Been dating the same girl since I was 16 (I’m 22 now) and I just recently started getting this miserable feeling that...

Been dating the same girl since I was 16 (I’m 22 now) and I just recently started getting this miserable feeling that I’m missing out and have been missing out on other girls/experiences for my teen years. Am I fucked up? I don’t not love my gf but I can’t help but feel like I could have messed around with more girls before.

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Happens to all high school sweethearts. You either talk about it, and agree to break up, or cheat and attempt to hide it. Third option is rare, but you get a "free pass" to cheat. Don't do it, it's a trap that will come back to haunt you later in the relationship. Usually monitarily. Either you keep your FOMO and suppress it, break up, or cheat. No option is really great for you.

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Nah I would never cheat on her, but man sometimes the “what if?” really gets to me. I’ve never talked to her about it but I wonder if she feels the same

That feeling probably won't go away until you fuck someone else, so you're pretty fucked tbh.

fuck. She’s already talked before about wanting to marry and stuff. Maybe I should an hero if stuff gets worse because goddamn

She might. Not saying all women are whores deep down, but "what if" happens a lot when you see different behavior in life. What if sucks. It will constantly eat at you. Takes a strong willed man to suppress it, but a stronger man to admit they are unhappy.

Quit being a bitch tell her this just not what you want, that feeling of missing out is never gonna go away you might as well do it now since you realized it trust me

Why do faggots like you always find something to complain about

Part of me does wanna tell her, but we’ve been together for too long. Her family loves me, my family loves her, we’ve literally grown up together, matured together, but now my brains being a dickhead and idk what to do about it. Plus we have plans on moving in together soon so shits just fucked right now. But trust me I genuinely appreciate the advice. Maybe one day I’ll just man up and tell her, and hopefully she’ll take it well and we can talk it through.

You remind me of my bitch ass friend who always wants sex but his gf is abstinent and he constantly complains and when we tell him to break up with her he always says “it’s not that easy” it is and both you guys just need to do it already

I was in the same boat. Been with same girl for almost 7 years. I highly recommend just talking to her about it and being honest. If you feel you aren't happy anymore and these thoughts wont go away it's better to rip the band-aid off and stop wasting time. Or try bringing up trying polyamory or an open relationship. Try to instil that it's just a sexual/ physical thing. The dick wants, what the dick wants Cred Forumsro.

I know how you feel. Things were getting serious with my last gf after being together for 3 years. Up to that point I was a virgin and also felt I might be missing out on new sex if we got married, so I ended up flirting with other girls behind her back. Never committed to anything but I know I would have eventually. We broke up for different reasons so I'm basically trying to get the sex I want before I commit again.

At best you can bring up threesomes and see how she reacts

Yeah if you don’t do it now I don’t see you ever doing it, quit being a fag I’m speaking for experience none of what you said matters other than YOURE not happy just rip the bandaid off

Damn I never thought this many people calling me a bitch or a fag would make me feel better. Thank all of you guys. I'm iffy on telling her, but I think manning up and dealing with it is the best option.

I had the exact same thing and cheated on my gf around your age. This actually worked for like 5 years and now I feel the same way again. I wish I'd just split up instead of cheating. Now we own a house together and shit it REALLY IS too late. It wasn't before

user OP, stop taking women so seriously. Cheat as much as you want, do you really think she wouldnt cuck you for some slightly taller, slightly richer fag the second she saw one.

I mean we've been together for 6 years, and she's one of those super clingy "you can't have girl friends" chicks, so I doubt she's cheated on me or has plans to.

It's better to bring it up with her now then to cheat on her and fucking the entire relationship, especially once things get more serious past living together. Bring up threesomes and enjoy your sex

Been there. I had a gf before this one. Talked about the anxiety of not having more experiences and missing out. It hurt her, but she agreed to give free passes. I still miss it sometimes, but I'm more comfortable settling now as a result. I feel bad about it and she doesn't like to talk about it. I'm deep down hoping for more. Care too much about her to leave just for the poon.

If you’re on here asking autistic faggot questions like that id say cling to her because otherwise you’ll die alone

A few more points.

When I talked about it with my gf, I learnt that there's shit she doesn't get jealous about like touching other girls tits, going to strip clubs, watching porn, and fantasizing about other chicks while were at it. Knowing these boundaries, I can kinda play within the boundaries and still keep stuff interesting.

I sometimes consider going off on my own and enjoying whatever I want whenever I want, but then I remember it wasn't really that easy for me before her. I had high standards and didn't actually go through with the shit I imagine I'd be doing in my head. While I picture myself having continuous orgies as an alternative, in reality I had spent many nights alone left to beat myself off

same situation a few years back for some added context I was and still sort of am a slightly autistic loner so i can rarely get people interested in me at the same time I wanted to experience life to the fullest at least have 3 or 4 other relationships before I settle down to get a feel for types of woman out there and despite knowing I was years away from learning how to talk to people not just girls I later did find out after the fact I did love my ex GF she was worth marrying if you aren't autistic like me and have people skills I think its totally worth it leaving her to experience a few more relationships before looking for someone to settle down with however if in my case I do regret my decision its not the end of the world its just when you have no friends and live a doomer lifestyle your 20s end up sucking.

pussy is the same everywhere. If you like your gf,stay with her. if you don't like her personality,move on.
If you want to try new sexual stuff,ask her

Yeah no, my gf will not let me watch porn, look at other girls, any of that. I can sneak on /b or other stuff now and then though.

Sorry about the one that got away, but reading such a long run on sentence hurt my brain. Punctuation is free, friend.

As you can tell I did not do well in school also english isn't my first language.

All good. I meant it more as feedback.

As for OP, it's a tough call. Even though I have been with different women, I met this chick in my 20s a real sweetheart, and even after a decade I still get anxious about missing out on more women and having doubts. Would I be happier otherwise? Hard to say obviously. My girl is clearly more open than yours, which helped me at least. I think as I'm aging I'm starting to care less now cuz you start to care about other things. Who knows if there's even a number of women we need to be with in order to get rid of that feeling. We're probably just spoiled.

Jesus Christ are you OP and you’re really asking if you should stay with her? Text the bitch now you’re done you fucking whipped cuck you’re pathetic

I wouldn’t have stayed with her this long if I didn’t see something in her, dumbass. That’s why this is such a dilemma for me.

Clearly not if you’re even debating breaking up with her quit lying to yourself, you wanna break up but not man enough to do it just do it, I’m telling you cause you don’t ever want a girl who is gonna tell you what you can and can’t do

see how much shit you can get away with before she cuts it off

Well if hes willing to compromise some couples work well better that way just make sure its not to an extent where one resents the other generally speaking eventually one or the other becomes the dominant one in the relationships most people don't notice it because it just works for them.

Young people are so fucking dumb. They believe that going at night, fucking a lot, is awesome. Yeah, leave your GF to experience useless things. Like everyone, you will find it useless ans you will be missing your girl. It's normal to feel this way but it is also normal to get ride of it. Sex is over rated. Parties are over rated. Alcohol, drug, are over rated. Loving, caring, sharing is not just under rate, it's the most important thing in life.

I wasted so much time on useless thing, I don't really regret but I do sometimes. What is sure is that I did miss the chance to have a wonderfull life with a cute blonde girl. My first love. I was an angry teenager that needed to experience everything. It's funny to tell people you're doing sex on one night stand for like 5 minutes a month and then you become older. You reach 23-25yo and you understand that it was all useless. You see people like you were. Happy and engaged but now you're alone with useless memory for compensation.

Don't do it. Just think about what you have right now and don't take it for granted.

Sounds like a good woman op
Stop being a degenerate and embrace her love
Fufill your life with her, explore sexual fantasies with her
You are going down a path of short term reward. You cannot replace such a relationship, in years to come you may regret this.
She will have married the guy she ext dates and you will struggle to bond with anyone the same as you did with her.


I envy you OP. Im 22 too, but my love life went far different. Met my first love at 16 too but couldn't keep her past two years. Afterwards messed around with girls in search of a substitute but could never find love again. No one matches her. I don't think anyone ever will.

You're alright. Sex without love feels like using a female body to masturbate. It's a waste of time

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Key word “I don’t really regret” lol

She really is a good woman. I need to appreciate what I have and cherish her. Thank you user. Maybe its cause its really late but this moved me.

reply above applies to you too lol sorry im falling asleep at my computer

im 20, having the opposite problem, my body count just hit 20 and i have not gone on more than 3 dates with a girl

honestly at this point, i just want a nice wholesome relationship like you

Honestly OP? If you actually love her and aren't just staying with her because it's convenient, stay with her if she treats you well and loves you back. I had a highschool sweetheart as well, and we ended up splitting because she was abusive to me. Even now that I've been with another girl for two years, I still wish that my first relationship was my only one if it hadn't have been toxic. I guess what I'm saying is that the grass is always greener, eh? Do or do not, you'll find a way to regret either. If you you do choose to stay, you have to commit though, no flip flopping on it - you have to be sure.

I honestly think your problem is more that you don't have friends or anything going on apart from your gf. Get some new hobbies, join some clubs or something, and make some new friends. It's not healthy to have a life that revolves around a relationship either.

This guy is lying to look cool on Cred Forums wow lol

Sounds like you had your priorities messed up for a while partying is important just don't turn into a degenerate
Alcoholics and drug addicts will tell you the same thing you're saying

Don't waste time on it it isn't worth it causes you problems etc it all depends on the quality of people you surround yourself with.

I know it sounds dumb but keep trying man. I’m genuinely not a very attractive guy and I was able to get a very attractive woman because we had so much in common and got along so well. If you give up and tell yourself you won’t find a nice girl it’ll just make things worse and completely demotivate you.

This is gonna get fucking missed and buried but in the off chance you see it you need to seriously consider what I'm going to tell you.

You will lose so much more if you leave her. I was you, we went to highschool together and dated until our mid 20's. I have chronic FOMO with just about anything. My relationship status was one of them, after 8 years your start to wonder, what if? Kill it. Kill it where it stands. You have someone that is basically your right arm and other half at this point and you're going to chop them off for some fucking pussy? Let me hit you with the reality chief. It ain't all its cracked up to be. Dating, hell just trying to get fucking laid in this world is fucking miserable. Everyone wants something different. Pussy is pussy. Women are fucking gross when you're single. Everything is awkward again because you're not comfortable with the person, they dont like this or that, smells - God the fucking smells. You have to go back to condoms unless you're a fucking moron and go raw and then you're gonna get a STD or a pregnancy then NO ONE will want to fuck you.

You have a good woman that knows you inside and out, that wants to build a future with you. You matured as young adults together, if you leave for some pussy you THINK you might get you're gonna be far more depressed than you think you are now. You'd have to figure out who you are as a single 20 something because he doesnt exist and hadn't existed till you created him. Do not talk to her about it, do not cheat. Take her on a couple day trips, do a spa day together, HAVE SEX WITH HER and I dont mean some weak ass missionary go through the motions bullshit. Treat her like a whore, choke her, hold her against the wall, shit just make her cum for once in your life. You're not in FOMO mode you're in a fucking rut. You need to be reminded why you've been with her for 6 years. If you cant do those simple things then yeah you need to leave because she deserves better than you.

Thank you man. I will. I’m gonna get the fuck over all this dumb shit. I love her and she’s mine forever. No matter what. I love you man, thank you

You're just getting the itch after being with the same person for 6 years. You didn't miss out on anything, you still have your prime years ahead to get good pussy at 22. Get in shape, get some motivation and fuck some 18-19 year olds if you really want teen pussy.

I never found teen years to be that great anyway, too busy with school and lack of ability to do lots of things you want to do, like travel on your own, live on your own, sustain yourself on your own income, etc. I was also in a 6 year relationship from 21-27. Now I'm 31 and actually find my sex life has gotten better, not worse. Your natural sexual market value goes up a lot as a man as you get older and more established.

Its a common feeling, it will eventually get harder on your 30s or a little before that. You will eventually be able to surpress it after that and live a happily life if you truely like and get along with your girl.

I used to be in the same boat OP. Several times I wanted to leave, she was too weak to face this world without me and she just couldn't let go. After years of dissatisfaction and thousands of failed attempts to be together. She finally found the same procrastinating loser as herself and started cheating on me. A relationship that went through so much struggles and hardships in a period of 7 years had to end in such a backstabbing and disgusting way. Don't get me wrong, people here are right to tell you that sex is just sex, there's nothing different between pussies and bodies, but you also need to consider that females are fickle af. Give this shit some more chances to fix things if you want or walk away if this is what you want. I wouldn't call you a pussy, you're just a young guy at the threshold of maturity being confused from his own emotions and the circumstances surrounding him. I can only tell you what did wonders for me. Regardless of the situation, focus on yourself. Don't think a pussy will make you happy. Develop your career skills, learn new skills, pursue opportunities. All these things that your dick is thinking about, they will come to you eventually, it's inevitable.


If you leave her to "get some experience" or whatever she will too. More than you and earlier too. Youre not missing out on anything and if she finds better then you're fucked

Not OP but pretty much in OP's same situation. Thanks for the support Cred Forumsros

Same story/feels here bud.

Watch more porn.

this is shit advice. if you want to see other women then do so. just be straight up with your girl. if you think the both of you could handle it, try a polygamous relationship. or take a break for a bit, see other people, then come back to one another and see where you stand.

Been on this shitheap for six years and this is one of the best posts I've ever read yet. Good on you man, great post.