Do i need to dump my girlfriend? This dude she’s texting lives in another state

Do i need to dump my girlfriend? This dude she’s texting lives in another state

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confront her ass at least you fag

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Is there more conversion? She's probably been sending him pics judging by how casual he asks

i’m deciding if when i confront her i dump her

i also want to think of a good excuse about how i saw these texts. i don’t want to give her any excuse to play victim or distract from my point

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get to the part where she shows him her tits

she sent one pic to him so far

it’s just the one included in the screenshot here

she hasn’t yet

what does her photo trash look like?

has she taken some she hasnt sent and decided to delete before it got too out of hand in? maybe?

>is this a breakdown
Say that in the most valley voice you've got in your psyche and you'll have your answer

Well, she's obviously talking and flirting with her ex. To her surface mind it may be just her way of staying in touch with a man she was once fond of and still considers a friend. Of course she knows what he wants but it doesnt seem to be what she wants. In that conversation, he is getting friendzoned. He says he wants her back, she doesnt respond in kind.

But you need to talk to her about it.


She just wants attention. Give her some attention instead of getting taken away in your own cuck fantasy

a few of the same selfies, plus some older pics of random unrelated shit

Wait until she does so you can confront her. Otherwise she'll play the victim and say it's only innocent and not sexual.

Mmm. If you want to keep her, thats the thing to do.

Remind her why she is with you instead of that guy.

do you want me to rip her icloud for deleted texts?
as long as two factor isnt on I should be able to get you a html file of all her texts (including deleted, some may or may not be there but whole deleted chains typically show)

drop your kik if you are interested

that guy is such weasely little fag. you should dump her for just encouraging that retard.

How to get cucked and revenge

that’s interesting

i thought initially that she just wants the attention but i then thought eventually this particular type of attention won’t do the trick anymore and things may escalate


WhiteKnight 2.0

fuck em' stop simping you faggots

i give her enough attention and this enrages me it doesn’t turn me on

At least post her nudes if ur gonna break up with her

i already know how to do that


oh, well then what did it show?

In your opinion you give her enough attention? Is your dick small or what?

She's emotionally invested in someone else. You don't "need" to dump her. But you might as well, because it's not going to work. You would gain nothing by inventing an excuse for why you have seen these texts and the fighting about it. If you know the dude's name, just tell her you know about [name] and that you want to break up. Don't fall into the trap that you owe her to explain how you found out or anything. You don't owe her anything. Don't be an angry fuck about it, that is guaranteed to not get you want you want. Being sad is better - tell her she really hurt you and that you can't trust her anymore, and that you're done. And just leave it at that. Let her figure it out on her own.


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are you just being an insecure faggot or does she have some reason to get dumped?

haven’t done it yet, i’m waiting for when she’s out of the apartment next

Can we just nip this thread bud before OP steers it into the inevitable cuck thread? We all know it's coming. Unbridled faggotry gobbling up attention, and it's working.

it’s not small

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Well, that depends on what kind of relationship they have.

Is it a serious one? If so, this doesnt have to be more than a slight bump in the road.
Just kids fooling around, playing relationship? Meh, might as well end it then if its not fun anymore.

you apparently dont know how to rip an icloud. Because why the fuck would that matter?

>tell her you are sad and leave it at that not listen to this fucking peice of molded feminist theory...dont be sad, get fucking PISSED, teah her that if she ever does this to anyone else she will regret it
>how else a bitch proposed to lern?

Nah she's flirting with another guy so you're getting cucked. At this point it's about getting the upper hand once you confront her. If there's no actual evidence of it being sexual, she'll play victim and lie

gives me time to not get caught

Sh-should I just let her fuck him, and convince her to record it? I saw a dick pic he sent once and I know he's b-bigger than me.

/thread. Fuck it. We can all go home.


... if it's not that serious, then why bother going on /b and complaining? I think it's serious enough that OP is asking complete strangers, DERANGED /btards on top of that, on how to handle this. I am not saying your conclusion is wrong - if it's not a serious relationship, then meh. But I think it is.

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yeah everyone. Packup. this is clearly some cuck fantasy bullshit.

This faggot is LARPING.

Bro she's a bitch, kick her from you life and give me her number that bitch gonna learn today

TRUE! The literal context of the conversation is 'them getting back together' and she's worried he might not like her because she changed her hairstyle.
He said it probably won't and asked for a picture.
She gave it to him.
Did she even tell YOU that she was talking to this guy again and like this? xD

dude you are retarded

Agreed once someone starts seeking outside attention it usually means they are not happy and/or satisfied. No ones fault really just not really meant to work out.

Playing games is for women and children, get your faggot ass head out of your over-worked anus and bang another girl.

No. Fuck you for entertaining this shit.

she told me they talk but she has said he’s a friend...

she also has never mentioned the flirting obviously

You're so incel you should get your own prize. Women are unaffected by anger. If he gets mad like some retard or takes revenge or whatever, it will have zero effect. He will seem like the sort of retard that is... I guess you. And her "cheating" will be justified. But if he's "hurt", then she's the asshole and she won't get over it as quick.

Learn to fucking manipulate people you shut in.

i don’t think you have your wits about you