticket or done. He would be an extreme liability as VP.

you haven't been paying attention to anything at all

the chinese controlled company tencent owns a chunk of every TV show, movie and videogame you consume

politics in this country are being swayed by chinese communist controlled corporatism, entire scripts to movies have been altered and actors swapped around for the benefit of china

i'm not surprised though, people still somehow think socialism can work

Two points for you to reseach on the question, if "all would collapse", if someone dares to question monopolies or similar constructs of complete market dominance:
- "Standard oil" in the 20ies
- "AT&T" in the 70ies/80ies

It happened in the past.
So far, neither did communism got a grasp in the USA nor went everything to shit with these industries afterwards.

lmao at you calling anyone else a.retard if you think any capitalist is "in it for the benefit of everyone" as if these fuckers didn't have to be dragged kicking and screaming into an age where children don't get mangled by machinery and they have to pay their employees actual money fun bux

Follow up on this:
Paramount pictures
Motion pictures
American Tobacco

All companies, which were hit by actions against market dominance in the past 100 years. DuPont even twice.

Still, no communism in the US so far.

apple and oranges

your 2 companies had many competitors that could do the exact same job, so spliting up was to protect consumers because competition is the key to a functioning capitalism, also this didn't hurt the consumers or the companies, they were forced into a new model that was still allowed to make profit and sell to customers

amazon is the walmart of an entire country and takes more ground from the rest of the economic sector by the day

as I said this was allowed by the government and it's corruption, so if any newcomer decided to come after amazon now, it's too big to fail and not in the bullshit way of GM and previous bailout beneficiaries, in the past decade amazon has put it's web into everything, it's like walmart on steroids

amazon may very well be the advent of a corporation sponsoring it's own military at this point, considering china is already a military sponsoring it's own set of corporations I could easily see jeff giving bernie the finger and selling it off to tencent

will bernie pull that pin though? is he that insane? either way it won't be good for the american people to tamper with it

all the intertwined industries amazon enables by merely existing would take a massive hit. so good luck splitting up amazon now or taxing them more and more, for fuck sake blue origin is competing with spaceX for future contracts into outer space who the fuck do you think you are now? none of us have any idea the option these people have to escape government tyranny

He's been on the right side of history for 40 years, marching in the civil rights movement, supporting the gays 20 years before it was acceptable, favoring legalized drugs, etc.

His policies are European center-left policies that have been working in Scandinavia, Germany, etc. for 30+ years.

All he wants is to drag American policy towards the rest of the civilized world. Every other country thinks it's absurd that rich Americans don't get healthcare or other social safety nets and get treated like shit by their employers.

you are not entitled to other people's labor

>a lot of bullshit

Ok, keep that tinfoil hat on.

>you are not entitled to other people's labor

Do you think billionaires amassed their obscene wealth through labor?! Are you a fucking idiot?

There are three ways to obtain a billion dollars:
a) theft and exploitation
b) inheritance
c) extreme luck

Facebook was not the first popular social media site. Amazon was not the first online book seller. The difference between a successful business or a good return on investment and a billion dollars is the degree to which you are willing to exploit people to further your own wealth.

Do you know what the difference is between a million dollars and a billion dollars? About a billion dollars.

Amazon is not Too Big To Fail. This is lunacy. Where do you even come up with this shit? If Amazon shuttered its doors, all that would happen is every other online retailer would pick up a slice of their business. We'd all transition to buying shit from WalMart.

In fact, Amazon should have been broken up years ago. They use their position as both the marketplace and a competitor in that marketplace (Amazon Basics) to buy up producers, reproduce their products, then outcompete them on their own platform. We've broken up companies for less, and we should be doing it here.

Bernie Sanders is a modern day Eisenhower. We need a return to trust-busting and the war against poverty in America. Every Republican since Nixon has been trying to claw back the hard-fought spoils of the New Deal.

billionaires amass their wealth because the consumer is willing to buy their shit

workers are not forced work, this is not exploitation, the worker can demand more pay or benefits or find a different employer anytime, they are free to make their own choices

the worker can also purchase stock in the company and own a share of those billions too, oh that's right billionaires aren't actually billionaires when the value is tied up in the company and it's stocks

look everyone loves free shit but it's not actually free and the only reason you want it now is because bernie told you that "you deserve it because it's only fair" because he wants you to vote for him, but you aren't going to get a piece ever no matter what happens or who gets elected

>Amazon should have been broken up years ago

this is what any sane capitalist would say but corrupt government didn't do it's job and now all the anti-capitalists and pundits blame capitalism for something that is completely ass backwards and not capitalism

as per the usual government fails to do it's basic tax payer funded duties and demands more taxes to not fix problems it helped create

>yeah bro just quit your job if you don't like it
lmao daddy pay all your bills?

>workers are not forced work

Yeah, the alternative is simply starving to death. Many low-skilled workers in America are wage slaves. They can't pursue a better career because they have no disposable income to spend on investments like education or even the ability to take off work for a few weeks to search for a better job. Many can't even relocate if they find a better job, because low-skill labor doesn't budget for relocation benefits.

>the worker can demand more pay or benefits or find a different employer anytime

That would be a lot easier of Republicans quit passing laws to weaken organized labor. When it comes to unskilled labor, such as working in an Amazon warehouse, you are not paid what you are worth, but instead in proportion to how difficult it is to replace you. You cannot demand higher pay because you'll simply be fired and replaced.

You know what you call someone who works full time and cannot afford rent, childcare, food, healthcare, etc.? Exploited. There's no reason someone that works full time in the richest country in the world should have difficult affording a decent life.

>the worker can also purchase stock in the company and own a share of those billions

Yeah, because low-skilled workers have so much disposable income to sink into investments.

You come across as the type of Republican who hasn't graduated high school yet, but is so very sure that life is going to go great and you're going to land that coding job where you earn six figures while sitting in your underwear.

>look everyone loves free shit but it's not actually free and the only reason you want it now is because bernie told you that "you deserve it because it's only fair"

I'm not the kind of person who needs Bernie's policies. I make double median income for my area working as an engineer. We need Bernie's policies because we never solved poverty in America.

you will never solve poverty anywhere because poverty is a choice, a concept you don't seem to understand

people working full time that can't afford the things that they need are not exploited, they are living above their means

you made double the median income for your area? congratulations now take your wealth and distribute it into someone else's pocket and quit advocating for an authoritarian government to steal wealth from other people who don't consent to forfeiture of their own property

A system which relies on the government to step in and do its job whilst being bribed by lobbyists and PAC donations is a system doomed to fail. Republicans have been campaigning against government regulations because they hold back capitalism. What do they hold back capitalism from? Dumping shit in rivers, releasing shit into the air, paying people as little as possible, buying out competition, buying laws that enshrine their competitive advantages, etc.

We're promised that capitalism is great as long as you regulate it, but the people responsible for regulating it are sitting in the pockets of corporate billionaires.

I think capitalism is a vital part of the economy, and it should be the biggest chunk because it is inherently efficient due to competition. The problem is that capitalism only works when there is real competition and when pursuit of profit is consistent with the ultimate goal. There are a few cases where one of those conditions isn't met, and in the case of healthcare, neither is met: Most people only have a few health insurers to choose from, and their employers make the choice for 90% of people. Consumers can't shop around for medicine because there are often no/few alternatives to drugs they need, and demand is inelastic when your health is on the line. Finally generating profits off of people's need for healthcare is simply vile. We should have nationalized the industry 60 years ago.

you need to be 18 to post here, kid

>because poverty is a choice

lol. Spoken like a true NEET. Answer me honestly: which grade of highschool are you in? Have you left mom's house yet?

>people working full time that can't afford the things that they need are not exploited, they are living above their means

Yeah, damn those uppity poor people for wanting food, a place to live, or education for their children. Fucking moochers. Why do they think they deserve a decent living just because they work full time in backbreaking service/unskilled labor jobs?

>you made double the median income for your area? congratulations now take your wealth and distribute it into someone else's pocket

I'm trying, but I'm not going to do it alone. Helping your neighbor shouldn't be a choice. That's why all these "but the charities will do it!" arguments are really just a way for rich people to continue to exploit everyone while deflecting their responsibility to the public toward non-solutions that make people feel good about themselves.

>authoritarian government to steal wealth from other people

TaXaTiOn Is ThEfT!1! No functioning society works without people pitching in to help. Spreading out the cost decreases the burden to everyone, and spreading it out proportionate to each person's means puts the burden most on people who have benefited from the system in the first place. As an example, I don't benefit from my state building a new road nearly as much as my company, which can now hire people who get to work by that road and benefit from their labor.

>Redpill me
there are no redpills.
Comparatively, Sanders has no charisma and no message except mid 1800's propaganda given as sound bites.
Sound bite A, how will you pay for that-sound bite B, I don't think that works-sound bite C. Rinse and repeat. If it remains unaccepted, call names, denigrate the opposition.

A loser, destined to lose. It is just how far will he go.

if poverty isn't a choice then how did humans elevate from hunter gatherer? our species can survive just fine without electricity so what's the difference between then and now? it's simply choice, i know several people from the third world who I speak to on a daily basis at my place of business who found success in conditions far more intolerable than any "poor person" in america experiences and it's simply came down to their own drive and intelligence, their own will and no lazy person with an iphone 10 and no job should be entitled to their success

i probably make more money then any of you and I bought my mother a home when I was 30 so let's save the petty adhom for your street protesting

taxation is fundamentally theft when you cannot say no without being arrested or having your property seized

but it's not fair for people who claim to be poor while still owning frivolous possessions to get welfare and benefits in a system that has become handouts for votes

>the petty adhom

Attached: Cyx0odbXcAAPzG-.jpg (600x460, 42K)

You're ok with people profiting from a presidential campaign? Seems like if you'd run a campaign properly, all your revenue would be used to pay for campaign OH and marketing. If you've left money on the table, you don't get to keep it

are you calling bernie a hypocrite?

Attached: fsdkfhg.jpg (960x720, 191K)

Everyone spewing this "Bernie is a communist" horseshit is just repeating nonsense they heard- probably from some retarded pundit on their favorite youtube channel...
Bernie is the only candidate with a solid plan to reverse the massive tide of wealth consolidation by elitist finance-fraudsters, and the only one talking about decreasing the military budget in a sensible way (which is a big deal, signaling a shift away from the insane, terror-politics of American World Police)
The only people lashing out at the Bernie campaign are fearful types that don't understand how to make significant CHANGE
American political culture needs to get a grip. You just don't understand the concepts you're berating.

>Everyone spewing
a different illusion of reality than you are selling.
No facts, sell emotion. Yeah that will work-

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Not communist or even socialist countries, you enormous faggot

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Stop watching MSNBC, stop reading /r/politics, you fucking NPC. Or keep being a useful idiot.

>expecting this guy to stand up to other countries for America's interests

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all the leftist rage over Trump winning the contest without winning the popular vote count-

I believe Biden has now won the popular vote so far but Bernis has the most delegates. Where is the rage?

>Everyone spewing this "Bernie is a communist" horseshit is just repeating nonsense they heard

it might have to do with his advocating for the seizing of the means of production, wealth redistribution, land redistribution and all the countless times he's praised communist dictatorships after said dictatorships has already committed countless murders in the name of communist revolution, so there's that

he's gonna support the middle class by giving citizen ship to all the illegals currently here and opening the borders?

how the fuck does that even work in your head?