Simone Giertz thread post some queen of shitty robots

Simone Giertz thread post some queen of shitty robots

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does she have n00dz?


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Nice ass

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This pic is a winner, can be used in every thread.

Didn’t expect for her to have nice tits

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Cos the rest of her is so average?

Nice legs and ass too

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Another pic of her at burning man

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She shops at the hardware store i work at lol

Tell her you've seen her tits

How is dat ass

Not bad, I'd smash.

I would too

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Do you yhink she is a good fuck? Kinky? Give good head?

She’s Swedish so probably

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All I know is she has a brain tumor

her brain tumor is smarter than every single person in this thread combined.

Is fuck the tumor outta her

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those are great tiddies

Wonder if she fucked anyone at burning man

why am i so retarded i always get horny before having to do busy stuff

of course she did. Everyone fucks at BM. I also bet she does anal. Likely built a robot fisting machine too!

Dunno but look at her ass

It's a great pic but it's also clearly not her

The guy who did was probably too fucking high to remember.

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jesus fuck

Look. I like a LARP as much as the next person on this fucking board, but let's not be retarded. That's clearly not her. I know we all want to pretend it is, but it isn't.

The quest for nudes continues.

Shei s sooooo hot, pitty she doesnt have sexy pictures

You have any actual proof

gee what a slut
guess ill start beating it now

I would love to see her on Burning Man showing her boody

i want to stick it in her boody

Oh damn, even wearing the same nail polish.

Yes. It's called using your eyes.

That girl looks like nothing her.

I'm happy for you to continue to believe it's her if that makes you happy but you're being an idiot.

Actually you know what? I take part of that back. She does look a fair bit like her. Saying she looks nothing like her is dumb on my part.

But it's still clearly not her despite the similarities

Yeah, every time.
It's not her.

Its her dude. I was skeptical too, but you can see the instagram post where she's wearing the same fingernail polish, and has the same boots, at Burning Man where everyone dresses like that.

Its her.

Fuck off Simone we know it’s you slut

Okay pal. Keep thinking that. Larping is fun.

Simone is a precious human bean, I adore her mad quirkiness and inventive sense of fun.
Also she's a fellow Skandi which only makes me love her all the more.
Goofy girls attract me immensely.

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I bet you’re the same fag from that hr thread a few years back.

boys. You mean goofy boys. Cus you're a huge faggot. Who get's cucked by somalians. Good luck with your shit tier country.

Not the same guy you're talking to, but you can see the same boots, goggles and nails in all her pics.

Maybe, but at least I'm not a larping moron who is so desperate to see a set of mediocre titties that I just give into my full fledged retardation.

but no you're right it's totally her.

What is hr?

>I'm so hungry for (you)s I'll just shitpost!

Holy shit... I just realised. You're the kind of retards that also believe in dressed/undressed threads aren't you? And all the retarded cuck threads and "Bro...bro...I totally know that girl! I fucked her bro! I totally know her!"

Hahaha. You fucking larptards are precious.

You seem awfully butthurt about this user?

Girls get their tits out, it happens. And I, for one, think that should be celebrated.

Sorry I can't hear you over the sound of not being cucked by a million fugitives putting their big brown cocks in my women.

Why so butthurt?

So hungry, have another (you), poor thing.

thanks Mohammed. or Achmed. Or whatever the new average name in your shit country is now.

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post more ass


hey at least you're not trying to deny it so I guess the self realization is there

She's a delightfully funny thing, even Norm gets a bit losened up in his mannerisms around her.
She's good company.


I wanna eat her ass

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fuck it, i promised i wouldn’t fap but i guess im starting
i want to too

I wanna eat her pussy while she works at her bench constructing a assfucking machine

i want to marry her so i can get in her will before she kicks the bucket from her brain tumor

what else would you do

She killed the tumor. Brian is dead.

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Cum on her ass

Lol Should have known she would be a kinky bitch from her burning man outfit

>not in
real close to cumming just to that thought

Self depreciative humor is a sign of a creative mind and a fair amount of intelligence.
Simone is my dream girl.

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On and in she probably likes it in the butt

imagine prone boning it

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Wonder if she’s built a sex machine

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I did


god i don’t know what pic of her to cum to

Of course she has a boyfriend... someone like her doesn't get to be alone for long.

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fucking machines are cheap on ebay

It’s probably not pic is old

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Any more of Simone

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They’re not good enough for her

Heh, from her houseboat days.
She's got funny bones.

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Also they have to malfunction, so we'll get her, strapped into some hellish fucking machine, that'll fuck her mercilessly for hours and hours without her being able to get out of it.
That's my kink.


Wonder how good she is at sucking cock

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She's creative and intelligent, her social skills are sharp - she'll probably be fun in bed, if the two of you connect.

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Holy fuck, you're like the guys in the bloody celebrithreads, what on earth makes you think anyone.. and I repeat: ANYONE would wan't to know that you're having a fucking wank?

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She can probably drain you real quick then build a shitty robot to do it for you.

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Or a shitty robot for herself?

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nice titties but that's a way chunkier girl

Her sister taking glamour shots is also hilarious.

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Yes, her sister is a photographer.
And Simone has been her model a few times.

Pic related

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What she look like?

I dunno, she's behind the camera.

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Damn guess I gotta do some detective work.

She's adorable

She's very, very Swedish - only better.
Also: I've never seen anyone make Norm behave silly - she's an inspiration.

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Damn really

I was speaking out my arse, Clara Henry isn't Simone's cousin.
I know nothing, and I'm embarrassed now.

You should be

You are a meany pants - and I shall now refrain from sharing anymore Simone pics.

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I want to nut on her face