Can anyone tell me how to teach myself piano...

Can anyone tell me how to teach myself piano? I'm poor and can't afford lessons but I have a keyboard and want to learn how to play.

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youtube, literally the entirety of the internet is at your disposal you colossal, humongous faggot

Am I a faggot for wanting to learn the piano and play for my parish and kids or are you a faggot for being so needlessly angry?

Oh so you are a christcuck, ok lmao, no wonder you are too retarded to find a piano website / youtube channels to learn from. Maybe you should pray and hope for the best.

Literally 5 seconds in google


has access to the internet and literally all of the information and wisdom man has ever known since the dawn of time

OP - confused about how to learn something

Practice erryday most days

Look up theory learn some keys their scales and chord progressions stick with ionian scale if you just playing at church

Here's your first lesson
12 notes in western music
ABCDEFG +5 flattened/sharpened notes
Piano white keys are natural notes
Piano black keys are sharps and flats
Piano is tuned in "C"
Left hand lower notes bass
Right hand higher notes treble.
Chords: three notes played in unison e.g play C-E-G to make a C Major chord

I used this beginners books for adults series. Gets rough but if you're determined you can get there.

Attached: IMG-20200228-WA0010.jpg (2240x3968, 364K) is very useful for beginners
Ear training i'd say is the most important part, assuming you want to play modern songs

Learn the major scale and the circle of fifths.
Your playing will improve immediately, provided you payed attention.
You're welcome.

>Lets you learn with keyboard
>Doesn't let you play other songs with keyboard
What the fuck

for context I was talking about

You know, OP is a faggot of course but I understand him. The internet is full of resources that you can find in 5 seconds on Google but so much of it is shit. 95% is just the same copy pasted ultra beginner shit or make propaganda selling courses or materials. The other 5% are videos with such specific tips that doesn't apply to someone who is beginning.
Finding good, concise and most importantly thorough material from beginner to intermediate to advanced is really hard actually

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true, avoid bullshit like simplypiano. those ads piss me off

use the led screen a lot

Pretty much fucking this
I'm an art fag and the amount of tutorials online is amazing, but the ratio of shit tutorials that teach a very specific way of drawing compared to open ended tutorials that encourage user experimentation is baffling. Playing piano is a fucking cool skill, aint gonna lie, but learning it sucks dick thanks to the onslaught of "Learn how to play happy birthday" or "Ode to joy" bullshit

>colossal humongous
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There are many adult styled music books for self learning, colleges use various ones as textbooks. Find a few.

theres some learning software called synthesia or someshit. helped me get started works pretty good on any pc

synthesia is great for beginners. Definitely worth the investment

You know you can get pretty nice keyboards that actually can teach you how to play hundreds of songs with keys that light up. They can also teach you how to play the left and right hand parts. They can also sound like a lot of different instruments, including pipe organ for church.