YLYL - Deep Fakes Edition

YLYL - Deep Fakes Edition

Submit bikini photos and I will process them with the best technology known to man and turn your objects of affection into Lovecraftian style boob monsters.

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What? Why?

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Try this pls

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Because I must.

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The kids love boobneck sanders.

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And thus ?

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good luck

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5 was too ambitious, so i chose the middle 3 and the software combined the two on the sides into a gelatinous boob monster.

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That's a fantastic idea, let's see what horrors you can create!

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Try this

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Looks like they were planning to audition for some affirmative action all-female superheroine movie, but didn't get accepted due to crappy charisma/mom bods. So they decided to do their own "instagram mini-series" where they solve crime on a beach to try and get famous. I expect to see them on "facial abuse" within the next 6 months.

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Was deepnude updated? The version I have is tras

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this crashed the software twice lol

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Perfect thread

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TRUE! Do it OP! lol

Well done!

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10/10 thread

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It's always been trash, and always will be trash
That's the point of the thread

the greta one worked too well... considering it was a full t-shift i was surprised. but i'm not tryin to get banned for cp here boys.sorry

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Wonder what it will do about the glasses. Will it be a mess. Lol

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this haunts me

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Honestly my dude, I jerked it to this one.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Look at this beauty.

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Post it you pussy

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In a 10/10 thread

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I'm a sucker for peer pressure

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One 'o her titties is trying to escape here.

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Goddamn I want to tie that braid around my dick and tell her to try to run away while I chase her with melting candle wax

name of your arcane computation software program?

What have I created.

How did it come to this....

.... sigh ....


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Runaway titty!


Too much clothing

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This went well.

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Holy fuck I didn't think this would be so fappable. Please do this one for me

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Are you trying to trick the software???

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Good god, forgive me.

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Give that one titty a try

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Fucken poor Poe looks like a breast cancer survivor. I can still work with this, though. Thanks OP.

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this one doesn't count, she started out naked.

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need the uncensored version for science research stuffs

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considering this was a dress, it worked far too well

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thank you for your sacrifice OP!

this one crashed the software like 5 times so i zoomed in. Still hawt imo

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Holy fuck lol

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Just curious

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My apologies to the thread.

I just want Lovecraftian horror.

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>BART train

Big surprise there

I fucked up the reCAPTCHA and it locked me out... I got in by swapping browsers... but...who knows for how long

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I love this one.

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Please attempt this rooster thing

This one has messed up softwares before

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My god. The gaping maw is certainly as horrific as I expected.

Those breasts have no place being on that woman though. She'd be sagging down to her belly for sure.

If you cut the top half of this one off you could probably get a good wank in.

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If you're into mermaids this shit is golden.

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Try this one its zoomed in

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lookin thick

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no one expects stone cold steve austin

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round 2, electric boobaloo

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deep fried titty

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She's so flat, could definitely use some help!

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doesn't really work at all, right?

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Give this skinny thot some quantum nipples

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How about this one?

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I set the quantum lazer setting to 38.88888%

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Hoping this is possible

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This one?

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50% of the time it works every time.
The other 50% you get a range from silly shit to nightmare fuel.


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The computer is giving us
its interpretation...
...of a steak. It's translating it,
rethinking it...
...rather than reproducing it.
Something gets lost
in the translation.
Me. I'm lost.
The flesh.
It should make the computer crazy.
Like old ladies pinching babies.
But it doesn't yet.
I haven't taught the computer
to be made crazy by the flesh.
The poetry of the steak.

Can someone please do this

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Or post the cartoon that is floating around pL0x

don't know how you do with rumps

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if you can be a hero

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This one sickens me

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she got dem cube tits

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okay, i really need this

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God damnit he said Lovecraft not Ellison

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same girl as a previous one in case it's easier

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Not even a flattering pose.
That's the problem with fatties, they don't even try.


This is why we're here.

This is a work of art.

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You beg, I deliver.

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Mx Squiggle

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hmm... to bad it didn't turn out better

something went wrong here....

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This is fappable, just imagine you punched her right titty right before taking this photo

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Best one of the night.

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Let's see what ya got software

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It looks like her tits are saying "Narff"

How about Lao Yang?

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omg thanks is so nice

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especially the one on the left

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win some lose some

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the bottle appears to be eating her tit

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Looks like I can't post any more images. 150 cap reached. It's been real.

mega dot nz/#!VwgHSKxT!9bFR5EhH7z1FjWaCoG66TJPC8Pp_yifryockXCBzXCU

never too late for a new thread

yeah but it's 5am and doing 100+ reCAPTCHAs isn't fun anymore. ima jerk it and sleep. later yall

still a hero in my books

I'm so sick if these fucking queer ass pedos pretending they like licking hairy man ass for a decade or so until they can get the right to fuck kids.

name of female on picture?

i know her

New OP, I'll continue here

Froot loops

Felicia! Any better results?


tis a funny