Tech gore

tech gore

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This looks fine

have no content to post, but I like to kek at these

Trips don't lie

da nimger smooshed doe

Oh no, that $20 used motherboard is ruined.

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Nononono I hate seeing shit like this

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How 2 embed links

at least someone knew what they were doing

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Fucking genie lamp
First wish, cable management skills

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it's called a blue screen,but this screen aint blue. looks like you got more problems than a regular person

>8 disk raid 0
Absolutely degenerate

I hope whoever did this also stored critical data on that

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watch carefully to observe molten solder

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This ones actually really easy to repair though, only the pins on the header are damaged, not the circuit-board behind them. Replacement header board would cost you less than $15 bucks and take less than half an hour to solder.

Why you never use fedex

Similar to OP

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Via's with tin. That IS disgusting...


>8 drive raid 0
lmao why tho

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That kid is gonna be in tech support, mark my words

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That happened to a build i was doing for my uncle, I just used silicone.

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Gross, I was working in a rack like that yesterday. Plus TONS of dust

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Bought a computer from ALDI. There's your problem right there.

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at least there is a "cancel" instead of "abort" kek

Those pins are fukt. Someone forgot what the Z stands for in ZIF

Custom PCI 8x to 1x rediction. Trick.

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The tower we bought from Aldi at around 2000 lasted through my entire childhood though, and I'm pretty sure it'd still run to this day
German engineering at its finest

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The actually looks really cool

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posti is way worse

whats with the gun?

factory riced out pc for degenerate hicks

I work in a computer shop

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I sure hope that isn't cum.

Reminds me of the bitcoin mine I worked at

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>the original post

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the nuts are a nice touch

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Good heat paste application

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Maybe it was all fine
Just needs to dry all the stuff

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iirc I managed to fix this

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This one was an oopsie from myself. Busy moment, tried to be too fast, and didn't check it was properly seated before closing the bracket.

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>infinite looping

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That's the 100 pair backbone, likely installed by a comms tech. The patching debacle is what happens when IT get hold of a rack.

Fat lazy cheeto munching nerds with no eye for detail

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if it was mine, i'd have those heatsinks properly aligned

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looks like acid damage from a battery that needed to be replaced

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Still the nastiest one to date, and it's been quite a while. This was all caked on tarry stuff. The case was dark yellow instead of grey.

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>tunnel of love

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It's definately cum

Lol damn it, Noodle, get outta there

tech gore story:
a friend of a friend was trying to add ram to his pc while it was on & fried his pc

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"Yea just run all the cat5 along side those live 3phase 240 volt wires and terminals on the PDU that's definitely supposed to be inside an enclosure. Just try not touch them. As you can see, there is only a ground wire and no neutral. No we can't turn them off when you're tracing network wires we don't bother to label."

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This looks almost like fractal art

Seriously suspect there user. What's even more ridiculous is using automotive spade crimps for mains. they have no strain relief and will pop out far too easy if they catch a sleeve or cable

Yeah, it's pretty neat, when you press on it the colors change and the 'ink' expands too.

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Many aren't even plugged in

Yup, I'm sure the arcflash from that would be fun.
Also I'm sure those unshielded cat5 were dropping packets from interferrance, because I've seen those power supplies stay running 5 minutes after it was unplugged, probably from all the stray EMF from unapproved chinese hardware. The miner was cold and wouldn't ping but it looked like it was still running.

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The color of the BSOD could be changed in XP iirc.

Supposedly this was their attempt to make it up to code or at least safer so that those mains aren't resting in tension like a spring...

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these were faked by a surveillance camera company for a promotional CD.

Hell I've done that, as long as you wait til everything's properly dry it's fine. I probably wouldn't water from a garden hose though, usually full of minerals that leave residue

site survey from many years ago

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how does this even happen?

Someone's a heavy smoker

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it's..... it's beautiful.

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transporting computers back to the warehouse and hit the brakes too hard. nothing broke

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laptop that was used by one of our employees she was driving to work and some mexican decided to commit suicide by ramming in to her car. he forgot about airbags. he survived. she died and this is the laptop that was on the front seat.

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It's a cooling unit, their reasoning is that guns get hot and can cool down so make the heat stinks look like a gun for maximum heat dispersion, they also have a rifle barrel on there somewhere.

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"We need to let Steve go."
"We can't let Steve go."
*points to cabinet*

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When the thermal paste is too tight to the heatsink and that he forgot to unlock the locking mechanism of the CPU to the board.


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(X) doubt

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buy a really cheap hard drive off of ebay and find out.

I have, only used though, and not from China.

this is so bad