Attached: 1567842993690.webm (768x576, 1.99M)

Attached: 1572147882873.webm (696x388, 1.94M)

Attached: 1572152274214.webm (874x488, 1.92M)

Attached: 1578961268977.webm (316x400, 1.88M)

Attached: 1567199922293.webm (400x400, 1.61M)

nigga legit looked like a tomato

Attached: 1566241463592.webm (480x360, 1.59M)

Attached: 1568300857899.webm (640x360, 1.04M)

Attached: 1568401066760.webm (272x480, 395K)

Attached: 1582851567949.webm (406x360, 994K)

Attached: 1576297144503.webm (960x720, 1.84M)

Attached: 1571074967912.webm (480x480, 1.93M)

Attached: 1579748400044.webm (460x612, 1.95M)

Attached: 1567840822880.webm (1280x720, 1.06M)

Attached: 1566276805169.webm (1152x720, 1.58M)

that woman said "I just wanted to destroy something beautiful" because she's childless and alone in her 40s

Fucking legend

We need to find a way to convince chinks to eat each other.

Interesting. He left his soup in the plastic bag so he wouldn't have to wash the bowl. Genius!

more like unnecessarily lazy.

Attached: Antonio Carlos de Sousa_1.jpg (630x473, 63K)

Attached: Antonio Carlos de Sousa_2.jpg (480x640, 54K)

Attached: Antonio Carlos de Sousa_3.jpg (630x473, 69K)

Attached: Antonio Carlos de Sousa_4.jpg (480x640, 60K)

Attached: Antonio Carlos de Sousa_5.jpg (630x473, 55K)

Why didn't they just cut his dick off or castrate him?

Only the strong survive

good thing that father didnt attack her in the heat of the moment, or the kids would have been orphans

I'd have stamped her head into mush.

Hope the dog got shot in the head

And they filled the tub with acid, the metal got eroded and they made a bigger mess.

Now she'll be being pushed around in a wheelchair, lol

what a cuck, trying to help a person that hammered him for no reason.

Attached: 1514604197588s.jpg (173x164, 4K)

What's the story on this one?

looks like some dumbass religion stuff

I hope all dog get shot

Attached: 1542635393144.jpg (500x600, 55K)

sadly they died pal

Attached: 1452349856148.jpg (460x669, 24K)

Attached: 1558726103079.jpg (600x800, 46K)

So what's the story behind people like this ?

Going on /r9k/ one too many times causes this behaviour.

murder attempt failed LOL

Leave child with the woman you walking with and go beat that land whale up, leave her in the road. He was such a pussy.

Dogs are a reflection of their owner. You user, you should be castrated and then shot

don't own no dog dickhead

>Dogs are a reflection of their owner.
How is it possible to be this wrong?

Attached: q5OL30E_d.jpg (250x174, 5K)

your dog must be a chihuahua. Small, insignificant piss ant

Attached: Disabled kid celebrates his little sister's birthday.webm (480x480, 440K)

why would you castrate someone before shooting them

Attached: 4u.jpg (1280x715, 106K)

Attached: Darwin's Helicopter.webm (352x356, 1.89M)

Attached: Cultural enrichment.webm (220x400, 1.32M)

wow this is so sick shit

>muscleless nigger
What else they supposed can happen ?

it's not really that wrong; treat your dogs with kindness and they'll most likely turn out really friendly. Treat your dog like shit, and it'll most likely be either super aggressive or incredibly skittish and shy.

Ugh, that woman looks digusting. I hate living in America and having to be called "a costumer" as if me and that thing were the same because some dumbass clerk is taking our money and telling us "how is your day?".


It is. Flinching during the cutting shows you aren't really a man.

Is that the male version of a throat fucking? An ego trip. An irrational form of behavior that fascinates the human mind bored with the pleasures of modern living.

this is some african witch doctor level of delusion kek. youre a big doggy cucky user

Attached: 1512483745130.png (658x629, 759K)

You'd have done exactly as the dad did, watched in rage and disgust as the fat fuck casually strides away, knowing if you attacked her you'd probably get stabbed to death.
Hopefully she gets FGM'd in prison

I just want to tell Jesus, Buddha and Muhammed that I am sorry for making all those Nagasaki, Jewish concentration camp and American throat slut comments...


Attached: 1570659248_ba1498a173_z.jpg (640x480, 60K)

muzzies dont worship mohammed, they worship Allah

Nature and Nurture. Natural instincts and nature. If treated badly, the dog will misbehave. Also as the owner you have a preference, ie small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, working dogs, chihuahua rats, pitbulls. A sub species might be naturally more aggressive for example but with proper nurture you can manipulate the behavior. Honestly this is basic science and I'd suggest you go back to school.


Attached: Doggo getting roasted.webm (426x240, 1000K)

Hell isnt real. Therefore inflict the pain to teach the subject that the world doesnt revole around their uneducated and willingly ignorant and psychopathic views, and then send him off into the blissful nothingness of death. Or you could do it like the Brazilians and machetes them. Or Africa where you get tired. (Put you in tires and set them on fire)

this is beyond fucked.

Not seething, explaining. But alas you want to stay ignorant and like a 14 year old "edge lord" try to post chinks doing what they do best, torturing and eating what shouldn't be eaten. I hope you grow up sooner rather than later

I think she died

Yeah, they skin them alive. Eat rats, eels, cats, dogs, pigeons, etc. Chinks are sub humans and as horrible as it is, scientists use their food market to actually identify new species. So to simplify, chinks eat things we havent even discovered yet.

Also their pet care is horrible and cruel. No standards and fucking workers defang the slow Lori's and workers have almost eaten the giant salamander to extinction.

Remember these are the same people who killed birds and had mass starvation from all the locusts because big boss Mao wasn't a bird fan.

Yes it is. But you must be new here

a simple leg sweep would have toppled that walking blob as she walked away. father dearest needs to learn how to fight.

You said that dog would be firendly if they're getting treated better, but in reality dogs are literal cucks. No matter how badly you treat them they will still love you because that's they are, they are obident loyal companion to their human owners. Dogs will still love you for that. Dogs will only be aggressive towards the strangers, not the owners.

nanny'd as fuck.

Okay. Fuck dogs

Attached: McDoggo.webm (544x960, 1.06M)

guess she took it too literally

Attached: R-3257481-1496399228-1334.jpeg.jpg (600x600, 203K)

Ive never been bit by a pit and Ive roughed around with lots since childhood. The pits that you dont fuck with are always in a ghetto housing project or some trailer trash mofos. Any intellectual who owns a pit owns an amazing doggo - fact. Deal with it chump.

For the record I own a shepherd

Bonk bonk on the head.

Attached: webm-NSFWIsisbeheadingBRUTAL.webm (720x1280, 1.77M)

fake and gay

he died of heat stroke IIRC

they just disappear. Jesus christ

all mentally disabled kids should be aborted while in the whomb, most disabilities can be detected in the first month.
feel free to prove me wrong

Your logic is infallible

Could tell it was gonna be bullshit by the video quality.
Isis has better quality cameras than they do weapons

Attached: based popo.webm (640x360, 1.98M)

Attached: atv is fun.webm (400x400, 1.98M)

Attached: fireworks gone wild.webm (714x400, 1.61M)

Ok, this is epic!
Where is it from?

nigger retard
>what is google

>horrible cctv footage shows the moment a group of Libyan cadets in the #Tripoli Military Academy is hit by a direct #LNA airstrike, killing 28 of them.

Attached: ballbuster.webm (640x640, 1.97M)

Attached: dentist.webm (320x582, 1.26M)

Attached: retard..webm (720x720, 1.88M)

Attached: midair fuel.webm (320x180, 1.43M)

Attached: nice butt weak punch.webm (384x480, 1.48M)

and all of this for a lifetime in jail and 3 bucks fiddy

leech no doubt.

i laugh.

No need to, you are not wrong.


So by that logic, the dog should also be castrated and shot.

The dog smelled all the grease and fat eminating from her and thought she was food


Attached: shitty gate.webm (720x480, 542K)

Attached: dumbo want banana.webm (640x360, 1.89M)

Attached: dumb bitch.webm (480x480, 1.9M)

Attached: flame on.webm (400x300, 1.82M)

Attached: fat dumb old cunts.webm (426x234, 1.18M)


Attached: 1573330733228.jpg (1024x1024, 213K)

I laughed hard.

I am ironman

Fucking animals

Attached: retard.webm (400x224, 1.79M)

Americunts too fat to walk downhill

Attached: ill cut it off.webm (320x568, 1.46M)

Attached: car rekted.webm (640x330, 262K)

Now he has the dentals to match his legs

Attached: slipped on banana.webm (624x334, 1.1M)

clearly didn't learn from his previous mistake.

Attached: trained.webm (1280x720, 1.28M)

Imagine not being able to disarm a fat woman

Attached: go away bear.webm (674x380, 1.62M)

It's in Europe you baiting nigger

NIGGER (aka cultural enrichment) TIME

Proof that Native Americans were weak.

Are you really too week to take a knife out of that fat shits hand? If seeing your kid get attacked like that doesn't give you the adrenalin to take down a whale you should just kill yourself

Dude wtf even are you.
This is the most retarded statement on this site currently.

And risk getting stabbed? You're better off letting her walk away

Attached: 1508425854431.webm (854x428, 1.78M)

Pigs love killing dogs

I bet your dog eats shit votes for the left wing and is a massive beta cuckold that should be somewhere else and lets his bitch be fucked by only black dogs

Then he died shortly after of internal hemorrhaging

Attached: webm-Isisbeheadinganother.webm (640x360, 491K)

Attached: webm-justthetip.webm (480x270, 308K)

Americans are fucking disgusting

I wonder if they are so subhuman that they don't realize of the pain of lesser creatures
or they are so evil that they don't care / feel pleasure from doing this

Attached: swan raped by dog.webm (480x360, 1.58M)

expected the toothbrush at the start then "best gore" appeared so thought this was legit
still got the brush at the end

There is a flaw in your statement.
Retarded infants AND the parents should be terminated.
Then use the corpses as fertalizer for plants. This way the oxygen they squandered shall be replaced.
Great thread everybody.

Attached: DPpj0umW4AAZBuT.jpg (1017x1200, 118K)


She already stabbed your kid you fucking pussy, just wrench the knife out of her fat fucking hand. It's better to die a hero than live like a pussy

im posting two so this doesnt die

Attached: 1581112975663.webm (1276x720, 1.7M)

Attached: 1581201614966.webm (480x848, 1.99M)

Attached: 1581200754020.webm (480x270, 794K)

why such hate?
beauty comes in all sizes

Attached: 1521765103635.jpg (508x673, 45K)

bananana should be illegal
too many people die

>we are surrounded by sandniggers, guess it's better to surrender... what's the worst that could happen? they can't harm someone who surrendered
at his last moment
>I regret not fighting, at least could taken some of this scum with me

Holy fuck

Post dead Turkeys!

this is what all whites should do

Attached: 1533258386576.jpg (1067x1533, 853K)

Banana is contraband. Elephant confiscate.

Attached: mn-rabbit.jpg (750x600, 54K)

>all her belongings
ackchyually I'd say 50/50

did he died?

rihanna lookin good as always

Oh look, a nigger.

It's a boy!

Big limp dick
Can't even into erection

Is that the dog race of peace again?

What else?

get rekt whiteboi weakling

Attached: 1684003402837.webm (268x480, 1.26M)

Great idea! What was I thinking?
That way they could both have a tasty snack.

Attached: 1583037941374m.jpg (1024x777, 131K)

you were saying?

Attached: 1528116655558.jpg (378x578, 56K)

Limp penis

ofc it's the chinaman!
name one (1) thing they won't eat
even the placenta is not safe
ain't coronavirus from eating bats or some other shit?

Attached: 1477780049872.jpg (817x1222, 525K)

fuck u. turkey forever

Attached: turkey fights back.webm (848x464, 1.9M)

ill say

Attached: rihanna.jpg (480x640, 36K)

that's where you're wrong
penis size is bigger, black heart as well
it does good job in blood supply and gives optimal erection to give best orgasms for women

Attached: 1534255400895.jpg (1600x1600, 373K)

Attached: its a boy.webm (480x270, 254K)

Yeah some shit like that. Well, they are what they eat I guess. Disease.

Attached: images-44.jpg (276x183, 16K)

its fake dumdum

Attached: pitbull.webm (524x352, 1.97M)


honestly can't say if it's her or not
niggers look the same, she died?
don't answer I don't really care, I'ma edgy

Attached: 1485599791730.webm (800x451, 1.39M)

This is why I go day by day, contemplating more and more into becoming a superhero to rid of our worlds evils...and instead of a cape...a 38 special and a skimask

Attached: 87456073_10221427838831641_627123125670117376_n.jpg (480x320, 10K)

it really doesnt matter indeed

Attached: doggo stabbed.webm (720x720, 849K)

best friends!
playing together till they are both exausted~
I love dogs

Attached: 1508425854130.webm (960x540, 1.98M)

Did you not see the black guy getting circumcised at the beginning of the thread? That's a tradition in those parts dude


do you see a difference between circumcision and castration?
first is done by jews and americans, second by niggers and rest of subhumans

This one always makes me smile

It gave him a bad coupon.

while i agree with you, you should go get that anxiety and weak nerve costume of yours checked out.

wagging tail means the doggy is EXCITED

Attached: 1508425854430.webm (1080x520, 1.31M)

pick one

b-but muh feelings!

Attached: 1499502218145.jpg (800x1578, 246K)

no u!!!


Attached: messy tard.jpg (550x733, 327K)

Hahaha what a little legend

Attached: images-25.jpg (255x198, 9K)

Attached: C79C4735-477D-49FA-8CC8-F5B83C8B1CB9.gif (320x260, 1.88M)

fuckin Chad

got dem sick breakdancing moves down

you, Trump supporter!

EW wtf

Attached: 1581977802032.webm (576x544, 875K)

Attached: 1582999675715.webm (224x400, 593K)

but for what purpose?



Fucking stupid but goddamn the stones on that guy

Attached: 1582999486288.webm (854x480, 1.77M)

You are what you eat, lowkey wanna try human meat since technically it would have the taste of everything

Nope, that's it. Dogs should all be euthanized.

Attached: 1582829822495.webm (640x350, 1.7M)

>but they stil deserve a life so what if it will be shitty and painful SHUT UPPPP NO ONE WANTS TO DIE EXCEPT RETARDS LIKE YOU
Seriously though, if they agree they would live an awful life if they would be born, what is their argument?

Attached: k0IGUXxg.jpg (728x678, 50K)

Lol you got me.

what an absolute fucking loser

she should be charged and the dogs shot

Attached: 1581799103415.webm (640x358, 1.91M)


Attached: 1582828974667.webm (320x532, 1.9M)


bullet would have gone through both cheeks, can't believe people are falling for this obviously fake garbage

>meanwhile in yurop

Attached: 1484904402837.webm (392x296, 769K)

Subhumans abuse animals

At least the dog gets some decent Pork chops out of it


Attached: 1579642342870.webm (264x480, 1.98M)

kek i posted animal cruelty

ur all gonna be triggered holy kek

ps anyone that doesnt reply to me is clearly triggered, i've won, no doubt about it, so don't even think of ignoring me, i've literally triggered everyone single one of you kek fucking maggots, someone in the last thread called me a faggot, and now i'm on top, shut the fuck up. UR ALL TRIGGERED I WON. FAGGOT.

Attached: 1449318878655.gif (220x186, 1.98M)

Attached: 1579576596475.webm (576x386, 1.99M)

Attached: u think dis game.jpg (529x480, 64K)

>classic that will live on the internet forever
imagine what he went through in his final moments, not many people suffered more


Attached: 1579562587419.webm (852x480, 1.99M)

What was he trying to pull off?

this is a popular method to commit sudoku in china

Attached: 1579563765225.webm (588x458, 1.34M)

His flesh by the looks of it.

Attached: 1579548998805.webm (420x314, 1.72M)

pitbulls, the niggers of dog world

Attached: 1579551384219.webm (400x224, 890K)

>table has entered the chat

Attached: 1579544504923.webm (360x640, 1.69M)


ban post & i.p

Attached: 1579722534702.webm (640x360, 1.16M)


ban post & ip

Attached: 1580852057973.webm (310x550, 1.95M)

Seeeeething incel detected.

the box
you open it
we came

Attached: 1580696616194.webm (640x480, 1.99M)


Attached: 1580488044262.webm (626x360, 829K)

Don't forget to have sex.

Shame on that fgt being scared of a shitty pig

The dude in the car left a bacon flavoured stink bomb off outside a Mosque.

Attached: 1580580311784.webm (816x1080, 1.96M)

Good doggo


Attached: 1580396300806.webm (1280x720, 1.75M)

I bet this chink is already dead from coronavirus

Attached: 1468073374276.jpg (960x717, 86K)

Chinese Conveyor Suicide

mod here, stfu

Attached: 1581018208180.webm (264x480, 1.68M)

>MODS why can't I have my safe space inside REKT THREAD

Damn it
Two loli pussy wasted

Would've completed the kek if the dudes carting him away also did that little leg dance as they carried him.

Attached: 1580484831903.webm (320x400, 1.66M)

Looks like a fat spic to me

faggot and a coward for attacking a sleeping man

Attached: 1580409091657.webm (512x640, 1.74M)

anyone have the "gook blunt" vid

will nigger eat the carcass?

Fuck...this one triggered me if anything


Attached: 1582474160440.webm (1920x1080, 1.83M)

certainly it was some kind of la creatura

Attached: 1558619826603.jpg (225x225, 8K)

Jaystation gets executed


>russian characters on the signs

Except he's 100% right, it's the exact same with children, which is why you turned out a retard.

Attached: 075_1582222554328.gif (300x169, 753K)

Lol how can this be real

Jesus christ what a colossal pussy. Some dumpy fat bitch just slashed both of your kids in the face and all you can manage is a gay little hop in her direction? Dude almost fell down trying to run away when she turned towards him. Fuck sake

Attached: 1579810031444.webm (640x360, 1.21M)

good - he'll beg for less of handovers from yurop and states
hungry nigger is a bad nigger

Attached: 1481584590913.jpg (507x2412, 454K)

Attached: 1583054826522.jpg (716x605, 97K)

This. I would have been too heated to think rationally



Attached: 1526497539102.jpg (450x518, 142K)

yeah because being a keyboard warrior is much more courageous isn't it.

Would still fuck her feet.


Attached: 1579793888721.webm (444x784, 1.7M)

Stupid cat had plenty of time to escape, yet it decided to stand its ground vs two beasts 3x its size

The cat is at fault here

Haha stupid

Thanks user, lost this one with on a blown HDD

Tough bastard

You're right and the fact that he let a stranger get so close to his kids in the first place means he's a coward

I have to insist this is not rekt


So does this hurt or are you too out of it to feel anything?

Americans abroad

so, whatever happened to that nigger? i never found out a conclusion to the story

Fuck those nigger dogs

oh we got a live one

Attached: father son happy.png (795x959, 1.26M)

yeah it's the victim's fault
cat should be less provotative

Dumb owners should have trained their dog

Attached: 1579783506117.webm (640x360, 1.91M)


i mean, if we let enough of them starve for a couple of years, wouldn't it fix the food problem? if a population can't even feed itself or dig wells it probably shouldn't exist.

I have to admit it was pretty heartless.

Attached: 1582655007460.webm (640x352, 1.99M)

fucking idiot nigger

Attached: 4451321254.webm (480x480, 269K)

Is he ok?

I'm sure he's just fine.

Attached: 1579787727791.webm (292x362, 1.97M)

goddamn that hurt to watch


Attached: 1580068013882.webm (368x640, 1.32M)

Is that Rose from Star Wars?

Surely any decent doctor can simply scoop up his brain matter off the ground and dump it back into his open skull. Just put a marble into his eye socket good as new

dubs dont lie

Attached: would wife.jpg (600x695, 42K)

niggers tongue my anus


I would do the job myself but I'd be too busy running my tongue along the empty skull and eating the pink gushy pieces of his brain