Ever liked a picture and wished it was bigger?

I'll upsize your most loved pictures 4x using some AI resizing software.
Since there are limitations to the processing time and upload size here, limit your original images to max around 1000x1000.

If I don't do your picture, it's probably because the original quality is too low (bad lighting, too damaged by jpg compression, already resampled) and resizing isn't going to make it any better.
Works best on pictures that are already good, but smallish.

No gore, no rekt.

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Will it work on this?

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Thanks for the new thread.
Hadn't planned on doing it so soon but I'll bite.

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Background is improved but not the shitty out-of-focus foreground

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these came out great, thanks!

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thanks user

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Awesome, here another

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not bad still, thanks!

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OP lowkey posting CP? Those legs are like four dick heads wide. That's a child's crotch, wtf

Thank you so much user this came out amazing!

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thanks user

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This please

Attached: px-9.jpg (800x449, 62K)

which pic?

you just changed how i buy posters, holy crap online photoshop had a size limit making them ugy for poster, but this is. ohhh my

I want to do this on my own

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very nice, thanks user!


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too blury

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another from the set if you can brother!

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fuck thanks dude

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I think you are seeing what you want to see.
I just see a massive cock against a woman's tight crotch

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Sir please.

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Is this possible?

Attached: lelelle.jpg (960x638, 63K)

Veins don't get that big homie

please post your original image.
the right, gigapixel version, without text and all.

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Can I please teleport into that scene?

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Would you help a faggot out?

Attached: 132be778dbf6686e134386cd456169554d58f2e81d335f5c4cc983081bb2af2f.jpg (588x319, 22K)

Oh, you just did. Thank you :D

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hi, give me a higher resolution image of this please?

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fuck yeah bro

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.... madman

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thanks user

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If it works well on her, she should be the OP example for the next thread

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Thank you


Attached: download.png (558x376, 284K)

gonna compare to

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Please, thank you!

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thanks user!

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Nice, shame the original is not better quality

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Wizard plz

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very nice, thanks!

not op, but here

Attached: 1583051372087-gigapixel.jpg (1280x1920, 1.32M)

these came out really well, thanks

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Attached: 305404_10150788376650367_723045366_20686720_982719720.jpg (960x720, 60K)

Your original is way too damaged to expect much

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Attached: 1580969314612G.jpg (700x813, 229K)

Attached: 1583050979915-gigapixel.jpg (2560x1920, 607K)

Attached: 1583051085810-gigapixel.jpg (2232x1504, 172K)

Let us know

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Attached: 1583051151890-gigapixel.jpg (5876x3776, 1.54M)

thanks user

imageupscaler. .com

Attached: w1000-84838DrbCn5rRimageupscaler.jpg (4000x3200, 967K)

Holy shit its like magic haha fuck

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Attached: 1583051342719-gigapixel.jpg (1280x1280, 126K)

It's a tiny one but...

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Attached: 1583051519127-gigapixel.jpg (3840x2880, 525K)

Attached: 1583051534744-gigapixel.jpg (2800x3252, 231K)

Thank you kind sir

Attached: 6C8C28B2-89AB-40F5-A6E6-F7DE8023FAE1.jpg (577x926, 172K)

Attached: 1583051764637-gigapixel.jpg (2414x1603, 1008K)

Attached: 6ynr7p.jpg (800x600, 42K)

always wanted to point a high-res camera down her shirt, thanks!

better blending on the giga vs imageupscaler

can be seen most severely in the grass at the bottom

og for context

I would say Gigapixel Ai adds more details and upscaler adds more local contrast but the jpg compression is quite high anyway and the differences minimal on that particular image

Possible to deblurr/sharpen up?

Attached: B4717A37-2F14-421A-AF7D-925C95C3BC82.jpg (1620x1080, 402K)

Attached: 1583051793804-gigapixel.jpg (2308x3704, 631K)

Attached: 1583051709271-gigapixel.jpg (1920x2880, 347K)

Attached: 1583051736165-gigapixel.jpg (1920x2880, 350K)

tried to upscale this one before OP got to it

came out pretty bad

Attached: 1583051898364-gigapixel.jpg (3200x2400, 338K)

This is amazing

Attached: 654555.jpg (640x960, 64K)

thanks user

Attached: imagejpeg_2.jpg (1024x576, 50K)

Attached: 1583052153506-gigapixel.jpg (1280x1920, 1.16M)

Upscale this BJ?

Attached: 790_1000.jpg (640x480, 54K)

Can't do much, too out of focus

Attached: 1583051991626-gigapixel.jpg (3240x2160, 633K)

Attached: 372ECCBA-CD89-49BD-BCE7-5A7923CAC24E.jpg (640x640, 63K)

Thanks for trying it out

Attached: 313272_10150275623934261_1849769_n.jpg (960x720, 149K)

Attached: 1583052271104-gigapixel.jpg (4096x2304, 339K)

Attached: 1583052310286-gigapixel.jpg (2560x1920, 361K)

Pretty please?

Attached: 8264.jpg (640x959, 80K)

Attached: 1583052400417-gigapixel.jpg (2560x2560, 614K)

Attached: 1583052448954-gigapixel.jpg (3840x2880, 926K)

Attached: 914E182.jpg (640x640, 126K)

Never stop doing these threads and never leave Cred Forums

fuck that's good, thanks!

Attached: 317343_10150275624114261_513904260_7945056_780846.jpg (720x540, 72K)

Glad this is offering some original service

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Attached: 1583052523607-gigapixel.jpg (2560x3836, 545K)

Attached: 1583052573865-gigapixel.jpg (2560x2560, 400K)

Attached: lBaVpIz.jpg (720x540, 87K)

Attached: 1D19F1E8-5982-4F66-966C-1F9E27C7975C.jpg (1080x1345, 129K)

Attached: 1583052630924-gigapixel.jpg (2880x2160, 536K)

Attached: 1583052697882-gigapixel.jpg (4320x5380, 1.09M)

Attached: 4lvzYBD.jpg (960x636, 322K)

Attached: 1583052735950-gigapixel.jpg (2880x2160, 306K)

This is an amazing voyeur porn thread

that software makes bodies look amazing, thanks again user!

this one workes really well

Attached: 47D8E16A-44E7-486B-A1E6-7FCCC20ECEC3.jpg (1024x1820, 160K)

Reached limit guys.
Will come back another time.

The fuck ? Is that cheese pizza ??

Please come back!!!!!

different pics

> OMG my eyes
The dick is photoshopped in

How can you tell, user ?


how does the crack work?

can anyone confirm?

You can do this yourself, just google ai image upscaler.. there are at least 3-4 free sites out there

new thread? I have same software as OP, can contribute

>installing random software from a Mongolian tapestry weaving forum

hmmm, big brain

bump to read