I'm a small dicked white boi

I'm a small dicked white boi

And I just love jerking my little clit to Huge Muscular Shit Skinned Niggers from the streets fucking all the pretty and innocent White Girls

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Niggers are so fucking good at pleasing pretty white girls

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Don't jerk off to it. Participate!

I want every pretty white girl to have a Filthy Hood Nigger fucking her tight pink pussy

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But I just love to jerk off! I love seeing those Dirty Niggers take away all the innocent pretty girls while I just jerk my little dick

I’ve got a small cock and I’m a BBC addict too

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Fuck I just love it! Feels so good to jerk to white girls getting fucked by dirty niggers

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Gonna spend all day doing it when I have the place to myself in a couple of hours

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are we all gonna ignore the fucking wart on this guys cock?

Fuck that pic is so beautiful! Beautiful girl made even prettier with a Beautiful Nigger Cock!

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But don't you wanna be taken by force and enjoy the BBC you're craving for by yourself?

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No I love the feeling I get just from seeing something so pretty get fucked by something so filthy

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So many dirty Hood Niggers for such a pretty girl!

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Black gods

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You and me both. And the majority of guys these days.

*White guys
Niggers are so fucking alpha and I love it so much

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Kys seriously you pathetic fucks need to die you serve no purpose, cucks.

I’m totally gay for BBC these days. Life has never been better.


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Send me stories and pics of girls who are whores for bbc at Banditflower70 on kik

did it make your dick twitch? looking at it all

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I've been away from this for a week but this thread got me so hard. Goddamn it.

is that piper perry?

How did you know?

Same... Fuck. And nice trips.

All I want is your sister

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Don’t fight it, feel it

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Gf has recently become addicted to bbc. Don’t know how much more of it I can take

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Maybe she'd share the BBC with you?

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No kik sorry
I let her try it once and she cried she was so happy with it. Now it’s all she wants

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That sounds amazingly hot!
She was so happy that she cried
Makes me want to cry of joy too

ITT: jews

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She's a white girl with needs, and healthy desires. It's tough luck for us white boys but it's no good just getting depressed about it.

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Is it just me, or does a huge nigger dick next to a pretty white girl make her look even prettier

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Eat dick, jew faggot.

Let him fuck her in the butt for the first time too. Was always something she said she would never do

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Imagine LARPing as a cuck

Sure it does, because you can see the white girl is in heat for it

Black men get privileges whites don't. Get used to that for the future.

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So this was just a total mistake to let her try bbc?

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fake and gay kys op

Man I watch bbc porn sometimes and it's all well and good but honestly this thread is disgusting. OP you should be ashamed of yourself, you filthy degenerate. I hope you get raped by an hiv positive black homeless man


No you did something great!
She's so beautiful and it makes me so happy that she fell in love with Dirty Nigger Cock

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Fuck the same goes with nigger cum
Makes the girl 100x prettier than any makeup could

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Almost came

It's just so true
I love niggers so much!!!

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where this niggas balls ?

I've embraced the movement, i love worshipping nigger dicks. I just hope to convince my girlfriend of the same thing

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Nigger dicks and balls are so juicy!

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White girls deserve black cum

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Love watching my girlfriend slobbing on big nigger dicks

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I love seeing pretty girls choking on huge nigger dicks

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White girls deserve big juicy dicks, not clit-dick white guys

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Give up, white boy.

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Any PS4 groups dedicated to this content?

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my white boi dick cannot handle Miss Katie.....

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why does she look so satisfied ??
he's not even sexxing her, and she already looks fulfilled

thanks for the addiction , Gianna ... dum white slut...

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Photochop matters

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t. mad wh*toid loooooooser

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>I'm a small dicked white boi
that's something we've suspected all along. I don't know if you're actually white but I'm pretty sure you have a small dick and you are mentally ill. Take your meds faggot!

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Is she made for my dick or bbc ?

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'Nuff said

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Nope, you're a halbreed son of a noodle eating whore. Even your white dad knew you're a worthless piece of shit, so he split

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and this, Tenda Spencer

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The most beautiful sight in all of porn, a white bitch taking nigger cock in both holes at once.

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Good photos

>walk into bedroom
>see this
wat do

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lick feet


my tiny pee-pee wouldn't reach any hole so I'd just slurp the hell out of it while wanking with tweezers

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So much stamina 1 white girl isnt enough

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not bad

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In the future, smart, rich white girls will be assigned to breed with aggressive, low IQ black bulls. This improves their Gene pool, and eventually most white girls do report the experience as positive. Of course, she might let you weakly try to inseminate her after her mandatory weekly breeding session, but she knows that your little dicklet isn't going to be able to get even it's meager load anywhere close to her womb.

Based user

I'm happy that she is happy

I agree. It is beautiful.

So fucking delicious.

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This just in: black nigger dick is superior, all will succumb to worshipping it.

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we bred slaves to have the sexiest kids to molest for centuries of course they fuck like stars