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Who is this goddess?

Hey Sunshine

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I'm bored

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Me too, I'm tired of everything

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I really need to get out and meet some other women or something
shame I'm such an agoraphobe

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I'm sorry, I know you would do fine out there

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I think I'm going to go get dinner, or at least pretend to

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Have a good meal dude

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I want her to sit on my face

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I'd do some dirty deeds to that deer

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How are you doing love?

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eh hanging in there
just been working, haven't been up to much of interest

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nice feet

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Welcome back

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i hate it

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Thanks, looks like I didn't miss anything here

suh due

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Heya, how's it going?

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I just finished laundry but I'm not doing so great. I'm dealing with a lot of other people's personal shit here and it's not what I want to deal with on my third week in a row with no breaks

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Oh, I'm sorry, that doesn't sound fun


Attached: 1427609121170.png (1083x1050, 1.58M)

Oh shit, that sucks

Attached: 5c7b88f3adac30c8a3c49656df02ab29.png (1000x667, 962K)

No it's not and I fucking wish people would stop being petty and realize we all have to work together because we're short staffed but of course we can't because everybody has a personality.

Yeah I'm kinda pissed, it went from an XL to M in one wash. I don't think I'll be able to wear it again

Attached: 1446569317561.png (1200x779, 1.04M)

oh no

Attached: 22304a3cfcf102da6b4b9c4752336261.png (1000x848, 755K)

Holy hell, I don't think I've ever had a shirt shrink that much

Attached: 5c42b5b6f89e50ade0b62d87a44bb0f4.jpg (773x1000, 209K)

Attached: 1427616651955.jpg (972x972, 127K)

It's a Japanese XL so it went really from L to Sbut unless I shed like 30 pounds there's no way I'll ever fit into it again

Attached: 1433312043577.jpg (449x600, 43K)

Attached: 5c60a14587e61c63a8c8616e1cd5bd5f.png (1657x2048, 994K)

Damn. I know I ordered some shirts from the US and they say large, but they are like a 2XL, but they didn't shrink when I washed em

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Attached: 336974cb793c71d8c82d3495f0ab1421.jpg (568x800, 75K)

Weird how that works. I guess I'll just have to go to Tokyo again, darn.

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you could always cut out the design and sew it on a jacket. I've done that with old shirts before.

Attached: 7f1021d34f79543f5a8f709c4a588d72.jpg (737x1171, 68K)

I could, I would need to find another jacket since the one I have is already full

Attached: 1451345335876.png (1283x2200, 707K)

>insert joke about burger america
In all seriousness, it was only the button up shirts like that, but the t-shirts fit perfect, even if they seemed longer, which I actually prefer. Oh well, I prefer baggier clothes, easier to work in and I find them more comfortable

Attached: 5d5a365825535918396ba7077a5cfb6f.png (1079x2317, 1.19M)

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>[thunderous applause]
Nah I mean that basically is it. I don't even have an issue with shirts shrinking usually. It's weird.

I'm going to have to scope one out in an even larger size so when I do wash it, it will still fit

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Attached: 1428724804251.png (900x990, 438K)

There's been a lot of new and unusual content in the past few threads, did we get a new regular or did someone just find an old stash of theirs?

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Attached: 1559543466.friskalpox_pj_sketch.png (2049x1320, 1.96M)

Attached: 6a5dcd739ed0a26536a67f9f55d7e57f.png (718x1160, 1.06M)

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Night dude