Why are wh*tes such cowards?

Why are wh*tes such cowards?

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lmgtfy.com/?q=rap song about drugs and pandas??

Why are niggers such violent apes that cant control their emotions?

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There are AT LEAST 4 niggers we know of in that video cornering that kid. The baboon attacking him, the one filming, the one ducking out of the way, and the one pulling baboon off. The SECOND that white kid tries to fight back he'd be dogpiled by the whole barrel of monkeys.

If it's a 1 on 1 there'd be no excuse not to try and fight back but the kid probably saved himself from being curb stomped by multiple chimps in this regard. Kid's probably never thrown a punch or touched a weight in his life, never would've stood a chance.

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but their emotions are clearly very controlled in that image? freak

Why are niggers so disgusting?

we aren't, it's simply that we're under a microscope nowadays and any form of self-defense is considered racist and stuff

Also not everyone is taught how to fight

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isn't it a bit ironic that you are coward enough to sensor "white"?

Because niggers bring their whole herd just to fight one person

he still pussy boi he didnt fight back

thats why when you live in a community full of niggers and spics you have to learn to defend yourself

Being polite isnt cowardly, its sarcastic, as in - no matter how hard you try you cant get up.

For the same reason I wouldn't get into a gorilla enclosure. You're all fucking animals.

You think people like Martin Luther king and Rosa Parks made a difference.....nope.....not even close........we just started believing in animal rights. You should be thanking the circus.

Or you just picked a wimpy white guy. I'd have busted that niggers teeth out with the barrel of my glock

nothing he could have done he was outnumbered. Even if he took on the first nigger his chimp friends would have jumped in.

Why does the image of some skinny white kid with daisy dukes squeezing his cheeks and puffing his lips out while saying "becaws we downt awl know how tu fite" run through my head?

doesn't matter how well you fight 4 on 1 is shit odds

>with the barrel of my glock
Ohhh internet.

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Ya'll got enslaved by cowards lol

We fear being arrested, we're arrested just as much as you if not more. White cops don't tolerate defiance in whites, they expect good behavior. If I wasn't about to be prosecuted by other whites for not acting white I would stab you and scream a lot. We're trying to keep from killing you. Look at how weak white people fear guns and strong ones love them and won't live in the city with your dirty ass. Like that doesn't explain it all. Stay at sea level, you're not allowed in the mountains.

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How much of a pussy do you have to be to throw that many hits, and land them all, and your opponent is still standing? Fucking EMBARRASSING.

Someono got beated in high school

Thats why you pick one guy and fuck him up as hard as you can, badly enough that they need to take him to hospital and leave you alone.

Wow, this started like stephen king but ended dean koontz

Blacks are literally not able to calculate or consider either short or long term repercussions of their actions.
This is one reason they tend towards hyper violence.
They were bred throughout the last several hundred years for physical labor and low intelligence.
The average white is not a match for the average black in terms of physical strength.
However, due to the extremely low intelligence of the black man, he will, throughout his entire life, be ruled by white men.

Damn...propaganda is using science these days

This is the truth. If you're around whites you don't have to learn to fight.

And niggers and spics don't get why whites support a police force that throws their asses in jail.

You know I'm right, we fear retribution from our own systems, not the black person present. City people expect it, but up here problem people end up at the bottom a canyon that no human's set foot into for 70 years. A dude up here got charged with like 8 counts of pedophilia and just drove his car into the canyon, 380 foot drop. There's a pile of suicide cars down there, they put out the fire and then nobody even gets the body out. They just sit down there bones and all because people who commit suicide are sinners.

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If he did 1 thing to that nigger, all 20 of them in that room would have gang raped him. Whites have no racial alliance, but a nigger who has no relation to another nigger will rally instantly, despite the reason for the initial confrontation. Niggers just lack any reasoning whatsoever.

tfw niggers can spell as well as they can defend each others actions

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Imagine literally anyone defending these animals

Why do niggers become so violent because they can't steal being white? Are the bikes not enough?

sorry wha?

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Niggers lol

I'd call beating somebody who isn't fighting back cowardly.

Whatever was going to happen was going to happen. The key now is what this white kid did next. One by one he should have found these assholes in the days and weeks ahead, when conditions were more equal, and exact his revenge.
The kid punching him? Curb stomp his little sister maybe. The one filming it? Catch him with a couple of your buds at the movies with his slut and beat his brains out. The other two? Kneecap one and take the other out into the woods with some buddies and tie him to a fucking tree and leave him there, after gagging him and kicking his kidneys in a bit.
Revenge is a dish that's best served cold.

Because only nigger women want them.

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They cant answer that. Thats like asking any aggressive animal why it behaves the way it does.

do you want me to link all the media where white guys knock black guys out?

do you want me to link all the media where white guys have bigger dicks than black guys?

do you want me to link all the media where a black guy gets assraped by a white guy?

do you want me to link all the slavery and subhuman pictures?

what do you want me to do now little niglet?

Curious. Not one of your options listed White men plowing black bitches. Nothing heterosexual at all. You gay?

I'd get him alone and kick that niggers head in, then call it self defense and get away with it cause I'm white. Seriously all these niggers running around fucking everything up all the time.

Thats just it. If niggers lose their women then its over. Whites could lose ours and still have plenty to choose from. Problem is that the only thing worse than a nigger is a loud obnoxious (and probably BLM affiliated) nigger female.

yeah I wanna

It’s sad you’re right, Find any fight clip of a black and white guy, the second the white guy starts winning black people try stopping the fight and pull em off each other but if the black guy starts winning they try to make sure it’s only them to fighting each other lol

And so many white people are afraid to be called racist they’re so ready to bend over for the black community as long as they don’t get called racist lol

That sounds really fucking gay you automatically imagine a white kid like that
You a homo or something?

You’ve never been in a fight nor have you thought of the idea that they would automatically jump you, fucking retard

This, Whites literally have 0 racial alliance for some odd reason when honestly we need it the most right now

Once a slave, ...

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They prefer the pronoun

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Who the fuck keeps making these threads? I’m not bi/pol/ar, but holy shit i see these everyday

Because blacks are bigger stronger and deserved to be pleased the way alphas deserve kik me billgates 565

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But the worlds strongest men are white...

White is a weak race, that explains their gun obsession.

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where is this canyon?

If you are strong, you do not need to compare yourself or your race to another. You just know you are strong and act accordingly.

The fuck happened to you America.

Jews. Very unironically.

Why are niggers always in gangs and fight 10+ to one and then call the one a pussy when 10+ nigger apes are beating that one guy? Fuck niggers and their niggotry.

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we used africans as free labor and fuck puppets for 500 years until we finally felt bad for them. Now they kill eachother in droves and rot in prison.

Anybody is a Jew. Globalized world, changed values.

Rebuking Those Who Fail to Do Good

10 For there are many rebellious people, full of meaningless talk and deception, especially those of the circumcision group. 11 They must be silenced, because they are disrupting whole households by teaching things they ought not to teach—and that for the sake of dishonest gain. 12 One of Crete’s own prophets has said it: “Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons.”[c] 13 This saying is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, so that they will be sound in the faith 14 and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the merely human commands of those who reject the truth. 15 To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted. 16 They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.

Unfortunately that kid was fucked either way, he just chose the lesser of the two bad outcomes - either take the punches like a man while surrounded by the enemy's friends (and then look for the opportunity for revenge in the future when you catch his punk ass alone) - or fight back and get your head stomped by 10 feet...

It's sad, but true. Wrong place at the wrong time, sometimes you need to be strategic to avoid what would otherwise have been a 'Pyrrhic victory' in strictly moral terms...

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cuz he knows if he swings he will feel the fury of ten niggers instead of just one

same. In fact, the nigger took a long time to get around to beating on him because he wasn't sure if he would fight back at first.

>all of russia is now in europe

Yet all I ever see is niggers suckerpunching people. Old ladies, kids, women and weak dudes. Little cowards won't fight someone their size and weight unless in a gang. Niggers are pathetic.

1v1 with no fear of retaliation from the government.


You beat me to it.

Nigs are huge Neanderthal beats, evolved slender whites would be foolish to face off against such a primitive violent creature.

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Asian men have a thing for latino women?
Thats actually kind of fascinating to discover.

huh? Care to elaborate?

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or he could have not walked into a bathroom full of niggers

I wasnt surprised to learn a lot of aussiefags are into animals.

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Democrats 175 years ago is what happened.

Shut the fuck up faggot

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all yall whining about it being 4 on one but this pussy ass lil white ass bitch probably couldnt get 4 people to back him up if he tried. this is called making an example out of someone, i'm sure all you white people are familiar with it. talk all that tough shit behind your keyboard but keep running away into your depressing little house every time tyrone walks down the street to buy a soda
>and lube to fuck your mom with

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pedo trips

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And just think about all of the black kids who were jumped by more than one white trying to make an example.

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Because the kid knows all he has to do is show that video to a judge and the nigger will spend at least a month in jail for assault and battery. He will be expelled from school, get pulled into drugs and gang, and if the nigger isn't shot dead in the street it will spend the rest it's life struggling too reach the level of wealth that white kid is at.

w-wh-whypipo can't fight!

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I agree 100%. The first crime a nigger gets caught doing should automatically be "aggravated".

Now show the one with the European countries that have been controlled by Muslims and Arabs.

shaka zulu literally beat the shit out of the british and dutch military with nothing but a bunch of fucking pointy rocks nigga

>white people can't fight, they can just buy guns

I believe they are called tribes not herds

All I see is two white children who systematically and methodically murdered twenty of their peers, planning the attack out over months. If a nig nog tried that, they'd get gunned down before the even picked up an uzi.

>if a black person tried it they'd actually succeed and escape

Your choosing the coward whites because blacks are cowards themselves praying on the weak. I always see this shit in cities with lots of obvious weak white guys chosen. Try that shit out in the country or with someone who has self confidence. Bully

>self confidence
you mean a room full of assault rifles? don't conflate your privelage with actual skill white boy

>80+ whites coping

the real question is: Why are niggers so bent on violence? It's almost like they didn't evolve past the animalistic stage, even after all this time....

ask your dad, Tenda… Oops.. He gave up on you and split, didn't he?

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This will probably happen to this kid and others be many times till hes had enough, picks up a weapon and stabs or shoots his attacker/s. Then two things will happen. The rest of the attackers will bail on their wounded friend like the cowards they are. And the media and "civil rights" groups will lable the kid a violent racist and he'll go to jail for a hate crime.

Kind of? He's retarded enough to cite evolutionary traits over a timescale of a couple hundredsl years. Jethro thinks "hunneds" is a big number but it takes thousands of years to observe minute changes. So no they aren't using science.

Those are African americans not black people bud

it's almost like whites systematically trapped them in places where violence was the only way to survive. but no, if you were in the same situation OBVIOUSLY *you* would be better than that.
>((because you're a pussy))

Ayo shuddup nyggah

Moving in with two stunningly hot grils soon Cred Forums
They trust me and aren't very tech adept. Suggestions?

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no I mean self confidence. And do me a favor a post a video of a black guy beating up one a white guy of the same size where it's one on one. And not some fag nigger and his monkey crew stomping on some obviously half retarded or elderly person who's alone. Go ahead. I'll wait.

>of course poor people are violent lol
>imagine expecting poor people to follow the law
How progressive of you.
Plenty of groups are poor and follow the law you piece of shit.

Get ripping hot before making your move. Use some fuel if you have to.

>said the rich white boy
it's literally impossible to be poor and follow the letter of the law in the united states. I'm sure you have no experience with it but are gonna try to play like you know what it's like, but just rest assured that whenever you pretend like that everyone you're trying to fool knows you're full of shit and you got everything from daddys pockets.

Can we just put all the black people back in Africa yet.
I'm really getting tired of paying for the welfare, watching them chimp out to feel like they can control anything in their lives because they're lower IQ brains won't let them understand that we're not in the jungle fighting for status in some drum banging, stick waving tribe of saggy titted having "women" and most violent, least intelligent wins "men".

You keep using that word "whites" but I dont think you know what it means. 600,000+ "Whites" died killing 600,000+ other "whites" over slavery, under Lincoln in the Civil War. Perhaps you were aware of that.

what point are you even trying to make there? that white people want slaves? like that's such an unrelated fact

>it's literally impossible to be poor and follow the letter of the law in the united states
You are incredibly stupid

Think of it this way. That white guy probably has good grades and no criminal record. He will be put into trouble for fighting even if he defends himself. The nigs have nothing to lose, probably will go nowhere in life, and 100s more will protest this white "monster" if he beat the shit out of him as deserved.

White people are good at playing the long game. He knows by not acting his future will be more prosperous.

go live on the street and see how lonng you can handle it you soft ass orange county mayonnaise boy

No my point is youre big gay and crave balls

>that's the first fact anyone's said this entire thread

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If it's being a "coward" to not antagonize your oppressors when it's at least 4 to 1 against you. How do you explain your people's plight in this nation? Are you standing up for yourself and doing your ancestors proud by accepting the welfare the white oppression pays. If it's always right to fight back in every situation how did you even became slaves? You people really are basically retarded aren't you?

Not the guy you're responding to but

>live on the street
Literally no one wholives on the street got there from being poor. They fucked up by being in drugs or going to jail and eliminating themselves from any opportunities.

Also I grew up in the housing projects in the South Bronx. My family never broke the law. We were able to rise out of poverty. The ones who stood did nothing to rise out of it or broke laws and went back to it or lower. You reap what you sow.

Don't conflate your pack of nigger friends with strength then, nigger.

i guess slavery was making an example out of niggers to prove whites are better?

Bc we have imagination. Fear is the price you paid for it. And bc we have something to lose.

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Because if he hits back all the chimp's friends are prepared to jump in

Look at the white people larping as niggers in this thread
Imagine being gullible enough to believe a nigger is capable of reading and writing

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His point is that you didn't save yourselves. You owe the fact that you aren't STILL A SLAVE DOING HARD LABOR to the very same race you blame for oppressing you. Ok that said you not getting that you're either a troll or mentally retarded. And I'm not arguing with chimpanzees or people who gain entertainment from it. So bye. Enjoy being just smart enough to know you're retarded and will never be anything more.

>implying those black kids are "oppressing" the white kid
they just beat his ass, that's not the same thing as systematically oppressing an entire race of people. grow up you god damn bitch and learn to take a punch. serously yall are acting like this over THIS fucking fight come on guys this is Cred Forums what happened to the fucking isis beheading videos and BestGore links. this isn't worth the amount of replies it's gotten imho every single one of yall are dumb ass idiots with nothing better to do than bitch on the internet about some students getting into a fight.

i swear to god you fucking project babies don't understand what the state has given you when you have subsidized housing. imagine say, paying for normal fucking new york rent instead of section 8. You were able to rise out of poverty because of (your skin color) the generosity of the state. if you had to pay the regular living costs that everyone else does you'd be slingin rocks like everyone else.

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>implying white people saved blacks from slavery
>implying slavery didn't continue for over 100 years after the end of the civil war

I'll fuck any dirty nigger up any day of the week

>imagine say, paying for normal fucking new york rent instead of section 8
Yeah, I can imagine because I did. I literally told you I grew up in the South Bronx. Where the hell do you think the Bronx is? We didn't have subsidized anything after moving to an actual apartment in the city.

>You were able to rise out of poverty because of (your skin color) the generosity of the state.
I was given nothing different than anyone else in my situation. Except my family and I have something no one your skin color has: drive. You want to be enslaved, whether it be in the field or in the projects.

>implying you know my skin color
you really don't get how much easier it is to get a job as a white man do you?

Gonna drop this here!

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So project 'babies' aren't forced into crime? They choose it voluntarily? I'll settle for that. Most naggers are at project level poverty or better and they still manage to be violent negroes, so it can't be poverty 'forcing' them to commit crime.

Probably cuz the nigger can just yell racism and fuck over that whitebread

> The meat substitute

this kid knew better. if he tried to make one move the 24 niggers off camera would have jumped on him.

Cause they aren't u fucking baboon LOL. 1 sissy fag doesn't represent everyone

>that rape state
It's coz theyre poor ya know, not having nice things makes them rapists, you would do the same

He probably doesn't want to be punished for defending himself

Why is it easier to get a job as a white? Gee idk. Read this

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Yeah because your skin color did nothing to prove itself after literal whites voted to give you freedom and suffrage and rights. Asians went from your position to preferred hiring. Indians went from shitting streets to ceos and owning every 711 and dunkin donuts in the country. Blacks went from worthless to worthless. Keep blaming it on your skin color when it's your worthless brain.

they do that to get through filters.
I have white filtered so I don't see "white boi, kills the white race" etc threads because I don't want to see nasty nigger shit sticks with white women.

if you're white and in the projects you still aren't faced with the same barriers to employment that people of color have to deal with.
again, why does everyone think they know what color my skin is?? i could be purple for all you know.
>posting from alpha centauri
but for real, the idea that a whole race has to "prove itself" to be useful ESPECIALLY after 400 years of slavery is just... laughable. if black people weren't useful then you shouldn't have brought them over.
also, side note, you do realize that there was a large percentage of african-american soldiers on both sides of the civil war right?

What a FUCKING LOAD OF HORSESHIT. only fucking subhuman trash think white privelage is real.


Even intelligent blacks know you guys have niggers in your community, it's called self cleansing.

also if we're gonna talk money let's talk about the pro sports or yknow, every single major record label.

Why are niggers such violent apes huh nigger faggot

Why are you using math? You might as well be speaking Chinese lol

>but for real, the idea that a whole race has to "prove itself" to be useful ESPECIALLY after 400 years of slavery is just... laughable.
Slavery ended 170 years ago. Places WITHOUT slavery or where it ended sooner are worse shitholes. And every race had and owned slaves. You will use the slavery excuse 1000 years from now to blame for your lack of drive.

white people from the projects have the same rap sheets as blacks, just because you're white doesn't mean you're not commuting crimes, statistically speaking for someone living in a projects, white or black, will have a time time finding employment. Its more about your upbringing than your race at that point. Take a white kid and a black kid from a well to do wealthy family who lives in a gated community, both will have same opportunities assuming the same path is followed for both, based on upbringings.

Fucking nigger.

That's a great way to dig yourself into a hole. How come most who make money never invest? How come the closest thing to black wealth is fucking Jay Z who slung crack for a decade+? Your people are given money out the ass by whites and you squander it.

needs lube because no decent white woman could get properly aroused for a nigger .

>oh no hes mad im scared :(
wow its almost like the people who experience a problem are most likely to be the ones to talk about it. gosh wouldnt that be weird
i agree with this one honestly you're completely right. still tho it's easier for the white hoodrat kid to leave and live somewhere nicer
>slavery ended 170 years ago
you heard of sharecropping?

Black kid might even have a hire chance for school and everything for diversity quota. Blacks are legit retarded as fuck, how hard is it to take pride in your own culture/cuisine instead of acting like a NIGGER. Retarded as fuck

Sharecropping ended 120 years ago. So how long until you finally start blaming yourself? 500 years? 600?

>given money by whites
you talk about employment like its some kind of charity. are you "given" money by your boss? no, you work for it. oh wait i forgot you're a basement dwelling NEET on Cred Forums who has no friends so they yell at people on the internet all day

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That's what the nigs do. Prey on the elderly and tween girls as well. Stealing purses, backpacks and cell phones. Cowards.

>blacks "stuck" in ghetto.
>have option to work together, build a working community like everyone else on earth.
>choose to fight, kill, rape and steal for paper and shiny things.

totally normal "people".

A SELF MANUFACTURED problem you mean, has nothing to do with the success of other races, fucking child

slavery ended in the 1960s you dumb fucking hick

those 3 lines could easily just describe every human society essentially. are you implying white people aren't rapists, murderers or thieves ever?

They are paid upwards of millions to play a children's game or mumble into a mic about drugs and pandas. Yes "given" is about a good way to describe it. Sports and rap industry might as well be charities.

>ad hominem
Well done, I guess I won this one. If you ever need proof of anything I said, just look at the chart My family will continue to rise while 4 generations from now you'll blame slavery for your lack of vision.

calm down buddy have a popsicle
(its actually a real thing there's been a lot of papers and studies and shit we can go down the boring document back and forth route if you want)

he was probably scared to swing back cause tyrons other niglets would jump in cause we all know coons have no hand skills they just swing wild punches (watch the video) and hope to land something.Young Andrew here will most likely grow up to hold a decent job while jayvone end up doing time for some robberies or some other nigger like activity.

Every category in anything has a bell curve of trash at the bottom, so yeah like 1% of White's are these violent things, however blacks make up like 50-70% of all violent crime so that's a really ignorant comparison

I don't see too many Bureau of Land Management employees myself.

this is an apogogical argument.
I was commenting on one scenario.
on a related note go choke the death on a nigger dick, nigger lover.

>this guy learns a word in debate club and thinks that he "won" the argument because i called him a stupid little bitch who nobody loves
also we cant leave this gem alone
>mumble into a mic about drugs and pandas
>about drugs and pandas
>drugs and pandas

what song are you even thinking of im fucking dying

Black Panther 2: The Evolution

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2 out of 18 words = all LOL.Shut the fuck up you fucking faggot ass bitch, there are also numerous instances of niggers acting like NIGGERS, like a cop video reviving a NIGGER overdosed from drugs on bus then wakes up and kills a fireman. GEE WHAT A GOOD POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY, WHY ARE WHITES SO UNFAIR WAAAAAAH

hmmmmmm almost like..... if you can afford a lawyer............... you're more likely to avoid sentencing............... hmm..................

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niggety nigguh nig.
nig nig I'm niggling niggo

Guys stop picking on the African Americans
Let’s talk about all the great things the blacks from Africa have given the world

>what is google

Lol litteraly conquers the world


Your black ass lucky to even live in America, or a civilized country, instead you could be living in shithole Africa where they are burning people who are "vampires" and accusing people of being penis thief's...

Think about that, fucking vampires and penis thief's...
That is your culture.

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sometimes i wonder if you guys actually paid attention to the lyrics of rap music you might actually learn something. like its genuinely sad to see people so disinterested in consuming art just because they're afraid.
what am i even supposed to fucking google, "rap song about drugs and pandas??"
>if i talk in MORE CAPS AND SAY NIGGER AND FAGGOT A LOT THEY'LL BE TO AFRAID TO RESPOND. i am so manly. wow i need to suck my own balls right now. so musky. so manly. ugh the flavour

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I don't want to learn how to sell drugs.

So niggas have been here 200 years and are still hoping the white man gives then the opportunity to step up. Jesus H Christ they will still be signing that slave song in another 200 years. In the mean time you go to construction sites and there is nothing but a bunch of fucking mexicans working their ass off all week and every weekend. Africa is the "birthplace of civilization" its still a shit hole 2000 years later. hmmm what is the corolation lol. I will tell you its not the white man...

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>what am i even supposed to fucking google, "rap song about drugs and pandas??"
Instead of being retarded just literally google that

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No we need guns because animals travel in packs.

Lol well ok but in Africa they were stupid as shit for thousands of years before being enslaved and bred to stay stupid

If I were attacked 4 to 1 I would use a gun for sure, you're absolutely right. And trust me, if you don't value your life enough, I would not get hurt so that someone else can keep breathing.

totally right.

lose a battle is better than lose everything


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What about a fucking nigger raping a 19 year old honor roll student, then throwing her back in her own car like trash so she can suffocate on herself (also gj iignorimg the other vid of oded nigger revived to kill thendie and insult, you should vote for Bernie)

You just not looking hard enough nig nog

I might just be stoned but there is something wrong with this photo

lmgtfy.com/?q=rap song about drugs and pandas??

Why are nigs still acting like they're still in the jungle?

I literally just said I don't want to learn how to sell drugs.
goddamn niggers have no comprehension.
there is no subject that I want to hear a nigger talk about. no amount of drum beats and bleeps and bloops will change that.

what does that have to do with the fact that the guy who did it was black
like what about the white family that physically tortured and sex trafficked their 6 year old children??
race doesnt fucking matter in that case people are just fucked up. everyone has the capability to do something like that buried deep within them if you fuck with someone's head enough they'll go crazy.
and that's why you'll remain an ignorant std-riddled lung cancer trailer hick that's to afraid to experience anything outside his sad little bubble he trapped himself inside of.

Are you stupid or merely pretending?

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posting a pepe...how old are u son?

being obsssed with this meme. phagg

wow you're out of touch, that songs from so fucking long ago...
i can't tell if you're joking or you really think that song's about pandas? also desiigner is... not the most "lyrical" rapper

I have no idea what you're on about. You were complaining you didn't know how to google

i was too busy selling your mom to a cambodian sex trafficker to bother with google

hurdhur muh dick
>falling for this hoax

I don't care what you do with her corpse. You should probably Google things you don't know about instead of acting foolish.

Tyson Fury is Irish which initially were not considered "white" much like the Jews of that era. White people has such a sense of privilege that they put Tiers into their own.

>tfw your mom kills herself because her son is a white supremacist

actually std free, non smoker from Syracuse. graduated SUNY because of fucking course I did.
I just don't we any logical reasons for these jungle animals to live in modern society.
they're not farm equipment anymore, they don't make good pets. just an all around waste.

lol he threw dozens of punches and he couldn't drop one weak-chinned gringo.

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>black/poor people don't have enough money!
>ugh thats so annoying
>we should kill them all
>oh shit why is the value of the us dollar dropping
>nooo muh wealth
>tfw civil war 2 electric boogaloo

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They got more to lose and are usually attacked by packs when they are alone.

I'm not even white. All I saw on page 1 was you complaining about something you could google so I took a screenshot. Stop being dumb.

friend, you're literally making things up and attributing em to me.
just walk away. I've been laughing this whole time but you're clearly crying tears of impotent rage.

>i'm not mad you're mad

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Blacks are animals, worse than mexicans

yeah ok that was retarded i admit it i literally did not think any actual popular song would come up because that shits old as fuck i had completely forgotten
didn't have shit to do today i figured i'd see what this cesspool is up to and i have to say it did not disappoint. still man try actually listening to the rap lyrics you'll see the world in a new light

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Europeans weren't around during Shaka's lifetime, fuckface.


that doesn't even matter, the methods he developed and the nation he created fucking destroyed the europeans

mm. doubt.

yeah? gotta say I'm good on that one bud.
honestly I prefer U2 over most music.
I just like that one guitar riff they do.
Bono is a fag.

jesus christ your music taste sucks... imagine posting this on Cred Forums

White Americans are fucking pussys you fucking retard you try this shit any were in Ireland or England your getting your fucking head caved in

I mean, I'm not posting on Cred Forums.
music is a subjective experience.
you like nigger jive talk and mumbling.
I like actual songs about real things.

ok boomer

OK zoomer.

did you feel anything?
neither do we.
kids are fucking stupid.
words are just words, if they effect you then you should be removed from the gene pool.

Why are niggers such niggers?

why are niggers always posting this kind of shit? who let jamal on the school computer again?

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how do you know that rap music isn't about real things if you refuse to even try to listen to it?

The boy in the movie is actually smart. The fucking bongo beaters would cover his ass if he fought back. It's niggers that are the fucking cowards. Can't have a one-on-one fight. A nigger alone would NEVER take on a lone white dude. I've had it happen to me.
>> Lone nigger has a mouth, big mother fucker too. Asked him what he had to say and to say it to my face. No one else around. He won't fucking do it.

I never said I haven't tried.
honestly in the 90s I enjoyed Nas, Del tha funkee homosapien, and a tribe called quest.

What do you mean? Jamal wouldn't need a school computer because he already stole one.

did you ever actually listen to the lyrics? like do you understand what they were writing about and why they say what they do?

Boy just saved himself from being killed by these snickers. Wise decision

nope! just liked catchy verses and fun beats.

so again, how can you say that rap music isn't about real things when you refuse to listen to what the lyrics are? seems pretty blindly xenophobic to me

i was wondering why they let him back on after he stole the last one. but then i realized he goes to school in inner city detroit and they only have one apple g3 so honestly im kinda proud that he actually made it all the way here.

but then again, fuck em.

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black are cowardly pack animals treat them like you would treat a pack of baboons and you
are on the right track

I never said I wasn't xenophobic.
I grew up in a different time, that shit's hardwired bud.
also, I don't really owe you any explanations.

this is progress u racist twat

>implying that "whites" started slavery.
>implying that slavery didn't happen untill whites got to a certain point in history.
>Implying that "slaves" were chased through forests like Kunta fucking Kintay.
>Implying that there is no more slavery.
>Implying that all other races believe your "We waz kangs an shit" bull shit.
>Implying that niggers have ANY sense of honor.

I'm surprised to hear that this site does that.

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you can set up filters like that on here yes.
but inserting wildcard characters like * will break them.

it's the button that literally says "filter".

because getting a felony for beating the shit out of you would turn me into a poor like you

they were frequently prisoners of war or poor people so... yeah they were kind of chased through the forests. they were also chased through the forests and rivers of the united states running away from the people who raped them and forced them to work until they physically couldnt anymore. have you heard of the Ghana empire? the Yoruba? Egypt? Ethiopia? i could go on, just because you're uneducated about african history doesnt mean it didn't happen.
you're literally too pussy to look up the lyrics to a nas album don't give me that "hardwired" bullshit.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd, this bait again.

no fear, just preference.
Calm down soyboi.

lmao i'm just saying your entire argument completely falls apart if you literally flat out refuse to listen to firsthand accounts of what it's like to actually be one of the people so hate so much for essentially what amounts to schoolyard rumour. you're a dumb fucking sheep, hope it felt good when your nazi uncle touched you

Why are niggers such bullies?

Id like to point out (for the billionth time) being black doesnt make one a nigger. Acting like a primate does.

what makes you qualified to dictate what the word "nigger" means?

I hate this meme

Which is why whites are starting to bring their whole armory

Insecure white beta necks beards are all I see in this thread. Blacks are rising up as a superior race. Thriving in pop culture, taking ur women and soon ur jobs. Gentrification can only work for so long bois. High yellow blacks will soon become America's largest population. You will be replaced and forgotten pasty cucks.


It's not a fair game. Not all people aren't afraid of tyrone
People are afraid of beating the shit out of tyrone cause the consequences will be on them: arrest, lose job etc
Only outcome for tyrone is the other niggers and the baboons in the animal kingdom will have their opinion, he can't lose his job since he has none

Land them all? He didn’t land more than 2. What assault were you watching?

Spoken like someone who’s never been in a fight in their entire life

you're just validating what all these dumbass NEETs are afraid of. but also.
>dubs of truth

>schoolyard rumor
13%=50% is not just a schoolyard rumor

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Nothing. We as a species defined the word 4 centuries ago. If you're offended by it, it means you have personal characteristics that resemble the stereotype.

Im merely holding up the mirror. Are you offended by the reflection?

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Is there a source for this “data”? Cause anyone can put together an infographic with whatever figures they want to put on there

No he isn't you retard. He's a traveller born in England.

yeah. it is.
the word wasn't defined "as a species," most people speak chinese or hindi you dumbass.
>Im merely holding up the mirror. Are you offended by the reflection?
most autistic thing anyone's said in this thread

Speak for yourself. I love my race and will defend it to my death

Okay... Why didn't whiteboy defend himself?

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You’re saying that 13% of the population committing 50% of crime is just a schoolyard rumor? Come on Tyrone

Blacks are not neanderthals. Whites and Asians are the only races with Neanderthal genes. This could explain why Scandinavian and Western European men are on average pound-for-pound the strongest men in the world

oh my, what a fucking clown.
I just can't with you bubs.

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Nigga please. Blacks are black. Elon Musk is African American, but is not black, you ever see him chimp out?Check your shit.

>runs out of excuses
>ur a clown lol
hey man if i'm a clown at least people like having *me* around.

Your history is off there a little, bud

read the thread dumbass

And yet, most groups (whatever their language) knows what a nigger is.

Why are you getting angry? Am I hitting a nerve here?

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Last time Elon Musk chimped out he accused an innocent man of being a pedo and paid 50K to a PI to find dirt on him. But of course his incel famboys supported that even tho they bitch everytime a woman does it.

1v1 me on fo76 faggot.

When do you suppose their last trip to Africa was?

>getting angry
shit i can't cope with such epic trolling, oh no what will i do
that game's trash

I've been nothing but civil, while you've been chimping out over some words.
so yes, you are in fact a clown.

Shut the fuck up. Like you know

fine bitch, ESO.
I don't give a fuck.


Man you've failed when you have to answer a question with another question, you may be right but that's now how it's done. Answer his question.

Settle this shit on runescape you pussies

>responding to words
>what a faggot
sorry i don't speak NEET
lol i was homeless by the time i was like 1 year old trust me i know

No excuses man defend yourself

Yeah. Cause I’m sure if you strolled into Inglewood you’d be fine, huh? They’d take the phone you’re typing on right now from you and watch your ass cry all the way back home to mama

But everyone can learn

Idk man, most of the shooters in the last few years has been white people. Sounds like it's the whites who are apes cant control their emotions

white people bad because they make things.

Of course some nigger would steal the phone

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you don't know where i'm from b

because whites are natural cucks

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You mean controlled by the jew right? White man don't control shit. But you're right about blacks being bred for physical labor and low intelligence, that's the fault of the white man.

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But he's not white though he's Irish, stop taking credit for everything whites are good at that. Do yall consider Italians to be white? Jews? Greeks?

Funny thing is South Africa was dark skinned people learn history

I literally sat at my last town hall at work and listened to them say not only do THEY hire “diverse” candidates over white people of all qualifications are the same, but that that’s the direction most companies are going nowadays. The building I work in is 95% black.But yes, please tell me again how hard it is to get a job as a minority

Thats the thing about trolling. It doesnt always just make you angry. Sometimes its the little tick at the back of your head quietly burrowing into your brain.

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Not all whites, just americans. You guys just let those niggers treat you like their bitch and don't do shit about it. You're a disgrace to humankind.

"Never go down without a fight"
It's the principle, if I was in that situation I'd go down swinging

Go hump a doorstop.

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What's wrong what the photo? The man in the pick I remembered to have short hair but that's all I can think of

Why do you think Maine and New Hampshire have the lowest crime rates?...Exactly.

Diversity quotas are racist by there very nature, they require you to favor one race over another which is a dictionary definition of racism.

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youd be saying the exact fucking opposite if it were 1 nigger vs 4 white guys. you hypocritical faggot.

Slavery never ended, you dumb fuck. It just hasn’t been in America since 1865. Not legal slavery anyway.

believe me black people hate those speeches as much as you do, what they *actually* mean is that they've agreed to hire people of color for low paying menial labor positions so that the white management can make more money. also i gret that it might be weird to be 1 of 3 white people at your job and i can understand thats probably hard to deal with but that's not representative of the average experience of getting a job in the US.
speaking as someone from new england it's mostly because of the ridiculously strict firearm laws.

Literally the white man is to blame for African American nigerty.

Again the white mans fault, directly

Ask slave owners

whats the "exact opposite" of what i said? also yeah id probably wonder if it was a race thing but like, a fight's a fight i doubt that it was for absolutely no reason. sometimes shit's just gotta be settled that way

That pic is bullshit, yall know damn well that somebody coloured this picture in. This actually depicts ancient circumcision.

Damn, that can't be real. If it is, damn


You also let your woman get fucked by those animals lol you literally got no one to blame but yourselves for having a small dick and being cucks

Europe is literally non-existent anymore. The muzzies are Europe’s masters now. The prime minister of New Zealand wears a hijab. But yes, it’s Americans who cucked out. Lol. Imagine being this fucking stupid.

yeah that was an oversimplification to be fair i just mean like """""slavery""""" in the sort of prototypical american form (including sharecropping because it was exactly the same system except the slaves got money to buy shit very occasionally)

No. And neither do they usually unless it’s beneficial for them to

I did, faggot. Your history is still off, probably because you have a 3rd grade reading comprehension