Hey Cred Forums I'm bored, send me images to upscale, preferably lower quality ones

hey Cred Forums I'm bored, send me images to upscale, preferably lower quality ones.

Example above

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you're just blurring the before pictures, faget

feel free to believe that

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this is right from yandex images faget

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i will be surprised if you can fix it back to original quality

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this one is wayyy too compressed, but here, I think it did something?

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had to size this one down a little because of file size limits, but not bad.

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If you make the quality better. Then i will be VERY happy, my friend :

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big improvement on this one

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here user :)

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That..................... is.................. Amazing, can i ask you for more my friend? Because..... this is fantastic O_O

feel free, that's what this thread is for.

Thanks my friend ÓwÒ

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Download AI gigapixel, a month free trial, just make a new account with disposable email.

Thanks, my friend. It's amazing. I will send more OwO

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here ya go, also is right, if you want to do this yourself.

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Thanks bro. And ok, but..... is Gigapixel only for computers, or can i download it on other things... ?

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I believe it is only for PC, if you don't have access to a computer, I'd recommend Waifu2x

Oh ok. So is Waifux2 perfect to make High Quality pics... ?

it's pretty decent, not as good as gigapixel but still it makes a noticeable improvement

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this one is genuinely terrifying

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sorry, that's too small

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Any chance you could give this a shot? Or do you want something slightly bigger to work with?

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Yes, i have downloaded it. But can i still send some Low Quality pics..... ? Owoo

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Thanks mate. Looks good to me

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sorry, this one was too pixelated for me to do anything on it

You have failed me user

this one didn't come out that good sadly.

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If you don't mind here's another...

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Damn who is this? Need more regardless.

thanks user

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just a friend's cute little sister

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thanks user

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Yes, i have downloaded it. But can i still send some Low Quality pics..... ? OwO

magnified left's crotch alright, thanks user


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Thank you mate. These are turning out great!

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Damn. Newspaper kind of came out like shit. Still a massive improvement since I can't find any thing of it higher than 400x800. I'm surprised how well it's doing faces.

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thanks bud

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cute, thanks user

bad quality, but one of my fav pics of gf and her friend. are you able to upscale?

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sadly sometimes it's very bad with those kinds of details, I've noticed it is excellent at adding detail to things like rocks and trees

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very nice, thanks!

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No problem. I'll leave you with one last pic.... hopefully it turns out well

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Which is kind of infuriating because I know the original 75 year old piece of film has 100x more detail than the shitty ultra compressed jpegs which are all that exist on the internet.

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thank you

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this one is a bit horrific, I'm sorry

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??? 2: FUCK YOU BIATCH GIMME DA FUCKING GUN U FUKING SLUT NIQQA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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fuck off

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lewd Pikachu

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I tried

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nah it looks good, cheers!

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thanks for trying!

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wonder why this is so dark

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final one

thank you again, didnt know this was really possible haha.

def going to dl and start a thread like this myself

thanks in advance and have a great night op

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thanks user

sadly this one would be genuinely impossible to upscale with any actual detail.

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thank you for the requests, have a goodnight yourself user! :)

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Alright i'll probably do one more, I am very tired and considering heading to bed, thank you all for the requests, i'll try to do one of these threads again soon!

thanks have a good sleep!