Is Futa gay?

Is Futa gay?

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real futas have no balls so no, they aren't gay, at all.

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somewhat, but does it matter?

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>faggotry of having a gf
>while still having the faggotry of having a faggot bf
literally 200% gay

Futas fucking girls is the least gay thing possible. Futas fucking guys is the most gay thing possible. Futa encompasses all of creation. It is the alpha and the omega.

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its maybe like 5% gay at most

Futa fucking a girl is not gay
Futa fucking a futa is 50% gay

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> i love cocks, please tell me im not gay, im scared of being gay
the thread.

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I kinda hope so.Gay sex feels amazing but guys arent fun to look at so we need Science to design better shemales to fuck

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iunno, but i'd fuck crim