How tall are you guys? Be honest

How tall are you guys? Be honest

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What does it matter fag?




Always mistaken for taller since all the manlets lie about their height.


I’m 5’9

2 big ole nasty fags right here , likely bottoms

I could rest my nuts on you midgets foreheads , call me daddy u little fags


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173cm, so I guess 5'6?

185 cm, emperial system is retarded.




6' 4" or 5"

are you homosexual, by any chance?

6'3 It balances the fact that I'm a ginger


Me too, and yeah that's true.

People always think you're lying until they see you in person too.

6'1" and 6'2" always sound too convenient.
Tall, but not "tumour on my pituitary gland" tall.

You’re such a weak cuck to put yourself down like that. Your hair color is the last of your problems.


Y'all are a bunch of fucken manlets. 6'4" with size 17 feet

199 cm.


Manlet here, at 5'6.

Laugh all you want.

5'7. I live in the country with the tallest people in the world. All my friends are significantly taller than me :( most girls too

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6'5, wish i was 6 flat

Dutch fag here:


6’4 reporting in

I am 5’9 bitch you would bottom for me like the faggot you are . You probably got a big girly ass and you call yourself a man? You tall men get cancer and heart disease so much you don’t ever live long you better use your time wisely and serve a real man like me fag

6'3 here
sounds like manlet cope to me, not sure though as its hard to hear him down there

I’m serious. The majority of you sissies are taller men. And you factually are more susceptible to disease and age worse than average height to shorter men.

I know you prolly got a fat ass too you tease

at least I don't need a step ladder to reach my cupboards
also, dick size is proven to be positively correlated with height so not only are you a manlet but a dicklet as well


Did you just say cupboards? Are you some kind of europussy? I have no issue in that department boy. You’re the insecure fag who brought it up so sorry about your 5 incher lmao

okay, but how tall are you...

>tfw 6'1 with only a 6" dick

it's not fair Cred Forumsros


6’4 with a 7”

Bitches expect a massive cock when you’re freakishly tall. I feel u m8

Hahahahahahaha 5’9 and mog you both to hell. Hey don’t feel too bad though I think the average is like 5 or 6.

I'm not entirely sure but I say I'm 6'1 or 6'2.

You’re way to fired up on being 5’9

6 4

5'7 manlet with a 6.2 incher :(

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I dont even know

Aren't they all

Good luck buying shoes faggot

6'15 with a 5,5" dick, don't complain ahah
Well, I have a very tight and short pussy (I hit the cervix with my 5.5 so to say) asian GF to compensate, so I'm fine I guess. But would feel ashamed with a whity expecting 7/8"+ Dick for sure.

~4'9 / 149cm

183cm or 6'

>father 5'1
>mother 5'4"
Happy to be as tall as I am...could have been worse.

1,97 meters

Roughly 6'5 I think.

Don't worry though I am also fat, balding and literally autistic.


5’7. 4.7 incher

Body count: 7 ; make a girl laugh boyos.




ur 5'8 m8

5'7 and 6¨ her too. Why so sad buddy? Could be way worse


The shortest boy has been the most oppressed by the tallest male

7 foot 10 reporting out

Atleast you’re not 6’4 with a 5.5”

5 13 faggots suck my dick


5'10" and in no way bothered or limited by it

193cm 6.4 for americans


Any of you fucking retards that believe even an iota of what anyone is saying on here should have your internet disconnected and your front lobes lobotomized.

This is the internet. Anyone can be anything on here. Larping is faggotry in its purest elemental form.

Anyways, i'm 6'9" with a 420 inch cock. I fuck blue whales because any lesser biological life form would split apart from the sheer girth and thrust.

You are the most insecure man that has ever lived

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5'6. I work in a 70% female office and i constanly have to listen to them talk about how they could never date/marry anyone under 5 10 and literally salivate over my 6ft peers,.