This is a picture of Mike Pence and his Coronavirus response team (assigned by Trump) praying the virus away

This is a picture of Mike Pence and his Coronavirus response team (assigned by Trump) praying the virus away.

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Truly the dumbest country to exist.

God, what an embarrassment this administration is.

Obama at least knew that you should only pray for wisdom and divine assistance IN GENERAL, and not before working on something specific like TRUMPVIRUS.

How absurd.

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People think you're joking, but this is literally what Christians do. They fucking pray for things to happen and when they don't, they blame the devil. And it's a fact that Pence is a very religious person.

bunch of fucking clowns

that's a picture from the National Prayer Breakfast

nice try, though

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True or not, he's still a fucking retard.

A group of people PRAYING?! Hahahahahaha don't they know it's the current year?? Erm, Earth to Pence, we have a little thing called SCIENCE now?

>praying for wisdom and divine assistance IN GENERAL
>ackshually they aren't because it's the National Prayer Breakfast

the Burger rationality

Trump cut funding for emergencies like this. Even pulling the CDC out of Wuhan China. Could've prevented this. But you know. muh wall

Thia is pretty much how i read it also. Thanks user

Nobody eats apples for breakfast
Nice try though

this is probably a false statement by OP whos a leftie incel fag

Israel's yearly billions have to come from somewhere user

Sad to see USA fall from the world's most preeminent military force to abandoning all practical action and trying to pray the enemy away (just like Mike Pence).

Democrats save us!

Forgot image because I was literally shaking in anger over the anti-science-ness of it all.

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>Fake news.

Here's the actual pic & story:

Religious dog

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> Thoughts and prayers

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Amerimutt really are degenerate

Look at them working so hard. Fantastic leadership we've got at the WH

China was not even allowing the CDC into the country, what are you talking about?

Remember when we started refusing travelers from Hubei province a month ago and it was racist?

Could've prevented WHAT? California's shitty leftist government fucking themselves up?

And what's your deal with the fucking wall?

This poster:

1) Can't follow reply chains.
2) Believes that "praying a virus away" is an accurate representation of what is occurring in this image.

There is a word for such posters, but it escapes me...

This is the response to Coronavirus

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16 people and only 2 waters and 3 sodas. Dang government cutbacks.

This poster:

1) Can't copy & go to a link.
2) Believe's he's right because of... what's that word?


And here is a picture of a Religious elder "Hyena". Elder African males who get to lawfully repeatedly gangrape all of the young girls in the villages because they believe is cleanses the soul and prepares the woman for marriage rights. On top of that, the government and families pay them. Most "Hyenas" are literally multiple STD ridden , toothless, dirt merchants. AIDS is like 85% here.

So I guess my point is: pick one. Id rather Pence pray in an office than if Id have to get ape dicked by 5-6 wild aids infested niggers per societys prescription

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I feel like there should be more options than just the two.

There isnt, user. Its either Pray the chink flu away or 5-6 APE DICKS WITH SUPER AIDS.

Basically, this. People who make these kinds of completely baseless myopic threads have to be man children of some kind

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mentioning that it's the national prayer breakfast doesn't really help your political image of obama either, that's a meeting of wealthy elites and power brokers making secret deals for pushing or pulling laws and other aspects of government control

While a handful of attendees are wealthy or powerful, if you think the Prayer Breakfast is running things then I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems and mental retardation aint 1.

Fucking retard posting a picture from the national prayer breakfast

What the fuck are you going to do at a national prayer breakfast? Pray? Eat breakfast?

Kill yourself

Even if it is a photo from a prayer breakfast, what it tells us about this administration is still true.

What, that TDS is a bigger threat than Corona?

Man if God answers a call from Pence and Trump, I’d be surprised

>oh boy then the CDC could report on fake data from commies like WHO does

That would have solved EVERYTHING

Genius, that user is not calling the Pence photo fake news, but replying to an Obama photo.
Is it hard to follow this stuff on a phone or something?


In America, the Corona virus may not kill you, but at least it will leave you broke wishing it had killed you