Alright fuck niggers

Alright fuck niggers

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Any ideas of where to find cute black girls into race play or kink?


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No, thanks.

Please go back to

was hot until i realized it wasn't a gay webm

Kill yourself faggot

Please go back to

Please go back to

Please go back to

What's your point faggot?

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i'm gaying up your thread for that

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Please don't faggot.
I didn't tell you to KYS. That was a whole'nother faggot.

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You wouldn't get it.

Pretty sure you're the one not gettin' it.

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Bring it on faggot

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I already do. I found a ghetto ass girl on some all called whisper. She has a tiny little body and a nice little bubble butt. Only thing i hate is her disgusting nappy hair. Legitimately feels like pubes and turns me off if i try grabbing it for some leverage when im dropping my dick in her etc. I try to fuck her as much as i can but since i don't got a place of my own yet or a car even i have to waste money on renting out seedy hotels/motels in order for me to pound her out. Which ends up getting expensive so i can only do it a couple times a week. If i had my own place I'd be balls deep in her everyday.

Black people often do quite poorly in public school, universities and corporations due to discrimination. It's perfectly logical to not want that for your children. Don't mix with blacks. The racist, white supremacist system that we live under will hinder them severely. Hold off on mixing until we've achieved equality between the races.

What is this?
Can I use it to find young sluts into kink and race play?

Lol too late bro, I've already knocked up a few college educated cuties.
>Just jizz in the nerdy ones, and their offspring won't be stuck in the ghetto.

It's an app where people post anonymously. It's mostly just about venting your opinions or thoughts. But of course you can post stuff like I'm looking for a fwb or something. It's pretty hard to find girls who are down to fuck since that isn't really the point of the app. But sometimes you get lucky.

Are you a deadbeat dad?

We need more dark elves

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Deadbeat? I mean... I don't know.
Depends on your definition.
All my kids are taken care of, the moms give me money. I take them to appointments and stuff when need be. I don't do that whole "child support" thing. But I always make sure they have what they need.


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Ana Foxxx here

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Things are so fucked that I actually don't totally disbelieve you. Congrats, I guess.

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I mean my goal is to get my favorite two to move in with me and live as a triad. Have three incomes, live in a nice big house for all my kids.
I suppose that would be considered none traditional, but don't see why it'd be unbelievable or fucked?

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God Bless America

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Black girls are craving for the white cock, and want the white sperm deep in them.

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Breeding black women is my dream.

That's a refugee i'd welcome


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Mine too, but there are so few in NZ

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I'd welcome her with some big steel bracelets and nice thick necklaces.

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Moar slaveplay?

Don't have much on this drive.

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Please post as much as you got

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Good night all, my current toy woke up and said she was lonely.

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fuck off to Tumblr pls


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Imagine coming home every day to this beauty

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Oh wow. Image the looks of pure hate you'd get from the hood rats with her hanging off your arm


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I bet that room smells like a farm animal right now

The only race I'd resist my boner's calls to release. No. Stop promoting this, stop making pic related genetics. Fucking American women...

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Ram ranch baby

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oh myyy... more?

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No way fag

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Yes. Post big titty blond chicks. Stop this nigger shit.

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Sorry I wish I had more

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This is a Nigger thread
Gtfo palefag

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No, go fuck yourself. I will not contribute to this brainwashing bullshit. Fuck white chicks, stop fucking niggers.

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gingers accepted.

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Average blondies are more attractive than nigger whores.

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That's a very ugly fat white whore

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That's a very disgusting nigger. Can't even compare to an actual human being.

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You can compare that nigger to a fucking man, look at those fucking hands.

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Lol imagine getting upset over a different shade of skin tone

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>different shade
Niggers literally get upset and go on rampages because you call them a certain word or act a certain way around them. Like male niggers, they have no stable or mature rationality.

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Alright whatever gn and grow up

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This thread has been absolutely derailed. Fuck you nigger lovers. Fucking kek. This is now a sexy chick thread.

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Yes I agree
Sexy black chick thread

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This fag is scared once he goes black he can't go back, I see



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