Cuck thread - lets see those wives you like watching get fucked

cuck thread - lets see those wives you like watching get fucked

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Husband sharing cuckolding hotwife

Kik is jmatks091

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Would love to man handle her

Not my wife but my gf

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she does like to be tossed around

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Dam that pussy looks so good

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Haven’t tried it yet, but I like the thought of double teaming my wife

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Holy shit I need more

Asian gf

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you like?

Fuck yeah man

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Slut gf

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know her?

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Tell me what you'd do for her nudes

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As rough as possible

No. But I wish I did

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Damn, I dunno. She looks promising. I mean there is a limit but man I’d do some shit lol

Fuck. Sign me up for that!

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Interest? Wwyd?

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Any more?

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So fucking sexy
I'd bury my face in that fat ass and coat it with her juices

What would you do to her?
I'll drop her nudes for the dirtiest shit

The front side

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Holy shit now there’s definitely not a lot I wouldn’t do lol

Holy fuck. Wanna talk on kik? I could say some shit

Any interest?

Nah here is best

Tell me how you'd ruin her and you can have them all.

Start by slapping that face with my hard cock

Hell yeah

I really want to see my girl getting hard fucked by another stud.

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What’s your kik?


do you have kik?

oh, love that body, totally my thing. I'd taje care of her for you, kik? Add me Fed_Up1992

Go on.. Longer

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I wanna unleash those fat tits and slide my hard cock between them and fuck them until my cum bursts out of my dick tip onto her face

My ex and I want you to tell me how she's yours now, how she needs a real man

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My gf

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Please share those tits some more

Would tie her up and rent her out to my friends.

Kik: Nascar0188

Showing off my girl to 8 inch + dominant bullies.

Doesn't she have a grabbable neck?

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Been together for some years. My best friend fucked her once but she was nervous and he did not last more than 5 minutes.

We tried another time with another friend of mine with a cock much bigger than mine but things did not flow enough and she just blew him.

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holy shit, hard for her rn

I want to put her legs on my shoulders and pound her into screaming fits. I wanna feel my balls slapping against her cute little asshole and I wanna watch those titties bounce while I shoot my hot load deep inside her

Then lube my cock with my own cum mixed with her spit and slide my cock against her pussy lips. After she’s soaking and my head is aching I glide my cock inside her plump encouraged pussy

I do, but I don't know if I should share it.

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Fuck I want to cum in her so bad

shared her lots. Looking forward to more soon I hope.

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add me on kik?


I've always told her I wanted a MMF threesome but she wouldn't get around it.

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You should.



show her ass user

Wwyd ?

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I would let anyone fuck her ass if they asked and she said yes.

Kik longlostlegend91

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reverse search exist do you know



not yet but I would love to watch

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Kik me if interested by my wife wifelover1984
Being bad for a few minutes...

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app unsee cc /#aaec95e6


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Anybody interested in my long term crush who sometimes lets me play a little out (Show her my cock, grab her butt, watch her change) of pitty?

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Great tits

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anyone want to fuck my gf?

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Definitely, Kik me

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so cute

Looks like my ex


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Dude. I got you

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Tell me about the last time you were with my girl and how it all went down.

Kik veinman93

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Def. Post em up

My GF what do you think ?

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Oh fuck yeah even makes the same face

share more. my Kik funsize71


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Moar ?

once shared her with BBC

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keep op coming
stroking hard

pics of your ex?

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no kik

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I have seen her before but these are new pics. Please post more / make a room and upload!

nope but i’m jerking off to that ass

This is crazy hot to me. I have a pic or two but not here

how close do they look?

Id love to see my woman get gangbanged. Always wanted to see her friends gang up on her in college at one of her parties.

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I understand you user

having a gf who studies is living diamonds

Gf and me / gf and her man

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how much bigger is he than you


This. Especially since booze sets their inner sluts free, mine has kissed with her female friend and grinded on other guys laps at dance floor when drunk, such a cocktease

Show em

Not twins but pretty close. Similar bodies

Does any cuck also have a teenage gf like me?

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what race?

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Yes, mine is 18, wish she would try some older men...


Have someone we found on here coming over later today

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just thinking about it makes me hard af


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Kik Silver_rx

I've always wanted my girlfriend to cuckold me and force me to clean up after them. She's super against sharing and cuckolding though. Even refuses MMF threesomes.

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You’re killing me

i’m edging so hard

Share your girl here


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idk if i can hold out much longer

Cock size?
Idk his size but it's enough to not fit in her mouth, mine fits entirely in her mouth


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She has admitted that the thought of older guys excites her. Same poster as here , she's probably too shy to really start searching for guys when sober, but maybe some alcohol will lift her inhibitions...

Hot. More?

one of these pics is gonna put me beyond the point of no return

Sharing my hot gf
Kik me at parsleysagerosemary6

how'd you start sharing her?

Would love to have my way with her.

Awesome. Hmu on Kik whitecastle2001 to talk about her

I've always wanted to have her make out with me with another guys load on her face.

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I know right, all her school friends want to fuck her, and dont even care about her relationship

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Well I didn't so anything, she started sharing herself and found out cuz my friends started telling me

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awesome hips
imagine a huge dick dumping their load in her

Damn those curves, has anything happened yet? Maybe the closest my gf got to cucking was when her boss got her wasted

mmmmmm would love to make that a reality for you

Can anyone fuck her? She would love to be fucked by a stranger

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What was your reaction when you found out? Did you know you wanted her to get fucked before she went ahead and did it?

i know that yogurt place
it’s a florida thing right?

I wish she would too.

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Kik in previous pic

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Yes, She said she suckled at a party.

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is this oc or is there sauce boys

I didn't tell her immediately, I wanted to enjoy and see how many guys she fucked in my room in a month lol

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Moar ?

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Story about this? Fuckin hot

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Bet she would if she saw my cock.

how many guys was it? how would you know when she brought someone over?

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Soo yum.. Moar of her tits?


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Just 3 guys but some of them did a second or third visit

I knew cuz they told me, most were friends of mine or her friends from school

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can’t stop jerking off to her pics

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So your own friends would fuck your girlfriend behind your back, tell you about it afterwards, then do it again?

how did that end up happening

We were at the beginning of it and it was not an assumed relationship

first fight

she goes to a school party


suck and swallowing cum from her ex

now Im a cuck and need more

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thats fucking sexy
anything else happen?

Well if you put it like that it sounds like bullshit lol, I got some ss and proof, got kik?

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Would love to see those screens, what's your Kik?

Looking for a hung bull that wants to see pics of my gf
kik esr.30

Does she know about your fetish? Mine went to party with her co-workers (and her older male boss), they got her really drunk and the boss convinced gf to firstly go naked with him on a hot tub, then she went to same bed with him. She then let him touch her back, ass and bare boobs

Post yours, I don't like to post mine cuz I get messages from lurkers and I end up not knowing who's who

Would love it so much but not gone happen I'm afraid. She's not in to the idea at all

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She already received her friends wearing only her panties and shirt at home

Pic related

I stroke hard for this

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Yes she knows and now tell me everything

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her body is so fucking fine
you're so lucky

Well she said that she didn't let him go inside her panties, but admitted that her pussy was soaking wet from the "massage". I was rock hard when she told about this, maybe she'll go further in the future

That sucks for you and her, but at least modern medicine has come a long way with a cure!

Wife's previous job and ex bf she was on and off fucking her boss.

Lucky but a cuck now :(

Thats really hot, I hope things escalate more with her boss

Good, her body deserves to be shared

Trust me she does not tell you everything. I guarantee that she has some secrets.

I really want her ugly and losing friends to fuck her perfect body

I hope so

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Not my girl but from someone on kik.

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Attached: 28a748e7-34cb-4399-8950-57c24ef64c54.png (720x960, 580K)

Attached: 86d62ba4-191c-485a-92d8-93dd5359cbb3.png (540x960, 297K)

Such a slut.

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they can still be your friends while fucking your gf, no issue

My slutty girlfriend

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how is she slutty?

My wife. Any interest ?

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me and my gf just got into sharing, kik jon-boviii for more. specifically looking for an older chubby guy 30+

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Im a new cuck

I just want to create more situations like the panties/shirt, thats so hot

Hope some escalation

Attached: IMG-20190819-WA0032.jpg (640x852, 194K)

Yes pls


you working on that? or just letting it happen

She likes to be fucked as rough as possible

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More, now

Both, have you any Idea?

Attached: Screenshot_20191213-010108_1.jpg (632x1339, 96K)

kik Ewry003

Send pics/vids of your gf/wife for a chat and rate. Can make them my wallpaper as well

Sure, I love watching her get it rough. What would you do to her?

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she posts shit like that on her story? no wonder everyone wants to fuck her
keep inviting friends over while she dresses slutty

Hit me up on kik, I love sharing her pictures and videos if you really degrade me

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Raleigh NC cuck. I've posted my GF a ton, just not with her info.

Kiss her, pulling her hair, pressed against a wall. Would love to touch that body roughly, hearing her moan. Choke her, command her to touch her pussy, slap her pretty face. Let her go down to suck my dick. Love to watch her finger herself with my cock in her mouth.

Lemme know if you wanna fuck her hard

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I'll jerk to your girls and fantasize with you and mayba look to meet up. I'm in the Midwest


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>she posts shit like that on her story?

Yes, its normal

Good, I dont want to ask her for anything

I want to be a passive cuck

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Attached: 058827CC-6E4F-420F-8A90-EE961888B7C5.jpg (2000x1842, 711K)

Shes such a loud moaner. She hasn't been with many guys because shes so shy, her pussy is so tight and she loves getting creampied, cums every time

Attached: IMG_8201.jpg (959x1280, 228K)

Love the look

24m bull kik: frieze95 if your girl needs some bwc

Wanna hear ya

Attached: FB_IMG_15830663112548593.jpg (382x382, 101K)

what does she think about your fetish? Do guys hit her up to mess around in her dms?

Please god share the vids! I know you said you don’t have much, but I wanna hear her getting fucked and seeing her riding cock

Please go on sir

Attached: IMG_1542.jpg (960x1280, 202K)

higher res?


God, you have kik? I want to see more. Want to use her so badly and creampie her. Does she like anal?

Attached: IMG_1829.jpg (960x1280, 212K)


At first she was okay with it but i've been training her with toys and now she takes it in her ass like a champ I don't have a kik

Attached: Ajtk.jpg (722x1024, 173K)

>Be me
>Bi dude in OK shape
>Sometimes when it's a dry spell I find a dude on Craigslist to suck me off anonymously through a gloryhole or blindfolded
>FInd ad one day for a gloryhole some guy has set up in his factory
>Sucks me good a few different times
>Starts messaging me about how much bigger my cock is than his
>Next time I go he puts up pictures of his wife on his gloryhole for me while he blows me
>Talk more, turns out this guys wife doesn't fuck him much, maybe once a year
>Thinks shes fucking around on him, but the turns him on
>Starts talking about getting me to try and fuck her

Attached: IMG_1560.jpg (960x1280, 198K)

Its a turn on for her too

All the time, online and irl, i love it

Attached: received_2189230898046019.png (716x800, 462K)

Well done. That's a shame, such a hot slut must be shared. Keep posting. Perfect body and smile. Would use toys definetly, all holes of this slut must be filled.

Posting on request: humiliating the tiny tit white slut and the tiny cock cuck I own as a bull. 26yo couple, nice jobs, she is unaware he shares.

His kik is jjohnson10105, tell him howyou would humiliate them.

Attached: Screenshot_20200229-230137_Photos.jpg (2340x1080, 598K)

She is filled with my cum in this pic and went to work with it in her

Attached: 0201160550-00.jpg (1200x1600, 224K)

Attached: f461829a-37f6-4493-a841-e92374d5ee4e.png (1600x1506, 1.36M)

Yeah, I’m sure she is faggot
Hence why you only post FB/IG pics of her and zero nudes
Please do darwin a solid, and remove yourself off this mortal coil

jesus those hips are so perfect
does she flirt back with them? you need to go to a party and get her drunk, then leave and watch what she does

Your cum? Did you take her hard? She deserves getting creamed a lot.

Imagine being such a virgin that you dont believe when people actually get laid

Attached: IMG_2171.jpg (960x1280, 146K)

Dammit she's fucking perfect

Keep it going my friend

Shes hot as hell

Kek, that’s not even the same broad
Goddamn this is pathetic

go on ,,,

Nice one

Attached: Screenshot_20200301-140608_Kik.jpg (1080x2340, 555K)

>does she flirt back with them?


Just with her friends, like sit on lap etc

But the uglier and fatter the friend the harder I get

it would be so humiliating and disgusting for such a loser to abuse her

Attached: IMG-20190811-WA0041_1.jpg (258x806, 49K)

Attached: FullSizeRender.jpg (640x1136, 137K)

Probably fake

Attached: IMG_9056.jpg (480x640, 75K)

Wife in need of big dicks to tit wank

Attached: Screenshot_20200204_233946.jpg (1080x1507, 205K)

Goddamn you’re idiots if you think this is the same chick
For fucks sake

Do you have a friend in mind that's like that?

Go away larping faggot

>Tells me his wife is going out with some friends to a local bar that weekend
>Organize a group of friends to go with me
>We go down early and start drinking
>Im not really a smooth talker so I need to get a buzz on
>Getting late, she isn't there
>Her and a couple of friends roll in late and pretty drunk
>She is wearing the tiniest skirt, almost has her ass cheeks hanging out the bottom
>Watch for a bit, go to have a cigarette while her and her friend are
>Strike up a conversation, hit on her and her friend a little
>She asks for a cigarette, as she's lighting I notice she isn't wearing a wedding ring
>Go inside and dance with them
>Guys wife is loving it, starts slut dropping, and grinding on me
>Start making out with her in the middle of the dance floor
>She's into it
>We keep drinking
>Closing times coming up, start dirty talking to her
>She's so into it, I know at this point it's a forgone conclusion im gonna fuck her
>Leave her friends at the club and walk around the corner to where I parked my car and we jump in the back
>Straight away she pulls my cock out of my pants
>Sucks my dick every bit as good as her husband does
>Saliva all over it, deep wet and sloppy
>Turn her around and pull her skirt up
>No panties and she's dripping wet
>"Do you have a condom"
>Lie and say no
>"OK dont cum in me"
>Fuck her doggy style, and fuck her deeeep
>She is screaming and shaking on my dick
>Pull out and blow all up her back on her skirt
>We swap numbers and she goes back into the bar to meet her friends
>Grab an uber home
>Text the husband and let him know to check the back of his wifes skirt when she gets home
Keep going?

Interested? Wwyd?

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would watch her with another guy, just sayin

Attached: T251.jpg (720x960, 49K)

Keep going

Yes, One of her friends is a fat loser, and he never tried anything with her

I imagine how much he must stroke for her

Attached: IMG-20190915-WA0021_1.jpg (381x489, 25K)

Kik cr4pp

Attached: A428D723-FB15-4868-9196-D586E748003E.jpg (628x1192, 518K)

Saw her in earlier thread. Still interested in fucking her. Chicago as well

I want my wife’s tits covered in a strangers cum

Attached: 7C5DC190-5AF0-4EDA-810C-0131847B10E7.jpg (540x960, 42K)

Attached: 73516E0B-834E-4466-BF26-8C3188C2D6EE.jpg (540x960, 40K)

Get them to do something
It'd be so hot if he filled her mouth up with his cum

Attached: 65432788-B1ED-4BD1-A6B7-CE1CB9E06924.jpg (540x960, 46K)

hell ye

19yo bull here. Straight and huge dicl. Kik ziguuum

>Husband is really into it
>Text the wife next weekend to see if she wants to meet up again
>She's wants to just come to mine
>Pattern goes on for a few weeks
>When she is going out afterwards I go down to his factory and he sucks his wifes cunt juice off my dick
>We've ditched the gloryhole at this point, and I just facefuck him
>After I cum in his mouth he asks me to film his wife next time
>Order one of those hidden cameras that looks like a key
>She comes around in a winter coat, naked underneath
>Take her to my room and throw her on the bed
>The wife is a filthy slut, lets me do everything to her
>Slap her face and tits, anal, ass 2 mouth, rimming on me, even pissed in her mouth a little
>Husband loves the video
>Wants to be in the room
>Comes up with a plan to invite me around and pretend to be a work contact
>Makes me swear not to tell his wife he's bi
>Ive never really talked to this guy about anything other than fucking his wife and him sucking me off
>Drink a few beers before I go over to calm my nerves
>Get there and the wifes out shopping
>Shows me round the house, get to the bedroom
>Whip out my cock and make him suck me off in his room
>Hear the garage open before I can cum.
>Go out on the deck and sit down
>Wife comes out to say hi and looks like a dear in headlights
>"Hey wife, this is user"
>Just grin and say hi
>"What time are you going out tonight hun?"
>She stammers and says the girls cancelled
>She's scared shitless that hubbie will find out I've been fucking her
>Stays home for dinner, we all start downing drinks and everyone visibly relaxes

She’s so cute, gibs the rest of the link?

>Night goes on and we start talking about sex
>"So user, who are you fucking at the moment?"
>Tell hubby about this chick i picked up at the local bar then fucked in my car, then have fucked every weekend since
>I can see hubby getting a hardon through his shorts
>"But i think she might be married" and throw a cheeky sideways grin at the wife
>Wife goes pale
>He starts rubbing his wifes thigh and says that's kinda hot
>"Have you two ever done anything like that?"
>Wife is lost for words, hubby says no but its hot and he'd be into it
>The wife is sooooo nervous
>He slides his hand up her thigh and under her skirt
>She is frozen still staring at me in the eyes
>She is getting that look in her eyes she has when she rocks up to my place
>Hubby kisses her long and passionately
> I walk over and do the same
>She gulps and we go inside to the bedroom
>Husband undresses her slowly and lies her down on the bed, and crawls between her legs and starts eating her pussy
>She moans softly and holds eye contact with me
>I climb on the bed next to them and pull my cock out and put it in her mouth
>She start off slow, but pretty quickly she is slobbering on my cock as good as she ever had
>Hubby strips off his pants and gets ready to fuck her
>I've never seen his cock before
>Like 5 inches max, no wonder he thinks my 7.5 is so big
> Wife is enthusiastically sucking on my dick
>Hubby pulls out and motions to me to switch
>Swap spots and she is so wet theres a fucking puddle forming on the bed under her
>Slide right into her and the husband is wide eyed and frenzied
>Takes his cock to his wifes mouth, but she wont take it. Slowly jerks his off instead
>Flip her onto her hands and knees and jam it back into her and she squeals
>Hubby is jerking himself off now and blows his load at she pushes back into my dick.
>Stick my thumb into her ass while im fucking her
>Husband is just lying there watching at this point
>"Hubby lick her clit while I fuck her"

Where’s the fucking vids cuck?

>Now it's his turn to go wide eyed
>She doesn't even react, just keeps pumping her ass back into me
>Hubby slowly crawls under her and starts licking while i pump at her
>Start pulling out of her and putting it back in and she is moaning deep
>Feel the head of my cock getting a lick from hubby on the way out
>Accidentally "slip" and push slowly into her ass and she screams
>Just keep going for it in her ass and she doesnt stop me
>Look down and hubby is jerking his tiny cock again
> Pup at her ass faster and faster while her hubby fingers her and eats her cunt
>Pull out and blow my load on the husbands face
>Wife rolls over absolutely spent
>Looks over and sees hubby with my cum on his face
>He is furiously trying to finish himself off and cums a little dribble onto his pot belly
>The look of absolute disgust with him is blatant, but he is just lying on his back looking at the roof

And play with her tits

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Anyone who wants Mallory vids hit me up on kik, fuck that asshole

i have a huge crush on michelle

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>I get invited around a few more times over the next year
>Last time it probably went a bit far
>Made hubby suck my dick to get me hard for his wife
>Wife flat out refused to touch or be touched by him while I fucked her
>He didnt care it was hot for him, he just sat next to us jerking off
>Alternated between smashing his wife and making him suck on my cock
>Wife text me the next day that she was leaving him
>Fucked her a few more times but it kind of fizzled away, too much history there I guess
>Husband messaged me recently for the first time in ages
>Has a new girlfriend he wants me to meet

Come cuck

Kik Jtower66

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I want to hear how you’d rape my chubby gf
Kik: dlbw1111

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Got my GF doing this but struggling to get her to involve some one else just talking and flirting with them any advise ?

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UK based bull here.

Wanna get off sharing your woman with a guy that might recognise her? Hit me up for a jolly good chat!

Kik: cenryhavil

Thanks for posting this man that it was very hot, you ever get a pic of her or what she looked like? I bet you can't wait to go and see his new girl

Kik is LLwife

Would love for someone to fuck the landlords wife.

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awesome story bro! pics of how she looked plz

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first id put her on a diet
wait 6 months
tell her she was ugly even if she was slim
proceed to tell her not to reproduce so that my children do not have the statistical improbability of one day breeding with her genepool

i want to breed michelle so badly

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what's her story?
asian brought over?
how old is she

Like mine?

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american citizen kek, actually a trump lover

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Fucking degenerates

very pleasing

wwyd to my crush michelle?

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too old for me, so imagination cant be arsed thinking

No kik

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Kik curiouscouple0801

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Absolutely! She's a smoke show

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