Be me, meth smoker

>be me, meth smoker
>only used bic lighter
>try to use butane torch
>proceed to burn meth
wat do? how do you smoke with a torch without burning all the dope brown??

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ask reddit they will care enough

Move the flame around in circle motions, also don't smoke meth you fucking dope.

hold it further away obviously...
with a bic lighter you want the tip of a flame about 3/4 inch below the bowl. for a torch one you probably want it 2 inches below.
to be honest its really easy to tell when you're burning your gear and I don't know why you're struggling

>burn meth
isn't that the point?

By not smoking dope.

op here
long time snorter, just recently got my first meth pipe. I can't tell when I'm burning gear at all. By the time I taste the burning or see it bubbling it's already too late.

You need to go to the nearest gas station and shit on the floor. That ought to do it.

you have to heat it hot enough to vaporize it, but not too hot that it combusts and turns all brown and nasty.

Kill yourself subhuman garbage

hold it as close to the meth as you can and hold it there for at least a minute before smoking fr the best possible outcome.

never smoked meth, but isn't it supposed to melt/boil and the actual meth vaporizes while the leftover shit is just byproduct?

You druggies should seriously be stoned to death

as soon as it melts you need to start swirling it constantly, the moment u let it rest on a hot part of glass it's gonna burn. you're gonna be constantly twirling from the moment it melts to the moment it cracks back.

once you get it simmering and vapour comes off, back off the heat. similar to making tea; you simmer it but dont let it boil.

I've been using a damp rag to crackback/prevent overheating when I finish hitting it and there's still dope left. Necessary?

forgot to say that you should very gently blow out through the pipe while you're melting the ice. kinda like blowing on a campfire.

you blow out instead of sucking up that sweet sweet smoke because any contaminants with lower boiling point than ice will be burnt off

i usually just let it air cool but i doubt it makes a difference.

also the more you load up your bowl, the more you get out of it. it's super super easy to burn a tiny bowl like 0.1g

that could be one indicator of cut. Assuming the cut is minimal (most ice on the streets where I'm at has at least some cut), meth will still recrystallize brownish if you're burning it. It has a very distinct taste and the odor smells like car exhaust.

yeah, I've had the most trouble when I'm getting to the end of whatever I loaded. It doesn't wanna roll around when I twist, so I just end up burning it.

>be me, meth smoker

Fuck, stop poisoning yourself.

What’s it like being a meth smoker, it’s portrayed meth smokers are people who live on the streets or barely get by

Being a meth smoker, being awake for days, hearing voices, being paranoid all the time, hallucinate "shadow people" itch everywhere, fucking scratch yourself so you bleed. you know the usual stuff.

Step up your game and inject it. Best decision i ever made. Not a single bit wasted.

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>the usual stuff

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Step up the game even more, shoot it in your brain with a bullet. I got full blown effect on the first shot, cause i laced the meth around the bullet.

No you didn't because you'd be dead. Why come on and talk shit?

>shoot it in your brain
learn to read before typing :)

> i got full blown effect on the first shot, cause i laced the meth around the bullet

I’ve been having some minor financial issues lately that have lead me to drinking a bit too much lately. Was feeling kind of down, but this thread has made me realize that things aren’t too bad because I’m not a meth head. Thanks anons.


OP here
can confirm things are just fine since I don't have to worry about being broke and/or being an alcoholic.

I learned not to do most of that tweaker shit. Now the most I'll do is take a flashlight to the floor for a couple hours trying to search for meth.

Where do I find this shit online or how do I meet a new plug? Do I just go to shitty bars? All I do is stay at home or with my gf so I’m clueless

Meth meth meth meth meth

either get well acquainted with the dark web and proper opsec, or go to jail and befriend your ice plug there like I did.
I know a thing or two about that other part of the internet.

You can get it on darknet markets like empire

If you’re an autist I probably wouldn’t try to buy it on the streets from a nigger, you’ll either get robbed or sold Epsom salts

God dam OP. Your mom wanted you to study math! Not meth!

Meth is for degenerates. My dad wasnt around for the first 7 years of my life because he was too busy snorting meth. You're all adults so you can make your own choices, just know that meth addicts are literal human garbage.

>n darknet markets like em
First off, if you live in a distant place where few people are using TOR than you are getting cought.

Second, when on meth you do stupid retarded shit to get the police attention, cause you are in your meth high mind trying to distract them from you being high...

Third, you are most likely to get brain damaged

Fourth, there are better drugs out there

Fifth, your social circle (if you have any) is going to be ruined

Sixth, why the fuck do you want to do meth it's more harm than any good.

It's ok. I'll be fine. I'll beat those statistics. I might have moved up from snorting to smoking but I certainly wont inject. Stop being a bigot. It's medicinal meth

OP here.
I definitely agree it's medicinal. I've been prescribed vyvanse since primary school, meth mellows me out and allows me to focus.

>medicinal meth

Pro tip: cooling off a pipe right after the torch with a damp rag is a terrible idea.

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You bastard I'm 5 months clean fiending like crazy every day goddamn it give it to me I'll show you how to smoke it

Damn... this thread is intense

Question for you guys
Aren’t you afraid that you’ll forget how to be happy without meth?

I took adderall for a while and when I stopped it was like I forgot how to even give a single fuck about anything for months cause my brain was just subliminally demanding me for that extra stimulation

Never had a drug have the capacity to do that before. Weed certainly can’t make me legit wanna blow up my whole life, neither has ket.

Aren’t you afraid of that happening?

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I envy you bro, take it one day at a time. I agree this shit is bad in just about every way imaginable but I just can't seem to stop seeking it out.

A guy at work smokes something in the stall at break. It smells like burt marshmallow after he's in there, any idea what he's doing in there?

he smoked marshmallows

Leave the fucker alone and let him smoke his marshmallows in peace you nosey little bitch

hold it further away, twist it back and forth faster

meth is cheaper than alcohol, congrats you played yourself you alcoholic.

smoking painkillers

It takes a little practice op, hold it further... Slow and steady. Don't hold the flame on the pipe too long, i like to pull it away whole still twisting and the reapply some heat as necessary.
I just did my last line an hr ago, done with that shit... And all drugs. Fuck them all, so tired of the routine.

What the fuck man, are all americans horrible fucking meth heads or what?

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That's the point

But you're a methhead. Thats objectively worse you fucking idiot; But who am I? Go on and get on all fours to frantically search your floor with a flashlight for crumbs of drugs you fucking freak.


God damn tweekers.

Just shoot it
>no lighter required
>no burned meth
>high lasts WAY longer

you’re already a shit tier drug user, all respect for yourself has gone out the window.

Your name wouldn’t happen to be Tim, would it OP?

Oh but on some serious shit, just do what 397 said but stand the torch up on a desk so the only thing you move is the bubble. this way you are focusing on only having it 2 in away

It takes practice but you need to twirl the bowl and move the flame on and off. Light a candle or go get a bic.

Yeah, so you can slowly collapse all your veins.

>injecting meth
>Best decision i ever made.
wew lad

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