Why they don't work in the Princeton Art Museum any more?

Why they don't work in the Princeton Art Museum any more?

They got bored with it.

They bathe in other people's money.

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Their daddy was supposed to have a heart attack there.

I would do some back ground checks on some of the security there, why? Because I recognize some of them.

Where did that dudes boy go?

They are all disposed to be movie stars like me.

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Hasn't had a girlfriend this century.

Does not stranger fuck.

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When people no longer fear you.

Killed the good witches evil sister.

Why she likes me.

One shot her life.

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Saw her mother at the pot dispensary.

incest is how they control people

They met me before.

They all signed off on it, except the one crazy one with the green face.

Obviously my fucking daughter.

Tell them to posses someone from their family, they might have a shot at that.

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Those spoiled old cougars got a lot of overhead, and their pussy is all worn out.

That is why they have my daughters.

Sacrificed someone in here. I was there, outside.

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"If my daughter loses her virginity to someone in the Princeton Police Department, she will spend the rest of her life in prison."

How they 'pay' people for their souls.

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The funny thing is, their 'god' is dead, and that shit doesn't even help you any more.

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What are you talking about?

get that trim whilst you can, its what I did.

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Fucking beautiful virgins as payment for criminal services does not help your soul, one would think that would be common sense.

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Fucking the sheriff?

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Too cute to fuck, that is what you shoot for.

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That cat like eye roll at 2:21 is priceless.

:51 im sorry i was smoking