Fuck Drumpf

Fuck Drumpf
Fuck Republicans
Fuck Conservatives
Fuck White Pride
Fuck Boomers
Fuck the Alt Right
Fuck the 1%

Big Corporate Democrats are working closely with Republican elites to discredit him and any of the other non-establishment candidates. The entire bloc of non-establishment democrats need to rally behind one, single candidate.

And the only viable candidate is Bernie Sanders

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Old fuck just had a heart attack, if he doesn't have another soon, then the kike is gonna die of Corona.

corona is a beer you dumb fuck he doesn't drink

>Fuck the 1%

so fuck Bernie too? fucker is a millionaire, he should be paying more in taxes, amirite?

COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus will kill the frail old man.

Imagine if he got in and ended up getting steamrolled by the permanent government just like trump. You think it would finally show just how much of a joke the whole horse and pony show actually is.

Fuck your kike nominee

bernie will improve your guys' lives especially and get you out of inceldom

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>And the only viable candidate is Bernie Sanders

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You and I both know that "radical centrism" is a based ideology.

Sanders is 100% right about campaign finance reform, and eliminating dark money. But, "free college" always seemed like a bait thrown to court the youth vote. And it worked pretty well, but you cannot win jackshit if you ignore the "middle-aged swing voter". Both Clinton & Sanders failed to capture the heart of Joe The Plumber. But tRump did.

Radical centrists agree with progressives on the evils of "dark money" and "corporate welfare". This is where the heart and soul of America lies.

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Agreed comrade, let us storm their castles and drag them into the streets. Seize the companies and dissolve their assets. Then we will truly flourish on others abilities and barter

>"corporate welfare".

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Only the Universal Ultimate Being Bloomberg can save us from the Godking Drumpf

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Im broke as shit so if this honky will give me free stuff hes got my vote for sure

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>the only viable candidate is Bernie Sanders

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The DNC and Soros are really putting out a ton of money to try to win over Cred Forums. Trump is gonna win em all back in the debates.

Jews are the best at running practically everything so might as well give them leadership of the country too

>will give me free stuff
quads of truth

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Standard Bernie supporter

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Dude discredits himself, contradictions are always noteworthy

don't care what it means nigger if he gives me anything its better than the nothing orange man gave me

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I'm just impressed an 80 year old can still do all that shit when 29 year old me barely wants to get outta bed every day

>gibs me dat

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>Hungry Santa

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what are you implying?

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Imagine what the left will look like in 50 years

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>in 50 years
Hopefully just a distant memory

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Like Bernie and his....lovely....wife.

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Bernie can't win in a general election.

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He looks so healthy

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