Why are white people so racist?

Why are white people so racist?

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realism is not racism

why are niggers such peices of shit?

There are racial differences, even minorities see their differences, you retarded Liberal.

Why are people racist?
(Adding "white" assumes only white people are racist, and thus creates a dishonest starting point of discussion, also distrust of OP's intentions).

>Why are white people so racist?

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I do suggest thou reevaluate thy way of thought, you teet suckling twat

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because poop

Remember apparently only white people can be racist, it still blows my mind how the black community was able to convince people racist=years of systemic oppression by a specific group,

Maybe it's because niggers keep raping white women. Meanwhile, white people don't rape niggers, because nobody likes niggers.

I remember high school when I was in philosophy class... there was this asian girl totally confused and angry because teacher was speaking about racism in other countires. She said that that is bullshit and not possible because as they are foreigners they just can't be racist. Teacher (who was half chinese by the way) just did a huge face palm


not all white people are racist tho bro

Thats a lie

Not really, it was the Jews in academia and media

the big truth is everyone is racist and selfish, this is no surprise to anyone, and anyone who feints outrage about this simple truth is lying only to themselves and no one else.

Considering how tolerant and charitable bleeding heart whites have been to the black community, the way they show their appreciation disgusts me.

>how the black community was able to convince people
Brown people are tools of the kikes. They don't do anything by themselves. The psychological war going on, is between the white man and jews. And there isn't a chance in hell that the jews are going to win. Be very careful who you throw your lot in with.

Everyone's racist bro.
For good reason.
Every race sucks but yours.

I wish they were.

People are hardwired to protect their clan from foreign clans who want to take their shit and rape their women. Not much different than today.

It's honestly because every nigger we have ever met has just been a dumbass fool and we don't have time for that garbage when we have countries, businesses, states, ideologies, and etc to run

>Brown people are tools of the kikes.
Shhh. Thats a secret. Jacob Schiff not only funded the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and helped to start the private Federal Reserve bank in the US, but he also funded the NAACP.... Jews ran that until the 1970s. They couldn't let their negro pets think for themselves. The communist ANC party in Africa was started by Jews like Joe Slovo. Mandela was just a gud boy, dindu nuffin terrorist they put up as a black figure head.

What are you blabbering about?

Self loathing.

U right my bad

This isn't stormfront. Take your KKK faggotry back there. Nobody wants to watch you guys suck each others' dicks and circle jerk.

My bad it was the Jews using the blacks to do it just take it easy

Because the world is one big race war and we're winning and other people are mad and stuff.

Get fucked, bau5

We're asking questions here. Are questions not allowed, as your lead the pride parade? Buttplug and all, your nigger boyfriend cheering you on, your parents watching as you parade around.

Sorry what? I don't speak klanigger. Try english, Trailer Park.

What country are you from, because I can tell you're not American.

go to bed you're drunk and hysterical

as long as differences exist, people (white) will find a way to make their differences seem superior

Why are you so jewish

Mainly ignorance. I used to be quite a racist towards anything of different colour/culture, until i started working in a R&D company with a lot of internationals. Found that race doesn't mean shit

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yeah once you interact with a bunch of smart people instead of the mixture of tribal dumbfucks in your brokedick town/trailerpark it becomes perfectly clear that racism is ego armor for the pathetic and weak

We're asking questions here. Are questions not allowed, as your lead the pride parade? Buttplug and all, your nigger boyfriend cheering you on, your parents watching as you parade around.

Having "internationals" in our tech companies, so the kikes at the top can pay them less, is why I still have an 8 year old computer, that runs everything on ultra. I've not heard a single good thing about H-1B "brain" illegals. They show up. fuck everything up and the one old white guy they kept around has to clean up their mess.

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International scientists get paid the exact same as national scientists here. Were judged on our skill in the real world, not on our fucking heritage

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Because fuck niggers


If they are H-1B, they are getting significantly less. I also highly doubt the veracity of your claims. More lefty larping, for the tribe!

Additionally I'd like to add that while race doesn't mean anything, some stereotypes are true. Indian people do tend to be less hygienic and slower. Although these characteristics can be qualities rather than flaws if applied correctly. When used properly, the Indian man isn't so much smelly and slow as cultured and patient.

I love working with Indians. They're really chill and always take their time, great vibes

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We're asking questions here. Are questions not allowed, as your lead the pride parade? Buttplug and all, your nigger boyfriend cheering you on, your parents watching as you parade around.

i'm not racist, where i live racism is a crime and crime is for niggers

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Don't live in your shit fascist country, we don't have h1b.

Germany treats people fair. Judges them purely on their qualities and contributions.

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Balls. The visas exist because the USA doesn't have all the skilled people it needs to keep going. No problems finding fat cunts as security guards though.

GTFO with your kike shit, Hans...

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We most certainly do, they list those high paying jobs in rural towns with a couple thousand people in them and when no one applies for the position, they are allowed H-1Bs, which they lobby for more and more every year. If the cap was taken off and that practice not regulated, they would replace everyone with them because they work cheaper, like all illegals.

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Actually it's hanstein now, he changed it to fit it with his overlords

>Germany treats people fair

i love the mental gymnastics

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>race doesn't mean shit
Until promotion time, then it sucks to be white...

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That doesn't make any sense
My manager is a Swedish woman. How's that for your inferiority complex

>still relating Germany to their Nazi past in 2020


Ok retard

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She's our superior because she's highly educated and manages to keep our team of autistic fucks socially proactive
Once again, using natural skills to her advantage. You could do the same

Black woman at job made some serious mistakes, but because PepsiCo is all about diversity they just kept her And said not to bother her about it

i tend to relate things that happened to the country and people to which they happened yes

it's not like this was over a thousand years ago, your great grandfather was likely a nazi, you speak the exact same language with the same dialect as they did, your genetic profile is still exactly the same

if you measure how other western countries are still held accountable for slavery after nearly 500 years have passed then you germans are to be considered way more guilty for what nazis did since it hasn't even been 100 years past

in many parts of the world you are considered as guilty as hitler, and the great irony is your cucked people help promote that very idea

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What is important to understand is that the rise of the nazi empire was due to the political situation at the time. Germany was in a huge financial crisis, on the point of tipping over to poverty. Something radical had to happen in order to change the entire system.

And say as you will, but the second world war did put Germany on the map again. However much we condemn our past.

Statistically there's more active neonazism in your sweet USA than in Germany

Personally my grandparents used to be resistance fighters until being locked up

how convenient for you to accept the benefits afforded to you buy your nazi fathers and mothers while you simultaneously pretend your own hands are clean

your grandparents were resistance fighters in nazi germany eh? what are the odds every german today's grandparents were schindlers, what a wonderful tale

another irony is that your think you are superior to your ancestors, that you yourself wouldn't be lulled into radical ideology when you likely already are

so about germany treating people fair? when was the exact date that this started happening? can you explain the political abuses that currently reside in germany today? can you explain the ghettos that exist in germany today

you say the USA has a neonazi problem, well what about your own neonazi problem? can you elaborate on the political persecution by the german government labeling anyone who disagrees with them as far right? can you explain why the german government allows antifa to act like brownshirts and roam the streets terrorizing people with mob violence?

oh that's right, you probably believe antifa is a force for good and somehow isn't tool of the government to control dissent

it wasn't okay when the nazis did it, but it's okay when you do it

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