The US should have compulsory military service of minimum 1 year

The US should have compulsory military service of minimum 1 year

There would be less sad lazy depressed faggots laying in their beds all day crying

Less obesity

There are several studies about the positive correlation of military service and socio-economic success

you useless neets make me sick

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Ok boomer

The military doesn't want draftees. They suck as soldiers. It's something they learned in Vietnam.

Funny because it’s probably a degenerate eurotrash, aussiefag or kiwibitch hypocrite making this thread hahahahaha

the US already has a massive problem with strong arm diplomacy
increase their military by that much and there won't be any facade of diplomacy from the USDoS
whenever the US wants something it will go like this
>give US thing
>give US thing or will will destroy you and take thing, you won't be given a third chance

Damn. You almost had me until you insulted me at the end. :/ Maybe work on your communication skills?

You’re talking about the US military when your countries military is likely laughable just shut up and worry about your irrelevant country

And when they recruit those with asthma, they can file for disability and get out of bootcamp after 1 week, getting active duty pay for the rest of their life.

So in essence, free medical paid for 100% of anyone forced enlistment. Anyone with prior medical issues are now being paid military disability, giving them all access to the VA benefits as if someone who served 20+ years.

Fucking fatty Patriotcunts don't know shit wearing blinders.

He says from the comfort of his parent's house.

useless neet confirmed

Basic = 8-10 weeks
OSUT = 14 to 22 weeks
AIT = 4-20+ weeks
Inprocessing into unit = 1-2 weeks
ETS/Outprocessing = Who fucking knows, but I officially started a month prior and unofficially slept in my car everyday after formation for a month saying I was at class six or SFLTAP.

So 1/2 to 3/4 of the 1 year minimum you ask for is spent in training, doing paperwork, or fucking off. Good idea, OP!


"Thank you Drill Sargent!"

>irrelevant country
I wish. It's world news when our president farts.

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Are you still in the army? I chose to be chaptered out i stopped training at week 13 because i fell out of the bayonet march and i was going to be recycle in a 22 week program. I was wondering if i should still enlist in a different branch or do the army with a different mos or no military at all.

I pooped my pants in boot camp and had to be sent home

>citizens should belong to the government even more

Okay shlomo


But 1yr wouldn't do anything. I say 2yrs min

>The US should have compulsory military service of minimum 1 year
>There would be less sad lazy depressed faggots laying in their beds all day crying
>Less obesity
>There are several studies about the positive correlation of military service and socio-economic success
>you useless neets make me sick

I haven't seen an OP that I wholeheartedly agree with.
Good job OP, impressive.

How is this a bad thing?
Some truths are universal.
Military service should be compulsory everywhere.

The government has the right to force you into service during peace time?

>You almost had me until you insulted me at the end
I'm pretty sure you aren't a neet then and a larper because real neets deeply hate themselves
>ex neet

Good post

>depressed faggots laying in their beds all day crying

ever been around air force people?

Wrong faggot.
Compulsory military service will create well trained strong men that will self organise into militia forces when the government turns unjust and against the people.
Shlomo doesn't want this so there is not compulsory military service.

>Lets compulsorily train our free thinking psychoactive public how to fire accurately

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test?

Neet? Ug...

What's psychoactive?
I don't understand if you agree or not.
Guns save lives, faggots kill.

NEET = Not in Education, Employment or Training


t. never went to actual compulsory military service

compulsory military is shit, and the US can't afford to wage offensive wars like it does now with conscripts, unless they want the government toppled within 50 years

We don't have compulsory military service here in Belgium and we also don't have many lazy depressed faggots nor alternative and ugly people. Not trying to be condescending, but I feel bad when I go to the US (I go there twice a year) and see people like this. It's really a sick society, and the cause behind that seems to be cultural IMO. Too bad because I love amerifags

Dumbass. Have you seen the state of most Veterans. They're all mentally ill shell shocked faggots. Either PTSD from bombs, or being raped by their peers.

Zero assistance reintegrating into society, the zionists use you then throw you away.

No, I think it's about the cum entrance test.

Great, more welfare queens.

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No, this is trash, we don't aim to produce a bunch of uniform workers like some communist nation. White culture is strong because it's not conformist like Asian cultures or full of genetically weak people like the Jews. Those are the two types of people smarter than whites and their systems are inferior. White culture can oppress with one hand and invent with the other. Uniformity is for bug people and niggers.

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what's your job?

>indisputably the most powerful military in the world

Why do you broke ass third world faggots seem to be the ones that run your mouths the most?

NEET here, I cant go a week without my medication. I do however hike and carry alot of gear. I wish I could work in military logistics stateside but whatever

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